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Dr. Alveda King addresses black genocide in Missouri


Originally posted at LiveAction News

In 2009 a billboard was erected in New York’s Soho district that read: “The Most Dangerous Place for an African-American is in the Womb.” That wakeup call was  taken down right after it went up. Yet despite the unwillingness to know the truth, the veracity of the message is unchanged.

According to  2009 data presented by New York City’s Department of Health, “Fifty-seven percent of black pregnancies in the city end in abortion,” which, at best, is a shocking piece of data.

Dr. Alveda King, whose uncle is the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., defines the murder of black babies in the womb as genocide. A civil rights champion in her own right, King received the Life Prize Award and the Civil Rights Award from the Congress of Racial Equality, and currently serves as a Pastoral Associate with Priests for Life.

Recently, while addressing a group of students at the University of Missouri, Alveda King alerted her audience to the reality that whether they realize it or not, black people are murdering themselves. After being introduced to the people gathered at Columbia’s Jesse Auditorium by Students for Life President Rachelle Engen , Dr. King shared with listeners her family background, her Christian faith, and her unwavering commitment to protect life at all stages.

alveda king

Dr. Alveda King

Dr. King pointed out in her speech that 16 million African-American children have been aborted since 1973. That means that 27% of the 60 million unborn children who have lost their lives since Roe v. Wade was signed into law were African-American. That is a disturbing figure, especially in light of the fact that blacks make up 13% of the American population.

The genocidal carnage against black babies isn’t limited to one location, either. In Georgia, 53.6 percent of aborted babies are black; in Mississippi 72 percent; and as mentioned before, more black babies die as a result of abortion than are actually born in New York City.

As always, the painfully honest Alveda shared with her audience portions of her testimony, which included the revelation that prior to Alveda’s birth her mother Naomi was encouraged to abort her, and that before her grandfather spoke words that helped her realize the error of her ways, King aborted two of her own babies.

After two abortions, Alveda King’s grandfather influenced her view on the sanctity of life when he told her “The woman has a right to choose what happens to her body, but that baby is not her body.” Dr. King shared, “My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., once said, ‘No one is going to kill a child of mine.’” Grandpa King didn’t realize that “when he saved the life of his next great-grandson with [that] statement… tragically, two of his grandchildren had already been aborted.”

In addition to speaking directly to the group, Dr. King also previewed a documentary entitled “Maafa 21.” The film argues that the original eugenics movement exploited abortion as a means to accomplish African-American genocide. Alveda also previewed “Blood Money,” a film that investigates how racial bigotry and efforts to control population have turned abortion into a profitable business.

In her speech Alveda cited Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13, which says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Dr. Alveda King stressed that “There is only one race on the planet, the human race.” Meanwhile, as the void of “faith, hope and love” continues to grow, genocide against the human race destroys thousands of unborn babies a day.

Still, “a black baby is 5 times more likely to be killed in the womb than a white baby.” That’s why Alveda quoted her wise grandfather’s son – her uncle Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., whose sentiments are applicable to the genocide that is befalling millions of African-American babies in the womb. They are words that every black mother who believes that abortion is a right and a viable option should hear:

“The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.”

The Big Apple’s crime against black babies

black-woman-pregnantOriginally posted at LiveAction News

Barack Obama is the most abortion-friendly president to ever park his slippers in the private living quarters of the White House. No other president has supported not only abortion, but in addition to refusing to sign a bill that would mandate medical care for babies born alive in botched abortions, has called unwanted pregnancies a “punishment,” seems enamored with Planned Parenthood, and supports the brutal act of late-term partial-birth abortion.

When 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the black youth who was shot to death in Sanford, Florida, by George Zimmerman in self-defense, Obama, as a father, identified with the boy and publicly said that Trayvon could have been his son.

It’s curious that the president viewed this young black man as someone who could have been his child, because as black babies are systematically slaughtered in abortion mills all over America, the president apparently doesn’t have the ability to see that any one of those innocent, helpless unborn infants could also have been his child.


Recently the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Vital Statistics released a report entitled Summary of Vital Statistics 2012 The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes. What the data revealed was that in 2012, the year that Barack Obama was reelected, there were more black babies aborted in New York City than were born.

That bears repeating: There were more black babies aborted in New York City than were born.

In NYC in 2012, the total number of unborn infants that made it safely out of the wombs of women aged 15-49 was 123,231. This calculates out to be a rate of 14.8 babies who lived per 1,000 women. According to the summary, this “was the lowest rate since 1979.”

In 2010 that number “reported by known race/ethnicity” was 80,274, which means the difference between 2010 and 2012 is that in the Big Apple, 42,957 additional human beings were denied the right to life, or a little more than two and a half 16,000-seat sports arenas’ worth of children who would never see the light of day.

