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Throwing the Rich to the Lions


Originally posted at American Thinker

The New Year has started well for Barack Obama. The president took a step forward in the ongoing process of “fundamentally transforming” America. As 2013 dawned, Obama accomplished a formidable set of goals: higher taxes for the majority, class warfare further exacerbated, and a public lashing of the prosperous for being prosperous.

Along with Obama’s victories, what was also revealed was how a wily leader could turn neighbor against neighbor, American against American.

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Obama addressed the nation from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, complete with a cheering section made up of middle-class supporters. The meeting was a rally/gloating session for a man clearly pleased that he had successfully forced his political adversaries to compromise on raising taxes. As an added bonus, at the event Obama managed to further malign the affluent.

Barack ‘Braggadocio’ Obama pointed out that the “fiscal cliff” crisis placed him on the brink of a huge political victory by forcing the GOP against their will to accept higher tax rates for the wealthiest Americans. Reveling in his conquest, the president pointed out to spectators that “Just last month, Republicans in Congress said they would never agree to raise rates.”

Well, that was then and this is now. Once again, by nurturing a Cloward-Piven-style crisis Obama managed to push the Republicans so close to the edge of the economic precipice that they were willing to agree to raise taxes to avoid being shoved into the abyss.

With a crisis-fueled wind at his back, Obama may as well have smirked and blurted that nasally third-grade favorite: “Na-nana-naa-nah.” Judging from the crowd he was charming, it would have gotten him a standing ovation.

Senator Dan Coats (R-Indiana) commented that Obama’s childish conduct reminded him of “of football players taunting their opponents.” Coats said, “It [was] in-your-face. It was demeaning. It was insulting. It was sad.”

Yet, despite the immature nature of the whole event, what was appalling was not so much Barack Obama’s predictable approach or his orchestrating what John McCain called “a cheerleading rally,” but the willingness of the audience to cheer when the President announced that the rich would be shouldering more of the nation’s tax burden.

For four years, Barack Obama has worked diligently to disparage success. He has insidiously cultivated class envy and fueled it with ignorance using the false premise that the wealthy destroyed the nation and are deserving of monetary castigation.

Clearly, Mr. Obama’s persistence has worked, because the type of wicked satisfaction displayed in response to a sophomoric president boasting that the rich would be overtaxed reeked of a mob mentality reminiscent of a coliseum full of bloodthirsty spectators.

Americans applauding the fact that other Americans are to be punished by a leader for fabricated offenses helps one understand atrocities like the Romans cheering while their Christian neighbors were thrown to the lions merely for being Christian.

It was a well known fact that Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, also known as the Roman Emperor Nero, considered Rome “ugly and squalid.” In A.D. 64 there was a devastating fire that nearly destroyed Rome. As a result, rumors circulated that the emperor started the fire so that he could, for all intents and purposes, “fundamentally transform” the city into Neropolis.

Nero purposely starting a fire to create a crisis in order to bypass a disagreeable Senate and make Romans more amenable to his rebuilding the city is merely an ancient version of basic Cloward-Piven strategy. With Nero’s rule in jeopardy, and G.W. Bush’s birth not due for another 2000 years or so, the evil emperor needed someone to blame for the destruction. Nero chose Christians who were already believed by the Romans to be “antisocial, unpatriotic and uncooperative.” And the commoners bought it.

Antiquity tells us that:

To stop the rumor [that he had set Rome on fire], he [Emperor Nero] falsely charged with guilt, and punished with the most fearful tortures, the persons commonly called Christians, who were [generally] hated for their enormities. Accordingly first those were arrested who confessed they were Christians; next on their information, a vast multitude were convicted, not so much on the charge of burning the city, as of ‘hating the human race.’

To convince the Romans that Christians were guilty, Nero persuaded the Romans that this obscure sect, much like modern-day rich people, “hat[ed] the human race.” And so, with the public’s approval, Nero fed the innocent to wild beasts, and had others “burned alive as living torches to light garden [parties] at his Golden House.”

Nero was so skilled at art of persuasion that slaying Christians for sport was cheered in a manner eerily similar to the way Obama’s New Year’s Eve supporters cheered taxing the prosperous.

According to Roman historian Tacitus, eventually Christian persecution became so brutal that “[a] feeling of compassion arose towards the sufferers.” Finally, astute Romans realized that Christians were “not [being] cut off for the public good, but were victims of the ferocity of one man.”

Fast-forwarding 2000 years, although the “wealthiest among us” are not being literally crucified, a leader who is purposely burning the country down in order to rebuild it his way is unfairly punishing the innocent. In the process, he’s managed to sway the envious that the wealthy aredeserving of being monetarily penalized.

On New Year’s Eve Obama wallowed in the fact that the burden for a fiscal fire he exacerbated would be officially laid on the backs of those he clearly loathes. Moreover, he did nothing to dissuade his audience from cheering the news that the well off would be thrown to the tax lions.

Therefore, Emperor Barack Obama passing the blame and admonishing the guiltless certainly smacks of ancient tyranny. Nonetheless, let’s hope that eventually ‘civilized’ people will stop applauding long enough to recognize that well-to-do Americans are “not [being] cut off for the public good,” but are modern day “victims of the ferocity of one man.”

Cloward-Piven Paradise Now?

