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Michelle’s Motto: ‘Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all’

120429_michelle_obama_reuters_605-e1383318851637Originally posted at American Thinker

There is a part of me that thought I was beyond being shocked by anything the high-living Obamas do.  Somewhere deep down I believed that these people had to have a modicum of conscience at their core. To be honest, I secretly felt that at some point the gross excess would become a bit embarrassing and the Obamas’ orgy of self-indulgence would ease up a bit. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Much to my astonishment, after chronicling all the travels and the affluent way of life enjoyed by the spoilt first lady, it turns out that while her husband was in Asia screwing up and eating $300 endangered blue fin tuna sushi, Michelle actually indulged in a secret spa weekend in Middleburg, Virginia.

If the second leg of her Hawaii vacation is counted as a separate trip, there would be Hawaii I and Hawaii II, Aspen, Key Largo, and China, with the Middleburg spa weekend being Michelle’s sixth getaway since the first of the year.

After 27 days in Hawaii (17 with family and an additional 10 at Oprah’s Maui Estate), a star-studded birthday bash, a State Dinner in a heated tent on the South lawn dressed in a $12K Carolina Herrera gown, skiing in Aspen for President’s Day weekend, bunking in an $8,400 per-night Presidential Suite in China for eight days, and Key Largo lodging at the Ocean Reef Resort ($35 million net-worth members only), Michelle apparently felt entitled to sneak away for some well-earned downtime at Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia. 

The resort’s website reminds guests: “Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all,” a motto both Michelle and her do nothing husband have apparently taken to heart.

Meanwhile, the American people continue to languish.  Millions are unemployed and on food stamps.  Thanks to Mr. Obama’s grand social experiment, affordability and access to healthcare has been severely impacted and many gravely ill people are in life-threatening straits.  Our nation’s economy is faltering, between January and March the GDP grew at .01%, war is on the horizon, and our military is being gutted, possibly undermining our ability to defend our nation against multiple aggressors. 

Despite all these dire circumstances, it seems as if bi-weekly America’s first lady and her subjects…er, I mean entourage of toadies, indulge in one taxpayer-funded excursion after another.

This time it was at the Salamander, where “All deluxe rooms have either an expansive walkout terrace or stone balcony, ideal for a country breakfast, evening cocktail or just relaxing,” spacious bathrooms with pedestal tubs, showers with body jets and LCD televisions, and “spectacular views of the beautiful Virginia countryside.”

While Barack Obama was busy pushing immigration reform in South Korea, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia were spotted in the lobby of the tony resort owned by multimillionaire team president/managing partner/governor of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics and original founder of the Black Entertainment Network (BET), Sheila Crump Johnson.

Giving new meaning to “some enchanted evening,” Foxcroft all-girls boarding school was at the resort making merry for its centennial when alumni and admitted big fan of Mrs. Obama Leigh Edgerton “locked eyes with the first lady on Friday evening.”

Edgerton said that “[Michelle] was walking through the lobby and everyone stood up and started clapping. She looked right at me and said, ‘Hi, everybody, I hope you’re having fun,’ and I raised my arms in the air and said with a big smile ‘I am!’” 

Having fun? Fun isn’t something most Americans are having right now!  Stood up and started clapping?  For what? Michelle’s talent for cultivating hostility and rage in a large portion of the American public?  How about the first lady’s complete disregard for a nation of desperate people barely managing to survive?

After the resort lobby walk-through Michelle was not spotted again until she was seen enjoying the Virginia countryside while lunching on a private terrace with a group of twenty grovelers…er, I mean people. 

Thanks to Leigh Edgerton we know where Michelle was on Friday night, and we also know where she was on Sunday around lunchtime, but where was the first lady all day Saturday while war was percolating in the Ukraine? 

Why, Michelle was wine-tasting. 

Seems John Kent Cooke (son of former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke) closed the Boxwood Winery for a “private event.” On Saturday, posted on the Boxwood Winery Facebook page appeared a picture of an informally dressed first lady clad in khaki slacks, a patterned blouse, and a head scarf. The caption under the post read:  “Thank you Michelle Obama for visiting us today! We enjoyed hosting you and your wonderful friends!”

