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Fear-Monger Nancy Pelosi and Civilization as We Know It

Cymbalta Manufacturer Discount Card nancOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Topamax Questions Online Dressed like an elderly, upscale biker chick in a leather jacket that she accessorized with $10,000 Tahitian pearls, Nancy Pelosi recently reemerged.  This time the House Minority Leader made an incoherent appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

http://webbizideas.com/?where=Augmentin-Tablets-Online&f5e=cc After sharing the apocalyptic prophesy with atheist Maher that if Republicans retake the Senate “civilization is doomed,” the woman whose political party is currently in the process of dooming civilization uttered the following load of rubbish:  “Fear is a motivator, and we…” – as in Democrats – “are not fear mongers.”

enter site So Democrats, who have singlehandedly decimated any shred of hope for America’s future, see themselves as “messengers of hope,” and according to Nancy, “messengers of hope” are what Democrats will “continue to be.”

http://oresundsfestival.com/?wqd=Price-Of-Accutane-In-Uk&07e=53 Oh please!  When Nancy Pelosi says “hope,” does she mean “Hope and Change”-style hope?  Because if that’s what the aging septuagenarian is peddling, God help us all.

source It’s funny to hear Nancy Pelosi project onto Republicans the very thing she is, which is a fear peddler.

http://centralcoastsurfschool.com.au/?fv=Where-Can-I-Buy-Real-Accutane-Online&46b=23 This is the woman who, in the run-up to the failed stimulus bill, sounded an alarm to warn Americans that “Every week we don’t pass a Stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

Lexapro Printable Coupons Discount Code Besides being the person who, at the time, was second in line to the presidency adding another 200 million people to America’s census figures, Pelosi the Prophet apparently didn’t foresee at the time that six years after Obama’s “shovel ready” job-creating fiasco was passed, 92 million people, or approximately half of America’s working-age population, would be not working.

Purchase Noroxin Not to mention the fear mongering that drove the rhetoric prior to the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act.  And speaking of healthcare reform, what exactly was the woman with the oversized gavel selling when she said that if the Republican’s “Protect Life Act” prevented Obamacare abortion funding pregnant ‘women [would] die on the floor?’

It was also Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco’s very own harbinger of hope, who warned America that if the House passed a bill that extended a federal pay freeze, it would “undermine the dignity” of a job that is, quite frankly, anything but dignified.

Speaking of federal workers, during the impending government shutdown of 2013 Ms. Nancy warned there would be a “strong negative” response from Democrats if Republicans didn’t comply with – you guessed it – Democrats.

Then, after the ruling that employers with religious objections could elect not to offer birth control as part of a company’s health care package, it was none other than anti-fear-mongering Nancy who warned Americans that they should “be afraid” of the Supreme Court.

Devout Roman Catholic that she is, Nancy Pelosi even felt it was incumbent upon her to write San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to ask him not to attend the Washington D.C. pro-tradition March for Marriage event this past June 14th.  Always the upbeat optimist, Nancy described the gathering as “venom masquerading as virtue.”

How Foot-in-Mouth Pelosi can say that Democrats are not “fear mongers” in the same breath as saying that “Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate” does illustrate a level of cluelessness on Nancy’s part that is quite impressive.

But then on second thought, maybe Pelosi’s statement was actually positive, because after what Mrs. Pelosi and her Capitol Hill cronies have done to “civilization as we know it, a Republican Senate jeopardizing the current state of Democrat-crafted civilization is truly a hopeful prospect.

Liberal Comics Free to Use Rape, Abortion Gags Without Fear of P.C. Police

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and NARAL/Pro-Choice America’s president Nancy Keenan, together with Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University flunky Barack Obama drags around to help legitimize the contraceptive mandate, are all slated to be guest speakers at the DNC pro-abortion jamboree in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The thrust of the message will be that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan dislike all women, including their “mothers and first wives,” even though both men love their mothers and both have had only one wife.

In the run-up to the convention, liberal women have been motivated to portray Republicans as Neanderthals who reference rape in a lackadaisical manner and want to deprive women of their right to choose. The goal is to prove to America that those on the right do not take rape seriously and are hostile toward the issues that plague womenfolk.

Yet, a contradiction exists, because if a Democrat comedienne or politician uses violence against women as fodder for laughs, the perpetually offended either say nothing or chuckle right along with the rest of them.