Posted also on FOX Nation

Originally posted at American Thinker

Combine class warfare, demonizing the rich, getting as many people onto the welfare rolls as possible, and pushing the economic system to collapse and you have a flawless formula for Cloward-Piven 2.0 — and a vehicle that ensures Obama remains in power.

Cloward-Piven is a much talked-about strategy proposed in the mid-1960’s by two Columbia University sociology professors named Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.  The Cloward-Piven approach was sometimes referred to as the “crisis strategy,” which they believed were a means to “end poverty.”

The premise of the Cloward-Piven collective/anti-capitalist gospel decried “individual mobility and achievement,” celebrated organized labor, fostered the principle that “if each finally found himself in the same relative economic relationship to his fellows … all were infinitely better off.”

The duo taught that if you flooded the welfare rolls and bankrupted the cities and ultimately the nation, it would foster economic collapse, which would lead to political turmoil so severe that socialism would be accepted as a fix to an out-of-control set of circumstances.

The idea was that if people were starving and the only way to eat was to accept government cheese, rather than starve, the masses would agree to what they would otherwise reject.  In essence, for the socialist-minded, the Cloward-Piven strategy is a simple formula that makes perfect sense; the radical husband-and-wife team had Saul Alinsky as their muse, and they went on to teach his social action principles to a cadre of socialist-leaning community organizers, one of whom was Barack Obama.

As the debt crisis continues to worsen, President Obama stands idly by an inferno with his arms crossed, shaking his head, and doing nothing other than kinking the fire hose and closing the spigot.  Spectator Obama is complaining that the structure of the American economy is engulfed in flames while accusing the Congress, which is trying desperately to douse the fire, of doing nothing about the problem.

Although speculative, if the Cloward-Piven strategy is the basis of the left’s game plan, spearheaded by Alinsky devotee Barack Obama, it certainly explains the President’s inaction and detached attitude.

The greatest nation in the history of the world is teetering on the brink of a catastrophic economic crisis. America was pushed to this point by a rapidly-expanding national debt and a stressed-out entitlement system; in the center of this crisis is the President, who insists on expanding it even further, all in the name “fairness” and “social justice.”

As a default date nears and the President threatens seniors that there’s a chance they may not receive their Social Security checks, it has been revealed that the federal government disperses a stunning 80 million checks a month, which means that about a third of the US adult population could be receiving some sort of entitlement.

Since the 1960’s when Cloward-Piven presented a socialistic guideline to usher in the type of evenhandedness Obama lauds, America’s entitlement rolls have swelled from eight million to 80 million.  If the nation’s ability to disperse handouts were ever disrupted, it’s not hard to see how chaos would erupt should an angry army of millions demand what Cloward-Piven called “the right to income.”

Couple the threat of dried-up funds for food stamps, Social Security, unemployment benefits and the like with the Obama administration’s vigorous campaign to turn a tiny upper class of big earners into the enemy, and you have the Cloward-Piven recipe for anarchy and complete collapse.

If the worst happened, Saul Alinsky’s biggest fan, whose poll numbers continue to plummet, could use mayhem in the streets to remain firmly ensconced in the White House.  Alinsky taught his students a basic principle that community organizer Barack Obama learned well: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Fiscal disintegration coupled with lawlessness would deliver the type of Cloward-Piven/Saul Alinsky trifecta that progressives have worked toward and waited decades for.

Barack Obama has spent the last 1,000+ days defying reason and choosing policy directions that seem nonsensical to the rational mind: a failed stimulus package; ObamaCare; growing the deficit to astronomical proportions; and cynically portraying wealth as immoral. Now, when cuts are the only fix to a budgetary balloon about to burst, a seemingly illogical President digs in and demands additional phantom dollars to spend on a system that is collapsing under the weight of unmanageable debt.

It’s hard to figure out the method to the President’s obvious madness, because based on Obama’s approval rating, if the election were held today even Pee Wee Herman could replace Obama behind the Resolute Desk.  Maybe the “method” isn’t “mad” in the least!

Could it be that Barack Obama is purposely pressuring the system in a premeditated effort to foster a major crisis?   One that would demand extraordinary measures to control by a President who could then mete out basic sustenance to Americans who would agree to anything to regain some sense of normalcy.  And in the process successfully usher in the “socially just” system Barack Obama has dreamed of all his life.

While radical Alinsky/Cloward-Piven disciple Obama appears to be clueless and detached, it may be a ploy; he may actually be focused and engaged as he purposely pursues an Alinsky-inspired course of action to force the system to “live up” to its own rules.  Obama’s ultimate goal of once-and-for-all discrediting the capitalist system and replacing America’s foundational economic and social tenets with a broad-based socialist one headed by progressive Marxists like himself, is actually within reach.

As Obama pushes and prods the US economy and instigates social unrest, it could be that he believes a Cloward-Piven-style utopia resides just beyond the horizon — a progressive panacea where an election-free, classless society, thankful for a simple crust of bread, looks to Barack Obama to keep the peace by remaining in power indefinitely.

Therefore, unless all of America, regardless of class or political persuasion, pays attention to the potential for a bleak future that lies ahead and realizes the President’s non-plan could be itself an actual calculated plan, the resulting consequences will affect everyone, as Barack Obama transforms a once great nation into Cloward and Piven’s idea of paradise.

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