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OBAMA’S VETERAN’S DAY: Humiliating America in China

go imagesOriginally posted at Clash Daily

http://redapplewellness.net/?pharm=Xenical-Cheapest-Xbox&224=27 For Veteran’s Day, “Economically Uncooperative” Barack Obama was in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. While there, he apparently felt it was the perfect time to weigh in on government oversight of the Internet. After all, to ensure that political protest would be held to a minimum, the Chinese have successfully banned social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

see url Now that’s an inspiration if ever there was one.

Buy Nizoral Topical Cream As Ted Cruz so rightly put it, if Obama has his way “Obamacare for the Internet” will “operate at the speed of government.” Cruz may be onto something, because after the midterms trouncing the Democrats took, Obama is probably hoping there will be a regulated, government-controlled Internet in time to influence the next election.

Buy Accutane Online Bodybuilding Meanwhile, back in China, in addition to taking direction on how to tamp down dissent on the Internet, Mr. Obama appears to be taking fashion advice from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is apparently taking fashion advice from his wife, the fetching Peng Liyuan, by choosing Mao-style tunics for the “national costume” tradition started by Bill Clinton in 1993. And even though leaders could choose between purple, green, or brown tunics, Vladimir Putin, who usually prefers to spend his time shirtless, surprisingly chose the same purple version as Obama.

Buy Diamox Canada The purpose of the APEC getup is to take a group photo similar to the one where Obama blocked a dignitary’s face as he goofily waved at the camera. The hope is that the matching ensembles will promote an image of solidarity between world leaders, three of whose only commonality is enjoying dressing up like Mao.

watch With the Internet issue nailed down and the clothing conundrum worked out, there remains but one problem – Barack “You Can’t Take Him Anywhere” Obama seems incapable of comporting himself like a grown-up Communist.

watch In anticipation of the APEC summit in Beijing, the Communist Party initiated a “manners” campaign where residents of Beijing were given six months to learn how to act civilized. Now it seems as though they shouldn’t have bothered, because despite the purple silk shirt, Barack Obama was so ill-mannered that even people unfamiliar with etiquette were mortified.

Atarax Online Canada It started when the president decided to ride around in the Beast, a Chevrolet Kodiak-based, Cadillac-badged limousine that is more like a tank. By doing so, Obama shunned the pride of the People’s Republic, the Hongqi, or “Red Flag,” a 55-year-old limousine resurrected as part of China’s effort to rescue the auto market share from foreign automakers.

http://labradoodlesandpoodles.com/?pot=Where-Can-I-Purchase-Valtrex&2fa=71 Heck, Putin knew enough to leave his stallion in Russia. Moreover, how would Obama feel if Xi Jinping eschewed his offer to ride around Washington, DC in style and chose a rickshaw instead?

The other leaders graciously agreed to be transported, one-by-one, to the banquet, cultural show, and fireworks in a Hongqi. Ramping up the pageantry, China’s top state-run channel even televised all the other leaders of the 21 APEC member states arriving at the Water Cube, the Olympic swimming venue, in the iconic socialist limousines along red-lit avenues.

In China, where cigarette smoking is ubiquitous, especially among men, Obama then added insult to injury when he stepped out of his souped-up hot rod chewing Nicorette gum. Horrified Chinese Internet users branded the gum-chewing, purple-shirt wearing, American automobile-riding president as boorish and cavalier, calling him an “idler” and a “rapper.”

Yin Hong, a professor of journalism at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, said about the president, “We made this meeting so luxurious, with singing and dancing, but see Obama, stepping out of his car chewing gum like an idler.”

Now the Chinese know exactly how America feels. Hong should thank his lucky “five stars” that Michelle didn’t come along on the trip toting a hula-hoop.

Either way, when it comes to Communist ideology and government control of the Internet, at least in China, America’s “Idler” president is among like-minded comrades.

And just one week after sending a gracious note to Iran’s Ayatollah, the president, seeking out yet another new friend, told the president of China that he wants to “take the relationship to a new level.”

And although rude, crude Obama chews wads of nicotine-infused gum and rides around Beijing in his own version of a Sherman Tank, at least he was wise enough to avoid World War III by choosing not to feminize the purple blouse Putin is also wearing with a pair of Mom jeans.

