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Ebola Hugs and Other Peculiar Happenings

Buy Generic Cialis Europe AP_obama_pham_kab_141024_16x9_992Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Buy Levaquin Antibiotic As the Ebola crisis continues to swirl and the ineptitude of America’s president continues to be laid bare, certain oddities surrounding the situation are impossible to ignore.

follow url For instance, why, after being administered the experimental drug Z-Mapp, did it take Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol almost 30 days to recover from Ebola? Since Dr. Brantly’s recovery, other American healthcare workers, as well as freelance photojournalist Ashoka Mukpo, have contracted and then recuperated from the virus with lightning speed.

http://seatower.com/?wide=Zanaflex-Online-Without-Prescription&5d6=b1 Meanwhile, the hale and hearty relatives of “patient zero,” Thomas Eric Duncan, who brought Ebola to Dallas via Liberia and subsequently succumbed to the sickness, despite having been fully exposed to Duncan’s virus-infected body fluids, emerged miraculously unscathed from a 21-day quarantine.

follow For some mysterious reason protective gear did not shield nurses who cared for the dying man in isolation, but Duncan’s family, who lived with him in a small, hot apartment where he vomited and lost control of his bowels, have all been issued a clean bill of health.

http://beereading.com/?order=Zocor-Buy-Online&628=59 Adding color to the drama, now, one week prior to a midterm election that stands to handily trounce Barack Obama’s party, the president recreated his old Chris Christie-Hurricane Sandy bear-hug stunt. This time Obama has resorted to embracing an American Ebola victim who, after leaving the hospital, headed straight for the Oval Office to meet with the fellow responsible for her contracting the hemorrhagic fever in the first place.

Free Download Mp3 Arjuna Buaya-inul Daratista The woman who did this is 26-year-old nurse Nina Pham. Nina is the Dallas Ebola survivor who, immediately following her release from isolation at the National Institutes of Health, hugged the miracle worker who astonished everyone when he got Gabby Giffords to open her eyes for the first time after her almost-fatal head wound in the Tucson, Arizona shooting.

go site The most recent visit was similar to the one where a feeble Kent Brantly rose from his sick bed and swiftly made his way to the Oval Office to meet with America’s Obamacare creator. Once there, Dr. Brantly beseeched boots on the ground in West Africa — boots that Obama refuses to send to Syria to fight a marauding band of ISIS fighters happily going about the business of beheading Americans.

http://agent268bet.com/?ext=Where-Can-I-Buy-Ventolin-Syrup&043=9d After Nina Pham’s recovery, Barack Obama — who treats Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as if he’s the one with end-stage Ebola — free of concern about contracting the virus, with minimal screening and full faith in America’s healthcare system, emulated Bill Clinton and leaned in for a face-to-face bear hug from a young nurse whose White House ensemble did not include a beret.

http://brigittadau.com/?online=Doxycycline-Online-Europe&209=99 The message the president was undoubtedly hoping the visit would send to America was this: although medical personnel in full protective gear contracted Ebola and irresponsible doctors like Craig Spencer rode NYC subways and went E-bowling with a fever, the disease is not a danger to everyday Americans walking New York City’s High Line park, even if the guy strolling in front of them is coughing out Ebola-infested droplets from his diseased lungs.

Speaking of messages, by getting together with the man whose reckless plan to leave the borders open and insistence on continuing to grant travel visas to West Africans caused her to get Ebola, Nina Pham behaved sort of like the victim of a hit-and-run accident seeking out the driver at fault to go for a Sunday drive.

Actually, by meeting with the president, Pham probably did more harm than good.

The nurse squandered a perfect opportunity to condemn Obama’s refusal to do his job and protect American citizens. Quite frankly, as a type of public servant it was Nina’s duty to insist Obama close the border so that travelers like the late Thomas Eric Duncan would be barred from exposing health care workers to unnecessary risks.

Instead of speaking on behalf of an anxious nation, Pham pulled a Chris Christie and rushed to the White House to provide the president a pre-election day photo op by all but slow dancing with the man who hacked off her feet.

