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Michelle Obama Advocates for Poor Cubans — In a Designer Dress That Costs WHAT?

michelle-obama-9e072946-5bab-4949-be27-25ddf5fe8799Originally posted on CLASH Daily

For a president and first lady who constantly berate Americans about being thoughtless, it is quite shocking to see how thoughtless the ones doing the haranguing can to be. This time, their uncaring nature was on full display when their entourage arrived in Cuba for the annual Spring Fling taxpayer funded vacation.

But! Before discussing Obama obliviousness, we need to backtrack a bit.

For starters, let’s remember that the first lady never misses her President’s Day ski jaunt to the tony slopes of Aspen. This year’s getaway was so secretive no one knew it happened. Not to worry though, while Mr. Obama golfed on a well-watered course in drought-stricken Rancho Mirage, Michelle, and her daughters exercised the entitlement they’re accustomed to by shutting down an Aspen airport.

Then, after waxing those skis, just as she does every March, Michelle gathered together mom, aka Marion the Moocher, her two daughters, for the annual pre-Easter getaway. Last year Michelle flew to China. This year, the destination was Cuba.

Also this year, Dad, anxious to embrace a dictator, tagged along.

The sad thing is that the Obamas are being feted on an island whose people are trapped in inexorable poverty. Obama won’t address it, but Castro confiscates 92% of wages earned by Cuban laborers who work for foreign companies. Meanwhile, as Michelle fritters away the hard-earned money of American taxpayers on things like $9K a night Beijing hotel suites, the average Cuban struggles to subsist on less than a dollar a day.

enhanced-22335-1458688503-1That’s why, when the “spread the wealth around” Obamas were boarding Air Force One just prior to polluting their way to Cuba, those with a keen eye for hypocrisy were not surprised to see young Sasha mindlessly strutting around the tarmac sporting expensive gray suede footwear. Those babies were a far cry from the flip-flops Cubans wear and looked a lot like celebrity favorite Stuart Weitzman Lowland Thigh High boots that cost about $800 a pair.

Even if one uses common core math, $800 a pair works out to be about $400 per boot.

Did Sasha’s “My Brother’s Keeper” parents consider what $800 could do for an average impoverished Cuban? Heck, $800 is more than two years wages and in a socialist food production system would cover the cost of a truckload of powdered milk.

Don’t these people realize that permitting a 14-year-old girl to wear $800 boots to Cuba smacks of elitism and tactless inconsideration toward the plight of the poor? Especially if the girl wearing the boots is the daughter of a president who confronts poverty by posing questions like: “Do we have the political will, the communal will to do something about it?”

Thankfully, in flight, young Sasha peeled off her costly kicks and emerged from the plane in black sneakers and a matching Ivana knit frock by Shoshanna, the latter of which sells for $385.

Sorry, but wearing haute couture in Cuba is like royalty feasting on Wagyu beef in front of peasants gagging down gruel. Wearing designer clothes to Cuba waves an unnecessary level of ostentatiousness in the face of economically destitute people.

Then again, the Obama daughters did each wear a $20K designer ball gown to the Canadian State Dinner recently – so in comparison, to some, a measly pair of $800 boots and a paltry $385 dress is toning it down.

Not only that but look at the example Mom sets.

When the FLOTUS descended from Air Force One to greet a nation whose government strictly rations food, whose citizens live crammed together in decrepit hellholes without hot water, the first lady sent quite a message in a $2,190 Carolina Herrera dress.

Remember when Michelle showed up to ladle out soup in a DC soup kitchen wearing $565 Lanvin cap-toe sneakers? Her preference now is Carolina Herrera. In fact, she wore a similarly priced robin’s egg blue outfit to greet socialist Pope Francis who said that to “Not to share [the] wealth with poor is to steal.”

One can’t help but wonder what the guy who also believes in welcoming illegal immigrants, just not into the Vatican, thought of Mrs. Obama wearing a modest $2,300 ensemble?

We’ll never know, but what we do know is that in the beginning of her reign Michelle exhorted the downtrodden by telling us that, “…in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system…someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

Just don’t ask Michelle to forfeit her pie! Besides, she’s in Cuba and Cubans already have universal health care and free education.

So, how about the dress? If Michelle, really thinks Americans should share “pie,” maybe she could set the example by selling her red, white and blue Carolina Herrera. The proceeds from just that one frock would cover six years worth of wages for one Cuban worker, or pay a day’s wages to 2000+.

How about it?

And if that’s too painful a thought for the FLOTUS, maybe she should throw out dollar bills to hordes of hungry Cubans, and do it while envisioning herself standing on the balcony of the White House during the upcoming Easter Egg Roll tossing hunks of cake to the huddled masses below.

