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Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Hillary Rodham Clinton loves to portray herself as pro-family. This is a woman who has been un-blissfully wed for 40 years to the world’s most notorious philanderer and yet, on their anniversary, she unabashedly tweeted to Bill, who was probably enjoying a cigar on Pedophile Island with Jeffrey Epstein, that he’s still “got it,” whatever “it” is

In addition to “taking a village” of nubile Lolitas to keep her lecherous husband sexually satisfied, when it comes to family values Mrs. Clinton also believes “It Takes a Village” to raise a child.

And thank God for the village, because from the looks of things Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right-hand woman, has had to leave her little boy with the village people so that she can aid and abet the most power-hungry female on the planet.

You remember Huma – she’s the humiliated wife of former Congressman Anthony “Naked Selfies” Weiner (D-NY). After Anthony got caught with his pants down the last time Huma was off tending to Mrs. Clinton’s needs, Hillary’s closest confidante took her mentor’s advice and stayed married to Sydney Leathers’ boyfriend.

This time around, while Huma is again on the road, besides being more careful while sexting Mr. Weiner spends the lion’s share of his time tending to the couple’s three-year-old son Jordan Zain.

While the tousled-haired tot is home eating stale Cheerios with Dad, besides ordering Her HRC Chipotle chicken burrito bowls, Huma serves as vice chairwoman of Hillary for America and travels around in the Scooby-Doo van listening to Hillary drone on and on incessantly about her plans to take over the world.

While Hillary markets herself as mother and grandmother of the year, instead of suggesting Huma go home and potty train her child, Clinton stands by while Abedin embroils herself in the Clinton email scandal, takes to Twitter to trash Republican candidates like Ben Carson for his Muslim remarks, and single-handedly makes sure the creases in the legs of Hillary’s pantsuits adequately elongate the presidential hopeful’s lithe physique.

Fake, phony fraud that she is, Hillary wants America to believe that she’s “standing up for kids and families.” But in reality, having Huma with her is more important to Hillary than her assistant’s husband, who seems to still be struggling with infidelity, and child, both of whom need to have a wife and mother in closer proximity than a presidential debate in Nevada.

Mrs. Clinton is well aware that much like herself and Bill, Huma has had to deal with Anthony’s very public indiscretions. Yet rather than suggest her sounding-board gofer girl mend her marriage and tend to her small son, a self-centered Hillary has permitted Huma to put mothering and marital restoration aside to assist her on the campaign trail.

Then again, Hillary, a strong supporter of abortion, may say she’s all for families, but based on the message her lifestyle sends and some of her more ridiculous campaign ads, what’s patently clear is that Hillary believes that climate change has a more negative effect on children than an abortion, absentee mother, or a pervert father.

Nonetheless, even those things have not prevented Hillary from having a campaign slogan that says she believes that “when families are strong, America is strong.” The problem with such a disingenuous statement coming from Hillary is that the tireless political hack has a family life and marriage that is, has been, and always will be a sad, pathetic sham.

Remember way back when Hillary stated her feminist goals, saying, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.”

In other words, Hillary is proud that her dedication to her profession took precedence over her commitment to her husband and marriage.

Lest we forget that as part of the almost half-century long cohabitating ruse, while goal-oriented Mom is out frenetically pursuing her hollow fantasy, on 20 acres in Chappaqua, New York sits an $11 million mansion furnished with cold-hearted unfaithfulness, complete with a fully-equipped kitchen that is absent of the smell of freshly baked cookies and devoted nurturing.

And Hillary is preaching to us about the importance of family values?

By allowing Huma to follow the lonesome path she’s chosen, hypocrite Hillary is promoting more of the same self-inflicted maternal and marital dysfunction she’s suffered for a lifetime.

For 40 years Clinton has endured her husband’s voracious desire for other women and now, rather than admit that her selfish pursuit of power may be largely responsible for her own domestic dismay, a pretentious Hillary dares to tout strong families as if she’s an authority on the subject.