So there you have it; although not literally, I have been figuratively rendered speechless by Mrs. Obama’s continued insensitivity and cold indifference toward the hardships faced by millions of Americans who have been wronged by her husband’s ineptitude.

Whether Michelle, the haute couture-wearing woman who flaunts the extravagance she enjoys with regularity, is clueless, malicious, entitled, or just plain mean matters little. What matters is that America has two more years of enduring the callous spectacle of a self-interested first lady who, despite what she says, cares about no one and nothing but herself.

The Income Equitists’ Annual February Getaway

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Let’s face it — it’s exhausting leaving Washington DC early to stay in Hawaii for 17 days and then remaining behind for 10 more days to unwind at Oprah Winfrey’s multi-million-dollar Maui ranch. That’s why, when mid-February rolls around, the first lady starts to burn up with a cabin fever that can only be quenched with braised ancho-chile short ribs with hominy wild mushrooms and sautéed kale.

And it’s understandable!

After all, the poor woman hasn’t had a vacation in nearly four whole weeks. The good news is that for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, right on schedule, Michelle and Barry part ways and spend three days as far away from each other as humanly possible. Michelle grabs her snow goggles and her two daughters and heads for Vail or Aspen and Barry grabs his nine iron and heads for the links.

This year was a little different though, because the first couple had just hosted an expensive State Dinner at the White House where Michelle Obama showed up in a $12K Carolina Herrera gown. That’s why the general consensus was that there’s no way, after eating chocolate-misted ganache and emerging from those heated Monet-inspired tents, that the Income Equitists would dare gas up Air Force One at $181K per hour and jet westward for a post-party breather.

Yet here we are, just days after François Gérard Hollande, the socialist leader of France, headed home and wouldn’t you know it, vacation getaway history is repeating itself.

To rest up after that grueling trolley ride to and from the French-inspired Blue Room to the massive tents on the South Lawn, both Michelle and Barack have taken off — separately — for an extended weekend, with travel expenses and security compliments of the beaten down, worn out, discouraged proletariat.

Before heading to dinner with King Abdullah II of Jordan at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California, Barack attended the House Democratic Issues Conference in Maryland. Between those and other official duties, the president, along with his spiked saddle shoes and nerdy shorts, plan to squeeze in an extended golf weekend. As for Michelle, minus a token poor person onboard, she, Sasha, Malia and company landed in Aspen under tight security, which delayed the arrival of other affluent vacationers trying in vain to get to Aspen for their own ski weekends.

With hubby in California, the first lady has three days to make like a Sochi skier and schuss her way down the Buttermilk Mountain bunny slope. Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said he was informed of the trip three weeks ago, which means one week after her arrival home from Oprah’s place, Michelle scheduled her next getaway.

Economic malaise or not, by most standards, this Obama vacation thing has gotten way out of hand. Who gets to go to Hawaii at Christmas, Martha’s Vineyard in the summer and Colorado in February, and then round out the tri-annual excursion schedule with trips to various locales around the globe? Sometimes, in June and October, Michelle uses private time with Sasha and Malia as an excuse to drag along ‘close friends’ to Spain or to visit Africa to fill up on oodles of fried fat cakes.

If an old Hollywood movie were to depict the Obama lifestyle, Barry and Shelley would be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Shall We Dance. Meanwhile, like Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, a huge swathe of Americans shuffle around in a dustbowl of despair.

Adding to the outrageous nature of the president and first lady taking luxury vacations while the rest of the nation languishes in a state of unrelenting financial, social, and emotional misery is the fact that the real costs of the Obama jaunts are virtually impossible to document.

Tom Fitton, President of watchdog group Judicial Watch, claims “The Obama administration has simply stopped voluntarily producing information about the costs of the travel… They are in cover up mode.” And well they should be! Although Mr. and Mrs. Obama do pick up the tab for some personal expenses, when hotel, security, car rentals, and airfare expenditures associated with the 20+ vacations are factored in, the estimated cost to taxpayers totals more than $18 million.

