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Michelle Obama’s ‘Plan B’ Gun Control Effort

largerOriginally posted at American Thinker

Plan B is not just a controversial morning-after pill; it’s also an effort on Michelle Obama’s part to paint anyone who doesn’t agree with her husband’s restrictive gun measures as people who are willing to force children to live their lives in terror. Michelle attempted to paint that picture during an interview with Lee Cowan on “CBS Sunday Morning,” when she dredged up sob stories from her gun violence visit to Chicago last month.

The first lady said that after delivering her speech on gun violence in April, she was amazed at the extent to which Chicago’s children were forced to live in subjugation to the fear of being shot. Thus, the unspoken premise of Michelle Obama’s comments is that the cure for children in Chicago being dominated by the fear of being killed by a stray bullet is to subjugate the entire nation’s Second Amendment rights.

Michelle shared that students at Harper High School in Englewood, Illinois told her, “Every day they wake up and wonder whether they’re going to make it out of school alive.” Mrs. Obama said, “I mean, every single kid worries about their own death, or the death of someone, every single day.” Michelle Obama uttering those words is a prime example of liberal duplicity. This is a woman who supports 3,500 babies a day being aborted, and she’s preaching to us about teenagers who, no thanks to her or her husband, miraculously made it out of the womb alive — not making it out of school alive?

To add insult to injury, Mrs. Obama then said “we” have an “obligation to these kids” to try again. When Mrs. Obama uses words like “obligation to these…” anything, it’s a clear sign that hubby, on behalf of some victimized group, believes he is bound to a higher authority than Congress and is probably out searching desperately for some way to circumvent the law.

Michelle Obama, savior of America’s children, then pointed out, “We have millions of kids living in these kinds of circumstances who are doing everything right.” What she forgot to mention was that, despite restrictive gun laws already in place, children living in Chicago “who are doing everything right” will still be victimized by those in Chicago, children or otherwise, who will continue to do everything wrong.

Bordering on tears, the first lady went on to say: “And we, as a nation, have to embrace these kids and let them know that we hear them, and see them.” Disregard that “we as a nation” part, because rest assured, Mrs. Obama believes that no one except her and her husband hear and see the fearful children of Chicago. And only those who adhere to the liberal vision have the power and authority to quell anxiety by finding a way to restrict the ability of the nation’s gun owners to exercise their right to “keep and bear arms.”

Ratcheting up the sympathy factor yet another notch, Michelle then shared with a sycophantic Lee Cowan that “One kid told me he felt like he lived in a cage, because he feels like his community is unseen, unheard and nobody cares about it.” What that caged kid probably hasn’t realized just yet is that the first lady of the United States comes to Chicago regularly to use the “unseen, unheard” and uncared-for children of the Windy City as stage props to help push a progressive gun agenda.

Speaking of guns, Barry visited Mexico where, thanks to him and Eric Holder, it’s even worse than Chicago when it comes to gun violence. Careful not to mention beheadings and machetes in his speech, Obama did suggest to a rapt audience of Mexican students that gun control would save lives on both sides of the border. Ohhh… so that explains why the president decided not to control gunrunners taking illegal high-capacity rifles from one side of the border to the other.

In a rare moment of honesty, Obama did acknowledge his own involvement in supplying Mexico with guns when he said, “Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States.” No Shiite, Sherlock.

Then the president gave the crowd an impromptu refresher course on the U.S. Constitution, saying, “I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms. And as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right, and I always will.” While pushing amnesty in Mexico, what he didn’t do was explain how United States immigration law works. Trawling for future voters, the president chose to conveniently skip that particular lesson.

Instead, immediately following the mini-course on the Second Amendment came the ‘but’ portion of the president’s speech, which is also known as the unofficial ‘Obama clarification.’ That’s where an unspoken ‘but’ cues the president to insert an addendum that corrects what he perceives to be one of the fundamental flaws in the Constitution.

Obama then said “At the same time (which is really a ‘but’), as I’ve said in the United States, I will continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms,” (which are really ‘Barack Obama-approved modifications’) “that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people,” (that would be law-abiding Americans) “that can save lives here in Mexico and back home in the United States. It’s the right thing to do.”

