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This Christmas in ObamAmerica All are Punished

Slide1Originally posted on The Blacksphere

On Christmas Eve my husband called me from the road and said, “Honey, quick, turn on the news.”

Breathlessly,  my husband continued on saying,  “I was driving and suddenly traffic came to a dead halt and 10 ambulances and a line of police cars went racing toward the mall.  It’s definitely not something small. I bet someone was shot.”

Those words didn’t surprise me at all and the only thing I could think of was ‘Thank God no one I know is in the mall!’

It was just a couple of weeks back that 30-year-old New Jersey lawyer, Dustin Friedman, was shot in the head and killed while Christmas shopping in The Mall at Short Hills with his bride Jamie.  You know how it goes – newlyweds holding hands, window shopping, admiring the Christmas decorations and sharing a warm soft pretzel and then, when you least expect it, a brief violent confrontation and a man is shot dead.

Dustin died on the cold cement floor of a parking garage. Why? Because four hooligans felt like they deserved the silver 2012 Range Rover more then the man who worked to earn it.

Let’s face it: parts of America have been ‘fundamentally transformed‘ into a lawless state of class warfare.  We’re a people suffering from politically-imposed racial unrest, selfishness and envy run amok, as well as a shameless sense of entitlement.

In order to secure the political future of the Democrat party, our president and his merry band of enablers have convinced 50% of the US population that they have been treated unfairly and are therefore entitled to whatever they can get, however they can get it.

Compounding that problem is the mentality of some individuals who believe, based on personal needs, they have the right to choose who lives and who dies.  Obviously those four New Jersey men bought the pro-choice lie and put their desire for a Silver Range Rover before the sanctity of Dustin Friedman’s life.

My husband called again from the road.  First he told me that it was indeed a shooting. Then he called back and said it wasn’t a shooting.  The news was that a shoplifter fighting with a floor clerk knocked over a display case in Macy’s. Evidently, when it hit the ground the noise incited pure panic and caused a stampede that injured three people.

No one was shot and killed. However, what happened Christmas Eve in a suburban mall proves a couple of things about what our country has become. One is that the people of this country are shell-shocked and jittery.

Shopping for Christmas has devolved into a dangerous endeavor.  Just venturing into the confines of a shopping center or a parking garage holds the possibility that what’s lurking in the shadows could cost a person their life.

The other thing it proves is that the left has successfully reduced the nation into two classes: victimized givers and aggressive takers.

Whether it’s carjacking or shoplifting or able-bodied individuals demanding government assistance, it’s the same spirit of entitlement.

Liberal politicians like Barack Obama have successfully implied that there are those among us that deserve reparations for injustices that very few Americans living today, regardless of skin color or economic class, have been unfortunate enough to suffer.

Based on the chaos and edginess that abounds, the president’s diabolical efforts have succeeded and as a result, “all are punished.”

Most Americans were already aware that the birthday of the One who gave all that we might live has been reduced to a materialistic free-for-all. We live in a country now where Jesus’s name is blotted out from the public consciousness. And instead of “Silent Night” playing softly in our ears, this Christmas a falling display case makes shoppers hit the floor because they think they’re being shot at.

With a new year upon us, to reaffirm our progressive sensitivity, our eyes cannot be filled with the wonder of baby Jesus resting softly in a roadside Nativity scene Instead, America witnesses daily headlines that convey unspeakable horrors perpetrated by those who believe they have a right to others’ possessions and are willing to kill to exert that right.

That’s why, when my husband told me that he thought there was a shooting in the mall, my gut reaction wasn’t “Oh, no! How could this be?” Instead it was a resigned, “Damn, now somebody’s Christmas is ruined.”

And so, as Barack Obama looks FORWARD to advancing his progressive vision for class warfare and racial unrest even further over the next year, the prayer upon all our lips this Christmas should be: “Lord have mercy on us all.”

The Godless White House Holiday Card

White House Christmas Card

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Who has time for fussing over a Christmas card when you have all that packing to do for 17 days in Hawaii?

That’s why the Obamas’ 2013 holiday wishes to the nation were about as warm as the glare Michelle Obama shot hubby when he was caught up in selfie hilarity with the blonde Danish chick at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

Thanks to the lack of color, warmth, and definition, at first glance it’s hard to tell what the card is exactly. On closer examination it’s obvious that it’s a pop-up of a starkly eggshell-colored White House featuring two relatively indistinguishable images of Bo and Sunny and a small American flag up top.