Asked whether there was any concern about putting the president so close to someone only recently recovered from Ebola, White House press secretary Josh ‘Not So’ Earnest shrugged that the president “[w]as not at all concerned about any risk that would be associated with him showing his gratitude… by hugging her.”

Isn’t it odd for Obama to want to “show gratitude” to a woman for surviving a deadly disease she contracted because he simply refuses to do his job?

Nonetheless, a sufferer of the president’s policies smiling and hugging the perpetrator of her pain is a perfect example of how well-meaning people repeatedly assist the world’s most renowned opportunistic user in his ongoing effort to ‘let no crisis go to waste.’ This is especially true since the guy Nina Pham clasped to her breast has made it quite clear that politics take precedence over the wellbeing of the people who came dangerously close to being sacrificial lambs on the altar where Obama currently ‘shares the health.’

Adding insult to injury, as part of the ruse, omitting only a canary yellow HAZMAT suit and a full-face protective mask the president recently upped the deception quotient by visiting a specialized Ebola treatment center at Emory University in Georgia.

Reminiscing about his momentous visit our intrepid president had this to say:

I want to use myself as an example just so that people have a sense of the science here. I shook hands with, hugged, and kissed, not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses at Emory because of the valiant work that they did in treating one of the patients. They followed the protocols. They knew what they were doing. And I felt perfectly safe doing so.

And so, despite the many recovery-related peculiarities and notwithstanding the soiled sheets and missed opportunities for Nina Pham to speak on behalf of those without a voice, even the Ebola epidemic has become about a man who uses hugs to convey reassuring messages to a nation victimized by his stupidity.

Chris Christie Pulls an Alinsky on Rand Paul

obama-christie-cityroom-blog480Originally posted at American Thinker

few days prior to the 2012 presidential election, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie gave Obama a long, drawn-out hug and silently nodded his head in agreement to every word spoken by the always-opportunistic president.  Since that day, the twosome has been setting the standard for bipartisan solidarity.

Effusively calling Obama’s response to the storm “wonderful,” “excellent” and “outstanding,” Christie addressed concerns over how his actions might impact the outcome of the election:

I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I have a job to do in New Jersey that is much bigger than presidential politics. If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don’t know me.

At the time, those words were likely music to Obama’s amply-sized auricles. Since then, rapport between the two has persisted. At the Governor’s Ball Christie was even given a seat of honor and got to clink champagne glasses with the captivating Michelle Obama, who actually agreed to share dining space with a chubby New Jerseyan who looks nothing like Jon Bon Jovi.

Either way, it must be mutually-shared moral authority that is the primary force behind the Chris/Barry relationship. Apparently, having personal experience with super-storms and terrorism, Christie, together with Obama — who understands everything about everything — both possess the moral authority to stomp all over the U.S. Constitution.

Now, with the IRS thugs having to lay low for a while, Obama the community organizer needs a dependable agent to work on behalf of the 2014 election.  And who better than a man that proved his mettle in 2012?  That’s why, based on the governor’s pugnacious conduct toward those in his own political party, it appears Chris Christie may have been recruited into the Obama “Rules for Radicals” gang.

Obama must have guaranteed Christie a new amusement park in Seaside Heights, because lately the Garden State governor has been the pure embodiment of Alinsky rule #13, which says, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” What’s making the whole thing so suspicious is Governor Christie’s verbal rancor is mostly being directed toward a specific political adversary of the president, the outspoken Tea Party favorite, Rand Paul.

The dust-up started at the Republican Governors’ Summit in Aspen, Colorado when, for no apparent reason, Christie singled out and pounced on Senator Rand Paul. Addressing opponents to Obama’s snoop-and-spy policies, the New Jersey governor went on to personalize his attack by suggesting the Kentuckian is “dangerous” because he opposes the Obama Administration’s overreaching government surveillance programs.  Christie also accused the senator and those like him of failing to understand the dangers of terrorism.