What’s unclear is whether those calculations include the alleged $10 million in public monies Michelle Obama was said to have spent on personal vacations between 2009 and 2011.

Either way, Fitton is convinced “The Obamas are abusing the perks of public office,” and that “Taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for their luxury travel.”

With all due respect,Mr. Judicial Watch sounds rather judgmental. Isn’t Tom aware that as far as Michelle and Barry are concerned, every vacation is a “working vacation?”

That’s right, despite every second of everyday that they spend frittering away taxpayer money; no one is more concerned about income inequality in America than Barack and Michelle Obama.  

Sandbagging Princes Shame King and Queen Obama

Prince-William-and-Prince-Harry-help-with-sandbags-in-UK-floods-14feb2014-GETTYOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing for America’s self-appointed monarchs, His Highness King Barack and the Sovereign Queen Michelle, two kids go and shame them in front of the whole world.

This time British Princes William and Harry did the honors.

Coincidentally, on the same day that Michelle Obama’s airplane closed down the Aspen Airport so she and her personal entourage could go skiing at Buttermilk, over in Great Britain, 80-mph winds, “landslips[,] and fallen trees caused havoc on the rail network, and some arriving flights were diverted from London’s Heathrow to other airports amid fierce bouts of wind.”

So, while wannabe American royalty were on their 23rd vacation or so, the heir to the throne of Britain and his little brother Harry spent the day on the southwestern coast of England sandbagging a burst wall to protect the property of lowly British citizens.

For the entire world to see, as they slogged through the mud working next to ordinary citizens, Wills and Harry were emulating their late mother, Princess Diana.  Also setting a high bar for their heirs were “Let’s Move!” Michelle and Barry the Sandbagger, who spent the day knee-deep in powdery snowflakes and sand traps.

Interestingly, neither prince chose to tour swamped properties from a helicopter.  More importantly, the brothers had nothing to gain; British monarchy doesn’t need to pretend to befriend chubby Republican governors before an election, further unpopular policy, politick, or screen for potential victims to exploit in a fundraising ad.

Instead, while Sasha and Malia, who’ve been taught to be altruistic once a year on “Pardon a Turkey Day,” were being tutored by example on how pampered elitists behave, two selfless princes voluntarily toiled away in the muck and wind-whipped rain, dressed in unpretentious rain slickers and galoshes.

The president chooses to ignore five million ObamaCare victims whose lives have been turned upside-down not by Mother Nature, but by the purposeful policies of Obama’s oppressive Nanny State.   On the other side of the ocean, in another Nanny State, Queen Elizabeth II set a kindly example by sending food and bedding from “the royal farms at Windsor to farmers whose land has been inundated.”

Over five thousand miles away from this act of generosity, Barack Obama kicked back in 82° weather on the luxurious Annenberg estate in Rancho Mirage, California.  It’s a stark contrast to two gallant men, free of ulterior motives, unloading sandbags in a River Thames village where the river burst its banks.

But, in fairness, as a prerequisite to three days of unencumbered golf, back in Palm Springs Obama did take part in an obligatory dinner with Jordanian King Abdullah II.  Then, in Fresno, California, prior to enjoying that much-needed post-Hawaii vacation R & R, Obama performed a civic duty himself when he pushed global warming nonsense by discussing federal aid for drought-stricken farmers.

Come to think of it, it’s too bad the British royals weren’t available, because the president could have really used some star power to lend credibility to a $1-billion “climate change resilience fund” he’s proposing.

Compliments of the American taxpayer, President Obama could have flown the monarchs to Fresno aboard Air Force One.  Once the princes arrived, the president could have sandbagged…er, sorry, used his enviable charm to convince the princes to cite global warming as being responsible for the burst riverbanks and swamped property in England.

Then, when he was finished exploiting William and Harry to advance his own agenda, King Obama could have dismissed the princes and gone golfing.