Take for instance shock comedienne Sarah Silverman. In 2008, Silverman worked overelderly Jews, urging them to move to Florida to ensure that then-candidate Barack Obama would secure the Sunshine State and win the election. Silverman is so tight with the President that when the duo met face-to-face and he asked her what was next for her, she told him “I’m going to be naked in a movie!” To which the highly intrigued Obama responded, “You’ll have to send me that.

Besides being paid good money to exploit her full frontal nudity in an indie film, Silverman regularly mocks the seriousness of abortion and if need be, to up the ante, will even weave rape jokes into her outrageous comedy routine. The bawdy comedienne actually attempts to get laughs at the expense of rape survivors and aborted babies by making victims of violence the butt of jokes.

One time Silverman tweeted out a before-and-after-abortion picture of her bloated and then flat stomach on Twitter. In some circles, maintaining a lighthearted view of abortion could be considered very 21st century, but one can’t help but wonder whether Obama thought her tweet was informative or amusing. After all, the President did stress that besieged Missouri Congressman Todd Akin’s view on a woman’s right to choose “represented a ‘desire to go backwards instead of forwards’ … to fight fights that were settled 20 or 30 years ago.”

Utilizing social media to promote abortion on demand is something Richards and Keenan would likely applaud for its creativity. Therefore, it’s highly doubtful that contraception doyen Sandra Fluke will be taking Silverman to task during the DNC Convention.

In the movie “The Aristocrats, “a documentary that challenged 100 comedians to offend its audience as ingeniously as possible,” Silverman did just that when she said that 79-year-old iconic radio and TV personality Joe Franklin raped her. In response to being welcomed to the stage at the Hollywood Improv while Mötley Crüe’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” played in the background she reminisced, saying, “This song brings me back … I was brutally raped to this song.” Playing off the stereotypical Jewish-girl fantasy of marrying a doctor, Silverman shared that her doctor raped her and called it “bittersweet.”

In the ever-fluctuating liberal rule book, joking about rape is generally only acceptable if you’re a female; men might need to adhere to a different set of standards.

Oh, but then again there’s that “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me” Democrat Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. Before gracing the state of Minnesota with his well-honed political skills, Al Franken, aka Stuart Smalley, was a comedy writer for “Saturday Night Live.”

In 1995, a New York magazine reporter wrote that Franken, a man who is currently out there campaigning with Vice President Joe Biden and has joined forces with other liberals to expose the Republican “war on women,” joked about raping CBS veteran reporter Lesley Stahl.

Franken’s comedic genius was revealed when he said, “And, ‘I give the pills to Lesley Stahl. Then, when Lesley’s passed out, I take her to the closet and rape her.’ Or, ‘That’s why you never see Lesley until February.’ Or, ‘When she passes out, I put her in various positions and take pictures of her.’”

In liberal circles, a comment interpreted as minimizing the horror of rape is the perfect vehicle to further a radical feminist platform – assuming it’s a conservative male making the remarks. If a liberal, pro-abortion advocate makes similar or worse jokes about abortion or the horror of rape, liberals view it as benign and say nothing.

What is surprising here is not that the left is castigating pro-life Republican leaders for what they call a war on women, but their willingness to overlook jokes about rape if the remark comes from one of their own.

So there it is – once again duplicitous liberals get to make up us-versus-them rules. It’s right there in the official War on Women Rulebook. As the left defines the rubric, they also determine when the rules change and who can and cannot change them. If the likes of Silverman, Sen. Franken, and even million-dollar Obama contributor/misogynist Bill Maher make vile offensive jokes about women, rest assured, double-dealing pro-choice liberals will gladly absolve them.

Bill Maher: Non-Apathetic Apatheist

Bill MaherOriginally posted at BIG Hollywood

The relentless way Bill Maher derides the intelligence of anyone who believes in God is proof positive that Mr. Bill is convinced he’s a genius. Although most liberals exhibit a similar “the dummies need us to think for them” propensity, when it comes to matters of religious faith, Maher elevates the affliction to a whole new level.

And while it’s pure speculation on my part, based on his juvenile behavior, it appears as if Maher is a disgruntled Catholic trying desperately to convince himself God doesn’t exist; so regardless of how bright he perceives himself to be, Maher lacks the insight to realize that he’s revealing something he’d probably prefer the rest of America not to notice

For someone as mentally deficient as Maher believes I am, even as far back as the first grade I recognized that there was no direct correlation between parochial school and the personhood of God. Yet for all Maher’s clever innuendo and sarcastic banter, it must go deeper than that, because this man apparently isn’t astute enough to separate Catholicism from God.

