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Miller, Tiller and the Principle of Sowing and Reaping

plantRegardless the reason, it is wrong for one human being to threaten, harm or take the life of another human being.  However, the Bible makes clear a very simple principle; you “reap what you sow.” The basic premise is that which springs forth is a result of the seeds you have placed in the soil of your life.   The straightforward concept of reaping and sowing seems to be something Liberals refuse to grasp or do not believe applies to them.  Oftentimes when seedlings sprout and the things they promote affect them directly Liberals seem stunned and taken aback by the result of the harvest.

Take for example the Democratic Congressman, Brad Miller of North Carolina.  Congressman Miller is a left wing Liberal who proudly endorses the Democratic culture of death.  So much so that he received a 100% rating from NARAL because of his staunch pro-choice voting record.  Congressman Miller supports the extreme left when it comes to abortion rights.  Yet, Miller refuses to speak at town hall meetings on health care out of fear.  Miller claims, “His offices received threatening phone calls, including at least one direct threat against his life.”

Congressman Miller, a strong advocate of slaughtering infants in the womb, partial-birth abortion and a health care bill that would seriously limit the life expectancy of the elderly and the infirm.  However, he apparently places high value on his own life. To protect himself he skips town hall events and hides out.  Avoiding danger, the Congressman continues to condone the extermination of those who are too helpless or frail to  escape the destruction he legislatively endorses. Miller sows death, reaps the threat of death and then whines.

Congressman Miller is a thriving politician, his message of death has caught on.  He has successfully convinced his constituents that they have the ability to choose whose life has value and whose does not and now he is being threatened by the seeds of his own ideology.  Threats against his life are something he probably didn’t foresee being a problem when he was approving legislation supporting the  transport of teenage girls across state lines for abortions.

Brad Miller is also a strong supporter of President Obama’s health care initiative. Obama’s bill sows its own seeds of threatening language when referring to the elderly; special needs and chronically ill individuals.  These vulnerable recipients of the public option face the prospect of rationed health care and being forced to choose to end their life in lieu of the high cost of medical care.  The Congressman’s sowing of support for the bill prompted his reaping a menacing phone call.

When it comes to the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping, Congressman Miller can learn from the life and death of Dr. George Tiller.  Dr. Tiller sowed death for years.  Personally responsible for untold numbers of late term abortions, the controversial doctor was ensnared in a church lobby, and shot dead.

Tiller, who referred to babies born alive during botched abortions as sloppy medicine, reaped a shoddy attempt on his life in 1993 when a gunman shot him in both arms failing to kill him.  Sixteen years later Tiller was ambushed in a house of worship in a successful attempt to take his life. Based on an unbridled reign of terror against the unborn, the doctor was murdered by someone who considered Tiller’s life lacking dignity and worth.  Dr. Tiller sowed violent death on innocence abiding peacefully and unaware and reaped death in a church, which should be the safest place on the planet outside of the womb.

President Obama, who supports the same level of violence against the unborn as Dr. Tiller, expressed shock and outrage over his murder.  Suffice it to say, Miller should take note.  Alarm and indignation at death threats and murder imposed on a life dedicated to the support of death and murder, can be likened to planting poison hemlock, expecting pink dahlias and being shocked and outraged when you harvest gnarly toxic scrubs.

Based on the brutal, criminal death of Dr. Tiller, which was wrong regardless of the cause and the fearful reaction of Congressman Brad Miller, it is incumbent upon those who support the culture of death to consider whether they will be taken at their word and made vulnerable to become victims of an ideology they spent their life working diligently to advance. Liberals need to understand the power of their death message.  Sick and twisted people hear them and are persuaded.

Liberal abortion policy has contributed to the desensitization of a nation toward death, murder, abortion and now impending euthanasia policy. Convincing a nation that life is disposable is something that impacts everyone, including Liberals.  What they need to understand is that the degradation of human life affects even those who have worked hard to accomplish that goal.   Thus, Tiller kills and is viciously and wrongfully killed and Congressman Miller supports butchery and is then threatened by some wacko with death.

The basic Biblical principle of sowing and reaping applies to Congressman Brad Miller, Dr. George Tiller, and Barack Obama and to anyone who supports the culture of death.  Its simple, “…you reap what you sow.” The proprietors of death in America need to consider a day when they may find themselves victims of the death philosophy they promoted.