For added boredom, Barry, Shelley, Malia and Sasha, and Sunny and Bo, complete with paw prints, have adorned the card with their autographs. Other than that, there’s no holly, no Nativity, and the word “Christmas” (God forbid) is nowhere to be found.

Guess the goal is to keep it secular.

However, this is a White House that celebrates every St. Patrick’s Day by turning the fountain on the South Lawn green. And wasn’t it just a few weeks back that the White House was decorated to beckon in trick-or-treaters?

Now for Christmas the Obamas send out a godless card with no Magi, no angels, no nothing.

Although the pop-up seems message-less, to the trained eye the Obama whatever card is chock full of meaning. The White House being the focal point of a season that is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus Christ.

The card also echoes Michelle Obama’s gathering motif from the White House webpage that says:


This year’s theme is ‘Gather Around’. It celebrates the stories and traditions that bring us together this special time of year. As members of one American family, we are united in a story built over the course of two centuries.

The holidays serve as an opportunity to recall our Nation’s journey, reflect on our blessings, and to remember those who serve and sacrifice for our freedoms. It’s a season when each of us can do our part to care for one another.


Sorry but the ‘stories and traditions’ balderdash screams political correctness. And the usual socialist suggestion that “It’s a season when each of us can do our part to care for one another” is not only insulting to those who care for others all year long, but also a predictable sentiment coming from a band of progressive radicals planning to spend the next three years forcibly sharing wealth that isn’t theirs.

Moreover, what’s this theme about being “members of one American family… united in a story built over the course of two centuries?”

This is coming from the wife of a president who, every chance he gets, dredges up references to the racism that he thinks defines this nation, and does everything in his power to keep an “indivisible… nation under God” divided.

Then to carry that theme forward, the insensitive Obamas send out a colorless, unemotional holiday card that extends greetings to a nation suffering on every front featuring two dogs that live life basking in the lap of luxury.

Although the greeting says “As we gather round this season, may the warmth and the joy of the holidays fill your home,” which on the surface seems lovely, let’s remember this is coming from a family feverishly packing to leave home for the holidays to spend another $4 million ruining Christmas for every resident on the island of Oahu.

Meanwhile, amidst platitudes about “we do our part to care for one another” the Obamas will return to the White House featured in their insipid holiday card three days after the US healthcare system blows up and leaves millions of devastated Americans lying in its wake.

Tell us about “caring for one another,” Michelle and Barry, and get a clue. Jesus — not the White House —  is the reason for this season.

A Holiday Obama Family Reunion


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Sometimes in life, when you least expect it, things just come together perfectly. Take for example the irony of first lady Michelle Obama previewing the 2013 White House holiday décor on the same day the president recalled that he did indeed meet his father’s brother/long-lost uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama.

This year’s Gather Around: Stories of the Season couldn’t be a more appropriate theme for the Obama family to be inspired to lay claim to lost traditions with family members like formerly-estranged Uncle Omar.

During the recent holiday press preview, Michelle Obama told the children of military families that this Christmas for the Obamas the “goal is for every room and every tree to tell a story about who we are and how we gather around one another to mark the holidays.”

With the president’s kinfolk from Kenya back in his life, celebrating the stories of his own family would certainly contribute to the fabric of how a diverse nation of Americans celebrates this special time of year. Telling stories about who we are and “how we gather around one another” and being equipped with discussion topics from Organizing for America’s “Healthcare for the Holidays” propaganda just screams ‘Obama Christmas Family Reunion.’

Guests like Aunt Zeituni, Uncle Omar, and even the president’s half-brother George would be a perfect addition to holiday family time spent with Kenya’s most famous son, his lovely bride, and their two adorable daughters.

If the Obama extended family decides to grace the White House with their presence, Omar and George can bunk in the Lincoln Bedroom and Aunt Zeituni can crash on a roll-out cot in Grandma Marion Robinson’s boudoir.

Up and around touring the premises, Obama’s kinfolk can sample the 300-pound gingerbread house while munching on a few of the 1,200 Springerle cookie ornaments.

If the president decides to set a leadership example and ‘lay claim to lost traditions,’ then in the same fashion as he does for his annual Iftar dinner, he can host a traditional Kenyan family Christmas celebration.

White House chef Sam Kass can rustle up rice pudding, and on a spit out back he can roast some nyama choma, which consists of chicken, lamb and a whole variety of other meats.

After filling up on a buffet of South African goodies such as wali wa nazi, plantain banana stew, and sausages made of ground meat parts and goat blood encased in goat intestines, the “Let’s Move!”-friendly Kenyan Christmas dancing can officially begin, which traditionally continues far into the night.

