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The Death of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata

source url Originally posted in American Thinker

Buy Levitra 10mg Actress Cynthia “Sex in the City” Nixon, who is running for governor in the state of New York and New York senator Kirsten ‘Hottest Member’ of the Senate Gillibrand have joined forces to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, also known as ICE.  Nixon even went so far as to call ICE a terrorist organization.

go to link That means that in the twisted mind of a lefty a “terrorist” is someone who safeguards Americans from terrorists.

follow link At present, the pick-and-choose/morally relativistic Democrats that maintain Roe v. Wade is “settled law” have decided it’s acceptable to discount “settled” immigration law. The same holds true for how the left approaches the Second Amendment.  When Barack Obama and Eric Holder ran guns to deadly Mexican cartels, anti-gun activists were shockingly silent.  Moreover, there was nary an objection when Fast and Furious guns were thought to be used in an ambush that resulted in the death of federal ICE agent  Jaime Zapata, whose agency is being targeted by the left.

http://sharlhosting.com/?aa=Viagra-Adelaide-Buy&cf4=a2 Jaime died on February 15th, 2011 on Federal Highway 57, a busy four-lane Mexican road 200 miles north of Mexico City, while sitting in a State Department-issued SUV.   U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents, Victor Avila and his partner Jaime J. Zapata had just finished eating when henchmen from the violent Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas attacked them. The agents were shot with AK-47, and AR-15 semiautomatic rifles probably provided compliments of Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s failed gun running scheme.

Lasix Get High As Jaime lay bleeding and dying in the driver’s seat of the armored car, Avila called the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, screaming for help, “This is Victor Avila from ICE! We are shot! We are shot. We are at a highway in Mexico; we’ve been shot and attacked on the highway!” Maybe Kirsten Gillibrand and Cynthia Nixon are unaware that while trying to find a pressure point to stop his partner’s bleeding, Agent Avila, a man Democrats like Maxine Waters (D-CA) now portray as “terrorists,” pleaded with his dying friend, “Jaime! Look at me, stay awake. Please don’t die.”

Viagra Online Reputable Avila’s request was futile, Jaime Zapata died, and at the time of his death, the 33-year-old ICE Agent was the first law enforcement officer to be killed in Mexico in the line of duty since 1985.

follow site In 2013, 37-year-old cell leader Julian Zapata Espinoza, called “El Piolin,” or “Tweety Bird,” confessed to leading the four-man hit squads that ambushed Zapata and Avila claiming the hit was a bungled carjacking, not an assassination.

http://agent268bet.com/?ext=Clomid-Generic-Overnight-Delivery&fdc=e7 During the 2017 trial,  through an interpreter provided compliments of the U.S. taxpayer, Espinoza explained that at the time of Zapata’s death there was a Zeta cartel order to steal and replace the vehicles lost in a violent, bloody war with a rival cartel. Espinoza said that’s why the shooter’s team blocked the $160,000 armored Chevy Suburban occupied by two ICE agents.

source url In other words, drug cartel members wanted ICE’s armored SUV, didn’t see the diplomatic license plates, and things went awry.  Question: If cell leader Espinoza had never been captured and had managed to show up on the U.S. border with a gaggle of abducted children, would Gillibrand and Nixon-types have marched in defense of Señor “Tweety Bird?”

Unfortunately for Avila and Zapata, who hail from the ranks of those who are current targets of leftists looking to abolish ICE, when the SUV was put in park, because of a glitch never addressed, its doors automatically unlocked. Espinoza testified that when he pulled on the door, much to his amazement, it opened.

As Zapata struggled to shut and relock the heavy door, in the commotion the automatic window on his side accidentally lowered a few inches.  During the trial, speaking for the first time since the shooting Avila demonstrated what happened by holding one hand in the front of his head and the other a few inches from his right temple.  Avila told the jury, “They stuck in two barrels, two guns, an AR-15 rifle and a handgun, right here.” Avila, then said Los Zeta kept telling Zapata and Avila to open the door, “At that moment, they opened fire” with guns likely supplied by an American president and his Attorney General.

