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SAVE LIONS & KILL BABIES: The Moral Dilemma of a Dead Lion

Screen-Shot-2015-07-30-at-9.31.45-AM-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Call me hardhearted, but unlike late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who got choked-up talking about how Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed Zimbabwe’s beloved 13-year-old Cecil the Lion, when I weep, it’s for the 60 million human beings that have legally perished in a natural habitat called the mother’s womb.

Am I missing something here? Because in the moral outrage department something is sorely amiss.

Not that hunting lions is my thing, but here I was just getting used to the morally relativistic idea that there is no right and wrong and then, out of the blue, I find out that although killing babies is an acceptable choice, killing lions is not.

I thought it was the left’s modus operandi to measure every action against a personal moral compass. If it’s right to you, then it’s right – right? Wrong! Thanks to Cecil we’ve come to find out that there is no right and wrong – unless you shoot a lion. Then ethical relativists suddenly transform into self-righteous moralizers.

Actually, as harsh as it may sound, I’m kind of glad the lion issue happened at the same time the Center for Medical Progress/Planned Parenthood baby body-parts videos are being released. It’s very revealing what captures America’s attention.

Here we have Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, heading up an organization that hunts down marketable livers in the womb, and she gets kudos from Barack Obama for doing so. Meanwhile, a sportsman travels to South Africa to hunt, then unintentionally kills Cecil the Lion and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) call for Palmer to be “extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged.”

Kill an unborn baby and get funding from the government. Kill a lion and you’re drawn and quartered by the ethical-treatment bunch.

ISIS beheads Christians and plows piles of bodies into unmarked graves and no one gives a damn, but Cecil is decapitated and the hunter becomes the hunted. Come to think of it, more tears have been shed for a dead lion than were shed for Kate Steinle, the woman shot in the back by an illegal felon in a sanctuary city. Then there was the indifference exhibited by Barack Obama, line dancing in Kenya after five unarmed American soldiers were gunned down in a terrorist attack on America’s homeland.

All of this is not surprising, because if I remember correctly the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was nailed to a tree and the lion’s share of the crowd that called for His crucifixion cheered.

Still, I don’t get why Palmer is getting death threats for killing a well-protected animal while currently 4,000, count ’em, 4,000 baby humans are aborted daily.

As far as well-protected environments go, isn’t a mother’s womb supposed to be a protected environment? And if it is, then why do incinerators turn thousands of aborted human beings into ash while the outraged fuss over one dead lion? Maybe it’s because America has been ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a nation where hunting for sport is a no-no, but killing for convenience is a yes-yes.

Sadly, based on the reaction to Cecil’s untimely demise, America is now a place where a dead lion equals hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth while dead baby parts tagged for sale on a cold stainless-steel tray results in a corporate shoulder shrug.

The dilemma is that as a society we’ve successfully devalued life in the womb. Unfortunately for poor dead Cecil, when one life loses value all lives lose value as well, even a lion’s.

The hunter/dentist isn’t to blame; our culture is to blame because we’ve indoctrinated almost two generations to believe that having a choice trumps the sanctity of life. Now a guy who likes to hunt for sport exercises his right to choose to stalk prey, takes out that prey, and those who ordinarily justify child sacrifice being peddled as women’s healthcare get all apoplectic.

If 60 million living human beings can be legally scalded, scalpeled, and suctioned from the protected environment of the womb, maybe Walter Palmer was under the impression that shooting a lion with a bow and arrow, if he chose to do so, was not a big deal.

Moreover, how is Walter’s quest for personal fulfillment different than a woman seeking a convenience-driven abortion? Both are selfish desires that are satiated by the death of an unsuspecting victim.

Unlike the non-reaction to babies being extricated from the womb in a “less crunchy” manner in order to finance Lamborghinis, the reaction to the dead lion was best witnessed on the CBS show The Talk where host Sharon Osborne’s sentiments bordered on histrionic.

Mrs. O said that as punishment for the dentist hunting and killing “magnificent animals” he should go bankrupt and lose his dental practice. Host Sara Gilbert responded to Sharon’s outrage by waxing philosophical, opining that cows lose their lives every day, and from a cow’s point of view a cow’s life is no less important than the life of a lion.

In other words, in some circles people have the ‘right to choose’ to kill babies but lose the ‘right to choose’ if they’re hunting lions or butchering cows.