The only problem the president might run into, besides disturbing the neighbors with the relentless drumming on the sikuti, is trying to supply Uncle Omar and brother George Obama with enough libation to keep them interested in the family reunification effort for the duration of the holiday season.

Uncle Omar is a package store manager from Framingham, Massachusetts who was arrested in 2011 for a DUI, so his adult beverage needs are pretty basic. However, George Obama is an entirely different story. Allegedly George lives in a hut in a Nairobi slum where his neighbors call him ‘Mister President!’

Once addicted to cocaine and heroin, George claims to have kicked both habits. Instead, from morning until night, the younger Obama supposedly keeps his whistle wet with Chang’aa — a spirit distilled with maize and spiked with chemicals.

"Kill me quick" Chang’aa

“Kill me quick” Chang’aa

To to get all the ingredients necessary to provide George with ample quantities of Chang’aa, Sam Kass will have to arrange sizable shipments of maize, ethanol, embalming fluid, and/or battery acid.If mixed incorrectly, Chang’aa can cause blindness and death.

Regular drinkers suffer liver and kidney failure and mental damage called ‘wet brain,’ the latter of which makes one think George’s older brother ‘drunk with power’ Barry may have occasionally sampled a shot or two while visiting the clan in the motherland.

But one thing is certain – Aunt Zeituni and probably Uncle Omar haven’t signed up for Obamacare as of yet. So at least the president can engage them in “Healthcare for the Holiday” dinner table conversation.

As for George, if the president plies his brother with enough Chang’aa he can probably convince him to stay in America and start a slumdog football team on the South Side of Chicago to help promote healthcare.gov to “young invincibles.”

Either way, with Uncle Omar’s new green card in hand, there is cause for family celebration. Moreover, now that Uncle Omar has the same status as Aunt Zeituni, who attended her nephew’s 2009 inauguration, what better time to make up for lost time than Christmas?

That’s why Barack and Michelle, after expressing a desire to “Gather Around: Stories of the Season,” couldn’t ask for a more perfect group to revisit lost traditions with than Uncle Omar, Aunt Zeituni and the president’s brother George Obama.

And so the hope is that Kenya’s very own magi are eager to spend the holiday season wallowing in the warm, welco

Merry Health Care for the Holidays Christmas

holiday31-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

On their first Christmas in the White House, to be more inclusive, it’s alleged Mr. and Mrs. Obama requested the crèche be removed from the East Room.

This year it looks as if healthcare reform has bumped last year’s Christmas star Bo, the Obama family dog, who once had 54 trees to lift his leg on compliments of the American taxpayer.

To mark this holiday season, Organizing for Action (OFA), the nonprofit social welfare organization/community organizing group that promotes all things Barack Obama, has added to the celebratory spirit by advising Americans to gather round the hearth with family and friends to talk about – yep, you guessed it – ObamaCare.


To encourage Americans to do so, the Health Care for the Holidays link welcomes those who don’t know how to talk to their family about health insurance to a website that defines “this holiday season” as a time to make sure family members don’t end up having their chestnuts roasted over a crackling fire after finding themselves out in the cold without healthcare coverage.

Question: Have the Festival of Lights, which used to be about commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, and Christmas, which used to be about the birth of Jesus Christ, suddenly been downgraded by government fiat to “having the talk” about ObamaCare?

And if they have, why did Michelle Obama recently cut up the rug in the State Room while celebrating the Hindu holiday Diwali, and why does Obama annually host a Muslim Iftar Dinner to break the Ramadan fast?

Regardless of the answer, this year, to mark the time of year when Americans used to be encouraged to celebrate Christian and Jewish holidays, OFA is suggesting that for our own good, rather than singing carols and spinning dreidels, we should surf the Obamacare exchange marketplace and try to access the inaccessible options on a website that, to date, still isn’t working.

The objective of the Health Care for the Holidays public service ad appears to be to remediate Barack Obama’s failed legislation by attempting to dictate what Americans should be discussing while carving up the Christmas turkey.

It gets worse.

The website includes a step-by-step checklist for dummies with tips on the right times and places to discuss healthcare, such as not waiting “until the last minute” and integrating talk of healthcare into family time.

The detailed instructions also recommend honesty, persistence, positivity, and focusing on the benefits of having healthcare.  What it doesn’t mention is the four million Americans who were kicked off their healthcare plans, nor does it feature a photo gallery of those with cancer who, thanks to Obamacare, are now unable to continue treatment.