Implying that concern over government abuse of surveillance is “esoteric,” and sounding like he was reading straight off Obama’s teleprompter, Chris Christie said:

This strain of libertarianism that’s going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought. You can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them.

For context, the late Saul Alinsky stressed that “In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.'” That is exactly the approach Barack Obama built his political career upon and appears to be what Chris Christie attempted to do to Rand Paul on Obama’s behalf.

Respectfully responding to the “esoteric…dangerous” remarks, the senator suggested Christ-O-Bama get a “new dictionary” if he believes Constitutional fidelity is “esoteric” and “dangerous.”

Senator Paul accused Christie of being “sad and cheap” for using the “cloak of 9/11 victims” to shield his unconstitutional position, and of having a “give me, give me, give me all the money” approach to fiscal issues in Washington.  More recently, Paul also criticized Christie’s über-dependence on federal funds.

In classic Alinsky style, the Jersey governor fired back by portraying the fiscally conservative Tea Party activist as a “big-spending Washington establishment figure.”

At a press conference announcing monetary grants for homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy, Christie said:

Maybe [Paul] should start cutting the pork barrel spending he brings home to Kentucky? But I doubt he will, because most Washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon so that they can get reelected.

This is Crispy Bacon Christie talkin’ here!  He’s the one who sold out his party for federal assistance to rebuild gambling casinos.  Paul responded to the governor’s pork comment by saying, “Oh, you start trashing my state. Now he’s really going to be in trouble. Don’t start trashing Kentucky, buddy.”

Paul pointed out that he did not “choose this fight with the governor.”  That is correct Mr. Senator, you did not; the choice to pick a fight was probably made higher up on the food chain, and has rolled down to you via Barack Obama’s portly political pawn.

Tough guy Chris Christie is aiding and abetting Alinsky acolyte Obama by accomplishing a key Alinsky objective, which is to “zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack,” so that “all the ‘others’ come out of the woodwork…[and] become visible by their support of the target [.]”

In filial loyalty to his bipartisan buddy, new Alinskyite recruit Chris Christie appears more than willing to tag-team with Obama and entice “all the others” to step forward in Paul’s defense. In other words, in fear of losing control of the Senate, Barack Obama is employing Chris Christie to wage an attack that hopefully will tease conservative senators out of hiding to rush to Rand Paul’s defense. That way, the president can “target…freeze and attack” Paul’s defenders too.

Having a RINO governor as an ally helps the president broaden the attack by “acting decisively … [on]… the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.”  With Christie on the devil’s side, Obama hopes to find and neutralize every political threat in time to lock down the House in 2014.

‘Climate Change’: Pres. Flat-Wrong Scolds the ‘Flat-Earth Society’

flat-earth2Originally posted at Clash Daily

Gearing up to further damage the U.S. economy, the president presented his energy policy speech from Georgetown University, home of famous alumnus Sandra “Free Contraceptives” Fluke and Barack’s infamous crucifix-covering event.

Sporting his usual smug, sarcastic attitude, foolish flathead Barack Obama chose to mock climate-change skeptics by calling them the “flat-Earth society.”

Emotionally overheated and sounding like he huffed jet fuel fumes on his trip back from Ireland and Germany, the President vilified climate-change skeptics and admitted that he lacks “patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real.”

Although he would never admit it, impatient is pretty much how Obama behaves towards anyone who disagrees with him or with any progressive policy initiative he seeks to impose on America.

During his speech the president, who dragged his feet when responding to Benghazi, costing four Americans their lives, implied that the Earth was warming at such a rapid rate that “We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society.”

Obama then said that “Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm.”

Speaking of feeling safer and needing protection from coming storms, I wonder if the president was referring to his flat-wrong liberal friends who spend most of the time with their flatheads up their … never mind.

After the reference to sticking your head up — or into — dark places and warning of impending weather-related uproars, things got confusing when Obama said that the “overwhelming judgment of science, of chemistry, of physics, and millions of measurements” put “to rest” questions of pollution affecting the environment.