Michelle’s Motto: ‘Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all’

120429_michelle_obama_reuters_605-e1383318851637Originally posted at American Thinker

There is a part of me that thought I was beyond being shocked by anything the high-living Obamas do.  Somewhere deep down I believed that these people had to have a modicum of conscience at their core. To be honest, I secretly felt that at some point the gross excess would become a bit embarrassing and the Obamas’ orgy of self-indulgence would ease up a bit. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Much to my astonishment, after chronicling all the travels and the affluent way of life enjoyed by the spoilt first lady, it turns out that while her husband was in Asia screwing up and eating $300 endangered blue fin tuna sushi, Michelle actually indulged in a secret spa weekend in Middleburg, Virginia.

If the second leg of her Hawaii vacation is counted as a separate trip, there would be Hawaii I and Hawaii II, Aspen, Key Largo, and China, with the Middleburg spa weekend being Michelle’s sixth getaway since the first of the year.

After 27 days in Hawaii (17 with family and an additional 10 at Oprah’s Maui Estate), a star-studded birthday bash, a State Dinner in a heated tent on the South lawn dressed in a $12K Carolina Herrera gown, skiing in Aspen for President’s Day weekend, bunking in an $8,400 per-night Presidential Suite in China for eight days, and Key Largo lodging at the Ocean Reef Resort ($35 million net-worth members only), Michelle apparently felt entitled to sneak away for some well-earned downtime at Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia. 

The resort’s website reminds guests: “Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all,” a motto both Michelle and her do nothing husband have apparently taken to heart.

Meanwhile, the American people continue to languish.  Millions are unemployed and on food stamps.  Thanks to Mr. Obama’s grand social experiment, affordability and access to healthcare has been severely impacted and many gravely ill people are in life-threatening straits.  Our nation’s economy is faltering, between January and March the GDP grew at .01%, war is on the horizon, and our military is being gutted, possibly undermining our ability to defend our nation against multiple aggressors. 

Despite all these dire circumstances, it seems as if bi-weekly America’s first lady and her subjects…er, I mean entourage of toadies, indulge in one taxpayer-funded excursion after another.

This time it was at the Salamander, where “All deluxe rooms have either an expansive walkout terrace or stone balcony, ideal for a country breakfast, evening cocktail or just relaxing,” spacious bathrooms with pedestal tubs, showers with body jets and LCD televisions, and “spectacular views of the beautiful Virginia countryside.”

While Barack Obama was busy pushing immigration reform in South Korea, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia were spotted in the lobby of the tony resort owned by multimillionaire team president/managing partner/governor of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics and original founder of the Black Entertainment Network (BET), Sheila Crump Johnson.

Giving new meaning to “some enchanted evening,” Foxcroft all-girls boarding school was at the resort making merry for its centennial when alumni and admitted big fan of Mrs. Obama Leigh Edgerton “locked eyes with the first lady on Friday evening.”

Edgerton said that “[Michelle] was walking through the lobby and everyone stood up and started clapping. She looked right at me and said, ‘Hi, everybody, I hope you’re having fun,’ and I raised my arms in the air and said with a big smile ‘I am!’” 

Having fun? Fun isn’t something most Americans are having right now!  Stood up and started clapping?  For what? Michelle’s talent for cultivating hostility and rage in a large portion of the American public?  How about the first lady’s complete disregard for a nation of desperate people barely managing to survive?

After the resort lobby walk-through Michelle was not spotted again until she was seen enjoying the Virginia countryside while lunching on a private terrace with a group of twenty grovelers…er, I mean people. 

Thanks to Leigh Edgerton we know where Michelle was on Friday night, and we also know where she was on Sunday around lunchtime, but where was the first lady all day Saturday while war was percolating in the Ukraine? 

Why, Michelle was wine-tasting. 

Seems John Kent Cooke (son of former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke) closed the Boxwood Winery for a “private event.” On Saturday, posted on the Boxwood Winery Facebook page appeared a picture of an informally dressed first lady clad in khaki slacks, a patterned blouse, and a head scarf. The caption under the post read:  “Thank you Michelle Obama for visiting us today! We enjoyed hosting you and your wonderful friends!”