Sorry, but holidays or no holidays, discussing anything having to do with Barack Obama and honesty in the same conversation just doesn’t jive. Especially when discussing a healthcare reform bill that’s been foisted on the nation against its will by a wealth re-distributor who has been nothing but dishonest about it from the get-go.

This holiday season, if Americans do take OFA’s advice and indulge in honest dialogue about ObamaCare, the result may be torches and shiny pitchforks replacing twinkling white lights on the White House lawn.

Not only that, but Barack Obama and his legion of fanatical shills are again proving that they do not believe Americans are capable of carrying on a conversation without their explicit guidance. All this from a group representing a president, who is not only deceitful, but whose healthcare enrollment website the merrymakers are being encouraged to visit is still an unmitigated disaster.

Either way, some of the most telling suggestions on the Health Care for the Holidays website have to do with broaching “Common Misconceptions.” The two supposed fallacies mentioned are that health insurance is too expensive and the process “too complicated,” both of which they are.

For starters, premiums are higher, and the quality of care is being progressively diminished. Moreover, in the “complicated” department, didn’t Obama recently admit that “Even if we get the site fixed, insurance is complicated to buy?”  Didn’t he say “It is not possible … to guarantee that hundreds of people going on the website will have a seamless process?”

So which is it:  Complicated or uncomplicated?

Either way, in honor of the Christmas season, Americans may hearken back, not to herald angels singing, but to mind-numbed Hollywood actors and actresses taking the ‘Obama pledge.’ Why? Because now there’s a website decorated with festive green and white pixilated snowmen and Band-Aids, and this digital tour culminates in another pledge – this time to “Have the Talk.”

Apparently, offering unsolicited suggestions is not enough for this brood of control freaks. They also demand a pledge.

Forget the inane suggestion that anyone would want to discuss ObamaCare anytime, let alone on Christmas. This effort smacks of irreligious socialists, in the name of caring, hoping to further secularize anything that exhibits even a hint of religious undertone.

In the end, what OFA and Barack Obama need to know is that the greatest gift of this blessed holiday season wouldn’t be for some secular website to insert itself into intimate family celebrations.

The greatest gift would be for the whole ObamaCare fiasco to implode under the weight of its own bureaucratic bombast.


White House Holiday Theme 2012


Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

President Obama has secured his place in the Oval Office for at least another four years.  So, during his second term there probably won’t be any more stage-managed photo ops that feature the Obama family making “surprise visits” to St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Without the threat of God-fearing Americans at the ballot box, Barack Obama is now free to let his secular progressive/non-religious freak flag fly for all the world to see.

This year, despite having a Scripture-quoting ‘Christian’ president, finding Christ in the White House is as impossible as it was for Mary and Joseph, on the night Jesus was born, to find a room at an inn.

Gone are the days of heralding angels and Bethlehem stars.  This year, the famous 18th century Christian hymn based on the 98th Psalm, “Joy to the World,” has been replaced with a revamped “Joy to All” theme.  After all, if Barack “Joy to All” Obama is allowed to modify the U.S. Constitution, why shouldn’t he have free reign to fine-tune the Psalms of King David?

Allegedly, when he was a child in Indonesia, chicken fingers were not exactly Obama’s favorite food. Hence, Christmas may present an opportunity for the President to remediate his reputation within the dog-loving community. What else would explain why doggy decorations are everywhere and the other ‘Messiah’ is, shall we say, nowhere to be found?

This year 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has literally been converted into a ‘dog house’/shrine to the first family’s beloved Portuguese water dog Bo. Christmas at the White House can now officially be referred to as Canine-mas.

There are 54 trees; 6,000 glass ornaments; a black and white topiary of Bo; 18,000 black pooch pompoms and 2,000 white pooch pompoms; and 40 handmade “Bo-flakes” adorned with little Bo images. When the anticipated 90,000 visitors saunter through the White House to ogle the shimmering lights over the next few weeks, the only thing missing will be Bo barking out that old Burl Ives  favorite, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.”

There’s even a 300-pound gingerbread White House with a replica of Bo sitting outside guarding the fort.  If confectionary reproductions were the goal, why didn’t the display include something like a crèche with the three Wise Men – Obama, Axelrod, and Carney – complete with a replica of Bo resting comfortably beside the manger?

Not only that, but where’s the political correctness in all of this? What’s especially alarming is that the normally sensitive, diversity-minded White House didn’t even consider the feelings of cats, potbellied pigs, goldfish, or hamsters, none of which were featured like Bo in the collection of pet-themed ornaments.  And, as if offending other pet species weren’t enough, insult was added to injury when the White House released its 2012 Bo-liday…er, I mean, holiday card.

