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‘Chris Christie ♥s Obama’

ht_barack_obama_chris_christie_ll_121031_wblogCongress approved more than $60 billion in Sandy relief funds, which is why six months after the superstorm trounced New Jersey, with $1.8 billion in federal grants on storm rebuilding and recovery it looks like the boardwalk in Atlantic City will finally be rebuilt.  The problem is that no amount of money is likely to remedy the current state of national affairs after socialist superstorm Barack, with the help of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was given a second chance to continue laying waste to everything in his path for another term.

It wasn’t enough that three days prior to the 2012 election New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sabotaged the presidential race. Now six months later the Rutgers-educated RINO is showing up on MSNBC singing Obama’s praises.

Corpulent Christie uttered laudatory ‘I ♥ Obama’ kudos on the “Morning Joe” show, where he said “The president has kept every promise he’s made. I think he’s done a good job. He kept his word.”  What Christie forgot to include in his commendation was that the president’s promise-keeping, good-job skills apply exclusively to providing hurricane relief funds and not much else.

Listening to Chris Christie on MSNBC effusively gush over Barack Obama sounded like a family member who defends a drunken uncle to his aunt with the black eye because Uncle Harry slips him a few bucks here and there.  After all, “Uncle Harry has always been really nice to me.”

Nonetheless, for those who suffered through Hurricane Sandy, it was bad enough to have to undergo being without electricity for ten days and having to dispose of $500 worth of rotten food. But, three days before the election, to then have to endure watching the spectacle of Chris Christie hugging and nodding “Yes,” to everything Obama said made what was already agonizing absolutely excruciating.

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Partisan Heartbreaker Tom the Petty

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

In an effort to further promote the message of love, peace and the type of compassion intrinsic to all dedicated liberals, Alec Baldwin, a paunchy comedian with anger issues, called attention to what he feels is Michele Bachmann’s inability to articulate by inarticulately spewing obscenities in the Minnesota congresswoman’s direction by way of Twitter.

Within seconds of Michele announcing she’d decided to launch a bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, it became clear that not one iota of liberal negativity toward conservatives has abated.

Over the past few days, the rock world has joined the fun by publicly stepping forward in an effort to send a message to the latest object of targeted political ridicule, Michele Bachmann. The goal is to drive home the point that liberal rock musicians disapprove of both Bachmann’s politics and audacity in thinking she actually has a chance to send honorary rock star Barack Obama back to Chicago.

Following Alec Baldwin’s Twitter tirade, Tom Petty, a Mad Hatter in sunglasses, decided it was his turn to deny Bachmann, without explanation, the use of one of his hit songs. Petty is so anti-GOP he forbade Michele Bachmann from playing  “American Girl” as a musical backdrop to her announcement to run for president.

Apparently, the last thing Tom Petty wants to be associated with is writing the signature anthem that could accompany a female Republican candidate on the trip from Minnesota to the White House.  So, to prevent that from happening, the rocker sent a three-word message to Michele: “Cease and desist.”

It’s doubtful that Tom Petty would decline $275 per person ticket proceeds based on who concertgoers supported in the last election. Yet, rock musicians who refuse, due to partisan politics, to let conservative candidates use songs for campaign backdrops forget that many of their fans are conservatives.

It’s no secret; Tom Petty isn’t a fan of the Right. When George W. Bush ran for governor of Texas, the genial GW pulled a Michele Bachmann and complimented the songwriter by using “I Won’t Back Down” as a campaign song. The unappreciative Petty had his publisher warn the campaign that using the ballad could send a false impression (Heaven forbid) that Petty endorsed Bush, and ordered the gubernatorial team to pull the song.

Tom Petty is one of a large herd of liberal singers and songwriters who sell their wares like capitalists on steroids to anyone and everyone, but when a conservative candidate identifies with one of their songs, out of fear of being perceived as leaning to the right hawkers of concert T-shirts and tacky glassware suddenly become all partisan and possessive.

Yet when Democrats like Black Socks Spitzer of New York and John ‘My-Wife-Has-Cancer-While-I’m-Having-an-Affair’ Edwards used Heartbreaker music as campaign anthems, Tom the Perpetually Petty fully endorsed both Lotharios using the extremely apropos “Won’t Back Down” ditty.

The “You Can Call Me Al” and “Don’t Stop” crews are proud to have signature songs associated with Al ‘Crazed  Sex Poodle’ Gore and impeached adulterer Bill Clinton, but Sarah Palin shaking hands and hugging babies in time to “Barracuda” irked female rock group Heart so much the duo threatened a lawsuit if Sarah didn’t pick another tune.

Truth is, in the world of rock and roll, the liberal malady is endemic. In the 1980’s Bruce Springsteen took on the Gipper over Reagan’s use of the song “Born in the USA.” During the 2004 presidential election, in an effort to save the USA from a second Bush term, Bruce partnered with über-liberal left-wing group MoveOn.org to headline a star-studded caravan of whiners in a Vote for Change Tour.

The 2004 MoveOn.org/rock-and-roll effort failed and Bush won reelection, which proves there are more Republican voters than liberals realize.  If, as a group, conservatives boycotted downloading music from iTunes and stopped buying concert tickets, many artists who feel comfortable insulting Republicans for sport would definitely take a hit in the pocketbook.

Then again, one has to wonder if someone like Bruce Springsteen even comprehends the concept that the people he slurs with his political invectives have the monetary power to affect The Boss’s bottom line.  After all, didn’t Springsteen say Obama “speaks to the America I’ve envisioned in my music for the past 35 years?”

Even still, the liberal Step Away From the Song list goes on and on: Pretty boy Jon Bon Jovi told Sarah Palin not to use “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”  The Foo Fighters and Van Halen dissed John McCain; Bruce Hornsby felt Sean Hannity’s use of his song “The Way it Is” shouldn’t be the way it is; and rock group Rush informed Rand Paul he’s no “Tom Sawyer.”