According to Avila’s testimony, bullets immediately struck Zapata. Avila attested, “I could see it leave a mark in his chest. Jaime said, ‘I’m hit. I’m shot’.”  In all, Zapata suffered six bullet wounds, including one that sliced through the femoral artery of his left leg. Avila received four gunshot wounds, two in his thigh and ankle.  When the hail of bullets stopped, there were 80 to 90 bullet casings strewn around the SUV.

While those endowed with a “spark of divinity” were sticking guns through car windows, and as an object of leftist contempt was bleeding out behind the steering wheel, Avila told the jury, “I got my left hand on the barrel of the handgun, trying to push it out [the window.]”

Avila miraculously found a way to raise the window and call the embassy.  According to testimony, an official on duty told Avila, “I need you to drive. I need you to move him.” Avila answered, “I can’t. He’s too slippery. I can’t move him.” Avila then said, “I can’t find the place to put pressure…He’s dying.”

In an attempt to escape, Avila pushed the dead man’s leg down on the accelerator pedal, the SUV lurched forward, crashed through a truck, screeched across a few lanes and eventually stalled.  The cartel trailed the SUV and before driving away sprayed the bulletproof windshield with a shower of bullets.

Nonetheless, hoping to avoid life without parole, in 2015 and 2016, with the help of Zeta against Zeta squad mates, Zapata’s killers were eventually rounded up and extradited to the U.S.  In 2017, Jose Emanuel Garcia Sota, aka Juan Manuel Moldonado Amezcua, aka “Zafado,” and Jesus Ivan Quezada Piña, aka “Loco,” were both convicted and found guilty on four charges including the murder of  a federal law enforcement agent.

Seven years after Zapata’s death, while illegals march in our nation’s Capitol for benefits they have no right to claim, ICE Agents still risk their lives to deter members of violent drug cartels like Los Zetas from crossing our southern border.

In response, rather than celebrate the dedication and bravery of all law enforcement personnel, Democrats choose instead to march to abolish ICE.  Meanwhile, for the crime of permanently separating Special Agent Jaime Zapata from his family, Sota and Piña are currently serving two consecutive life sentences in federal prison.

‘Border Hawk’ Babeu Speaks Out

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

For those who refuse to address the volatile border issue and do whatever is necessary to protect the citizens of the United States from invasion, there is nothing more annoying than a lucid person who does their job and asks logical questions that make legitimate points.

Once again, outspoken Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu wins the award for the most rational individual currently calling attention to President Obama’s ongoing refusal to adequately address the problem of lax border security.

Babeu, recently named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriff’s Association, is a sheriff in southern Arizona. This particular law enforcement official works every day on the “frontlines against illegal immigration, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and potential terrorists.”

Seeing as Paul Babeu’s command is the “number one pass through county nationwide for smuggling people and drugs,” he’s not one to mince words when it comes to the grave problem of illegals streaming over the border.  In a letter written to three border city mayors earlier this year in response to their request for him to “tone down his comments on border security problems,” Sheriff Babeu responded by telling his three critics to “feel free to ‘drink’” the Obama administration’s “‘Kool-Aid’.”

Babeu reminded the mayors that, regardless of what a White House determined to push immigration reform says, “The threat from an unsecured border is real…241,000 illegals were apprehended last year by the border patrol and an additional 400,000 got away just in Arizona alone.” Babeu maintains those are “failing grades by anyone’s score card.”

In other words, President Obama’s troops-on-the-border policy can be likened to trying to stop termites from eating an old house by placing one brick in its wood structure or, better yet, building a three-mile levee to hold back a tsunami rushing toward 1,933 miles of coastline.

Sheriff Paul Babeu is fighting what he calls “The gravest national security risk that we face,” which he says “is right here with the unsecure border with Mexico.”  At present, in response to the Obama administration’s recent “decision to extend the deployment of 1,200 U.S. National Guard troops along the U.S. border with Mexico until Sept. 30, which he calls ‘pandering,’” Sheriff Paul Babeu is speaking out.

The Sheriff feels “that those numbers ‘fall far short’ of what military power is needed to keep the country safe.” Moreover, why for only three months?  Could it be that one year prior to the presidential election and with dipping poll numbers, warm bodies will be needed on the premises to pull levers?

Either way, for starters, to adequately boost security and assist Border Patrol agents, the Sheriff feels “6,000 troops should be deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border: 3,000 in Arizona and 1,000 in each of the three other Border States for a two-year period.”