While none of what President Flat-wrong said about the Earth’s rising temperature was followed up with verifiable data, what was truly amazing is that the pro-choice champion of late-term and even post-term hands-off style abortion shamelessly cited science to support his climate-change claims.

Isn’t this the guy who said answering questions about when life begins was way “above [his] pay grade”? And doesn’t he stick his flathead in wherever when it comes to undeniable proof that life begins at conception? Yet whenever he’s pushing bogus science, he instantly goes technical on us.

Then again, isn’t that sort of what the president does with the Constitution, especially as it relates to the First, Second and Fourth Amendments? One minute it’s a “fundamentally flawed” document and then, when anyone dares to threaten the “right” to kill the unborn, Obama becomes the upholder of America’s founding document.

Meanwhile, back at Georgetown, Jabber Jaws single-handedly added to the rising temperature of the planet in real time by doing what he does best, spewing megatons of hot air and proclaiming that “[t]he planet is warming [and] human activity is contributing to it.”

Then, a man who heartily approves of America’s grand total of 60 million abortions and whose failed policies have cost millions of jobs, said “We know that the costs of these [weather] events can be measured in lost lives and lost livelihoods.”

In the doom and gloom portion of the speech, Barack Obama rattled off a laundry list of 12 warm years, inclement weather, Hurricane Sandy, dead crops in the mid-West, and subsequent high food prices. Doing everything short of dragging out the Sandy Hook families, Obama said, “In a world that’s warmer than it used to be, all weather events are affected by the warming planet.”

And because the bottom line is that he’s never met a regulation he didn’t like, President Flat-wrong announced a schedule for setting new environmental regulations that will limit how much carbon pollution can be emitted from both new and existing power plants.

In other words, Obama is anxious to eliminate more jobs, burden industry further, soak taxpayers, and hamstring an already struggling economy.

Without mentioning best flat-wrong friend Chris Christie, Barack chided naysayers again when he stressed the urgent response of “those who are feeling the effects of climate change.” According to Obama, those who are feeling it “don’t have time to deny it [because] they’re busy dealing with it.”

Dealing with it? Hopefully, the president of the “Flat-Wrong Society” wasn’t counting himself in the “dealing with it” group because if four years of hemming and hawing have taught Americans anything it’s that Barack Obama pretty much makes a mess of everything!

For example, the president apparently tries to minimize the effects of climate change by burning up enormous amounts of fuel flying Air Force One on vacations, golf trips, and fundraisers.

Barack Obama also deals with the carbon emission problem by hauling security personnel, limos, bulletproof glass panels for speeches, and the wife and kids on endless globetrotting jaunts. Not to mention the carbon footprint President Flat-wrong imposes on the planet every time he transports the gargantuan Beast, his eight-ton armored tank-car. Not to mention Bo the family dog – who travels on a separate flight accompanied by a back-up Teleprompter and a handler, of course.

‘Chris Christie ♥s Obama’

ht_barack_obama_chris_christie_ll_121031_wblogCongress approved more than $60 billion in Sandy relief funds, which is why six months after the superstorm trounced New Jersey, with $1.8 billion in federal grants on storm rebuilding and recovery it looks like the boardwalk in Atlantic City will finally be rebuilt.  The problem is that no amount of money is likely to remedy the current state of national affairs after socialist superstorm Barack, with the help of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was given a second chance to continue laying waste to everything in his path for another term.

It wasn’t enough that three days prior to the 2012 election New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sabotaged the presidential race. Now six months later the Rutgers-educated RINO is showing up on MSNBC singing Obama’s praises.

Corpulent Christie uttered laudatory ‘I ♥ Obama’ kudos on the “Morning Joe” show, where he said “The president has kept every promise he’s made. I think he’s done a good job. He kept his word.”  What Christie forgot to include in his commendation was that the president’s promise-keeping, good-job skills apply exclusively to providing hurricane relief funds and not much else.

