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Healthy School Lunches, Unhealthy Illegal Classmates

111010_ala_immigration_children_605_apOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

For years, Americans have been harangued with the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” school lunch program. Under the auspices of Barack Obama’s wife’s concerns about child wellness, the federal government has rigorously limited food choices in public school cafeterias.

Promoting and preserving good health has become so fundamental to American culture it now justifies stringent bureaucratic oversight to ensure that schoolchildren no longer participate in things like traditional in-classroom birthday and holiday celebrations. 

What’s odd is that the same supposedly über-concerned government attempting to prod America’s children toward making better food choices are also undermining their long-term health by cooperating with a president determined to subject those eating more wholesome lunches in the cafeteria to an influx of unwholesome Third World students in the classroom.

How can that be, you ask? Well, thousands of illegals are streaming across our open borders, and as they do, the “Brown Shirts” are threatening to arrest border patrol staff and medical personnel if they dare divulge the shocking truth about the hordes of ill people being released into the general population.

The diseases being imposed on the otherwise healthy, both in and out of the classroom, are so lethal that millions of schoolchildren, obese and otherwise, are about to be exposed to pathogens that may end up drastically reducing the need for governmental calorie monitoring and the birth control Sandra Fluke believes should be paid for from the taxes of soon-to-be sick Americans.

For example, in the blue state of California, in the city of Sacramento, there is currently a TB outbreak in Grant Union High School, which may be why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in anticipation of the various diseases accompanying the surge of illegal aliens, has set up an “emergency operation center.”

So here’s the obvious question: How does the healthy lunch program improve the health of kids forced to share classrooms with illegals sporting head lice and spreading disease microbes long eradicated from the U.S.?

If various infectious diseases are gaining entry into America’s classrooms, isn’t banning sweets from school grounds an exercise in futility?  What good are double helpings of Edamame bean salad when diseases like MRSA, scabies, swine flu, whooping cough, Ebola virus, and MDR-TB are poised to eradicate more Americans, both young and old, than a high BMI ever could?

What possible benefit is vegetarian chili being included in America’s school lunch program if students are forced to share a textbook in study hall with a child who may be infected with hand, foot and mouth disease?

It just doesn’t make sense for Mama Obama to push a healthy kids’ agenda while Papa Barack purposely cultivates an illegal-alien disease epidemic of Biblical proportions. 

Why, in the name of children’s health, should schoolchildren be forced to gag down fruits and vegetables and exchange origami instead of sugary confections, when deadly bacteria in their midst can potentially do far more damage than a chocolate cupcake? 

As for those healthy-lunch-abused school kids, what’s worse – Tater Tots and hot dogs or being assigned a science lab partner sporting scabies under a ‘Made in Guatemala’ T-shirt? 

No one is exempt this time.  Even Barack Obama’s most ardent supporters are poised to get a wakeup call, because guess what – microorganisms searching for hosts don’t distinguish between political parties, nor do blood-thirsty mosquitoes infected with dengue hemorrhagic fever and chikungunya virus.

Regrettably, at this perilous juncture in our nation’s history, these are the sorts of life-threatening dilemmas America must face thanks to a president playing a very dangerous game with our lives. 

Government coming after baby fat – American Thinker Blog – May 15, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

Citizens of ObamAmerica are in the process of being told to stand over there, wear this, say this, don’t say that.  We’ve all been given an equal share of pennies in a change purse and, after lining up for a trip to the school nurse; Americans have been instructed to put our heads down for quiet time – although calm “federal fat police” may have a melee in the making after proposing a bill mandating measuring children’s BMI. Why?- Because government handling of American children is something even the compliant defy.

Recently, in coordination with the findings of the Childhood Obesity Task Force, Congress proposed a bill placing “federal and state government in the business of tracking how fat or skinny, American children are.”

That’s right, Michelle and the food cops plan to chase little Johnny with a caliper grabbing adorable baby fat and pinching baby bellies for reasons other than coochy-coochy coo.

States receiving federal grants … would be required to mandate that all health care providers … determine the body mass index [BMI] of all their patients in the 2-to-18-age bracket and …would be required to report the information to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for analysis.

Introduced by House Ways and Means Committee member, Congressman Ron Kind (D-Wis), and called the Healthy Choices Act.  The bill eradicates “choices,” while seeking to “establish and fund a wide range of programs and regulations aimed at reducing obesity rates.”

Less than perfect BMI gained notoriety when Michelle Obama realized Sasha and Malia’s perfection-level had more to do with fat cells than intelligence or character. Michelle said. “I thought my kids were perfect – they are and always will be – but [the doctor] warned … something was getting off balance.” Could it be the physician recognized a problem with the parents and not the children.

The bill also proposes instituting nutritional labeling on the front of food products, for those Americans who don’t know how to turn the package over and “subsidizing businesses that provide fresh fruits and vegetables,” which might encourage Home Depot to hand out navel oranges in the paint department.

The bill states the government will distribute grants to states meeting “certain criteria, including having ‘the capacity to store basic demographic information.”  Children will be registered in an official “fat pinching” data base where socio-economic status, birth, gender, height, weight and immunization records will be tracked for children residing in every state.

Initially “pinch provisions” would apply only to children in states that accept grants under the bill.”  According to a spokesperson, “no one is forced to come in for a doctor’s visit to get [his or her] BMI tested.  BMI will be taken at times when the child makes an otherwise scheduled doctor’s visit,” at a soon to be established, neighborhood friendly, government funded, healthy kid clinic.

In spite of rigid bureaucratic controls, if little Johnny manages to acquire contraband in the form of Fruit Loops® or Twizzlers®, he will be exposed by a BMI greater than the 95th percentile for age and gender.  Then, “the state will provide information on how to lower BMI [by way of] state and local obesity prevention programs,” which Johnny will be duty-bound to avail his chubbiness to.

Speaking kindly and on behalf of “busy American families,” Democrat Ron Kind shared how government BMI monitoring is imperative to “Making the healthy choice–the easy choice for our families [and] is essential to ensuring quality of life.” Not to mention, successfully choking the life out of American children with governmental calipers, while simultaneously eradicating true choice; self-respect and every trace of individual autonomy

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