Maher was raised by an Irish Catholic father and a mother (Julie, nee Berman) that he was unaware was Jewish until he was a teenager (which right there reeks of family dysfunction). Seems somewhere around the age of 13, when hormone-infused Bill, had he been raised a Jew, might have been practicing his Hebrew to prepare for an upcoming Bar Mitzvah, Maher’s Catholic dad realized birth control was a good idea after all.

Based on Maher’s animosity toward all religion and toward Christianity in particular, one would guess Dad’s gripe with Rome might have impacted his son.

Since then, William Jr., whose parental religious roots are firmly implanted in a Judeo-Christian heritage, has made it a career to get back at God. Try as he might to prove otherwise, Maher’s contempt for Christianity could very well be rooted in his father’s reaction to the Roman Catholic Church’s undying commitment to the rhythm method.

Since the day Maher’s Dad decided pull out of the Catholic Church, any aspirations young Maher had of one day being an altar boy were left lying like a crumpled cassock on the parish Sacristy floor.

Instead, Willy and Julie’s son changed course and chose to fashion what started as a family disagreement over church doctrine into a successful career portraying believers in God as neanderthal nut jobs with nary a brain cell nor a lick of sense.

From age 13 on, English major and 2009 Richard Dawkins Atheist Alliance International award recipient Maher has spent loads of time demeaning what he and an English Lit degree have identified as the Church’s unscientific teachings on homosexuality, abortion and birth control.

Over the years the comedian has transformed into a liberal/apatheist icon who lacks apathy only when it comes to pocketing millions of dollars earned mocking a God he relegates to the same category as unicorns, the tooth fairy, and JLo’s long-lost plan to cook dinner for only one man.

Apatheism is defined as a “disinclination to care all that much about one’s own religion, and an even stronger disinclination to care about other people’s.” Which means Maher is a pretty lame apatheist, because all he does is focus on religion.

What Maher fails to recognize is that his acerbic comments directed toward God make him look like the proverbial spurned middle-school kid with a crush on the head cheerleader. Who knows, maybe besides the birth control brouhaha, somewhere along the line an overbearing nun denied the future comedian a bathroom pass and he never recovered.

What we do know is that Maher behaves like a confused, madly-in-unrequited-love teenager who spends all his energy defacing God’s locker and calling God and His people floozies as payback for some imagined hurt.

Now, almost 50 years later, one would think that for someone who spends his life pointing out the hypocrisy of organized religion and who believes that when it comes to God, “doubt is the only appropriate response for human beings,” Maher would recognize that, in a roundabout way, making a living off something you don’t believe in is similar to attending Mass while practicing off-beat forms of birth control.

So, with that in mind, when Maher mocks Christians, saying “Who needs government when you have Jesus,” or when he produces and stars in a irreverent movie like “Religulous,” his contempt and derision expose a man who, although he sees himself as brilliant, isn’t quite smart enough to recognize the hypocrisy, not to mention the irony, of making a career out of preaching that one person shouldn’t push their religious beliefs on anybody else.

Hollywood Hoping for Obama, The Sequel

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

Barack Obama’s approval rating is presently a rousing 42%. That means the largest portion of the sane American public would love to see the first family pack up the Samsonite® and head back to the Winfrey City, famous for deep-dish pizza, Mayor Rahm, and the type of thuggish politics the head of the house is obviously comfortable with.

However, President Barack Obama’s latest fundraising report cites an “A-list of Hollywood stars, with donations from some of the top celebrities in the entertainment industry.” Apparently, left-coast liberals want to see to it that the best script reader since Martin Sheen has another shot at practicing lines on set while acting the part of President.

It’s not surprising that Hollywood is smitten with the “Yes We Can” man’s refusal to admit he can’t.  Those in the acting profession are impressed by amateurs like Barry Soetoro (stage name Barack Obama), who has proven to have a professional-level ability to make believe he’s something he is not. Heck, for a season, even Paul Giamatti was convinced he was John Adams.