Sorry, Mr. President, it’s a little too late to ‘do the right thing.’ Why wasn’t that option proposed prior to illegally arming drug cartels with AK-47s? Who knows, maybe some of those guns have even made their way up to Illinois where your wife is now claiming we need to make an effort to “embrace… hear and see” Chicago’s terrified children who live each day in fear of being shot.

Decorating Tijuana Bridges

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

While Americans deflate blowup Santa Clauses and remove Christmas decorations, according to the Baja California state attorney general in Tijuana, the drug cartels are decorating Mexican border bridges with bullet-riddled heads. One ingenious decorator hung a cranium “using a metallic ring and a nylon rope,” shot through with creatively placed “bullet wounds.”

The decapitated head was accompanied by a hostile message and was discovered a few hours after a thirty-ish woman was “found shot to death in another Tijuana neighborhood,” also accompanied by another drug cartel-style ominous note.

The gruesome sight was just miles from downtown San Diego, home of Edgar Jimenez, El Ponchis (“The Cloak”), the 14 year-old hit man who was arrested recently for busily removing “heads and genitalia” for “one of Mexico’s most powerful trafficking cartels.”

Over the past four years, more than “30,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence.”  Some corpses retained their heads, but others weren’t as lucky.  In fact, the day the ornamental head and the dead woman were found, Erasto Ortiz Valencia, Sonora state’s prison director, was shot to death outside his home 10 days after assuming the interim position.  In addition, the assistant police chief of Empalme was cut down by “gunmen who fired an assault rifle from an SUV.” Two boys ages 14 and 17 were shot to death with assault rifles and the bodies of four young men, killed with “guns and knives and….found blindfolded and their hands or feet tied,” were bound and dumped on a “main boulevard.”

But there is no need to fret.  Arizona residents worried about their necks can rest easy because DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano assures America that the border has never been safer.  The Mexico/US border is so secure that, despite headless bodies and random bloodshed, Barack Obama kicked back and extended his Hawaiian vacation to avail himself of multitudinous portions of artificially colored shaved ice and did so while the border conflict raged on.

Truth is, the Obama administration is wise not to worry; it was probably coincidental that on the same day the bridge was adorned with the bullet-riddled head, Mexican police also found an “unfinished tunnel under a house in the city of Nogales, across from Nogales, Arizona.”  While the tunnel does appear nefarious, it is possible Obama might interpret the hidden access into the US as merely an attempt for well-meaning parents to make their way to an Arizona ice cream parlor to purchase a cone for a kid without being harassed or troubled for identification.

According to the Mexican “Army’s 45th Military Zone command…the tunnel was dug about 5 feet (1.5 meters) beneath the surface and stretched almost 100 feet (30 meters), apparently just far enough to reach US territory.”  If ice cream wasn’t the driving incentive, Arizona residents can breathe a sigh of relief because luckily, the bridge beheading distracted workers mid-project, causing excavators to abandon the effort before it was complete.

No one knows for sure who’s to blame for the uptick in carnage, because “one of Mexico’s biggest and most brutal drug gangs” recently announced a “ceasefire” for the month of January.  A truce could mean that for a season La Familia has decided to forgo contributing to the mountains of dead bodies.

Nevertheless, assault rifles aside and in an effort to retain respectability, Mexico’s “most flamboyant” cartel obviously remains devoted to the act of adorning Tijuana bridges with an eye-catching array of severed heads, in an effort to reaffirm for doubters who actually wields the power over the US/Mexico border.

Murder, Mayhem and Mexican Mayors

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Whenever Barack Obama refers to the Arizona/Mexican border crisis, the President’s comments usually revolve around “ice cream, harassment and racial profiling.”  Yet it is not within the refuge of Arizona’s ice cream parlors that danger lurks.  Further south, a systematic massacre is taking place as violent criminals, drug-thugs and cartels declare open season on Mexican public officials in an unrelenting brutal blood bath.

