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New York City: The Big Apple or the Red Apple?

New York City

How To Get Baby To Take Prevacid Originally posted at American Thinker

http://jackhanna.com/?rqa=Where-To-Buy-Nolvadex-2017cheap-Phenergan-Tablets&0fa=5b New York City’s Mayor de Blasio has been sworn in, and his remarks at the ceremony proved that he is unabashed in his affection for progressivism.  De Blasio vows to level the playing field, punish the rich, share the wealth, and further the progressive vision in the City That Never Sleeps.

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Zetia Discount Program Mr. de Blasio’s words even made “bedeviled” Bill Clinton feel comfortable enough to acknowledge his usually deeply disguised radical left-leaning ideology.  Speaking directly to Slick Willy, who attended with Hillary “Claw Her Way to the Top” Clinton, de Blasio said, “[O]ver 20 years ago, when a conservative philosophy seemed dominant, [Clinton] broke through — and told us to still believe in a place called Hope.” 

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http://ncnaglegemsandbeads.com/?medz=Singulair-Prices-Walmart&c48=a9 As for presidential hopeful Hillary, de Blasio thanked her for informing America that “It Takes a Village” to raise a child.  Things got so blatant, Department of Sanitation chaplain Reverend Fred Lucas, Jr. of the Brooklyn Community Church even went so far as to call the city that used to symbolize opportunity and success a “plantation.”

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click here De Blasio thanked Andrew “Fewer Guns, More Abortion” Cuomo and former mayors “Nanny State” Bloomberg and David “High Crime and Taxes” Dinkins, the latter of whom de Blasio credits for being the reason he met his wife, self-avowed former lesbian Chirlane McCray, the first openly gay person to run Dinkins’S City Hall.


source link Mayor de Blasio thanked Chirlane and his two children, son Dante, who resembles Clarence Williams III from the Mod Squad, and daughter Chiara, who recently admitted to struggling with substance abuse.


De Blasio even thanked his family from Italy, a country where, before he was a fascist, Mussolini was a socialist like de Blasio and got the Italian people to accept a dictatorship by getting them to falsely believe that he got the trains to run on time.


From there, de Blasio sounded like Barack Obama, whipping up a crowd with socialistic drivel when he reminded his audience that New York City is a place where “big dreams are not a luxury reserved for a privileged few.”


De Blasio declared, “New York has faced fiscal collapse, a crime epidemic, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. But now, in our time, we face a different crisis — an inequality crisis.” 


What de Blasio forgot to mention is that the “inequality crisis” he hopes to rectify was created by all the wealthy liberals he just thanked for attending his swearing-in ceremony.


Nonetheless, in a time when terrorism and crime remain a threat to New York City, de Blasio feels that even if the city remains a rat-infested terrorist target, his priority is to “put an end to economic and social inequalities” that the smiling group of bobble-heads cheering him on helped advance.


The way Mr. de Blasio proposes to accomplish that goal is through a “new progressive direction.”  The mayor is so committed to “progressivism” that he mentioned the word six times.  He brought up “progressive direction … impulse … income tax … reform … vision.”  He even vowed to transform the five boroughs, Lord have mercy, into a more “progressive place.” 


After acknowledging and thanking communist sympathizer and keynote speaker Harry Belafonte, without a moment of hesitation, de Blasio mentioned “challeng[ing] the status quo” in a similar way to Progressive Era champions like Danish/American social reformer/photographer/journalist Jacob Riis and Hillary Clinton’s own psychic muse, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as Al Smith, Franklin Roosevelt, Frances Perkins, and Fiorello La Guardia.


According to the new mayor, those individuals, like himself, were on a mission to expose corporate greed and welcome immigrants, as well as “blaze a trail of progressive reform and political action” by “taking on the elite” and standing up for “social and economic justice!”


How exactly does Mr. de Blasio plan to rectify the current “inequality crisis” he feels plagues the city, because he did compare NYC with the evil horse-drawn carriage era of Charles Dickens’s French Revolution Tale of Two Cities.


Based on his promises, the de Blasio Revolution plans to expand the Paid Sick Leave Law; to “require big developers to build more affordable housing” (emphasis on require); expand community health centers in neighborhoods in need; and “to protect the dignity and rights of young men of color” by messing around with a highly successful crime deterrent called stop-and-frisk.


With the Clintons’ approval, de Blasio stressed that he didn’t want New Yorkers “to see our city … as the exclusive domain of the One Percen[t]” — the group the Clintons as well as many others on the dais have comfortably settled into.


Evidently, Mayor de Blasio thinks that bureaucratic pre-K and after-school programs are the only way to ensure that, like his daughter Chiara who struggled with marijuana and alcohol, “our kids get on the right path and stay there.”  That’s why, in order to accomplish that “common cause” goal, de Blasio will tax the wealthy and use those monies to finance an “It Takes a Village”-style “full-day universal pre-K and after-school programs for every middle school student.”