So there you have it; although not literally, I have been figuratively rendered speechless by Mrs. Obama’s continued insensitivity and cold indifference toward the hardships faced by millions of Americans who have been wronged by her husband’s ineptitude.

Whether Michelle, the haute couture-wearing woman who flaunts the extravagance she enjoys with regularity, is clueless, malicious, entitled, or just plain mean matters little. What matters is that America has two more years of enduring the callous spectacle of a self-interested first lady who, despite what she says, cares about no one and nothing but herself.

Box O’ Heads

Imagine the surprise of a Southwest Airline employee in Little Rock, Arkansas, when a package destined to be transported to Medtronic, a medical research company, was discovered filled with 40-60 human heads.

One wonders whether bubble wrap or packing peanuts were used to avoid damage.

According to Southwest Airlines, the parcel of human heads wasn’t “labeled or packaged properly.”  Airline officials “called the local authorities” to ascertain if dozens of decapitated heads were “properly obtained.”

The “packaged improperly” part of this scenario is really creepy.  What were sixty heads doing tossed into a heavy-duty, double-walled corrugated box?  Obviously, based on the crudely addressed label, it was relatively easy to see the body parts were headed toward Minnesota.  The more pressing question that arises is: Where did the box o’ heads come from?

After making the discovery, Little Rock police rolled the heads on over to the “county coroner, who questions where they came from and if they were properly obtained.”

“We’ve come to the conclusion that there is a black market out there for human body parts for research or for whatever reason,” said coroner Garland Camper. ”We just want to make sure these specimens here aren’t a part of that black market and underground trade.”

Did Mr. Camper actually say, “Or for whatever reason?”

One hint would be if all the heads were all of Asian descent.  Another would be if the shipment came from a Middle Eastern “head shop” supplier where no order is too big to handle and all heads are valued.

Medtronic spokesman Brian Henry said it is “common to ship body parts for medical education and research,” but that “it is rare for a shipment to be seized.” Henry also added, “We expect our suppliers to follow proper procedures.”

Does the Medtronic supply standard also pertain to obtaining heads for shipment? Or does adherence to “proper procedure” relate only to transporting heads to the Minnesota facility for technological research?

According to Brian Henry, Medtronic’s head supplier of heads is JLS Consulting of Wynne, Arkansas.  Charlie Daniels, Arkansas Secretary of State, not the guy with the cowboy hat who plays “one mean fiddle,” has the license status of JLS Consulting of Wynne, Arkansas listed as “revoked.”  JLS, shipper of heads, is listed as an “LLC Member [whose] information is now confidential per Act 865 of 2007.”

Act 865 has something to do with tax liability issues, which raises additional questions.  How long were those heads rolling around Arkansas before being discovered and, if a company doesn’t pay taxes, would it also be willing to get heads-for-money from nefarious sources?

JLS Consulting founder Janice Hepler has avoided telephone calls ever since the controversy unfolded.   In an earlier interview with a local Arkansas newspaper, Ms. Unhelpful “blamed the problem on the private courier she hired to transport the body parts.” “Nothing is wrong,” the newspaper quoted Hepler as saying. “We’re providing the documentation.”

One small problem: Garland Camper said the paperwork has “discrepancies.”  Maybe the coroner is misinterpreting documentation written in Chinese or even Arabic to be a discrepancy.  If, in fact, the macabre carton comes from either one of those two areas of the globe, documentation on a box full of heads is probably in perfect order.

Highland’s Low Road – American Thinker – May 15, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

For fifteen years, underage girls have neither been deterred in the quest to terminate a pregnancy nor placed in the precarious position of giving notice to a parent or legal guardian, because the state of Illinois does not take kindly to certain laws.

Specifically, there’s the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act: “[A]lthough the state legislature passed the law in 1995, [the act] has never been enforced thanks to lawsuits and a delay from the state.” Thus, underage girls have been protected by strangers from the abuses that follow when devoted, concerned parents are notified that a young child is pregnant and seeking an abortion.

In order to uphold a similar level of safety, an Illinois high school recently deemed it too risky for female athletes to play basketball in the state of Arizona because Grand Canyon state lawmakers insist on enforcing immigration law. It appears, according to some Illinois educators, that playing basketball in Arizona poses dangers similar to those that arise when a blood relative is made aware a daughter, supposedly in study hall, is instead submitting to vacuum aspiration.