Chosen by the White House as the design for the Obama Christmas card was a rendering done by Des Moines, Iowa artist Larassa Kabel.  In an amazing coincidence, prior to the November election Larassa’s husband’s rock band just so happened to open for Bruce Springsteen at an Obama campaign rally.

Sounding a lot like so many disappointed voters on November 7th, after finding out her entry was selected the artist called the moment “surreal.” Kabel added that originally she had “very, very, very low expectations” for the painting – much like the “very, very, very, low expectations” all those disappointed voters have for the next four years.

Kabel’s black-and-white rendering features a sprightly Bo absorbed in a snow dance in front of a hazy depiction of the White House.  Preserving “separation of church and state,” thank God there’s not even one hint of spirituality.  It must be that in Obama’s world a blurry dog frolicking in the snow captures the true essence of Christmas.

Based on a photo the White House sent out as the subject of the competition, the winning entry depicts Bo in a scarf.  Regrettably, the winter wonderland in the painting is foggy, because if more detail was included an “I Bark for Obama” 2012 bandana could have been added for an additional touch of whimsy.

Nonetheless, although the White House stands for the workers of America, Kabel won’t be paid for her winning portrait of Bo. But she doesn’t seem to mind – this holiday season, like every other day of the year, private citizens like Ms. Kabel are honored to give gifts of blood, sweat and tears, freely and without expectation of recompense, to the nation’s pro-labor president.

For Larassa, being chosen is obviously a gift in itself. The delighted artist said, “I’m living on glory,” a sentiment not unlike the first family’s, who, this year alone, gloriously gifted themselves with $1.4 billion in taxpayer-provided perquisites.

Kabel is really excited about meeting the President and Mrs. Obama and attending the December 18th White House holiday party with her rock musician husband.  Never mind the Boss and Barry – Kabel said “I’ve never seen anyone famous… I’m like, who will be at the party? I’m looking for anybody.”

So, in place of honoring the humble Savior who lay in a manger in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, this year the big thrill for the eclectic artist is to get up close and personal with the Hollywood stars partaking of White House merriment.  Rest assured, she won’t be disappointed because although Baby Jesus has been banished from the premises, undoubtedly Eva Longoria and George Clooney will be milling about.

So, as party time quickly approaches, the guest list has yet to be made public. What’s unfortunate is that the late Frank Zappa isn’t around for the unveiling of the portrait of Bo gamboling around on the South Lawn. Zappa could have kicked the White House holiday spirit into high gear by playing “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow,” an old song that, in years to come, thanks to Bo, could become a holiday classic, as well as a gentle reminder for impoverished Americans.

Charlie Brown and the ‘Little Rock Nine’

Originally posted at American Thinker

In 1957, outside Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas, a white mob, together with the National Guard ordered there by Governor Orval Faubus, attempted to block nine black students from entering school.  A federal court injunction ordered police to escort the African-American students, known as the Little Rock Nine, into the high school.  In response to a letter from the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., President Eisenhower instructed the Arkansas National Guard and federal troops to protect the students for the remainder of the school year.

Subsequently, Ernest Green became the first African-American to graduate from Central High School.  In protest, Governor Faubus decided to stop integration by closing all four of Little Rock’s public high schools.  In 1959 the Supreme Court ordered the schools to reopen and proceed with desegregation.  The rest is history.

Now, 55 years later, Little Rock is involved in another school-related controversy.  This time it’s over religious freedom, the “war on Christmas,” and an absurd interpretation of state-established religion by God-hating control freaks.

Reminiscent of the patron saint of activist atheists, Michael Newdow, Arkansans have been blessed by the Arkansas Society of Free Thinkers, an organization of secularists whose motto is: “Are you good without a god?  Hey, so are we!”  With those words as inspiration, Thinkers volunteer to “promote public acceptance of nonbelievers” and are committed to “defend science education and the separation of church and state.”

Now, in place of the NAACP and Thurgood Marshall doing the good work of protecting the rights of black students, a half-century later, the Arkansas Society of Free Thinkers are crusading on behalf of schoolchildren.  This Christmas, “free thinkers” are defending the parents of pupils who attend Terry Elementary School who supposedly are upset about narrow-minded teachers daring to sanction youngsters attending a presentation of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at a nearby Christian church.  So much for free thinking.