So, the next time hurting Americans get a lecture about “leveling the playing field…sharing the wealth” or divvying up our pie, remember that Michelle wearing a $2,000 dress in Cuba proves the ones putting on the hurt are advocates for themselves, not the poor.

Michelle Kvetches to Children with Cancer

0918_malo_firstlady_thu04_1411004966519_8153391_ver1.0_640_480Originally posted at American Thinker

First Lady Michelle Obama figured now was as good a time as any to visit some sick children. Not the ones on breathing tubes suffering from Enterovirus 68, mind you, but non-contagious patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

After admitting that she dislikes “selfies” but agreeing to be part of an “ussie,” and after discussing flying her dogs around on Air Force One, the first lady became painfully honest. So much so that she even complained to youngsters battling childhood cancers about the misery of living in the White House and being married to a guy who, besides being the president of the United States, spends an inordinate amount of time on the golf course.

The first lady’s grievances were expressed in response to the star-struck kids asking her what her “favorite part [was] about being in the White House.”

Mrs. Obama’s initial response to the question was that her favorite thing “[a]bout being in the – about being First Lady is being able to do stuff like this, really. And it is so special for me to get to meet kids like you guys.”

Michelle didn’t mention the trolleys shuttling her and her guests to elegant state dinners in heated tents. Nor did she mention the famous people who drop by for parties and major events, or her unlimited access to $100-per-pound Wagyu beef, $12K Carolina Herrera gowns, millions of dollars for vacations all over the world, or the multitude of other perks she enjoys at taxpayers’ expense.
Instead, Michelle unloaded her personal problems onto cancer-stricken kids. To commiserate with children who may not live to see puberty, Mrs. Obama chose to distract them by saying that for her, “[s]ometimes living in the White House and being married to the president and trying to live a life like that, it can be hard.”
As for us, okay, we get it: it’s hard times for Michelle Obama, which may be why, when she’s not vacationing or shopping for haute couture, she feels compelled to share her personal troubles with little kids on anti-nausea drugs. Still, one can’t help but wonder – if living in the White House with servants, butlers, and chefs is hard for Michelle, how would the first lady have fared as a seven-year-old enduring chemotherapy or radiation treatments?

After involving the sick and dying in her marital struggles and her displeasure with her current living arrangements, Michelle turned upbeat and followed up her “married to … life like that … can be hard” comment with: “But when I meet you guys, I am so inspired, which is one of the reasons why I like to come and spend time with you guys.”

The FLOTUS then went on to tell the pediatric patients that she once worked in a hospital, but she skipped the part about it being a no-show job for $316K per year. Then Mrs. Obama complimented her audience, telling them, “[Y]ou all [are] smart … focused and courageous[.]” This is way more than can be said for the guy she’s married to, who, based on his leadership style, has turned out not to be smart, focused, or courageous.

Michelle stressed to the kids, many of whom had no hair, that visiting with them is the “cool part” of being first lady, after which she repeated aloud the children’s question: “What’s the best part of living in the White House?”

Michelle confessed that for her, one “best part” is the South Lawn.

The South Lawn is where heated tents have been erected in the dead of winter to wine and dine French presidents. It’s where Mrs. Barry O’Bama gets to dye the water in the fountain green on St. Patrick’s Day, where the annual Easter egg roll takes place, and where the Obamas hand out candy on Halloween. It is also where the White House Kitchen Garden and beehives reside, and where Marine One drops off at the house Michelle finds it hard to live in the husband she finds it hard being married to, and where Sunny and Bo occasionally drop stuff off, too.

Then, in addition to doing Art Therapy, promising to dance after the cameras shut off, and agreeing to pour a bucket of water over the president’s head when she got home, Mrs. Obama told the kids:

I like the Truman Balcony … that that’s one of my favorite places to be, because we can be outside and you can look over the fountain, and you see the Washington Memorial, and it’s a really pretty view. And it’s peaceful.

The Truman Balcony is where the president and his put-upon first lady, together with various world leaders, endure the drudgery of black-tie cocktail parties, where Michelle joins her husband in begrudgingly thanking the troops for their service at 4th of July picnics, and where the Obamas occasionally emerge like royalty to wave to the unwashed masses from a lofty perch, far from one-on-one contact with illegal teenage assassins, illegal sex offenders, and contagions like Enterovirus 68, MDR-TB, Norwegian scabies, malaria, and soon-to-be-arriving hemorrhagic Ebola.

The Truman Balcony is also the perfect platform for tossing cake to America’s starving peons. That’s why it’s good to know that if she’s feeling miserable about being married to the president and glum about the tough life she lives, Michelle has somewhere to go to take her mind off her troubles.