Liberals need to contemplate the law of seeds resulting in harvest.  This is the course of nature and is as inescapable as George Tiller, like a fetus in a womb, being waylaid in a church lobby with no way out. Dr. Tiller died in a defenseless position mercilessly slaughtered with nowhere to run.  The person who took his life had no right to do so, just as Tiller had no right to end the life of the unborn.  As a result of his ideology, Tiller reaped a harvest of no escape and the same searing pain, fear and death he sowed.

There is a sad irony connected to Dr. Tiller’s death, though too late for him, maybe Miller needs to be reminded that what has developed in his own life may be a result of his adept ability to seed life and death issues. Congressman Brad Miller claims he is being terrorized by ominous phone calls.  If he is, he is reaping the harvest of staunch defense and belief in the right to cruelly threaten and harm others, thus encouraging harm to himself.

With the death and burning of Dr. Tiller’s field, an endeavor described by his family as “…a legacy that will never die,” Brad Miller is being offered the opportunity to reassess the harvest and till his own soil. Before the phone rings in his office a second time, it would do the North Carolina Congressman well to reconsider the seeds of a radical abortion stance and support for President Obama’s health care bill, and what type of message that sends to those looking for an excuse to take life, and in the process Miller will secure for his own life a harvest of safety and wellbeing in the future.

Obama’s Easterless Egg Hunt

obamaeggWASHINGTON, DC  April 12, 2009. The White House Easter Egg Hunt is an annual family event for kids of all ages to hunt and race for Easter Eggs on the White House Lawn while enjoying a morning of storytelling and a visit with prominent Washington celebrities as well as the Easter Bunny.

There were exciting changes at the White House Egg  Hunt this year. Firstly, the White House changed the name to the Obama Egg Roll in honor of all Asian Americans.  They also requested  Jesus not be mentioned during the festivities and that all photos, crosses in the form of jewelry and religious icons be removed or covered up before entering the event.

One big change was that the eggs were no longer  painted in their usual pastel, spring colors but instead the Obama seal was the official  egg design. The “race” portion of the event was eliminated to prevent the losers from feeling bad. The “hunt” portion  remained, however, no reward was granted to the winners.

An official bunny rabbit attended; along with Planned Parenthood representatives who were there to make sure the children were safe and to hand out free Obama condoms to the little ones. They also came fully prepared to assist if the bunny should happen to die.

Each year there is egg coloring, art activities, face painting, music, magicians, and other activities. This year rap singer will.i.am, composer of the Yes We Can Obama Song taught the children to sing the lyrics, while marching in quick march time.

The featured guest in the reading corner was renowned educator Bill Ayers. Books that he read from included, The Harvey Milk Story, by Kari Krakow and ¡Si, Se Puede! / Yes, We Can!: Janitor Strike in L.A. by Diana Cohn and Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children’s Literature by Julia Mickenberg.

Other highlights included Barney Frank pinning bunny tails on all the little boys and Nancy Pelosi taking part in the old sack races. Reverend Wright monitored the gate to make sure that Jewish children didn’t sneak through, while Bill Clinton chased around the little chickadees.

First Lady Michelle Obama, adorned in a lavender bonnet designed by an haute couture milliner from Washington, D.C., tossed cake to the children from the White House balcony.

Upon arrival to the event each child was given a festive, colorful basket filled to the brim with candy and prizes. obamacandy1They were told they would have to be patient and wait until they got home to see what is inside. Before leaving the premises the children were forced to give over their baskets to kids who hadn’t even attended the function. Many children left crying but were consoled  by Father Phleger who blessed them and applauded their sharing socialistic spirit.

The highlight of the day was a special appearance by the President, complete with pyrotechnics; he rose from a smoke filled stage and disappeared above the White House, while Nigel Kennedy, accompanied by the United States Marine Band, played  Vivaldi’s,  Spring from the Four Seasons.

A secular progressive time was had by all and all references to Christ, His death and resurrection were completely forbidden to be mentioned under penalty of incarceration in the soon to be vacated Guantanamo Bay prison!

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Erin GO’Bama

image4871617x1In Style Magazine sent a crew right over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday morning to do a story on the new level of panache that has permeated the White House. Apparently, in an effort to reenact the same atmosphere as the South Side of Chicago’s green river, the North Side of the White House lawn’s fountain had its frothy water dyed green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Not since John F. Kennedy has such innovative flair and cutting edge class resided at the people’s house.