In 2012 among non-Hispanic black women living in New York City, there were 6,570 more abortions than there were live children being born.

So out of 56,086 black children conceived, 31,328 were aborted and 24,758 were allowed to live. Even more horrifying was the statistic that there were 73,815 total abortions of babies of all races and ethnicities, which means that the 31,328 aborted black babies made up 42.4% of all the abortions.

That number is especially troubling because in a city of approximately eight million people, in 2010 non-Hispanic blacks made up only 25.5% of the total population.

What is the rationale behind President Obama supporting the unfettered slaughter of unborn children belonging to a black constituency that has been unwavering in their support of his presidency? Is that the thanks future generations of black Americans get from our nation’s first black president?

‘Honor Trayvon’ by Ending the Black Genocide

black-baby-2Originally posted at American Thinker

As far as the Trayvon Martin situation goes, acquittal or no acquittal, the whole event and subsequent trial is a tragedy. And Skittles and iced tea or not, 17-year-old Trayvon should never have been lurking about in a hoodie between buildings on a dark rainy night in a townhouse complex. Now, regardless of how or why this boy died, a child is dead and will never have an opportunity to grow out of the typical youthful foolishness which ultimately cost him his life.

And for every hoodie-wearing thug out there who’s now blaming George Zimmerman for Trayvon’s death, know this: the behavior of those who give good, upstanding young black men a bad name are ultimately much more responsible for Trayvon’s death than one legally-armed American citizen defending himself against an out-of-control teenage boy slamming his “crazy ass cracka” head against a concrete walk.

Instead of blaming racism for profiling a black kid strangely meandering around in the dark on a drizzly night, how about placing the blame at the feet of all the black youth, like Trayvon, whose behavior on other occasions causes suspicion to be focused in the general direction of the larger population of perfectly innocent black teenage youth?

For example, has Michelle Obama discussed who killed 15-year-old Chicago schoolgirl Hadiya Pendleton in a drive-by shooting? Of course not, because the killers were two black youths: 18-year-old Michael Ward and 20-year-old Kenneth Williams, neither of whom look anything like George Zimmerman.

FBI records show that in 2005 alone, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the U.S. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics cited data showing that 93% of murdered blacks had the crime perpetrated on them by other blacks. That means if Trayvon had continued on in the direction in which he seemed to be headed, based on the rate that young black males die at the hands of other black males, Trayvon’s chances for survival were, at best, a crap shoot.

Then, the day after George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder, the President of the United States chose to stir the race-baiting pot again by intimating that America should honor Trayvon by passing gun control:

I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.

Barack Obama isn’t one to hide his disrespect for federalism or conceal his contempt for the legal system or the U.S. Constitution. The statement Obama made reveals that his motivation was to once again gain personal political expediency from someone else’s heartbreak.

Think about it: the president sheds tears over murdered children, but it’s always attached to advancing a specific political agenda. That’s precisely why, in some circles, as America’s most radical pro-abortion advocate, Barack Obama has zero credibility when discussing lives lost to gun violence.

As far as Obama is concerned, Trayvon Martin deserves kudos for delivering a big bang for his anti-Second Amendment buck. Nonetheless, if the Trayvon controversy should miraculously cool down, in due time someone else will come along and provide still more political capital for the president.

Rest assured, if need be, Mr. Obama will move on quickly from Trayvon, just as he moved from Tucson to Sandy Hook to any number of other tragedies he’s used as political causes.

Unfortunately, based on what went on in Sanford, Florida, certain African Americans fall into the same category as the president they blindly support.

Black Americans hung up on fomenting racial unrest or buying into the victim mentality lack credibility too, because although they cry racism over the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin, who they call one of their ‘babies,’ they have shed few tears over the extermination of actual babies taking place for the last 40 years in abortion clinics all over America.

While focused on Trayvon Martin, socially liberal black Americans continue to ignore the genocide that kills thousands of black baby boys (and girls) every day, many of whom, if given the chance to live, much like Trayvon Martin might have grown up to look like the son Barack Obama never had.

Does it matter that blacks constitute only 13% of the population but account for 36% of all the abortions that take place every year? Where are the tears, protest signs, and New Black Panther demonstrations for the deaths of innocent children who didn’t break anyone’s nose or smash anyone’s skull against a sidewalk?

For perspective, 13% of the U.S. population contributed 22,000,000 of the 60,000,000 children aborted since 1973. Each and every day in the U.S., approximately 1,876 black children are aborted. And yet pro-life people are supposed to believe that the angst over Trayvon’s untimely end is based on the black community’s respect for the sanctity of life?