And so, probably with good intentions at heart, the first lady did visit sick kids at St. Jude’s Research Hospital. However, omitting tales of opulent indulgence while complaining to the terminally ill about her husband and her supposed difficult life in the White House proves again that Michelle Obama has no idea what it means to suffer.

Obama the Gap-Maker Visits the Gap

Obama At The Gap

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It’s great to have a president who has his priorities in order.

Supposedly in a poorly-planned effort to embarrass Congress into raising the minimum wage, Barack Obama prevented minimum wage workers from getting to work with a surprise visit that shut down an already jam-packed Times Square.

Barack Obama went photo-op-sweater-shopping in Manhattan all because (with his prodding) Gap Inc. already took it upon themselves to raise the minimum wage.

While in the Gap, and supposedly for the women in his life, the fashion savvy Barack contemplated pink sweaters and 1969 sweatshirts. The president told the ladies that he was searching for a gift for his wife and daughters.

Um Barack…Michelle ‘$12K Carolina Herrera’ Obama in a Gap sweater? Ahhhh no.

indexThe store clerk that waited on the president looked almost as smitten as Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Danish Prime Minister who took a selfie with the president at Nelson Mandela’s solemn funeral service.

One other besotted cashier named, Sonia Del Gatto mentioned that “He’s better looking in person.”

In another awkward moment, the Gap worker (who probably heard Obama say that he could have spawned the hoodie-wearing Trayvon Martin) suggested a hoodie might be perfect for the president. Quickly nixing the suggestion, Obama told the helpful Gap girl that the first lady wasn’t into hoodies.

From  hoodie wear the duo sauntered over to the V-neck sweater table where the president mentioned:

“I’m worried the V-neck is going to slip.”

Ahem, while slipping V-necks and appearing on Between Two Ferns to push Obamacare with actor Zach Galifianakis are important concerns, is Obama equally as concerned about that missing Malaysian airline with three American passport owners on board?

How about Putin reasserting his machismo in Crimea, or the IRS scandal, or the truth behind Benghazi? How about Iran with a nuke?

Guess not, because after much measured deliberation, the president did choose a politically-correct black and white stripped sweater, for his wife, as well as a stereotypical pink-for-girls cardigans for his daughters.

Obama who’s been doing an awful lot of golfing, said he wasn’t accustomed to shopping much these days. Not for nothing, as they say in New York, he hasn’t been doing much of anything else for that matter.

The increasingly unimpressive Barack Obama, apparently perceives himself to be someone who still impresses everyone. Obama told the dumb, er, I mean dumbstruck staff that based on the sweaters he chose, which Michelle and the girls will likely never wear, “the ladies [would] be impressed by [his] style sense.”

Approaching the register, the man Hillary warned America (and she was right) shouldn’t be answering the White House phone at 3:00 am asked the hovering horde, “Who’s going to ring me up?”

Once at the register, Obama was not exempt from perfunctory question as to whether he was interested in signing up for a Gap store card. The president declined. Ostensibly, if given the choice, the Charger-in-Chief prefers running up bills and accruing expenses – with interest – on account the American people’s account.

Obama, who is currently overseeing the American economy, did admit that normally he doesn’t carry a wallet. Hopefully, the Chinese weren’t listening when he told the group that he wasn’t sure how to pay.

Then, after swiping his own credit card, and making a couple of truly bad jokes that everyone laughed at out of a perverted sense of respect, the president talked about getting Congress to raise the federal minimum wage.

With navy blue bag in hand, the president said that the Gap raising the minimum wage is not only good for the store’s workers and their families, “it’s also good for the entire economy.” Could he possibly mean the US economy that he managed to really screw up?

Prior to leaving, and sounding a lot like Gap poster boy Spike Lee, Obama congratulated the Gap for “doing the right thing!”

An old Gap slogan said that “For every generation, there’s a gap” and more than ever that slogan applies today.

It’s going to take much more than a hike in the minimum wage to fix America’s huge ‘gap’ in leadership.

Sadly, a pink sweater, a hoodie, or a midday presidential photo op in Times Square, will not cure the national, economic, social, moral, and spiritual fissure left to the current ‘gap generation’ compliments of a cool, style-savvy Gap shopper named Barack Obama.

‘French Aesthetics’ and Other State Dinner Happenings

state dinner 2Originally posted at Clash Daily

The State Dinner in honor of newly unattached President François Hollande is over, and a magnifique time was had by all.

The outdoor tents erected in 20-degree weather and heated with taxpayer money are taken down; the president is back to ignoring Iranian warships trawling American waters; and Mrs. Obama’s oversized black and liberty blue silk Carolina Herrera dress – the one with the “French aesthetic…lace and the velvet sash” that Sally Quinn guesstimated cost about $12,000 – is probably tucked away in the vault by now.