When asked why the First Lady decided to institute this ground-breaking tradition she said, “This is America not as it was…but as it should be! For eight years, that fountain has flowed with crimson water symbolizing American’s who have been lost or injured in George W. Bush’s illegal war, now it’s time for a Change and I’m initiating that Change by bringing some new color to this White House!”

The First Lady expressed excitement when sharing that the red, green and black, which she plans to have in the fountain on Kwanzaa, will require a little more creative forethought.  The fashion forward icon assured the press corps that she had full confidence that her White House staff will work out those details as the Kwanzaa season approaches.

The day was celebrated with all things Irish. Michelle came to breakfast in the same emerald green kia milla haute couture sleeveless dress, she donned for the White House Stevie Wonder celebration, paired with  green suede Chukka boots, lined in politically correct faux fur. Of course the First Lady was wearing Tom Binn, her favorite Irish designer’s jewelry and in honor of that famous Irish President Ronald Reagan, chose Binn’s fabulously controversial Ronald Reagan piece.

Giggles prevailed with Sasha and Malia and the White House staff when Barry O’Bama showed up at breakfast in shamrock boxer shorts, Irish twill Donegal cap and black patent leather shoes with over sized gold buckles. Michelle requested that her usual morning grits be green and that Irish Oatmeal cake be served for dessert in place of the usual family favorite HuckleBarry Cobbler.

It seems as though there was more than orange juice served for breakfast because in good fun, Barry O’Bama thanked himself when introducing Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen. The Prime Minister was a few lines into his own address when he realized he was repeating Barry’s speech off  the teleprompterChuckling in a heritage-boasting Irish belly laugh Mr. O’Bama returned to the podium and explained to the puzzled audience that the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun hat he had placed on the teleprompter slipped over the script and screwed the whole thing up.

Barry must have been taste testing the contents of a small fountain, which Mrs. Obama asked be duplicated for her scheduled cocktail reception, prior to the event. The replica was filled with “green sparkling wine from a Californian vineyard.” The green libation, together with her favorite creamed dishes spinach and broccoli soup, made the occasion Irish in every way. Mrs. Obama prepared a short speech to offer heart-felt apologies to the Irish Prime Minister for her daughter Sasha’s culturally insensitive attitude toward all things green. She explained, Sasha still does not like the broccoli soup. To kids it’s green and it’s horrible.”

The President, with a lampshade on his head, from the old Bush family living quarters, joked “about the free-flowing bar and warned guests not to wear lampshades on their heads in front of the cameras.” Barry’s playful antics were met with jovial hilarity from Irish “Chieftain” Brian Cowen, who had still not fully recovered from the teleprompter incident earlier in the day.

The American Taoiseach spoke about his own Irish heritage and how his family, on his mother’s side, came from a small Irish town called Moneygall (which explains why he has the absolute gall to take our money the way he does).  Falmouth Kearney, O’Bama’s great, great grandfather “was born in County Offaly, before immigrating to the US in 1850. In spite of her husband’s obvious ethnic pride, Michelle refused to recognize great-great grandpa Kearney. It appears that when Michelle’s ancestors were escaping on the Underground Railroad, there is evidence that Falmouth was a slave owner just five years after arriving on American shores.

Cowen presented the O’President with a Waterford Crystal Bowl filled with shamrocks, which the First Lady asked to be tossed into the salad by the White House Chef in an effort to show solidarity with the Irish.   Immediately following lunch, Nancy Pelosi showed pictures of her “Irish” grandchildren, Sean, Liam and Ryan, while the Corrigan Brother’s performed, There is No One as Irish as Barack O’Bama. Speaker Pelosi tearfully acknowledged the absence of the greatest Irishman of them all, Teddy Kennedy. She then offered a toast of Guinness and had the attendees forgo the traditional conga line to participate in a short  Irish step dancing class in his honor.

Leprechaun teleprompter incident aside, a good time was had by all. It was Guinness, politically correct gay-llic pronunciation, green soup, sea-foam green in the fountain and an AIG greenback scandal in the news. Even Erin GO’Bama was feeling the luck of his 3% Irish and counted on the future possibility of finally finding his Pot-O-Gold on the other side of a brightly colored socialist rainbow, brimming over with the money of every American tax payer.  So clink those icy mugs of beor ghlas and pile your plate with shamrock and radicchio salad its party-time at the Green Behind the Ears White House.