In her fight to save the unborn, Erma Clardy Craven, the late Minnesota social worker and author of Abortion, Poverty and Black Genocide, once shared that, “17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California; some 12-15,000 were observed to be black.” Does the president care about them? Apparently not.

While Obama is asking America to “honor Trayvon” by doing what Obama wants, we forget that none of the 15,000 black babies found rotting in that dumpster in LA got the chance to wear a hoodie, shop for Skittles and fruit-flavored iced tea, or skulk around in the dark in a Sanford, Florida residential complex.

Suffice it to say, if only liberal blacks would spend just one day shouting as loudly about the systematic slaughter being perpetrated upon millions of their babies, the angry “Justice 4 Trayvon” stance would likely be better understood by those who disagree with their choice of poster child for racial injustice.

Pro-Choice Classrooms

Sad to say, but Barack H. Obama Elementary School in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a school whose student body is 94% black, is being forced to close its doors.  Due to a “steep decline in total enrollment” this summer, the school will shut off the loudspeaker and ring the dismissal bell for the very last time.

“Bruce N. Rodman, the state-appointed official who manages the school district’s finances, said enrollment at the Obama school had seen a 35 percent drop over the past ten years.”

How ironic, an institution named after a President who is a champion of Planned Parenthood, an organization that prides itself on providing accessible “reproductive services” to black women, is being forced to close because potential students were eliminated long before they could register for kindergarten.

The empty seats at Barack H. Obama Elementary School, formerly known as Bangs Elementary, are a visible testimony to the success of the abortion policies America’s first black president proudly supports.  If the school’s namesake were invited to speak at a school assembly, thanks to the type of pro-abortion policy he promotes the guest of honor would find the auditorium filled with a small cluster of children and only hear a faint echo of clapping from somewhere in the last row.

African-American group L.E.A.R.N. (Life Education And Resource Network) claims, “Abortion has been the leading cause of death in the black community since 1973 (totaling 16 million), outstripping AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer, and heart disease…while minority women constitute only 13 percent of the population, they comprise 36 percent of abortions.”

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, “Black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion…On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.” In other words, if legalized murder was not such a booming business in states like New Jersey, the elementary school in Asbury Park might not have to be closed for business.

Based on Planned Parenthood’s plans to expand services nationwide, as well as services in New Jersey, Bangs/Barack Elementary, the presidentially proud institution of educational excellence, will certainly not be the last public school to go on permanent recess.

Governor Chris Christie, in a valiant attempt to keep New Jersey schools supplied with new students, eliminated $7.5 million in grants to Planned Parenthood clinics from the budget. Democrats, who control the New Jersey legislature, responded by passing a bill (A3273/S2393), which required “the state to spend $1.1 million to qualify for $9 million in federal funds that would subsidize family-planning services to more uninsured women.”  Christie vetoed the bill.

The result: Less money is now available to leave classrooms unoccupied in schools named after abortion advocates like Barack Obama.

Myra Campbell, the Obama supporter who led the effort to name the school after the President, at the time “was largely met with criticism in New Jersey with opponents saying [changing the school’s name] would not improve the grades of the approximately one thousand students who attended Bangs.”

Campbell was convinced: “The new name [would] send a subliminal message to the students. Every time they walk through the school doors, there’s going to be a certain amount of pride in where they go to school.”

Instead the school is closing, and when it does, the unintentional message is that the students emerging through those double doors are a but a small percentage of living, breathing survivors who, despite Planned Parenthood’s efforts, miraculously managed to escape being victims of an abortion policy the “Barack H. Obama” brand continues to endorse.


Race Relation Re Deux


Our country rightly honors great civil rights leader the Reverend Martin Luther King with a national holiday. We have also dedicated an entire month in our calendar year to commemorate and advance Black history. On November 4th of 2008 our nation, which is sixty-six percent Caucasian, elected a bi-racial President.

Disregarding the progress our nation has made in a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History month, the most inspirational and inspiring thing our first black Attorney General had to say to his audience was that, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. It’s puzzling to me why the hope and change administration continues to attempt to stir up racial resentment in the citizenry of this country, while ignoring their own personal and career advantages. Holder’s drum beat is the same old race baiting banter that this election has proven, by its results, to be both tired and fallacious. It is true that there are “unresolved racial matters that need to be addressed”, but not the same ones our Attorney General is underscoring for political purposes and in order to secure a future voting bloc.

What politicians like Eric Holder fail to recognize is the mixed messages he sends out when he supports the policies of an administration that believes that one form of life has value and another doesn’t. To try to convince people that we’re lacking bravery in the area of race, just doesn’t hold up when your approbation is upon the destruction of the very people you are trying to gain respect for.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the whole left wing of their radical party can’t promote a certain philosophy for one group and then expect it to be dismissed for another. Once the value of life is diminished on any level, you give authorization to the American public, regardless of their race, to dismiss all human beings based on personal opinion, feeling and convenience at any given time, for any reason.