With Bill and Hillary nodding “yea” and “amen,” predictably de Blasio demeaned “far right … trickle-down economics [and] ‘[r]ugged individualism.'”  And despite Michael Bloomberg feeling the need to address obesity in New York City, de Blasio felt moved to quote Fiorello La Guardia, who said, “I, too, admire the ‘rugged individual,’ but no ‘rugged individual’ can survive in the midst of collective starvation.”


The new mayor outlined the basic tenet of redistribution of wealth when he asked his audience to “please remember: we do not ask more of the wealthy to punish success. We do it to create more success stories.”


Failing to explain who decides what is unequal or unjust or how his policy strengthens people, de Blasio stressed the notion of “[a] city that fights injustice and inequality — not just because it honors our values, but because it strengthens our people.”


In the wake of de Blasio’s swearing-in, it’s clear that newly minted Hizzoner has big plans to create his idea of a more equal, more progressive New York.  That means if the guy Bill and Hillary Clinton enthusiastically swore in has his way, the Big Apple is about to become the Red Apple.

Likeminded Clintons to Swear In Radical Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio

Originally posted at American Thinker

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The Bible says in the book of Amos, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” So it follows that Bill and Hillary Clinton would be in agreement with New York City mayor-elect Warren Wilhelm, Jr., aka Bill de Blasio.

To prove it, the former president, with his presidential-hopeful wife Hillary at his side, will officially swear in the new mayor who, despite being unaffiliated with any religion or church except for an admitted interest in Marxism-inspired liberation theology, has chosen to symbolically place his hand on socialist FDR’s bible.

Hillary and Bill enthusiastically endorsed de Blasio for mayor.  However, it’s doubtful that the Clintons’ decision to do so is solely about de Blasio having formerly served as campaign manager for Hillary’s U.S. Senate race in 2000 or having worked as a HUD official in Mr. Clinton’s administration.

To safeguard her own political aspirations, Hillary Clinton likes to pretend that she is a centrist, to the right of Barack Obama.  The truth is that Hillary is so keen on Mr. de Blasio, who appears to be to the left of Karl Marx, that in October the former Secretary of State lent her Democrat star power to a million-dollar fundraiser in support of the incumbent New York City Public Advocate’s mayoral bid.

For almost 50 years, Bill and Hillary have worked hard to camouflage the truth about their radical roots.  Yet, they are about to very publicly install a man in a seat of power in America’s largest and richest city  who talks openly about sharing the wealth and doing progressive things like eliminating “letter grades on schools because he believes they amount to simplistic evaluations of merit” and “making New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartments available to homeless families.”

Following the swearing in ceremony, some of de Blasio’s more immediate goals include: paying for universal all-day pre-kindergarten with a tax increase pilfered from those making $500,000 a year or more; expansion of paid sick leave; allowing undocumented immigrants access to state tuition assistance and driver’s licenses; and making sure that the “stop-and-frisk” crime-cutting strategy goes to policy purgatory.

In a telling New York Times article entitled “Bill de Blasio and the New Urban Populism,” author Thomas B. Edsall discusses how de Blasio has not been reluctant to declare that he “supports programs to ensure that every New Yorker eligible for food stamps, health care, income security and social services gets on the rolls, effectively resurrecting the welfare rights movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.”

By ‘walking together’ with the new mayor, Bill and Hillary, two former hippie activists from the 60s and 70s, are admitting that they’re simpatico with a godless, pro-illegal immigrant, teachers’ union-loving, entitlement-pushing, employer-hating, proudly leftist politician.  

On a more personal note, a couple-to-couple comparison reveals that Dynamic Democrat Duo Bill and Hill, who are breathlessly looking forward to setting up housekeeping a second time in the White House, are not as honest about what is near and dear to their hearts as the couple about to move into Gracie Mansion.

Just as when Bill was president he was closely advised by Hillary, the Big Apple’s soon-to-be first lady, black poet Chirlane McCray, is the new mayor’s “closest advisor.”

However, unlike the Clintons, the ‘Smackdown‘-dancing de Blasios have the guts to confess that their 19-year unconventional interracial marriage came to pass because Chirlane, previously a self-declared lesbian, fell in love with her husband after “putting aside …assumptions … about the form and package … love would come in.”Quite frankly, that is a whole heck of a lot more forthcoming than Bill and Hillary have ever been about their own unusual marriage.

To Bill and Hill’s credit, at least their daughter Chelsea didn’t abuse substances in her teens that anyone knows of.  That is more than de Blasio, who thinks he can control a city of 8.3 million people, can say about his own daughter Chiara, whom he couldn’t control for most of her teenage years.

Marital sincerity and parenting skills are where the differences between the two couples end. Because try as they might to project themselves as adherents to a much less radical sociopolitical persuasion, the Clintons are proving they are in firm agreement with the anti-elitist, left-leaning soon-to-be mayor of New York City.As they say in New York, not for nothing, but Mr. de Blasio is such a loony leftist that in response to NYC animal rights activists concerned about “horse welfare,” Hizzoner has even gone so far as to ban horse-drawn carriages in Central Park.

To put it plainly, the 6’5” guy that Bill Clinton is about to bestow his blessing upon is a full-blown socialist who won a landslide victory in New York City despite making some wildly radical campaign promises.  