Listening to Chris Christie on MSNBC effusively gush over Barack Obama sounded like a family member who defends a drunken uncle to his aunt with the black eye because Uncle Harry slips him a few bucks here and there.  After all, “Uncle Harry has always been really nice to me.”

Nonetheless, for those who suffered through Hurricane Sandy, it was bad enough to have to undergo being without electricity for ten days and having to dispose of $500 worth of rotten food. But, three days before the election, to then have to endure watching the spectacle of Chris Christie hugging and nodding “Yes,” to everything Obama said made what was already agonizing absolutely excruciating.

Read the rest of the article at The Blacksphere

And the Oscar goes to… Michelle Obama

390-michelle-obama-oscars-photoshopped-farsnews-300x184There is a nasty word for how the Obamas act when it comes to wanting to be seen with the 1% Hollywood crowd, but I’ll skip sharing the term other than to say it’s the title of a song by Nine Inch Nails.

Nevertheless, fresh off of demeaning the Office of the President by doing “The Happy Snapper” with Jimmy Fallon in drag, the first lady managed to find a way to claw her way onto the stage at the Academy Awards.  Because, hey, what would a Hollywood event be without at least one of the Obamas being the center of attention?

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Michelle Obama’s Well-Marbled Manipulation

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

In recent weeks Mrs. Obama might as well be crisscrossing the United States of America with broccoli in one hand and a five-pound hand weight in the other, with carrot tops sticking out of her back pocket and half a cantaloupe for a hat.  She’s done pushups with Ellen DeGeneres, exercised with Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes, sack-raced with comedian Jimmy Fallon, exercised with Desmond Tutu, and even done the platypus walk at Disney World.  And that’s just for starters.

She’s appeared on the cover of every magazine, from over-40 women’s magazine More to Prevention, where she’s touted the benefits of cutting fat and eating vegetables, and has done so to everyone from Jay Leno on the Tonight Show to a group of toddlers in New Orleans.  If you listen to what she says, the woman certainly sounds committed.  But commitment involves more than words, and when Michelle Obama’s food directives are compared to the food choices and menu selections she makes for herself and her dinner guests, there’s oftentimes a super-sized portion of deceit.

A perfect example of that is the Obama-hosted White House Governor’s Dinner, where healthy eating submitted to caloric obscenity. Visiting Washington DC for the National Governor’s Association winter meeting, a group of state heavyweights dined compliments of the Obamas the night before the event.

Now, either the First Lady had nothing to say about the menu (which is doubtful), was attempting to ‘kill’ Republican governors (with kindness of course), or because of Sunday being a day of rest and all, passed on the veggie burgers and threw caution to the wind.

Due to prior commitments, Governor Jan Brewer skipped the social gathering, and so with Obama’s favorite governor in absentia the dinner probably had less to do with covert sabotage and more to do with an impressive array of double standards.  Reminiscent of Super Bowl Party celebrations, replete with huge bowls of German potato salad and oily deep dish pizza, the menu for the festivities in the State Dining Room attempted to redeem itself by claiming to be comprised of “regionally sourced” American favorites.

On the menu was a gigundo hunk of fat-laden rib eye steak, which may have been featured to accommodate the President, who kept telling his guests, “Tonight it’s about having some fun.  I want everybody to have a great time tonight.”

In addition to the rib eye steak, also served up in style were salads made from greens harvested from Mrs. Obama’s year-round-always-in-bloom Kitchen Garden.  The main course included no-cream creamed spinach and all-American healthy favorite Maryland crab macaroni and cheese, all topped off by an artery-clogging dessert of pear tart a la mode.  Don’t tell me this wasn’t a direct threat to portly New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s health.

And oh yes, the 2,550 calorie Gastronomical Governors’ Xanadu was washed down by an array of traditional American white wines.