Another High-Priced President’s Day

Slide1It’s become pretty predictable.  With no concern for the cost to taxpayers, if it’s Christmas, the Obama family make their way toward Hawaii for an extended vacation – sometimes even on separate flights.

In June, July or early August, or maybe all three, Mrs. Obama indulges in annual vacations and pre-vacations, visiting places like Marbella, Spain or “fried fat cakes” South Africa.  If it’s not an election year, despite the occasional presence of fecal coliform bacteria in Tisbury Pond, the Obamas traditionally spend the end of August in Martha’s Vineyard, splashing around in the  (ahem) saltwater lagoon.

Then there’s a few trips to Chicago, long weekends in Maine, or BBQ in Asheville, North Carolina, and for Michelle there’s even an occasional New York City food and theater tour.

 Read the rest of the article at The Blacksphere

Michelle Obama Tells Letterman She’s a Blue Collar Gal from Chicago

Originally posted at Breitbart BIG Hollywood

Not until it was almost certain that Barack Obama would become the 44th President of the United States was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama proud to be an American.

However, listening to her now, it’s quite clear that she’s always been proud to call the south side of Chicago home.

Recently, while making the talk show rounds, The First Lady appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Besides family dinnertime discussions about macroeconomics, Obama told Letterman that both she and President Obama work hard to “instill the values of south Chicago in their daughters.

If given the choice, the President and First Lady prefer to identify with the culture of a “toddlin’ town” that, besides Al Capone and deep-dish pizza, also introduced America to aging bomb-throwing domestic terrorists, racist/anti-Semitic reverends, a deeper understanding of community organizing, and a president who, above all, does Saul Alinsky proud.

According to Michelle, for the Obamas, Chicago is all about the values – so much so that when the family steps off the elevator, the second- and third-floor family residence of the White House magically transforms into the Windy City.

Michelle told a fawning Letterman that “what we want to have happen is when they get off that elevator and walk in to our residence that it feels like the south side of Chicago, the same values, the same rules, the same sense of responsibility.”

Working class. Blue collar. Joe and Jane Sixpack wearing matching Cubs hats.

If the first lady favors ideals unique to south Chicago over traditional American values, then why were the couple’s children, Sasha and Malia, skiing with Mom in Aspen in February when Chicago law enforcement logged in a whopping 18 homicides for that month alone?

Mrs. Obama explained further to an enthralled Letterman, who once said that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin resembles a “slutty flight attendant,” that around the family residence Chi-town standards of “kindness, empathy and respect” are always a must.

The fact that Mrs. Obama failed to address Letterman’s previous disrespectful, sexually perverted remarks about Piper Palin, who was Malia’s age at the time those comments were made, may mean that on Chicago’s south side, if it’s a conservative being attacked, it’s perfectly acceptable for “kindness, empathy and respect” to be excluded from the conversation.

A relaxed Michelle expounded on the idyllic values residing in the old neighborhood as compared to the tedious perks the Obamas presently endure as they struggle to survive in the lap of luxury.

Relating directly to the plight of the common folk, Michelle reminded America that back in Chicago, even though they lived in Hyde Park in a mansion valued to be worth $3 million and Sam Kass was their personal chef, the Obamas “didn’t have [butlers], you know. So, Barack and I really do work hard to, you know, figure out how you create those values in this other world that we know nothing about.”

All right now, hold it right there. America has been handed a lot of poppycock for three years, but are we now supposed to, you know, believe that haute couture-wearing, $4 million Christmas-vacationing Michelle Obama is trying to, you know, create a south side of Chicago atmosphere on the second and third floor of the White House and is doing it by making sure that Sasha and Malia, when they’re not, you know, vacationing in Spain or Mexico, “have chores to do?”

And is America also supposed to believe that nouveau riche Michelle and her husband are, you know, living in a strange world that, you know, they know nothing about?

Guess so, because she told Letterman that Chicago values are a must for Sasha and Malia, and that these are the “things that we can give them … that [are] more important than anything that they’ll have.”