One option would be to consider reassigning 6,000 of the 65,000 TSA agents the government presently employs. The President could recruit the burliest among them, train them, and send them south.  The enthusiastic group could bring to the U.S.-Mexico border the same level of gusto with which they grope Granny and teach six-year-olds it’s okay to let strangers touch you sometimes.

In all seriousness, Babeu points out that presently “only 520 guardsmen are deployed in Arizona, a state with a 276-mile border with Mexico and a state that has, according to the Department of Homeland Security, the greatest influx of illegal aliens.”  That equation works out to be 1.8 National Guardsmen per mile, which could be one of the reasons in 2010, “approximately 212,000 illegal aliens were seized in the Tucson sector of Arizona – or 47 percent of all illegal aliens taken into custody.”

The Sheriff emphasized his point by posing a valid question: “Why [are there] more troops at Korean border than U.S. border?”  Citing “ 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea,” Clearly, Paul Babeu is perplexed as to why the South Koreans need 27,300 more soldiers’ worth of protection to  “help defend it against North Korean aggression,” while back home Arizonans are being murdered at the hands of illegals sneaking over the border.

As U.S. troops continue to secure the Korean DMZ, it seems President Obama is somewhat oblivious to what Paul Babeu knows to be true:  “Homeland Security starts at home.” Crying out for sanity, a frustrated Sheriff Babeu asked, “What are we doing?” and then responded to his own question.

As for Sheriff Babeu and his dedicated team of law enforcement agents, what they’re doing is this:  “Standing up for America, standing up for the rule of law and not being shouted down by the president and his men trying to make like somehow we’re being un-American for enforcing the law and wanting a secure border.”

As for what the Obama administration is doing, the Sheriff said he thinks he has a pretty good idea: “President Barack Obama has made race the issue instead of fulfilling his job of protecting the American people by enforcing immigration laws.”

When it comes to border security, because Paul Babeu is a man who actually does his job he possesses the moral authority to suggest to men who don’t do their job what they could be doing better.  Thus, Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff “Border Hawk” Babeu, a general on the front line of an ever-growing war, took it upon himself to admonish Barack Obama by reminding him yet again that “It’s not about race, color or national origin. It’s about enforcing the law, Mr. President. That’s our job.”


Blooming Obama Apologist: Richard Gere

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

Actor/activist/committed Buddhist and Dalai Lama devotee Richard Gere showed up again on Capitol Hill to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about “religious freedom and human rights” in Tibet, Burma and North Korea.

Why Richard Gere would be considered an authority on any subject besides the tango is a mystery to those who’ve had the opportunity to hear the man speak without a script. Then again, “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria does intermittently “brainstorm” with the President on Border security issues.

Following his gripping testimony, Gere was approached by a reporter and asked: “Has President Obama, in your mind,” – which is where it gets tricky – “been tough enough on China regarding human rights?”

On occasion Richard has been known to criticize Obama for treating his holiness the Dalai Lama dismissively. Like for example the time the esteemed Tibetan monk was secretly escorted in the dead of winter out the back door of the White House and forced to maneuver in flip-flops around White House garbage bags.

This time, appearing flattered to be asked another question from someone seeking further insight from his vast pool of expertise, Gere, without mentioning China’s “Paramount Leader” Hu Jintao being feted like royalty at a state dinner, said “No, no, he [Obama] has a ways to go.  I think he’s finding his way of how forceful to be.”


Responding to reporter Nicholas Ballasy’s question about Obama’s handling of China, the self-appointed Tibetan expert expounded on Barry’s growth when dealing with the Chinese saying “I think he’s also finding out … you have to be very frontal.” With Weinergate and all, maybe ‘frontal’ was a poor choice of words.

Nevertheless, in addition to human rights and religion, Richard proceeded to deliver an impromptu didactic exposition on Chinese foreign policy telling Ballasy: “You have to be very clear. You have to be unconfused and you must be very strong. I think he’s getting there, but he could be stronger, yes.”

Zen master Gere, a 30-year insight meditation expert, then defended Barry’s private stance on China and said with full confidence, “I know what his own private feelings are – those are clear.” It’s no secret that Obama has been hard-hitting with the Chinese, like the time he asked Herbie Hancock to entertain at the state dinner instead of Beyoncé.