Nevertheless, although the group approves of placing a Winter Solstice display at the Arkansas State Capitol, its mission is to deny religious believers things like the right to place a Nativity scene on the village green.  In addition to misinterpreting the true meaning of “separation of church and state,” zealous Thinkers are religious about promulgating scientific theory as if it were gospel.

Adding to the controversy surrounding “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” a spokesperson for the free-thinking society, Anne Orsi, Esq., has voluntarily stepped forward on behalf of those parents “reluctant to speak up” about wanting their children to remain outside the four walls of the church building during school hours.  Orsi claims that some parents are anxious “because they are concerned about their kids being singled out and bullied” by young people whose parents have no problem with a public event being held at a church whose name means “unconditional love” in Koine Greek.

According to Orsi, holding “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at the Agape Church translates into “sponsoring field trips to evangelical churches,” which in free-thinking circles is apparently more ominous than filling up a shuttle bus and transporting the kids to Planned Parenthood for their Christmas special.

The late Charles M. Schulz‘s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” first appeared on CBS just eight years after the Little Rock Nine marched into Central High School, and it has aired every year since.  And while Grinch Orsi concurs that “[e]veryone loves Charlie Brown,” she feels that the “religious content of the program is a problem, as is the trip to a church to see it.”

In the season of “Peace on earth and good will towards men,” what’s sorely needed right about now is a modern-day Martin Luther King, Jr., who declared in 1957 that desegregation was a “great opportunity for the longings and aspirations of millions of peoples of good will” to be realized.

Think of it this way: in the same way that Orval Faubus tried to prevent a white high school from being infiltrated by black students, Ms. Orsi’s group is simply attempting to protect vulnerable elementary-school children from being negatively influenced by a Peanuts Nativity play, talk of the commercialization of Christmas, and cartoon characters reciting fantastical, mind-bending Bible verses.

Similar to Arkansas enforcing parental notification laws, what Orsi and her band of outraged atheists conveniently failed to mention is that, in fact, parental consent was required to attend the Christmas production.  According to Pamela Smith, communications director for the Little Rock School District: “Because it will be held at a church, as some public events often are, a letter was sent home with students so parents who took exception and wished to have their children remain at school could do so.”

The problem is that for these so-called “free thinkers,” opting out just doesn’t suffice.  For them, free thinking means denying children the freedom to attend, period.  Maybe Orsi and the Free Thinkers would back off if Agape Church agreed to secularize Charlie Brown’s Christmas, hold the production at a Little Rock Health Clinic, and decorate that spindly little tree with assorted age-appropriate birth control devices.

In the end, it seems fairly clear that what’s going on in Little Rock is part of an orchestrated war on Christmas being waged by a minority whose views are every bit as distorted as those of Governor Orval Faubus.

Barack Obama’s Always ‘Helpful’ Never ‘Hurtful’ Lies

Originally posted at American Thinker

For those Americans who were still unsure whether Barack Obama really does lack authenticity, the President has finally come clean and confirmed that he does indeed have a tendency to lie.

Prior to Christmas, courtesy of Barbara Walters and the ABC News program 20/20, President Obama presented the nation with an important pre-2012 election gift. Answering questions from the probing “Proust Questionnaire,” the President admitted that in addition to how he views the rest of America, he too is “a little bit lazy,” and on occasion exhibits a predisposition to fudge the truth.

Hearkening back to the 2008 presidential campaign, it was Senator John McCain that first made an insightful statement about presidential hopeful Barack Obama.  At the time, the GOP candidate addressed Obama’s accusation that McCain had opposed regulation to avert the housing bubble crisis by pointing out: “I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough it will be believed.”

Obviously, McCain’s warning about Obama’s dishonesty did not deter the American public from putting the less-than-truthful Illinois senator in the White House.  John McCain lost the election, but before he did he asked a question that every American should still be asking: “Who is the real Barack Obama?”

Since then, the number of voices agreeing with John McCain’s original contention that his Democrat opponent suffered from an acute case of mythomania has grown.  Over the past three years, the short list of those who have concurred with Senator McCain include: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito; Joe Wilson (R-SC) of “You lie” fame; and Texas Democrat Congressman and Obama supporter Martin Frost, who accurately pointed out that in an effort to push a green agenda, Obama “at times…is not telling the truth.”

Even billionaire casino tycoon Steve Wynn joined the ‘Barack lies’ chorus and pointed out to Neil Cavuto of Fox News that “You guys on television use the term ‘disingenuous’ when the president … says something that isn’t true. That’s a fancy word for lying.”