By now, Republicans should know better than to provide ammunition for the left by failing to stringently follow copyright laws and respect property ownership rights. Yet, a politically partisan situation still presents an opportunity to learn a profound lesson for those on both sides of the political aisle.

Liberal musicians should understand that having a fan base largely made up of those without the ability to pay $1.99 to download a song or lay out close to three bills for a concert ticket isn’t going to ensure their rock star lifestyle for very long.

For those heartbroken by Petty Heartbreaker, conservatives must take their eyes off the “Yes We Can” free-for-all where liberal politicians sway and wave in time to music amidst showers of balloons filled to capacity with Democrat hot air.  It’s time to realize the same standard does not and will never apply to Grand Ole or Tea Party candidates. Just because liberal musicians become gazillionaires with the help of Republican fans doesn’t mean those same rich rock stars will show appreciation by treating conservative candidates with respect.

For those on the right, the salient point is this: liberal politicians are never denied rights to artists’ theme songs; quite the contrary, they are encouraged to use them. Conservatives politicians should not be so naïve as to assume similar rules apply to the likes of Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

With that in mind, Bachmann and Harley-riding Barracuda Palin should rethink forgoing the mud wrestling fight Michele claims the media is itching for and hit the ring to work out which lady will seek permission to claim Carrie Underwood’s “All-American Girl” and whose anthem will ultimately be conservative rocker Kid Rock’s “Born Free.”


Jersey’s Newest Girl?

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Move over Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Murphy, the real “Boss,” Oprah Winfrey, may soon be “living her best life” in a sprawling domicile located within the state borders of New Jersey.

Can Oprah Gail still afford a mansion? If she can it’s a downright miracle because Lord knows, if Barack Obama’s success-squashing policies were in place when the girl from Mississippi was climbing the media ladder to mega-mogul status, the self-made billionaire and CEO of Harpo Inc. would be flat broke like the rest of America.

Born the illegitimate daughter of a sharecropper, Oprah disregarded the barriers that race and poverty often pose and fulfilled the type of dream that first black president Barack Obama claims is nonexistent for minorities in America.  Don’t tell Barry, but when not behind the pulpit, Reverend Oprah, head evangelist of the First Church of Obama, actually practices a gospel of pluck and ingenuity reminiscent of Raggedy Dick of Horatio Alger fame.

Oprah Gail once said, “I don’t think of myself as a poor, deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew she was responsible for herself – and I had to make good.” Based on that philosophy, Oprah obviously adheres to a standard quite different from the one practiced by pay-my mortgage/fill-up-my-gas-tank Barack Obama followers.

Defying all odds, the farm girl turned entrepreneur surmounted paucity and teen pregnancy to accrue not millions, but billions of dollars.  Winfrey earned the title of the richest black person in the world and did so by implementing behaviors and attitudes quite different from those promoted by a candidate she encouraged millions of book club members to elect.

Prior to Barack’s historic presidency, Winfrey built a huge empire that consists of more than fame and money. The TV tycoon is the proud owner of high-end property in trendy locales like Hawaii, Antigua and Telluride, Colorado. Looking to accumulate a few additional “favorite things,” Oprah has started her own network and is presently mulling over the purchase of a $68 million dollar mansion in New Jersey.

Two years ago, during a house-shopping hiatus, Oprah Winfrey turned her attentions from real estate to foisting Barry’s “share the wealth” mantra on everyday America. Two years later, the billionaire businesswoman who did better, was better, walked taller, and whose stockpile of money has always been higher is again moved, but this time by the thought of relocating to an ostentatious North American castle in New Jersey.

The media maven denies it, but a three-car contingent, including a few environmentally hostile, gas-guzzling SUVs and a van, supposedly were spotted perusing the New Jersey Turnpike. Oprah’s caravan rolled up the gravel driveway of the Frick estate to inspect the “grounds and grand interior of [a] mega-manse in Alpine.”

Don’t tell Barry about this either, but after the hoi polloi were shooed off the grounds Oprah spent the afternoon touring the “30,300-square-foot, English manor-style mansion, which is part of the lavish ‘Estates at Alpine.'”  The manor has “walnut and marble floors, Venetian plaster walls, a carriage house, English gardens, a library, ballroom, movie theater, tennis court, a saline pool and wine cellar.” How can an Obama supporter like Oprah Winfrey personally justify dwelling in such excess?

Reportedly, Oprah earns $385 million annually. At a 36% tax rate the media magnate pays approximately $138.6 million in taxes a year.  If Obama raises the percentage rate on anyone making over $250,000 to 39%, Oprah stands to shell out an additional $11.6 million per year, a mere pittance for someone gagging on greenbacks. Nevertheless, few would argue that there is a marked disconnect between Oprah’s massive stockpile of assets and her support for Barack Obama, whose view and opinion of affluence, overindulgence, and fair distribution of wealth differs greatly from Winfrey’s opulent lifestyle.

Thus, taking into consideration the enormity of Oprah’s possible new real estate acquisition, a “share the wealth” bureaucrat from the Obama Administration, on behalf of the less fortunate, should be dispatched to New Jersey to gather a detailed account as to the number of underprivileged people that could comfortably bunk and bathe in a facility of that size.

Either way, when it comes to distributing “pieces of the pie,” kingmaker Oprah’s slice is the size of a Cake Boss whopping sheet cake. The tax-the-rich Obama supporter/self-made billionaire Oprah Winfrey is forced yearly to divvy up megawatt earnings to share with the government, which may explain why one of the richest people in the world is suddenly attracted to a state presided over by anti-tax governor Chris Christie, who one day soon may be a viable contender for the White House.

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