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A.I.G. Ambush Invested Government


My experience has been that if someone confers me money they are doing one of two things, paying for something that I can provide or supporting me. The latter of the two affords my patron a certain measure of control over my life.  I give you something; you owe me gratitude, obedience or loyalty.

Regardless of your age if you live in my home without contributing, you follow my rules, adhere to my restrictions or you are out the door.  The recompense is the relinquishing of personal freedom and the handing over of autonomy to whoever is the provider.  This is an agreed upon contract, which involves a measure of regulatory adherence by those on the receiving end.

This was exactly the situation AIG faced when it came to the $165 million in bonuses, being paid to executives after receiving $173 billion in taxpayer funds, to prevent the company from going under.  Here a private business availed itself to governmental largess and in doing so are now subject to limitations by those same governmental agencies.  AIG has lost freedoms as politicians in Washington DC express a corporate, “You’ll do thus and such!”

From my perspective this isn’t about whether AIG did something immoral with money that wasn’t theirs, it’s about the lesson the American public should be gleaning from what they are observing right before their eyes, which is when you take something from the government…you lose freedom.

What a perfect opportunity this bailout has evolved into to place corporate America over Washington DC’s knee and give them a good spanking.  Those evil big wigs on Wall Street went with hat-in-hand to the government for help and the Pelosi Benevolent Brigade rushed to the rescue with 173 billion in bailout funds. Now AIG is being mortified through a public chastisement for political expediency, as well as being burdened with regulations as to what they can and cannot do with money that Washington is well aware was designated for bonuses prior to the bailout.

My gripe with AIG isn’t the granting of retention bonuses, the amount of which is a minuscule percentage of the billions they received. My problem is that they took the bailout in the first place.  They might as well have just willingly put their private sector foot in a bear trap. In this case, the hand that fed them bit off a few of their fingers and is looking for an excuse to gnaw off their arm.

The granting of the funds to bailout the company has now become the leverage to demonize, humiliate, cause public anger against and to control AIG i.e., big business/Wall Street.  Senator Dodd, of Fannie and Freddie fame, who put the bonus protections into the stimulus package bill in the first place, is now trying to undo them.  Dodd , along with Barack Obama, being one of the largest recipients of AIG campaign funds, added what was called the executive compensation restriction to the bill.  That restriction is now law, making an exception for all bonuses that were contractually agreed upon before February 11th of this year.  Dodd, Obama and all disingenuous politicians knew full well that the bonuses were written into the bailout. Could it be that they were in such a rush to push it through that they were unaware of what they were approving?

Obama must have learned those thespian skills very well from that Brad Pitt visit to Capitol Hill. He, along with the government representatives who are acting stunned and appalled by the additional retention benefits being granted, knew about them all along.  This whole sham is just another opportunity for government to flex their muscle and exercise control over the private sector all as a precursor to what lies ahead when it comes to ultimately controlling individual American citizen’s lives.

Let’s review.  The government bails out and now owns 80% of AIG.  They install a government appointed chairperson, Edward M. Liddy who obviously knew about the previously contracted retention bonuses.  The day comes for the dispersion of the monies and now the government representatives in the White House and Congress pretend to be surprised.  The hope–use the media as a means to stir up the American public against big business in order to exercise additional control over something that they initially established.

Senator Charles Schumer, Democratic New York has expressed that he feels the bonuses are an …offense to millions of hard working Americans whose tax dollars are the only reason AIG continues to exist.”  Right after polishing off a big pan of bacon and eggs, Schumer has expressed that he and his lily-white, ethically pure colleagues plan on doing everything in their power to stop those bonuses from being paid and to collect the money that has already been distributed.  Sounds like a reenactment of Tombstone. A  law was put in place, which compensated for the bonuses but now the government has decided to use the laws they themselves drafted to gain power against AIG to their benefit politically. Selah (Translation: Think on that awhile)!

The message is loud and clear if we choose to hear it.  Baby-boomers put down your Suduko puzzles and focus! Fast forward about ten-years, we’ve demanded and finally received Universal Health Care.  American’s are beholding to the government for health services.  There are restrictions on paying for or purchasing private health care. One day, the politicians in power decide that too many older American’s are demanding health care services and are costing the United States and its tax payers too much money.