Regardless, powerless parents of Highland Park High School female athletes are still “outraged over [the] move … to scrap its girl’s basketball team trip to Arizona over the new immigration law.” These are the same irate folks who have nothing to say about suction curettage being done on junior high school students because Illinois doctors required “to notify parents or guardians of girls 17 or younger” never bother to enforce the law.

School administrators from a state that doesn’t respect parental notification laws likely have the same attitude as doctors when underage girls seek abortion counseling. Teacher’s union members usually concede a teenager’s right to choose, handing girls off to clinic-approved health care providers and trusted adults.

Yet while minors are afforded the right to invasive surgical procedures without benefit of parental notification, administrators at Highland Park High School recently felt authorized to exercise say-so over other people’s children by canceling a long-anticipated basketball tournament in Arizona. The reason? According to Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson, “safety concerns and because the trip ‘would not be aligned’ with the school’s ‘beliefs and values.'”

Interestingly, Suzan Hebson knows a thing or two about “beliefs and values.” It seems that Ms. Hebson hosted a parent-restricted panel discussion for 14-year olds led by the Gay and Straight Alliance Network.

Based on non-enforcement of the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act of 1995, it would be interesting to hear the maternal Ms. Hebson expound on “safety concerns” associated with teenagers making unsupervised trips to Illinois abortion clinics. In addition, parents would likely welcome further detail about the “beliefs and values” shared by the Highland Park High School “girl’s issues”counselor when confronted by a 9th-grader with a right to privacy question.

According to Suzan Hebson, basketball in Arizona is treacherous terrain. The controversial Hebsonemphatically stressed, “Arizona is off-limits, at least until it’s more clear how the state’s new law, which makes it a crime to be in the country illegally, will be enforced.”

Apparently, when it comes to certain policies, Suzan is a stickler for legal clarity. To date, ongoing disputes, restraining orders, and sixty-day grace periods still prevent Illinois parental notification from being enacted. Surely Ms. Hebson plans to approach the parental notification law with same desire for enforcement clarification as the superintendent demanded from the new Arizona immigration law.

Clarifying further on the reasons for Highland Park High School’s decision to cancel the varsity trip to Arizona, Hebson added, “We would want to ensure that all of our students had the opportunity to be included and to be safe and be able to enjoy the experience. We wouldn’t necessarily be able to guarantee that.”

Hebson’s statement sounds more like concern for students in her “controversial program requiring ninth-graders to attend a ‘freshman advisory’ class at which gay upperclassmen shared stories of their high school experiences” than for Highland Park Giants being guaranteed the right to play basketball.

Furthermore, why does Suzan Hebson insist on conveying a message to impressionable, school-age children implying that American citizens need defense from the rule of law?

Mike Evans, father of one of the team members, questioned the school’s decision to cancel the trip, asking, “Whose values and what values and what beliefs [is the school] talking about?” Why, certainly not Mr. Evans’s values and beliefs. Evans must know by now that in the “go to” state of Illinois, parents have nothing to say about gay lifestyle panel discussions, canceled basketball tournaments, or the procurement of underage abortions.

Attempting to understand the school’s decision, a confounded Mr. Evans questioned Highland Park’s approval of other school trips. “The school has sent children to China, they’ve sent children to South America, they’ve sent children to the Czech Republic, but somehow Arizona is more unsafe for them than those places.”

The astute Mr. Evans sarcastically quipped, “The beliefs and values of China are apparently aligned, since they approved that trip.”

What brilliant insight on the part of a potentially “dangerous” father, especially in light of China’s harmless and accessible abortion law.  The “safe,” “enjoyable” basketball tournament realm of the always-welcoming China likely upholds “beliefs and values” similar to those of Planned Parenthood, the ACLU-IL and most public high school counselors and administrators concerned with “girl’s issues,” like the overly protective Suzan Hebson.

So if safeguarding Illinois teenagers from parental notification and unfriendly immigration law is the goal, then Highland Park school administrators are correct: Red China is a far better choice for a high school trip than Arizona.

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