Either way, the reporter pressed on and asked Richard Gere if, despite criticisms, “Are you supportive of [Obama’s] job performance overall?” Without wavering Gere responded, “Yeah, overall, really I think he’s done an extraordinary job.  I think he’s going to go down probably as one of our great presidents.”

Ballasy requested the actor clarify his statement: “What specifically are you supportive of that he’s done?”

Richard, shadowed by a “Pretty Woman” in a hijab, answered Nicholas’ question while leaning over and appearing to tie his shoe. As he bent down, the actor’s snow-white head testified to the source of Richard Gere’s prajna.

Soft-spoken while haltingly thoughtful, Richard lauded Obama’s ability “to juggle.” The tranquil star said, “Let’s think of all of the problems that he’s had in his presidency. You know natural disasters, or international issues, domestic. He has found a way to change and flow to learn from every situation.”

Having had a rare opportunity to tap into a wellspring of liberal wisdom, Ballasy missed a perfect opportunity to find out when Barack learned to juggle and how exactly a person ‘changes and flows to learn.’

According to Richard Gere, Obama is a man who “puts himself out there personally constantly. He’s a good listener” and “He engages on a personal level almost every day” – a portrayal that sounds like Barack would make a perfect contestant on the “The Bachelor.”

From the sound of things, the Dalai Lama mentee must have been living the monastic life in Tibet, because the star of “Chicago” seems to believe that since Obama took office, “We’re coming out of this terrible economic crisis, [and] turning the corner on” what Gere oddly described as “terrorist situations.”

Richard Tiffany Gere’s short soliloquy on Barack’s life journey ended with a comment that even the Dalai Lama, who called for “democracy to flower” in China, would have trouble deciphering.  With the Buddhist lotus blossom inspiring another poetic analogy, in all seriousness, Gere said, “I think [Barack’s] engagement with the Chinese is starting to flower now. The strength within him is starting to emerge. I think he’s doing a terrific job.”

The actor was so caught up in showering Obama with undeserved flattery, he forgot a fundamental Buddhist principle: Don’t believe anything without thinking first. Based on the Tibetan activist’s rambling comments about the President’s blossoming job performance, the “Final Analysis” is that thinking may be the one remaining tenet of the Noble Eightfold Path that Richard Gere has yet to master.

Surveilling Pears instead of the border

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

The state of Texas’ $2 million border camera surveillance program was so unsuccessful that the government thought it might be worth replicating a similar experiment in another venue.  So rather than invest $2 million additional dollars to upgrade the system in an ongoing attempt to secure the border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, the feds decided it was a better idea to redirect cameras toward half-eaten pears in elementary school cafeterias 500 miles away.

Instead of investing monies to ensure the protection of American citizens from stray bullets and escalating violence, a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant will finance  “high-tech cameras installed in [five] cafeterias …[that will] begin photographing what foods children pile onto their trays — and later capture what they don’t finish eating.”  After which, “digital imaging analysis of the snapshots will … calculate how many calories each student scarfed down.”

Off the record: Why is it that half-eaten peanut butter sandwiches can be tracked, but full grown men toting AK47s seem to slip through the cracks?

Regardless, program overseer Dr. Roberto Trevino of the San Antonio-based Social & Health Research Center reassured concerned Americans that “only trays” with “unique bar codes… not students will be photographed.”

In El Paso while bullets ricochet off the walls of City Hall, over in San Antonio a surveillance camera situated above the cafeteria cash register will photograph each tray to see if it’s loaded up with either “mashed potatoes or green beans…French fries or fruit.”

Subsequent to children finishing a typical school lunch, bar coded trays will then be returned to the kitchen where “another camera [will] take a snapshot of what’s left on the tray.  Software then analyzes the before and after photos to calculate calories consumed” and generates a detailed report of child-ingested nutrients.

Think of it this way: The program is a high tech Fast and Furious for school lunches.  Fast and Furious is the alleged Justice Department scheme to catch drug cartel gang members by letting them smuggle US arms into Mexico with the intent of catching criminals after they commit a crime using said arms.  Banditos sneak across the border, load guns into vans under the watchful eye of the ATF, head back to Mexico unhindered, kill a US Border Agent or two with “walked” guns, and voila!  They’re nabbed.