A liberal Schumer-type Senator, who  along with Congress has a much superior health plan than the common American citizen, comes to the podium highly indignant and firmly declares that, “Because many older Americans refused to “voluntarily” remove their names from the list for advanced cancer care for the good of the nation and our younger population, the Congress is in the process of passing legislation that would, by law, deny this treatment to anyone over seventy years of age.” Reiterating to the guilty, “You wouldn’t voluntarily take yourself off the list…so we did it for you,” all on behalf of the “common good!”

On February 11th when they debased themselves and accepted the bailout, I wonder if AIG thought they’d be dragged to the gallows by the two politicians they monetarily supported in the election, Barack Obama and Chris Dodd.  I wonder if when the compensation restriction was written into the stimulus bill, as a contractual agreement, AIG executives thought the very people who put it there would use it as a weapon against them.  I wonder if when they stupidly placed their privatized foot into the bear trap they realized that the proprietors of the snare were also filling the hypodermic with plans to administer a lethal injection down the line.

If AIG failed to notice, maybe the American people should pay attention and learn from their mistake that the true cost, when taking handouts from the government, is a loss of freedom.  In this case Schumer is demanding 100% tax on the AIG bonuses.  Buyer beware, in the future there very well may be 100% price tag on our lives if we’re obtuse enough to believe that anything is free, especially if it comes from Washington.

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Belkis Gonzalez, Secretary of Health and Human Services


As luck would have it President Barack Obama may have found a potential Cabinet appointee today right on the front page of the Sun Sentinel and realized that he might have prematurely chosen Governor Kathleen Sebelius as head of Department of Health and Human Services. Sebelius is controversial and pro-choice projecting herself to be someone who is moderate and wants to lower the abortion rate in her state. She is a typical example of the “My Catholic faith teaches me that all life is sacred, and personally I believe abortion is wrong” group. Followed up by the schizophrenic liberal clarification, “However, I disagree with the suggestion that criminalizing women and their doctors is an effective means of achieving the goal of reducing the number of abortions in our nationAbortion, not resume, could dominate Sebelius confirmation.

Like most liberals what they say and what they do are two different things. Regardless of what she “says” Sebelius always comes down on the side of extreme abortion rights, such as her veto of a bill that attempted to place restrictions on late term abortions (Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act (CARA). Sebelius has fought against parental consent or any effort to curtail late-term abortions.

She is also an ardent supporter of Dr. George Tiller a Kansas late term abortionist who admits to having performed over 60,000 abortions. Congratulations Dr. Tiller you wiped out three coliseums full of human beings, quite an accomplishment. Tiller dismisses the concern for infants born alive calling them “just sloppy medicine.” Her relationship with the renowned Dr. Tiller is personal and financial, quite radical for someone who claims that “…all life is sacred, and personally believes abortion is wrong.” I can’t imagine who Sebelius would hang out with if she had no conscience at all. Maybe she would scrub up and hand Dr. Tiller the scalpel, suction and saline and then gleefully drag the biohazard bag’s contents to the dumpster?

Shocking as it might be, Kathleen Sebelius is moderate compared to likes of our esteemed Commander in Chief when it comes to abortion. Personally, I think Barack Obama deserves someone who doesn’t play both sides of the fence when it comes to this issue because he certainly doesn’t. Not that Obama has a conscience– but he rescinded the Bush’s “conscience exemption” originally instituted to protect health care professionals who found participating in an abortion morally reprehensible to be exempt from and having the “right to refuse” participation. Can anyone say Dr. Mengle?

Nazi doctors gave the following arguments in their defense: “involuntary research on prisoners had a long history, prisoners were already sentenced to death, they were only following orders, there were no clear international ethics standards respecting research, the toleration of a lesser evil to tolerate a greater good, those who did not participate might have been killed” (Tarantola, 1993).

If Kathleen Sebelius has any scruples on the issue she very well might be the wrong person for the job. Barack Obama has consistently voted against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA), which is a bill on the Illinois, as well as the Federal level, which would make illegal death by neglect of born alive but unwanted infants. In other words botched abortions where the unthinkable happens and the infant is born alive, you know “sloppy medicine.

Regardless of Obama’s misrepresentation of how he voted on the Illinois bill the truth is, “…he was part of the legislative committee that added that very ‘neutrality clause’ to the bill he voted against in 2003” (News Busters, Warner Todd Huston, Obama Lied About Vote Against Live Birth Abortion Ban, Media Mum, 8-13-08). Long story short, Barack Obama is so committed to making sure babies born alive during botched abortions not make it off the cold, stainless steel table still breathing that he voted against a bill that included the amendment with the Roe-protection wording, which he claimed he was so concerned about.