What could be better for Hollywood than a President who swims around in a policy cesspool similar to the one they refuse to empty in Tinsel Town, overflowing with the squalid water of loose morals, abortion rights, angry feminists, racial indignation, class warfare and overall elitist hypocrisy?

By and large, actors, comedians and entertainers pride themselves on being pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-free Mumbia, pro-promiscuity and pro-anything non-traditional. Hollywood is full of left-wingers whose “Hope [is to] Change” America into a nation where the likes of Bill Maher and Jane Fonda are symbols of empathy and truth.

The fact that big name stars contribute to Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection bid proves once again that ideological liberals lack intelligence and common sense.  Little do they know that if Obama gets another four years, it’s certain he’ll drive a stake through the heart of the nation that has bestowed fame and fortune on ignorant people who like to play pretend. It doesn’t take Will Hunting to figure out that people who can’t afford gas and groceries aren’t likely to drop $10 on a movie ticket to watch Julia Roberts fake-giggling while riding on the back of a moped driven by a middle-aged Tom Hanks in a leather jacket.

Yet, despite the inevitable looming catastrophe if Obama is reelected, according to the latest Federal Election Commission report the list of Who’s Who of Obama aficionados includes usual suspects such as Darfur defender George Clooney, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Gump, and cancer survivor Michael Douglas – a man who would have already succumbed to throat cancer had Obamacare already kicked in.

Campaign contributors also include Schindler’s List director Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw. The Spielbergs, despite their supposed brilliance,  fail to realize they’re supporting a president whose feelings for Israel are at best questionable and whose lack of action could result in the need for another list if an unrestrained Iran eventually has its way.

Another contradictory campaign contributor is newly discovered country singer and proud part-time Londoner, the multifaceted Mrs. Chris ‘Coldplay’ Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow.  Gwyneth likes living in England better than the US, which may be why she decided to punish the colonies by contributing to Obama’s “We Bent the Air Hose in 2008 – Let’s Pull the Plug in 2012” campaign.

Also in the mix is political scene newcomer Jennifer Garner, wife to one of JLo’s many former fiancés, Ben Affleck. When not speaking before Congress on behalf of Save the Children, Garner supports the reelection of a radically pro-choice threat to the lives of millions of unborn children who, thanks to Barack Obama, truly need saving.

Other Obama star contributors include: Monk star Tony Shalhoub, the man who made OCD a respectable disorder; Glee’s glib lesbian gym teacher Jane Lynch; 24’s president Dennis Haysbert, a man who knows firsthand how to pretend to be a president; and sci-fi star (which explains a lot) Scott Bakula.  The eclectic group joins cantankerous political wannabe (who should also be in the sci-fi category), 30 Rock actor/über-liberal aspiring NYC mayor Alec Baldwin, who prides himself on being diversified in every area except liberalism.

The July quarterly report for the President’s reelection campaign touts $47 million in donations, while the Democratic National Committee raised $38 million through Obama’s joint committee. According to Barack Obama’s campaign, about 40% of the President’s record-breaking take came from “big-money bundlers” and top Hollywood heavy hitters like Rahm’s sibling Ari Emanuel and Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Obama continues to practice governing the nation with the finesse of a jackhammer operator doing a kidney transplant. Yet, never once have Fruit of the Loom grape man Wayne Wilderson or Brenda Strong of “Desperate Housewives,” colleague of esteemed “brainstorming” border security advisor Eva Longoria, questioned the craven cynicism of demonizing the rich while stuffing Hollywood capital into his campaign coffers.

Seems that even after chastising Americans for failing to “share the wealth,” a selectively philanthropic Barack Obama is more than willing to accept the “additional income” of well-to-do Hollywood supporters, if doing so finances his glitzy billion-dollar bid for reelection that should be coined: Take two.

So once again, America is witnessing the unbridled ignorance of affluent individuals who choose to support a President who decries prosperity but has little trouble siphoning off the wealth of a community too clueless to understand who they’re really supporting and too committed to liberal ideology to really care.

‘Primetime Propoganda’: Leftist Hollywood Schools America

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

Ben Shapiro’s new book, Primetime Propaganda: the True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV confirms what has been suspected by many for years – Hollywood emphasizes, repeats and stresses the liberal agenda with the specific goal of impacting opinion and shaping minds.

It’s no secret that television commercials, sitcoms, children’s shows and mainstream news are all renowned for promoting left-leaning bias. Woven into the tapestry of primetime Hollywood offerings are messages insinuating that the liberal choice is always the better, more intelligent option.