Same idea with food.  Let the sneaky little French fry eaters buy the contraband with their lunch money. Under the watchful eye of Big Brother, indulge their greasy addiction. Then, like a smuggled gun, track the tray back to the offending kiddie and voila! Nabbed again, but this time apprehended with ketchup breath.

As usual, researchers selected poor, minority campuses where, thanks to alleged Twinkie consumption, obesity rates place “students at risk for diabetes.” The data will also be used to “study what foods children are likely to choose and how much of it they’re eating.”  The goal is to see what kids like to eat and replace it with what they hate to eat, which in turn means kids will eat less.

Professional tray trackers will report the findings back to parents in hopes of guilting the poor dolts into replacing ground beef with ground turkey in the Hamburger Helper.

“The grant from the USDA will fund the study for four years.” Instead of directing valuable resources toward finding out who’s legal and who is not, what is friendly fire and what is not, Trevino said the “coming school year will be very experimental, with programmers fine-tuning cameras and imaging software to accurately identify what’s a pear and what’s an apple.”


Cause Couture

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Despite the state of the American economy and the President telling already cash-strapped Americans they have to “get used” to paying $5 a gallon for gasoline, Michelle showed support for America’s garment industry by frolicking about in a costly The Row collection skirt.

Last week, before the air traffic control/mid-air/runway brouhaha, Michelle Obama emerged on ‘The View’ in a skirt designed by ‘Full House’ stars and twin clothing designers Ashley and Kate Olsen. “Mrs. Obama, who appeared on the show with Jill Biden, teamed the pale grey pleated Evelyn skirt, worth $1,170 with a cream V-neck and kitten-heel shoes.”

Including accessories, the cost of the breezy morning-talk show ensemble was likely a tick above the $2,000 mark.  In spite of this, economically taxed Americans should go easy on Michelle, because just like her husband, at the core of all that she does is a desire to help make the American Dream a reality for the little people – like the diminutive Ashley Olsen, who once shared that “She would love to see Michelle wear one of her designs.”

Thanks to the bounteousness of Mrs. Obama, the $100 million sitcom sister team had “a dream come true” when Michelle visited Whoopi, Barb, Joy, Liz, and Sherri bedecked in Olsen designed haute couture.

Michelle and BFF Jill Biden chatted with the ladies of ‘The View’ about “Joining Forces,” the “new initiative to help military families.”  Initially one would think that with the rate of pay that military families subsist on, Michelle flitting about in designer duds while speaking on behalf of “helping military families” was almost as insensitive as bagging groceries at a food bank shod in $540 sneakers.

But who knows, maybe MObama’s true motive for wearing Lanvin sneakers while volunteering at a food pantry was simply an attempt to relate to the homeless, hungry, secondhand-wearing soup kitchen patrons and conveying a message, by way of fashion, to the down-and-out that occasionally even a First Lady is forced to humbly wear sneakers.

With each outfit change, it’s becoming increasingly evident that concern for the public may be the driving force behind Mrs. Obama’s reputation as a style icon. More and more Michelle’s chic clothing choices can be traced directly to the theme of a high-profile cause.

Take for example the Tory Burch Connell gardening boots at $500 a pair – those are clearly about healthy eating; a $2,500 secondhand vintage Christmas dress – can anybody say “recycling?” Kitten heels – animal rights. How about the $1,170 Olsen-twin-designed ‘The Row’ skirt – those “pale grey pleats” scream support for the American military and exhibit solidarity with the U.S. garment industry.

“Though expensive, the President’s wife’s choice represents a support of American industry, as all of the Olsen twins’ designs are made in the U.S.”

Silly me – all along I misjudged Michelle.  I was under the impression that the First Lady’s high-priced fashion choices were commissioned by her current stylist – whose name and identity no one knows – and based on color, mood, or event.  Who would have guessed that Michelle’s affinity for Jason Wu was altruistic in nature?

So as President Obama concentrates on solving the border security problem with Mexican-American immigration expert/Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, Michelle, on behalf of the American military, healthy eating, recycling and the garment industry, is busy exercising her biceps by snatching up rack-after-rack of hundreds of thousands of dollars in couture garments.

By self-sacrificially donning expensive high-end designer duds, every time she zips up Michelle wants America to rest assured she’s only doing so in support of a righteous cause.

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