Obama is proving why, before becoming President, he had the reputation of being the most radical, left-wing US Senator. One reason obviously was his unabashed support of the most heartless pro-choice practice, which is late term abortion and the abandoning, without medical care, of any aborted baby “born alive.” That small detail didn’t seem to bother 52% of the American electorate who felt he was the harbinger of “Hope” and “Change.” I’m sure this voter base would heartily support any Cabinet choice he made and should applaud his appointment of like minded appointees, especially if Kathleen Stebelius shows some cracks in her armor and goes wobbly when it comes to refusing to aid a baby who has the extreme misfortune of being born alive in Barack’s hope laden America.

Obama has made clear that he doesn’t want to “burden the original decision of the woman and the physician to induce labor and perform an abortion” by having an additional physician to attend to a live born infant. You know a sort of undermining of the original intent, which was a lifeless, dead baby. This could be a problem for Ms. Sebelius if her conscience and her Catholic faith should unexpectedly kick in.

That is why I think Obama should have someone in the position of Health and Human Services who would have the stomach to assist Dr. George Tiller after he is appointed Surgeon General. A person who will make sure that the original decision of the woman will never force her to be, as the President says, “punished with a baby.” My recommendation for the position is Belkis Gonzalez the women’s clinic worker in Hialeah Florida who “delivered a live baby during a botched procedure and then threw the infant away” she is tailored made for the Obama Administration.

Barak needn’t worry, even if Gonzalez is prosecuted, convicted and sentenced she will probably only face a year in prison, if anything at all. The woman who delivered the baby in the Miramar Woman’s Center in Hialeah waited until she was 23 weeks pregnant to decide she didn’t have, “the resources or maturity to raise a child.” Lucky for her Belkis was there. Upon giving birth to her baby girl, who she named Shanice, “She came face to face with a human being and that changed everything.” It may be above my pay scale to say so but, “Oops, we can’t have that!” So Ms. Gonzalez “…scooped the baby, placenta and afterbirth” into a red plastic bag and threw Shanice away.

The little girl had taken a breath because her small underdeveloped lungs were filled with air, meaning she had been born alive. “The baby was just treated as a piece of garbage. People all over the country are just aghast,” said the lawyer representing the mother. I beg to differ with you Mr. Brejcha the whole country is not “aghast” 52% are applauding the bravery of Ms. Gonzalez. Maybe President Obama can speak on her behalf and appeal to the judge on the basis that she will be gainfully employed by his Administration and will be operating fully under his jurisdiction and direction. Kathleen Sebelius can go back to Kansas and as far as Belkis is concerned, “You’re hired!”

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Soetero’s Socialistic Slavery


He rode the train, he used the Bible and in order to accrue political respect shamelessly aligned his life’s journey with Abraham Lincoln’s. However, in the first few weeks of governing he certainly didn’t adhere to Lincoln’s ideology when it came to dealing with the economy, “You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn” (Abraham Lincoln 1861-65). Lincoln freed the slaves. Barack Obama is busily resurrecting the institution of slavery and is dead set on making indentured property out of us all.

While the burden of slavery was heavy upon our nation’s shoulders and the result was very nearly the destruction of a fragile Union a President rose to the challenge and conquered our national stain. Quite unlike the 16th President of our nation Barack Obama, in the first three weeks of his administration, has heaped upon our cowed shoulders a debt that can never be repaid. While Lincoln is the President who will be remembered as the one that “set the captives free,” Obama may well be remembered as one who enslaved a once free nation.

If Obama desires to alleviate our economic woes he should read and heed the words and tenants of Lincoln who said, “Property is the fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him labor diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.” These words embody the antithesis of what Obama is endeavoring to establish in the new America he is forging by frenetically implementing policies with fabricated fairness as its focal point.

Obama’s audacious institution of 1.7 trillion dollars of debt, his stoking of class warfare, punishing success and rewarding lack of industry is contradictory to what Lincoln maintained? Our nation is slowly being transformed into a confederacy of citizens who refuse to recognize the injustice amongst us? By looting the property of those who worked for it, Obama is brazenly sending a message quite the contrary to the capitalistic ideology upheld by the one whose tattered Bible he proudly displayed on Inauguration Day.