Then, quite by accident, the First Lady shed light on the source of the President’s ideological approach to governing. While discussing her daughters, Mrs. Obama actually admitted to Letterman that, just like they’ve done to America for the last three years, if Sasha and Malia refuse to obey them, Michelle and Barack just say “Give me that” and “take their stuff away.”

Michelle Obama, Job Creator

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Michelle Obama has a vacation gig that’s hard to beat.  There’s the February ‘spend time with the daughters’ vacation, which usually entails skiing and snowboarding in Vail, Beaver Creek, or Aspen. There’s ‘tag along with Barry’ excursions, which turn into holiday adventures like last years’ post- Vail trip to Rio.  Following closely behind are the April trips like last year’s slogging stout in Ireland and an outing to rub elbows with royals Kate and Will.

Then there’s the pre-vacation vacation in June, which usually precedes the Martha’s Vineyard official vacation in August.  Last year it was a ‘fried fat cake’ safari to Africa.

In the fall, prior to Christmas vacation in Hawaii, there’s usually some event Michelle manages to turn into a fun jaunt. Last year it was the Asian Pacific Conference conveniently located in Hawaii, where the First Lady got to squeeze in some R & R and local dining before returning early for a $4 million, 17-day Hawaiian Christmas respite.

Now here’s the thing:  This woman wouldn’t know work if she tripped over it.  She’s either dancing with platypuses, making cameo appearances on children’s shows, dining in tony bistros, hosting glitzy star-studded parties, or circumnavigating the globe following a strict vacation schedule she hasn’t deviated from since she first set her dainty size-11 foot in the White House.

And she does all this while her husband, who has put America’s workforce on a permanent vacation, talks about creating jobs.

These two should pick another pet project, because working and job creation just doesn’t suit either of them.  How can this couple, one of whom is rumored to have spent nearly $10 million on vacations in three years, even dare to mention the word ‘job?’  Especially since a large portion of Michelle’s travel, security, and entourage expenses come compliments of the American taxpayers who, despite Barack Obama’s efforts, still manage to have a job.

But then again, all things in perspective, kudos to Barack’s better half, for at least breathing life into the job market by keeping hotel housekeeping, restaurant staff, security details, social directors, masseuses, baggage porters, desk clerks and pool and bellboys gainfully employed.

Which is exactly what Michelle is doing for President’s Day. Instead of spending it with the President, the First Lady, eager to keep legions of resort service workers employed, packed up the girls and headed out to Colorado for a ski vacation.  According the Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, seven deputies will be employed, at least until the Obama girls leave, because after meeting with the Secret Service, DiSalvo loaned his personnel to help “protect the first lady and her family” on what is being touted as a “low-key” vacation.

How did the first lady make her way to Aspen?  She spoke at a fundraiser at James Crown (family worth 3.1 billion) of Chicago’s Tiehack side estate last July where ‘low-key’ supporters paid between $1,000 and $10,000 to attend.

James Schine Crown, son of billionaire Lester Crown, is, among other things, the owner of the Aspen Skiing Company. He must have quite a hot tub, because Michelle decided to bunk with Jim and Paula Ann for a couple of days, ski Buttermilk, and “relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer,” because God knows no one deserves a vacation more than job-creating resort dweller Michelle Obama.

Besides being the President of Henry Crown and Company private investments, James Crown is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago, as well as a director of JPMorgan Chase and General Dynamic.

In the end, it may work out because ironically, Mr. Crown also sits on the board at dessert giant Sara Lee. Maybe that’s why Michelle is there, because as Barack Obama says “In America there is always something we can do to create jobs.”

So, on a personal quest to help her husband keep America employed, Michelle could actually be on a so-called ‘working vacation’ in Aspen.  Mrs. Obama could be laying the groundwork with her billionaire pal Jimmy Crown for Sara Lee to assist her in a ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ project, wherein the dedicated first lady and the billionaire mogul provide cake for the masses and create jobs at the same time.


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