While the French-themed festivities were being planned, here in America, thanks to being thrown off her health insurance, a young mother of four recently died of sepsis. Elsewhere, amidst warnings by the CBO of an impending fiscal crisis and in anticipation of a devastating ice storm headed south, panicked shoppers stampeded food stores.

In light of these and other hardships, not to mention the exorbitant cost of State Dinners, it probably would have been more appropriate to skip the public pomp and circumstance and instead of caviar and quail eggs serve committed socialist Mr. Hollande a humble meal of croissants and café au lait. But the chance of that happening was zero to none.

In fact, the insensitivity tone was set early on when Mrs. Obama, so enthralled with the adorableness of her two Portuguese water dogs sitting at a table set with china, prior to the State Dinner tweeted out a picture of Bo and Sunny. The “Bone Appétit” doggy tweet appeared to show the Obama pets waiting to eat cake that Michelle could have otherwise tossed from the balcony for lowly humans to eat off paper plates.

Anyway, despite the historic ice storm looming large, preparations carried on: Mary J. Blige did a sound check while “Winter Garden Salads” were being stuffed into terrarium bowls and “cheese artisans” worked their magic.

When the event finally got underway, in honor of Paris, a city which, according to White House curator Bill Allman, was the “center of high-style culture,” arriving guests met the Obamas and Hollande in the Blue Room. Accordingly, the reception area was “decorated with Parisian-made gilded sofas and chairs ordered for the room in 1817 by then-President James Monroe. [Reuters]”

After dispensing with all the pretentious bowing and hand-kissing, the politicians, media moguls, big-money bundlers, Hollywood notables, and train aficionado Joe Biden were all shuttled in small heated trolleys from the White House to the tent, which was decorated with “deconstructed” arrangements that depicted a “spring-like scene inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lilies paintings, with quince branches in full bloom, irises, blue agapanthus and lilies.”

Meanwhile, as frustrated Americans sat on hold for hours on end with canceled health insurance policies and still unable to access healthcare.gov, the French president cozied up between his date for the night, Michelle and her husband, Barack ‘l’état, c’est moi’ Obama.

Cordial host and hostess that they are, Shelly and Barry joined their dinner guests by indulging in a 2,500-calorie meal that included dry-aged rib eye beef from Colorado and $65-a-bottle wine.

In a tent on the South Lawn, Obama, the man who truly believes the words, “As president, I can do whatever I want,” wasn’t the slightest bit preoccupied with his autonomous decision to kill yet another American citizen with a drone strike. How could he be? Hawaiian chocolate-malted ganache cakes decorated by White House chefs with a paint sprayer were being served to glittering Hollywood types like Bradley Cooper, Cicely Tyson, and Stephen Colbert, who copped a seat right beside the first lady.

Surrounded by sweets, some served on a dish made entirely of sugar, that were fit for an 18th-century French Dauphine, in addition to chocolate ganache the dessert menu also included fudge made from Vermont maple syrup , lavender shortbread cookies, and cotton candy dusted with orange zest.

Enjoying the cotton candy were radicals like anti-Israel/Palestinian embracer Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. When asked about the designer of her gown, Powers “nudged” her husband Cass Sunstein, who dislikes “paranoid libertarianism,” and asked him to check the label because she was supposedly unaware that she was wearing “red-carpet-destined evening wear” by Badgley Mischka.

Reverend Al Sharpton added his usual zaniness to the affair as he attempted to speak French by oinking his way through multiple “Oui, oui, ouis.” And from the world of glossy “slutty” magazines was Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles, who shared that she hoped her Kaufman Franco dress with the leather bodice “wasn’t too slutty.”

Word has it that, after the president effusively complimented the French president (almost as much as he slobbered over the French wine) and Joe Biden attempted to rub shoulders with Seinfeld star Elaine, aka Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mary J. Blige got the Obamas jamming to “Ain’t Nobody.”

What isn’t known is whether at any time during the lavish banquet the short-statured socialist from France had one Morlet “La Proportion Doree” 2011 too many and lost his way under the yards and yards of the blue silk skirt of Mrs. Obama’s voluminous gown.

But in the end, what was the most disturbing takeaway of this insensitive display of outrageous opulence?

It’s this: Americans desperate for someone, anyone, to save this country from disaster now know for sure they cannot count on being rescued by the opposing party. Why? Because also in attendance were a couple of Republican representatives – one from Virginia, Eric Cantor, as well as Cantor’s colleague Paul Ryan from Wisconsin.

Shamefully, instead of declining the invitation and choosing to spend the evening addressing the Constitutional crisis the president is fomenting, Ryan and Cantor, all toasty inside that warm Monet-inspired tent, spent the evening sampling 12 varieties of fingerling potatoes

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