And while righteous indignation over Cecil becoming a wall trophy rages on, today in abortion clinics all across America, living human babies will be viciously yanked from the womb and discarded like pieces of garbage.


f_chattanooga_shooting_funeral_150724Originally posted at CLASH Daily

After its 15 minutes of fame, the deadly shooting in Chattanooga has officially been relegated to the annals of Barack Obama’s disastrous history. So-called “domestic terrorist” Mohammod Abdulazeez, who worked on behalf of international terrorism, is dead and his autopsy is complete. The five soldiers cut down at the Naval Marine Reserve Center in Chattanooga have been, or are in the process of, being laid to rest.

After having his arm twisted for five days to lower the flag to half-mast in honor of the five American soldiers who died in that gun-free zone, rather than attend a handful of military funerals the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces decided, prior to his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, to jet off on a two-day trip to Kenya right after a terrorist attack.

The ongoing display of rude indifference toward tragedy is not at all out of the ordinary for Barack Obama. After all, this president is notorious for ignoring situations that reflect upon his incompetence, especially if his glaring ineptitude ultimately results in the death of innocent people.

Yet, Obama does find time to attend the funerals of those whose demise either affirms or advances his progressive aspirations.

For example, Barack Obama cried at civil rights activist’s Dorothy Height’s funeral. Then, for President Nelson Mandela’s stadium wake, Obama flew to South Africa for ten hours took a selfie with a sexy blonde and had his funerary remarks translated by a mentally ill, fraudulent deaf interpreter.

The president also made time to attend former Democratic Speaker of the House Tom Foley’s (D-WA) funeral, dropped in on Hawaiian liberal Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye’s memorial, and showed up to pay his final respects to former KKK member Robert Byrd (D-WV).

More recently Obama eulogized Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden and also eulogized and sang “Amazing Grace” at the service honoring the life and death of Senator Clementa Pinckney, the murdered pastor of Charleston, NC’s Mother Emanuel AME Church.

But when the body of Carson Holmquist, a 27-year-old decorated Marine Sergeant, husband, and father to a two-year-old son, was returned home to Grantsburg, Wisconsin for burial, Barry O’Bama, who identifies as Irish when visiting Ireland, was nowhere to be found. Instead, the president was in his ancestral homeland of Kenya, identifying as Kenyan, basking in adoration, and dining with African relatives.

In Massachusetts, as people waving American flags while the hearse carrying the remains of 40-year-old fallen Marine Sergeant Thomas Sullivan passed paid their respects by lining the streets of Springfield, Obama was otherwise engaged – lecturing President Kenyatta on how Kenyan anti-sodomy laws are discriminatory.

In Georgia, around the time a funeral cortège escorted the body of 21-year-old Marine Lance Corporal Skip Wells from the Atlanta airport to his home in Cobb County, Obama was in Nairobi making jokes about his detractors wondering whether he came to Kenya to look for his birth certificate.

And while U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith’s body slowly approached his final resting place in Chattanooga National Cemetery and the body of 37-year-old husband and father Marine Staff Sgt. David Wyatt headed toward National Cemetery in Madison, Tennessee, Barack Obama was 7,500 miles away partying at a state dinner with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

As taps were being played for five murdered soldiers in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Georgia, Barack Obama was on stage accompanying popular Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol.

Then, as Sargent Carson Holmquist’s widow tried to explain to her weeping two-year-old son that daddy was never coming home again, accompanied by his sister Auma, the president was enjoying the Nairobi youth orchestra and choir, making numerous self-congratulatory toasts, and participating in an impromptu line dance.


Unfortunately, Barack “My Brother’s Keeper” Obama’s brother George, who lives in a shack in Nairobi on $2 a month, was not on the guest list.

Speaking of Obama’s brother, Kenyan family relations call to mind the president’s colorful Luo tribe descendants. Luos have a male rite of passage wherein, as a sign of virility, men voluntarily have six bottom teeth pulled. If removing half a dozen teeth enhances the testosterone level of men with a backbone deficit, maybe before Barack Obama heads home he should submit his six to voluntary extraction.

Either way, teeth in or teeth out, the president choosing to travel to Kenya while five American heroes lay stretched out in flag-draped coffins again demonstrates President Barack Obama’s stunning level of contempt for the American people.

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