Television is saturated with liberals who attempt to influence public opinion with subliminal methods as subtle as smiling approvingly when interviewing a liberal and scowling when discussing a conservative.

The hit show Glee presents homosexuality as a viable option for confused prom “queens” vying for the dual prize of acceptance and a rhinestone crown. Private Practice’s Dr. Addison Montgomery heroically performed a partial-birth abortion and even Doctor House’s main squeeze Lisa Edelstein, complete with a hanger for a prop, promoted legalized abortion in a “We Won’t Go Back” ad.

While most liberal bias is blatant, some can be more insidious, because inherent to all liberalism, regardless of genre or venue, is an unrelenting crusade to portray conservatives as idiotic dolts.

Arrogant, self-impressed celebrities like the vulgar Bill Maher, who fancies himself the smartest person in the world, and horn-rimmed actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo, who also sees herself as an intellectual giant, are so convinced of their own brain power that both have forged full-fledged television careers disrespecting the intelligence and religious persuasion of political adversaries.

Ask a politically uninformed person on the street if Sarah Palin is smart, and thanks to 30 Rock star/ comedian Tina Fey’s career-boosting misrepresentation of Sarah’s “I can see Russia” comment, a resounding “No!” is usually accompanied by a sarcastic giggle.

In fact, Tina Fey single-handedly enhanced Saturday Night Live’s ratings by mockingly imitating Sarah Palin’s folksy style and portraying her as an intellectually challenged bubble brain.  Fey prides herself on depicting Sarah as a dim-witted fool.  Tina’s efforts proved so successful that while many people recognize that Palin’s warmth and genuine nature is not a reflection of her intellect, Tina’s merciless efforts convinced far too many people to associate the name ‘Palin’ with idiocy.

Thanks to Hollywood, in the mind of the public, former president George W. Bush has also been reduced to a bumbling ignoramus. Rush Limbaugh, regardless of weight loss and rehab, continues to be depicted as a fat drug addict. The liberal media is even attempting to portray accomplished Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann as a confused, wild-eyed ditz.

On the other hand, when either Bill or Hillary Clinton is mentioned, the overriding liberal media consensus tends to imply: Both are brilliant. As for Michelle Obama, she is not only smart and savvy, she’s a lithe fashion icon with great biceps, while Barack is an outstanding orator with superior intellect who, despite submitting minimal written proof, is perceived by most as a genius – all thanks to the liberal media’s incessant cheerleading.

In the Broadway play “You’re Welcome America,” left coast native and former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell got big laughs at the expense of George W. Bush. Yet Brilliant One Barack in the year 2011 dated his signature in the guest book in Westminster Abbey “2008” a slip-up that went unnoticed on the Hollywood Mock-o-Meter.

Does anyone remember Dan Quayle misspelling potato as “potatoe?” If it had been a prominent conservative that had confused the date, the error would have inspired the dum-dum drumbeat to pound away in primetime for months.

The truth is, Hollywood or otherwise, liberals everywhere perceive themselves as intellectually superior beings.  Those who align with the left do so because in their haughty, deluded minds, liberalism is defined as a cerebral ascent they believe conservatives are incapable of making.  Couple that sentiment with Hollywood’s narcissistic arrogance and the combo makes for television whose goal is to find every opportunity to “enlighten” the uninformed masses by depicting conservatives as liberals perceive them to be – dolts worthy of being laughed at and dismissed.

Biden the Bedazzler

In liberal circles, it’s believed that conservatives are intellectually challenged and the left are just, well they’re just smarter, better informed and more perceptive about everything.  Ask a liberal and they’ll tell you that high levels of gray matter, or lack thereof, is what determines political persuasion.  Progressives are of the opinion that the mentally unsophisticated lean right and those blessed with an abundance of gray matter are naturally predisposed toward the left.

Even the uneducated, inarticulate and uninformed believe identifying with liberalism secures an automatic position at the top of the IQ charts, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, and a complimentary subscription to the New York Times.

Think about it – the liberal press is full of geniuses.  To name a few: Progressive radio talk show host Stephanie Miller, CBS News star and journalist extraordinaire Katie Couric, disgruntled Catholic altar boy Bill Maher, can’t-get- the-facts-straight Rachel Maddow, former MSNBC anchormaniac Keith Olbermann and ex-Joffrey Ballet Company dancer Ron Reagan.