Barack Obama embodies the liberal practice of imagery over integrity? The truth is he doesn’t really care to wear Lincoln’s size fourteen shoes. He portrays himself as being another Abe, when in fact the war that Lincoln fought was to free our nation from something very akin to what Obama is presently imposing.

Obama is on a mission to institute a social system, which embodies all of the characteristics that represented the greatest blemish of injustice in history. He is establishing a governmental system, that can easily be likened to slavery. Once free people are being bundled in a direction he has ordained, like a massive herd of human chattel. We are destined to be prisoners of the plantation laboring for crumbs and resting on a pile of hay, while toiling at the whim of the Master

American ingenuity and hard work once set us apart as individuals, but Obama is determined to turn us into a faceless sea of workers. His goal is that we become the property of the government living only to maintain the well being and desires of the enslavers of the freeman, the welfare state and Congressional and Senatorial plantation owners. We are being forced to lumber along in the heavy shackles of big government, national debt and high taxation all imposed upon us by those who were supposed to ensure our freedom.

We’ve spent from November 4th to January 20th on the high seas being transported aboard an Amistad of sorts. Disembarked we’re being sorted into groups, weighed and measured by salary, class status and sold into bondage accordingly. We are about to have our industry beaten out of us to learn that inbred determination and hard work will do nothing for personal prosperity as we’re destined to throw a harvest of cotton bolls into a massive ocean of debt.

I believe that if Barack Obama could distribute the 40 acres and a mule, which he probably feels is rightfully due his beleaguered people. He wouldn’t have a bit of trouble lessening the acreage allotment down to 15.6 acres by absorbing 39% of the reparation. In addition, he’d come up with a creative policy proposal, which would tax the beast of burden by the mile levying their personal property and reminding the liberated that government keeps us slaves even when we think we’re free.

Barack Obama considers himself a champion of civil rights someone whose own ancestors suffered the blight of slavery, yet he cannot see that he is a slaver himself. We’re not human beings to him, we have no identity. We’re all just potential producers, contributors to his national plantation collective. Abraham Lincoln understood the dynamic of slave and master and how it related to democracy, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” Does Barack Obama want this nation to remain a democracy or is he striving to mold it into something else as he saunters around the national stage like the ultimate “Massa?

Source Data: The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Edited by Roy P. Basler, 1858

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The Yugioh Card Conundrum Addendum


The other day I wrote a short (for me) piece entitled the Yugioh Card Conundrum. It was about an object lesson I taught my grandson Luke using his excitement about making money by selling his large collection of Yugioh, Pokémon and Baseball cards on eBay. While working together to organize his collection of cards, I juxtaposed our Sunday afternoon conversation against the current political world we live in. I attempted to instruct him on how the profits we work hard to earn are presently being seized by a government system that discourages hard work, investment, risk taking and profit. This is a hard, but necessary lesson to learn even when you are only ten years old. My goal at the time was to help mold him into a leader who is able to recognize injustice and grow into a man who stands against it.

The reaction I got from some people who read my note was, “You’re mean you ruined the poor kid’s day”, “Nice Grandma, couldn’t you just let him live in his childhood fantasy world a little longer”, Go ahead teach the child lies.” Initially, I thought I was doing something good by driving home the point to Luke that the world we live in is not friendly toward ingenuity, hard work, investment, risk taking and mapping out a plan for your life that insures personal profit. I wanted him to understand why we believe what we believe when he hears us talking. In fact, at one point during the impromptu lesson he even asked me, “Grandma, is that why we’re Conservatives?” And I was able to say, “Yes, that is why we believe what is going on right now is very wrong and it’s important to vote for the right people.” He got it!

In spite of driving home my point successfully, I still couldn’t forget that downtrodden face walking away from the Yugioh cards, which he thought would make him a fortune.  It was both heartrending and depressing. So after getting the response I did from people who read my blog I tried to think of a way that I could hearten my little Republican in the making. All of a sudden I thought to myself, “We bought those cards at an inflated price, while some crook probably made a profit!” His Grandfather had spent hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars on $1.79 packets of trading cards. Too bad he didn’t have his April Fool’s Day tax cut of $1.85 per day it would have only cost him $0.06 for every day he purchased a pack for the little guy, but I digress. I mused on, “These cards were collector’s cards and were bought as an investment, a risk was taken whether they would go up in value or not. Besides a lot of them were in little plastic holders, that’s got to count for something.