Take for instance Gustavo Sanchez, mayor of Tancitaro in Michoacan state.  Recently, Sanchez and Rafael Equihua, Sanchez’s secretary, were both put to death Iranian adulteress-style. The corpses were found thrown, like bags of abandoned fertilizer, in the back of a flat bed truck.  “A drug cartel known as La Familia Michoacan is active in the area, but officials gave no indication the two men were killed by narco-traffickers.”

The Tancitaro prosecutor’s office said Sanchez and Equihua were “bound and blindfolded and had severe head wounds.”  At first it was thought the men were hacked to death with a machete, but now it appears the duo were “stoned to death.”

According to Mexican news agency Notimex, “Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Cervantes had taken over the top post in the city of Tancitaro in December 2009, after Mayor Trinidad Meza Sanchez resigned the post due to pressure from drug traffickers.”

It is still unclear whether Mayor Sanchez’s murder was drug-related.  However, a hint can be gleaned from a similar occurrence that took place a few days prior to Sanchez’s mangled carcass being discovered.  In northern Chihuahua the “mayor-elect … was shot in the head and chest by drug hit men” and left to die, barely clinging to life.

The head-chest shooting in Chihuahua took place one day after a mayor in a “town outside Mexico’s northern business city of Monterrey” was also assassinated.  In fact, since August Sanchez is the “fifth city leader to be slain in Mexico.”

Since “President Felipe Calderon launched his offensive on cartels in 2006,” 29,000 people have been slaughtered in a war between competing drug lords vying for turf. As a point of reference, the stack of Mexican bodies compiled in four short years is a few thousand shy of the 30,000 + seating capacity of Boise, Idaho’s Bronco Stadium.

While Barack Obama is busy guaranteeing illegals safe refuge in ice cream parlors, a mere 66 miles south of Tucson, Arizona the rate of violent death is 33 times higher than the annual rate of military deaths in Afghanistan.

The carnage is rapidly spilling over the border into Arizona as U.S. territory is being occupied by drug cartels and human smugglers.  Yet Barack appears more concerned with individuals who ethnically resemble people of Mexican origin having access to hassle-free ice cream cones than whether national security is seriously compromised.

In fact, 50 miles south of Phoenix, residents are warned not to use certain routes within the state because of “armed criminals and smuggling vehicles traveling at high rates of speed.”  According to Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, “Mexican drug cartels literally… control parts of Arizona…scouts on the high points in the mountains [control movement] with radios… optics, [and] night-vision goggles.”

On the local level and even closer to home:

Since officials [in Arizona] formed a special squad [in 2008] to deal with home invasions, they have counted more than 200 of them, with more than three-quarters linked to the drug trade. In one case, the intruders burst into the wrong house, shooting and injuring a woman watching television on her couch. In another, in a nearby suburb, a man the police described as a drug dealer was taken from his home at gunpoint and is still missing.

Thus far Barack Obama’s response to the burgeoning crisis is feeble at best.  The President remains steadfast in the belief that every person should be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to lawful citizenship. Obama talks as if Arizona law enforcement officials should hesitate before requesting identification from ethnic-looking individuals toting suspicious backpacks and night goggles if spotted in ice cream parlors accompanied by a child.

The President believes individuals need to be shielded from oppressive laws because failing to do so would be tantamount to the United States federal government sanctioning harassment and ethnic discrimination.  Barack is so unswerving in his determination to avoid racial profiling that it appears he is willing to risk infiltration by Al Qaeda terrorists, as well as cede large portions of U.S. territory to armed marauders.

Regardless of country of origin, the illegal-immigrant-friendly Obama administration remains steadfastly committed to protecting the rights of all visitors to enjoy 100% harassment-free frozen dulce de leche in one of Arizona’s many Cold Stone Creamery ice cream parlors.

Good thing, because after brutally slaughtering a Mexican mayor or two it’s comforting for members of drug cartels, who occasionally mosey over the border to avoid la Policies Federal, to know that, despite Arizona home invasions, beheadings, kidnappings, and border patrol-guard shootings, an amigo can be found in America’s most fair-minded public official, Barack Obama.

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