The same party that doesn’t want morals to be legislated by religious groups is the same one that supports abortion rights with such a religious fervor that it surpasses even a national, year-round revival meeting. Their battle hymn is, “Keep your laws off my body.” Liberals want God out of the public sector because they don’t want religion legislating what they feel is misplaced morality. Yet, they think racial harmony can be legislated through this same godless government by laws and edicts, which they utilize to advance a form of race relations that they hope, will benefit them on Election Day.

Liberals attempt to intimidate a nation through shame, self-reproach and racially based law to acknowledge the value and the fundamental worth of people who are different than we are in culture or color. This is based on what can only be defined as twisted sense of ethical relativism, which appears to be an obvious attempt to dispel distinct unseen remorse. In turn, liberals now become the arbitrators of a form of morality they themselves decry. They do this while at the same time encouraging the full scale slaughter of the unborn, which goes against the intrinsic human soul. Someone needs to tell them that love and respect for our brothers and sisters is not something that can be coerced on us by self-righteous politicians but comes naturally from within a pure heart regardless of what Eric Holder says.

Barack Obama’s party works hard to undermine the human worth of the unborn in the minds of the public in order to justify extreme policies. His stance diminishes the value of the life of the unborn, demeaning it to the status of a throwaway “Privacy right.” Liberals vehemently argue that individuals deserve the legal “right” to make a decision about whose life has value and whose does not. Yet, they remain blind to the possibility that they may be the ones contributing to racism by conveying a confusing, double bind message to the American public giving them undercover permission to consider a life as less than worth respecting.

Maybe Eric Holder, on behalf of his own people, should quit being a coward himself and stop advocating his own sense of morality through the advancement of racial resentment and address the following:

Blacks do, indeed, have much higher rates of abortions than whites or other minority groups. In 2000, while blacks made up 17 percent of live births, they made up more than twice that share of abortions (36 %). If those aborted children had been born, the number of blacks born would have been slightly over 50 percent greater than it was.

The comparison with whites and other minorities is striking. Whites made up 78 percent of live births, but only 57 percent of abortions. Non-black minorities had 7 percent of live births and 5 percent of abortions. If the aborted children had been born for either group, the percentage increase in the number of children born to these groups would have been less than that for blacks: 16 and 32 percent, respectively.

Data from 1973 indicate that black a woman’s share of abortions has consistently been at least twice their share of live births .

I don’t appreciate being lectured to by a representative who heads a department that is supposed to foster “justice” but supports FOCA, the most brutal form of abortion policy and the most liberal of guiding principles for a women’s right to choose. As far as I’m concerned, Holder’s support of FOCA takes away his credibility to criticize me about his conjecture that I’m not brave enough when it comes to the issue of race. If the Attorney General wants to lead the American people in the area of race relations he should start by meting out justice against a procedure that is reeking carnage upon his own people, which would exhibit on his part the bravery he thinks we lack.

Race-baiting language is a false form of secular religiosity and Holder‘s homily is misdirected and should be addressed toward the supporters of liberal abortion issues not on the citizens of this nation that respect human life, regardless of race, creed or color. We just came to the end of an administration overseen by a President who supported the “right-to-life” for the unborn and who quietly gave 4 billion dollars in aid to Africa. Bush’s generosity toward the African continent and its people goes unnoticed and unappreciated by liberals who are self-righteously focused on trying to convince us that we “… have a special responsibility to advance racial understanding.” Without fanfare and without the need for accolades or humanitarian awards Bush increased direct development and charitable aid to Africa to more than $4 billion a year from $1.4 billion in 2001, according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. And four African nations — Sudan, Ethiopia,  Egypt and Uganda — rank among the world’s top 10 recipients in aid from the United States.”

When the newly appointed champion of justice Attorney General Eric Holder conveys his concern that, “Race issues continue to be a topic of political discussion … average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race,” maybe he should be encouraged by us to discuss the fact that for every 1,000 black babies born, there are 472 unborn black babies aborted. How about initiating a discussion like that Mr. Holder?

Attorney General Holder is the one that needs to be reminded by all thoughtful, caring human beings that as part of an administration that is dead set on “…changing the world from what it is to what they believe it should be, ” that millions of American’s judge the biggest act of cowardice in the area of race is being perpetrated upon the African American unborn. Maybe he should attempt to address the vicious policies enthusiastically and passionately supported by himself, his party and the first African American President and instead of continuing to point fingers maybe he should take the time to look in the mirror.

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