Finally, confirming the suspicions of many and coming across during a 20/20 interview as the epitome of candor, at long last Barack ‘fessed up to Barbara Walters, saying that “Usually, the only time I lie is [in] very personal interactions with family members, who you say, ‘you look great,’ and they don’t. ‘Wonderful dress…’ Uh, not so much.”  The operative word here being “usually.”

After the President’s admission, even the first lady chimed in and confessed that she too lies, but only when “truth [is] not helpful.” Clearly, in the Obama household, as well as on the campaign trail, during fiery speeches, and in policy decisions, ‘hurtful’ and ‘helpful’ are key indicators as to whether what’s being said at any given moment is actually the truth.

Therefore, after also admitting that he’s really a “softie” and doing so on primetime television, it stands to reason that President Obama’s ongoing propensity to lie could just be a considerate attempt on his part to be helpful and not hurtful by extending “You look great” sentiments about an America he really perceives to be an “Uh, not so much” nation: lazy, lacking imagination and ambition and, much like him, “a little soft.”

Moreover, Obama family logic also indicates that the goal of the President’s admitted deceitfulness may be simply to avoid wounding Americans with hurtful truths and to assist the nation with helpful lies. Either that, or Barack Obama’s lying is an unconscious attempt to project his own character weaknesses onto honest, hardworking Americans in order to justify policies he knows we would patently reject.

With that in mind, it certainly wouldn’t hurt and might actually be helpful to know if Obama thinks it is ‘hurtful’ or ‘helpful’ to continue encouraging national division by falsely insisting that the rich don’t contribute their fair share.

How about the helpfulness/hurtfulness of swearing the health care reform bill wouldn’t raise the deficit?  And let’s not forget just how helpful it was for the President to promise the American public that the stimulus bill would prevent the unemployment rate from rising above a hurtful 8.5%.

Despite knowing how the public views being lied to by a president, it’s apparent Obama wants Americans to believe he seriously took into consideration how ‘hurtful’ or ‘helpful’ that $787 billion job stimulus package would be for our economic future.

Maybe he lied because the always helpful and never hurtful Barack Obama wanted the nation to accept as true that, thanks to that stimulus bill, there were jobs just ready and waiting to be handed out to hundreds of thousands of people in need of work, when in fact an economic grave was being readied, dug with the blade of shovel-ready false promises.

Whatever the reason, thanks to Barack’s honesty with Barbara Walters, Americans now know that every time the President speaks there’s a pretty good chance he’s lying.  Yet, it is comforting to also know he means well and that before he does prevaricate, he first weighs how ‘hurtful’ or ‘helpful’ it would be if he were to divulge his true agenda.

In the end, Obama’s 20/20 Christmas confession that he really is a lazy liar either validates people like Joe Wilson, who knew it all along, or is a devious attempt to appear candid and self-deprecating. Of all people, the President should know that lying to avoid being hurtful in a hollow attempt to be helpful accomplishes nothing. Nevertheless, just in time for the next election cycle the President’s dishonesty again brings to mind John McCain’s original still-unanswered question: “Who is the real Barack Obama?”


Impatient Michelle’s $63,000 Flight

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Recently, children at Long Branch Elementary School in Virginia gathered around President Obama’s feet at a book reading and heard there is no Santa Claus when he said: “Not everybody is as lucky as we are. There are a lot of kids out there who may not be able to get a lot of presents for Christmas because their parents don’t have a lot of money.”

Granted, it is good to remind children to be grateful for blessings and to be mindful of reality and those less fortunate.  However, one can’t help but wonder how Barack reconciles his own family’s in-your-face extravagance while burdening middle class seven year-olds with guilt at Christmas.

While Barry urged wide-eyed tots, looking forward to Christmas presents under the tree, to “have fun” – but not so much fun that they forget the “Tiny Tims” of the world – Michelle was loading up an Air Force C-40B because she couldn’t wait a couple of days to start an extravagant Hawaiian vacation.

Barack decided to postpone the trip so he could deliver coal in the stocking of the military just in time for Christmas and oversee Congress ramming through the ultimate Christmas special: “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Lord knows, Michelle won’t tolerate being kept waiting, as evidenced the night of the White House Christmas party when Obama handed over the press conference reins to Jolly Ole Bill Clinton to rush off to meet Michelle under the mistletoe, dressed in an economical $2,500 secondhand frock.

Barack knows if he’s late Michelle will leave without him, which is exactly what she did.  Michelle intended to get every second of well-deserved vacation time – two weeks is two weeks and not a second less.  So Shelley packed up the girls and the dog and departed as scheduled, leaving the President behind to do as much damage as possible before the end of the year.