The left side of  “The View” couch touts superior intellect, as does much of the leftist Hollywood elite crowd, which includes learned minds like Cher, Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone and of course Intertel wannabes like the warm and cuddly Janeane Garofalo.

This group which, by the way, is quite extensive, have forged lucrative careers pointing out the poverty of brainpower evidenced in individuals such as Sarah Palin and George W. Bush as well as the entire American electorate.

This is also true in politics. Based on an impressive ability to deceive the masses with charm and rhetoric, Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton is extolled as America’s bony-fingered genius.  Bill’s brighter half, Hillary, the supposed “smartest woman in the world,” was able to detect an obscure “vast right wing conspiracy” on mental power alone.

Then of course you have Barack Obama.  Barack is so intellectually gifted that Columbia University couldn’t find a grade high enough to award the man. Instead, throughout his college career institutions of higher learning chose to forgo subjecting him to their inferior grading systems, which must explain the missing transcripts.

When discussing liberal intellect, Vice President “Three letter word…J-O-B-S” Joseph Robinette Biden should not be excluded from the conversation.

Unfortunately for liberals, when Joe speaks, besides geniality, brutal honesty, average aptitude and inability to consistently articulate coherent thoughts, what is exposed is a liberal tendency to accept in some people what is fodder for the mockery of others.

When it comes to Joe, it’s a “big f______ deal” to hand the man a microphone or, for that matter, to allow a microphone within 500 feet of his lips if they’re moving. Biden has proven to be the world’s most candid politician, which explains why liberals keep Biden around; in comparison to their blathering, Joe helps twisted truth appear intelligent.

Void of measured consideration, Joe is famous for exposing the innermost recesses of his own thought processes. Take for example the Vice President sharing insights on Obama’s $900 billion stimulus with members of the House Democratic Caucus.  It was there that Biden blurted out, “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.”  Oops!

Even with practice, Biden’s ability to think before speaking appears to be getting worse, not better.  Prior to the historic 2008 election, Joe was so worked up on the campaign trail that he referred to Obama as “Barack America.”   The Vice President even exhorted paralyzed US Senator Chuck Graham to “stand and let … people see you.”

With Biden, authentic gusto oftentimes overrides prudence, like when a pumped up Biden disregarded confidentiality and, without further explanation, blurted out that he, Michelle, and Barack had all been tested for HIV/AIDS. Maybe if liberals want to maintain credibility it would be best if people like Stephanie Miller refrained from calling Sarah Palin an “idiot.”

The left laughed it off when Biden beseeched St. Patty’s Day blessings on the deceased mother of a world leader who was still very much alive. They chuckled when at one event Joe gave a shout-out to state senators who weren’t even in attendance, and when he confused automotive company Ener1 with disgraced energy corporation Enron.

More recently, while representing the United States in a diplomatic capacity (have mercy dear Lord), during a visit to Moscow Biden pulled a Bush in Australia.  Mr. Biden “mangled the name of Russia’s most famous prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky.”  The result: a stammering Biden once again pardoned for what brought Bush relentless humiliation.

Advocating for human rights on behalf of business entrepreneur/democracy-loving political prisoner Khodorkovsky watch , Joe “barked” out: “Over the past few months our administration has spoken out against allegations of misconduct in the trial of… of, uh… the, um… excuse me… Khodor… Kovinsky.”

After receiving “more giggles than rounds of applause,” Joe was clever enough to muster “a self-deprecating joke,” which “instantly endeared” him to the audience.  Once again, with nary a peep from the left, Biden was given a liberal pass for an understandable slip-up that, if he were a conservative, would have been mocked with gusto.

Wasn’t G.W. Bush’s lack of intelligence alleged because of his tendency toward improper pronunciation? Yet, based on party affiliation, Joe is not and never will be held to the same stringent garbling standards as George.  The left have set the pronunciation/intelligence bar so high that every time the Vice President opens his mouth to speak the unintended consequence is that both his handicap and liberal hypocrisy are simultaneously exposed.

The Vice President is viewed by double standard-bearing liberals as nothing more than an adorable gaffe machine.  The brainy New York Times even called Joe Biden “experienced, serious and smart,” proving once again that when measured against the standards set forth by liberal self-appointed whiz kids, Joe Biden is a genius.

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