The governors were there because they were slated to meet the following day to talk policy in separate meetings with the President and the First Lady.  One would guess that Michelle’s policy discussions have to do with healthy eating initiatives and governmental diktats determining portion sizes and ingredients in public school lunches and in private restaurants.  What was Michelle planning to do, use the prior night’s dinner as an object lesson in what not to eat?

Feeling jovial, party-animal Obama, who’s been known to organize a Conga line or two himself, entertained the awkward mix of Republican and Democrat guests by sharing a story that could shed some light on the real reason why, when it comes to food, Michelle Obama habitually says one thing and eats another.

Transforming the Governor’s Dinner into the joke portion of the Gridiron dinner he plans not to attend, “The President told a story about President Andrew Jackson’s inauguration, when crowds flooded into the historic rooms, threatening to ‘crush’ the new Commander in Chief.”

Obama, who just doesn’t strike one as the comedic type, got the group to chuckle when he said, “As things started getting out of hand, the staff decided to pass barrels of ice cream and whiskey out the window to get people out on the lawn, so they wouldn’t cause damage and break the chandeliers and the furniture.”

It wasn’t reported whether there was any chandelier-swinging at the Governor’s Dinner, but furniture damage could have been an unintended consequence of a high-calorie feast. Nonetheless, Obama said, “So I just want you to know, in case things get rowdy, we also have a barrel standing by.”
Ah ha! In the end, it may not be hypocrisy at all. The Black Star ice wine and no-cream creamed spinach, grown on the same lawn that was showered with barrels of whiskey and frozen creamery in the volatile Jacksonian era, could have been served in the interest of presidential safety.

Standby barrels of booze and butterfat may explain what is falsely perceived as duplicity. The truth is, especially in an election year, 2,550-calorie dinner parties may merely be an effort on the part of culinary control freak Michelle Obama to quell the irritation of perturbed moderate Democrats and sedate Republican gubernatorial critics with slabs of well-marbled beef, vats of crab mac and cheese, and barrels of wine.

Scott Walker’s ‘Difficult Choices’

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

At the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington, regular Americans were treated with derision by the President of the United States as they gathered to voice an opinion on high taxes, out of control government and the loss of traditional values.

Last year Obama dared the Tea Party by saying: “So the challenge, I think, for the Tea Party movement is to identify, specifically, what would you do? It’s not enough just to say get control of spending. I think it’s important for you to say, I’m willing to cut veterans’ benefits or I’m willing to cut Medicare or Social Security benefits or I’m willing to see these taxes go up… some of these are very difficult choices.”

In response to Barry’s “challenge,” the newly elected Wisconsin governor, Republican Scott Walker, “identified and specified.”  In the face of a $3.6 billion budget deficit and in an effort to rein in out-of-control spending, Walker made the difficult choice to cut state worker benefits 8%, as well as curtail the power of unions in the collective bargaining process.

After Governor Walker responded to Obama’s provocative confrontation, rather than praise the effort to address the deficit the President stood with unions and state workers storming the Wisconsin state capital in opposition to the Walker’s proposal. The President sided with the wrong crowd by befriending unruly protestors whose signage conveyed the antithesis of the President’s moving civility-first message in Tucson.

Quite contrary to his criticism of the Tea Party, the President endorsed the DNC’s “Organizing for America – the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign -playing an active role in organizing protests” that are raining bedlam down on the Badger State.

After mocking the Tea Party for “waving tea bags around,” the President has said nothing about Organizing for America “Filling buses and building turnout for the rallies…in Madison organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies.”

This arm of Obama’s operation – campaigning against conservative change – is predictable. Organizing for America‘s support for the protesters is right in line with the President’s “clear stance against Walker.” History tells us that when it comes to dealing with Republican governors, Obama’s policy is poles apart from his positive response to progressive disorder.

In Arizona, Barack defended illegal aliens, sued the state, and abandoned Governor Jan Brewer in her fight against a relentless invasion from the south. The President remains nonchalant about the war on the border as US federal and border patrol agents and US citizens are murdered daily by drug cartels.