Luke was planning on making a killing on eBay with his Yugioh cards and when I told him that his income would be taxed and had to be shared with unfortunate or less ambitious children he was seriously disillusioned. I realized that I had overlooked some very important points at the time.  Things that seem more real to me as I see the government fueling up for flyovers where money is set to be air dropped from the sky like confetti off a float on Mardi Gras. Luke and I just had to be a part of that. We had to come up with a plan, put our heads together and in the process he could be taught another lesson, one that would serve him well in the present tenor of the nation we live in.

I went through the list in my head. Now let me see, “…these cards were bought at an inflated price, Check! They were an investment that was purchased at a risk, Double check! Thanks to this economy they are rapidly depleting in value, Check, Check, Check!” Luckily, they are worth a whole lot less than they were when we bought them. What could be better? It was as if an eco-friendly light bulb went off in my head, “Hallelujah! Luke is eligible for a bailout.” He could get in line with the rest of America hat in hand with his poignant story of loss. He could explain how his investment cost his Pop money and wasn’t worth what it was or certainly what it should be.

Luke could rally with the “unfairness” crowd and advocate to get his own piece of the pie. He could demand that the government do something to make him feel better about his situation. Why should he suffer because of circumstances out of his control? Why should he have to hold onto something he wants to sell now until the Yugioh card market gets better? Isn’t what he wants all that matters, even if the cost is diverted to some poor schlub? Isn’t instant gratification and lack of self control what it’s all about? You go Luke!

This was going to work I could feel it. At least Luke didn’t have to feel so bad anymore, me either because by encouraging my young Grandson to get what was rightfully due him I was at least making a valuable contribution to the aggressive agenda of Obamerica. I was fusing with the rest of the group of Americans who have gone mad by making sure that what was once a great nation is rapidly being transformed into a collective of bloodsucking leeching losers where “fairness” reigns supreme, government is God and “failure” becomes the foundation of our future. Wow, I’m beginning to feel better already.

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The Great American Cheese Caper


John Dryden the England’s Restoration Period’s great literary poet and playwright once said, “It is better to shun the bait, than struggle in the snare” (1631-1700). I don’t think a quote could be more true for a period in our own history than that one is right now. We should heed Dryden’s cautious advice, to avoid the bait lest we find ourselves struggling against a tight and suffocating snare.

The American people are like a mischief of mice and the federal government, under Barrister Barack Obama, has found a way to lure the horde of us with a string laden with a chunk of stinky cheese and for some reason we’re taking the bait.  Like a hungry cluster of rodents we follow.  What most mice don’t realize is that the cheese is the decoy and following the gratification of gaining the prize, comes the quick snap of the trap and after we realize we are unable to escape its too late!

The Barack Bailout has done a fabulous job of baiting the people of this nation with a meager $13.00 a week.    If I must …that is a whopping $1.85 a day.  Barry, with a straight face, on the news proudly announced that on April Fool’s Day Americans will receive the windfall, middle-class tax cut; he promised them all throughout his campaign.  Listening and watching him I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. I thought to myself, “Is this guy serious? Are there that many simple people out there?”

The cheddar attached to the end of the string, which our benevolent leader has placed before us as a enticement involves more than a tidbit of change in our weekly check, which by the way couldn’t even buy a pound of Jarlsberg.  It involves the anticipation of sweet revenge being meted out to all those evil businesses, home mortgage company sharks, shyster car salesmen, banks and rich devils who will at long last get their due.

The Obama administration is proficient when it comes to justifying the doling out of our hard earned money to the indigent as a way of philanthropically “redistributing the wealth”.  He is a master at nurturing equity as a means of gaining political power, fostering class warfare and painting the successful as the enemy.

Barack Obama is great at making those who he defines as the victims believe they are going to receive a full reprieve from all accountability and control, which upon biting that bait, those same beneficiaries find such a belief to be patently false.  Kind of like when we found out the tax cut for the middle class came to fourteen cents less than two dollars a day.

So as you open your mouth to take your first taste of that Big Mac, which you purchased with an advance on the $1.85 per day that hasn’t hit your paycheck yet.  Take a good hard look at that cheese and before you settle into thinking that anything that the government provides for you comes without a price, think again!  It would be best to remove the cheese from your burger to prevent yourself from stimulating an appetite for something you might not be able to resist.

Collect yourself and step away from the public trough.  Let’s learn from that horde of mice that got a whiff of some cheese and when intoxicated disregarded the snare as they rushed for the bait and too late found it impossible to either struggle free or survive.

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