“Mrs. Obama’s decision to go without the president forced her to take a separate plane, meaning two flights instead of one are needed to ferry the First Family to their vacation destination.” At $6,330 per flight hour for a 10-hour flight, the first lady gave nary a thought to $63,000 in additional expenses billed directly to taxpayers, such as the parents of the children Barack was reminding to be cognizant of the less fortunate.

The whole operation will be repeated when Barry flies into Hawaii via AF1 to meet the wife and kids. “Since the cost of moving the entire family together on Air Force One would not likely have been much different than that of taking just the president, the first lady’s trip is a $63,000 add-on.”

By leaving early on her own aircraft, Michelle, who epitomizes someone who “spend[s] time thinking about the less fortunate,” incurred even more than a $63,000 get-the-First-Lady-to-the-luau-on-time/Christmas-in-Hawaii expense, especially if “logistical support operation[s] – including a retinue of Secret Service agents” are added to the tab. Not to mention the “Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint … commandeering her own jet to take her to Hawaii” imposed on the environment.

Nonetheless, to appear less extravagant, Mrs. Obama sacrificed by taking a modestly sized high priority transport instead of sending AF1 back and forth like a shuttle bus to pick up presidential vacationers.  In other words, Michelle roughed it for the cause!

Meanwhile, while the kiddies in Virginia see visions of impoverished children instead of sugar plums dancing in their heads, in a “trio of multimillion dollar beachfront homes” the “Obama family and friends will be [spending] Christmas and New Year’s” in the lap of luxury, spending lots of time “thinking” about the less fortunate.

The new, improved, politically correct White House Easter Egg Roll – American Thinker Blog – March 10, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

Left wing educators in this country will not be satisfied until every trace of Judeo Christian heritage is scrubbed from our culture and replaced with politically correct substitutions that placate the minority and marginalize the majority.

Take for instance Christian and Jewish children being forced to feel like outsiders during the holiday season because the Texas State Board of Education feels its academically essential to elevate textbook curriculum by replacing Christmas and Rosh Hashanah with the Hindu holiday Diwali.

“A proposal for new social studies curriculum in Texas public schools removes a mention of Christmas in a sixth-grade lesson, replacing it with a Hindu religious festival.”

Republican activist David Barton adviser to the textbook board, believes Christmas and Rosh Hashanah should remain in the curriculum.  Barton said, “American is not equally divided among these five religions.  Mentioning Christmas and Rosh Hashanah does not promote either Christianity or Judaism; rather, it simply acknowledges with accuracy the religious culture of America as it actually exists that these holidays have been awarded their place in the culture by the people themselves.”

What does Barton know?  Barton’s degree is in Religious Education and the Board making the textbook decisions consists of a highly educated team of esteemed academics including Kathy Miller of the secular Texas Freedom Network.  Pushing for change, Miller expressed a nondiscriminatory opinion that,”It looks like on the one hand you have appointed accomplished academics,” which she of course considers herself one. And “on the other hand you have appointed what can only be considered political advocates. Giving them equal weight demonstrates a deep flaw in the process.” Because an organization whose motto is, “A mainstream voice to counter the religious right,” is not the least bit politically motivated?

If eradicating Christmas and Rosh Hashanah in schoolbooks isn’t infuriating enough, to insure the holiest of Christian holidays be devalued to a statement on environmentalism, this year, the White House Easter egg roll has elevated environmental friendliness above the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Saving mankind from sin can be offensive,so the White House has changed the meaning of Easter to a more inclusive “Save the Planet” message.

Children fortunate enough to attend the festivities should not anticipate a “real” Easter egg roll because a White House announcement Monday said the eggs at this year’s event will be made from “paperboard that contains no wood fibers from endangered forests, is recyclable and features vegetable-oil based inks and a water-based coating.”

Not only that, but making the holiday even more exciting was the news that the eggs will also celebrate diversity by eliminating the standard white edition and instead this year’s “eggs” will “come in purple, pink, green and yellow and feature the stamped signatures of both President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.”

The theme this year is “Ready, Set, Go,” promoting Mrs. Obama’s national campaign to further health and wellness in the United States and combat childhood obesity.  An unintended benefit is card boiled eggs are non-edible, which ultimately contributes to calorie restriction and weight loss in children.

In addition, the White House Easter egg roll is also a perfect opportunity for the anti-religion Texas Freedom Network’s Kathy Miller to take notes to include in Texas textbook revisions.  The White House planetary celebration will give Ms. Miller a springboard to explain to school children the presently acceptable secular context of Easter in America.

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