Moreover, if challenged on any level, Barack refuses to budge. After he “won,” Governor Walker came up with a plan to address Wisconsin’s huge budget shortfall and despite opposition has not faltered. Obama should be praising the governor for “ignoring Wisconsin voices today and asking for the power to drown them out permanently tomorrow.” Doesn’t Walker’s stance typify the Barack Obama pay-no-heed-to-those-who-oppose-you style of governing?

In response to the Wisconsin unrest, even House Speaker John Boehner implored the President to get Organizing for America to retreat from inappropriately organizing the disruptive political protest. Boehner said: “I urge the president to order the DNC to suspend these tactics.”

Regardless of the outcome, it is unlikely President Obama will respond to Boehner’s plea in a mature, bipartisan way. In fact, if Scott Walker’s bill passes, Barack will likely retaliate by suing the state of Wisconsin and then turning his negative attention to yet another Republican governor and go after the reputation of, oh…let’s see…maybe someone like New Jersey’s Chris Christie?

Michael Bloomberg’s Spanish Speaking Snowstorm

Liberals talk to grown people like idiots.  It’s endemic to the species.  As far as I’m concerned, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is a liberal. I won’t go into why, but even if Mike did nothing else besides speak to adults as if he’s a kindergarten teacher didactically reading The Boy Who Cried Wolf, to a group of 6 years-olds at story time, to me he’d be a liberal.

My theory is that Michael thinks we’re all stupid was firmed up during the last two snowstorms in New York City. After messing up big time during the last winter storm, Mayor Bloomberg, before the first snowflake hit the ground, scrambled to appear accountable, concerned and Mikey-on-the Spot.  Mike was committed to clearing the white stuff, instructing the clueless and reassuring New Yorkers they were in able hands.

The only thing missing was Mike, dressed like Nanook of the North riding atop a Big Apple plow like a musher in the first Northeast United States sanitation truck driven Iditarod.

Michael must feel responsible to personally pack lunch and place snowshoes and warm scarves on each person in New York City. That is the difference between a liberal and a politician like Chris Christie who unapologetically went to Disney World and views grownups like full-fledged, able-bodied, mature people.

Michael B., on the other hand, gave a stunning press conference at the NYC Office of Emergency Management that said more about what liberals think of regular people than it did about clearing snow.

Mike took us through grueling a time line reiteration of everything from how many cars were towed to how people were kept from being stuck in the middle of the street to telling people to drive with caution. Clear your driveway and walk, call 311 instead of 911, help a neighbor, please don’t throw snow into street, get a quart of milk for an elderly neighbor, and on and on and on.

During the press conference New Yorkers were subjected to Michael covering every subject from “its better for children to be in school” to the Dr. Atkins-don’t-slip-and-hit-your-head warning, “when you walk or drive on the ice – be careful.” Michael must think most people don’t know to walk carefully on ice.

Nevertheless, after speaking in English to American citizens living in NYC, Michael felt compelled to address Spanish-speaking residents both legal and illegal.  The second group being made up of those who shouldn’t be walking, riding bikes or living in the city in the first place.

Mike, God love him, spoke Spanish with the same ease and finesse as someone trudging through 18 inches of snow in 50 mile an hour head winds, very, very painfully for anyone unlucky enough to be listening. Not only that, but the diversity mayor discriminated against the Miao-Hmong speaking people, as well as the 37 other languages spoken in Nueva York La Gran Manzana.

Michael assured New Yorkers, some of whom just released their vehicles from ice tombs still in place since the last snow storm, that by the end of the day all city streets will have gotten at least “one pass” with a snow plow. Which means:  Quickly dig out the car you freed yesterday before the NYC Sanitation Department barricades it in a second time with a huge mound of ice and snow.

All in all the first snow storm of 2011 went well and as a native New Yorker, albeit living on Long Island, I can’t wait ‘til next week to be tortured again by Michael Bloomberg subjecting us all to another elementary school level press conference in both English and Spanish and if we’re lucky maybe even Miao-Hmong too!

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