As for Mrs. Clinton, try as she might to hide it, after the swearing-in ceremony she’ll still be bound and determined to assume the title of the country’s first female president.  So America had better pay heed to Ms. Hillary, because she is ‘walking together’ and therefore in agreement with a man who has plans to turn the largest city in America into a socialist’s paradise.

Financially Capable Barack Obama Schools America

USMC-090303-M-8605-004-300x199Originally posted at Clash Daily

More evidence of liberal insanity: Since he took office in 2009, Barack Obama simply refuses to stop spending, disregards the nation’s credit limit, and in just four years, has raised the national debt by $6,140,111,383,879.54, bringing it to a staggering total of $16,766,988,432,792.62

Now, after piling on a debt of $53,377 per household, the person who accrued that debt has proclaimed tax month to be “National Financial Capability Month.” No offense to the president, but the only capability he has exhibited in the last four years is the capability to financially obliterate the nation’s entire economy. Obama giving financial advice is kind of like Obama giving basketball tips – regardless of what he thinks; it’s just not a part of his skill set.

It’s the liberal way to perceive yourself as diametrically opposed to what and who you actually are. Therefore, Barack Obama being a financially incapable liberal is precisely the reason why the man who has yet to submit a budget proposal for 2014 feels he’s qualified to teach young people “how to budget responsibly.”

What’s next, Bill and Hillary Clinton running a Marital Cohesiveness and Fidelity Seminar? How about first daughters Sasha and Malia, who took not one but two spring break vacations, sharing with the younger set how to spend a week at the Atlantis in the Bahamas and River Run in Sun Valley, Idaho on a limited budget? Sorry, but if Barack Obama is financially capable, then outgoing MSNBC host Ed Schultz is qualified to host a new “Eradicate Bias in the Media” show.

Then again, this is the president who is expert at exempting himself from what he insists others do. That is why a person who clearly has no understanding of sound financial principles can say with a straight face: “I call upon all Americans to observe this month with programs and activities to improve their understanding of financial principles and practices.”

Wait! When Obama says “all Americans” does “all” include himself and the $10 million dollar vacationer he’s married to, or does “all” just mean everybody except Mr. and Mrs. Obama?

Either way, the president must truly believe that he’s an authority on stretching a dollar, because in his “National Financial Capability Month” proclamation, he said that his “[a]dministration is dedicated to helping people make sound decisions in the marketplace.” That marketplace, by the way, is the same marketplace that he’s currently in the process of destroying. It could be that President Obama thinks that the soundest way to save money in the marketplace is to exchange the marketplace for something altogether different.

Well, at least Obama is voluntarily giving the middle class pointers on how to subsist with less money, especially after the 2% payroll tax increase the president promised the middle class they would not get was folded into the fiscal cliff deal in the form of increased social security withholding.

As for budgeting, the president’s record speaks for itself. In 2009 the self-perceived financially capable Obama’s budget goal was to cut the $1.2 trillion deficit in half. Three years later, the president “averaged a record $1.3 trillion deficit over the first term.” Mr. Obama promised a $600 billion cut in deficit spending and ended up with a $1.3 trillion shortfall. That, my friends, shouts financial incapability.

Remember the “stimulus?” Who else do you know could add $812 billion to the deficit in an effort to stimulate the job market, promise that those dollars would help unemployment drop below 6%, only to see it rise all the way up to 9% at one point? Then, when frustrated workers who’ve been unemployed for four years give up looking for work and the rate misleadingly drops to 7.7%, Obama calls it an improvement.

About budgetary concerns down the road, Barack Obama told the public that the 10-year cost of the Affordable Care Act would be $900 billion; the actual cost will be $2.7 trillion. In the president’s defense, when budgeting, a $1.7 trillion miscalculation here or there should not cause a person to lose credibility in the area of budgetary expertise.

When Barack Obama took office in 2009, he predicted that by the end of his first term the GDP would be 4.6%. Through the third quarter of 2012 the GDP was 1.7%; the second-quarter percent change guesstimate is 1.3%, which reflects a “downward revision” of 0.4%. Now that right there is a level of financial savvy that is nothing short of astounding.

For “National Financial Capability Month,” Barack Obama declared, “My Administration continues to encourage responsibility at all levels of our financial system by cracking down on deceptive practices and ensuring that consumers are informed of their rights.” Talk about a total lack of self-awareness. All this “cracking down” is coming from the irresponsible Obama administration, with its deceptive practices and continual infringement on everybody else’s rights.

Barack Obama has burdened our young people with an unfathomable debt he refuses to fix and now he’s offering them help for the mess he’s gotten them into? Obama said, “Together, we can prepare young people to tackle financial challenges – from learning how to budget responsibly to saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account.”

President Obama will never admit it, but “National Financial Capability Month” is really just about tax month and training Americans to make do with a whole lot less than they’re used to.

Better advice would be for young people to forget about “saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account.” Instead, what young people need to do is realistically prepare themselves for a lifetime of hardship as they shoulder the financial burden that the financially incapable Barack Obama has heaped upon their shoulders.

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