Moreover, on behalf of a selfish goal, rather than send Abedin home where the young mother belongs, in order to help her claw her way into the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton is allowing her personal aide to virtually abandon her child and marriage.

God forbid, but if Clinton does somehow manage to bamboozle her way back into the White House, she’ll reside there a bitter old woman who gave up everything that matters in order to occupy for a fleeting moment in time what she foolishly believed to be the fulfillment of her own historic vision.

Still, it was Hillary who once said: “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.”

With that in mind, maybe the next time Huma and Hillary put their heads together for a tête-à-tête, the aging careerist whose bifocals are fixed like a laser on the White House could turn things around for Huma by telling the young woman that it would be in her family’s best interest if she went home.

Weiner’s Got Hillary’s Pantsuit in a Bunch

hillaryfeet2Originally posted at American Thinker blog

It’s taken Hillary Clinton decades to politically circumvent Bill’s sexual peccadilloes and put enough distance between his bad behavior and her fantastical self-image of a strong, capable leader.

In her unending quest to occupy the Oval Office, Mrs. Clinton lives her pantsuit-centered life in one locale while wandering Bill lives his pantsless life in another, and with God’s grace the twain meet as infrequently as possible.

Now, as Hillary sets her sights on the White House for yet a second time, out of the shadows comes another XY chromosome character with a zipper that seems to be stuck in the down position.

Complicating matters is his patient wife, who just so happens to be Hillary’s right-hand woman and who has fashioned her response to her husband’s repeated transgressions after the ever-stoic faithful spouse Hillary.

That scenario is precisely why Ms. Rodham-Clinton’s pantsuit is in a bunch. Seems mayoral hopeful Tiny… oops, I mean Tony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin are comparing Weinergate I and II to the cock-up that well-known cigar aficionado Bill Clinton perpetrated on America during his eight-year stint.

For most people, emulation would be a compliment, but not for Mrs. Clinton. The problem is that after almost 25 years of carving a place for herself that protects her from her husband’s notorious inability to control his wandering libido, the last thing Hillary needs right now is to have Weiner’s image associated with Slick Willy’s and a rejected but forbearing Huma linked to her own.

In classic Clinton style, Weiner is desperately trying to deflect attention away from the iPhone pictures of his penis and proclaim his concern for the middle class. Meanwhile, Democrats are saying that “The Clintons are upset with the comparisons that the Weiners seem to be encouraging — that Huma is ‘standing by her man’ the way Hillary did with Bill, which is not what she in fact did.”

Hillary didn’t ‘stand by her man?’ Oh, that’s right, what Hillary did had nothing to do with ‘standing.’ Instead, Hillary vanished into the nether regions of solitude, sat right down, and crafted a new plan of action. Then, when the time was right, Hillary emerged stronger, more enduring, and more determined to move forward with her systematic plan to realize her dream of presidential omnipotence.

As for Bill, his being upset is understandable. After all, let’s give credit where credit is due. Weiner’s ‘vast iPhone conspiracy’ is small potatoes in comparison to the escapades of an unmatched swordsman like Bill Clinton. Not only that, but Bill doesn’t want a weenie like Weiner to ruin his chances of parking his humidor on a shelf in the Oval Office for old time’s sake.

That’s supposedly why the Clintons are angry. It’s alleged that Hill and Bill believe that Weiner and his campaign aides are pointing to their experiences in desperation, to convince those who want Weiner to throw in the towel, so to speak, that marital infidelity is a private matter. After all, Bill Clinton did prove that refusing to let go of the (ahem) presidency together with a supportive wife was key to his being undeterred by minor details like a blue Gap dress, perjury, and impeachment.

According to one Clinton source, “The Clintons are pissed off that Weiner’s campaign is saying that Huma is just like Hillary. How dare they compare Huma with Hillary? Hillary was the first lady. Hillary was a senator. She was secretary of state.” Yeah! How dare anybody compare anyone to Hillary? Doing so borders on blasphemy.

Question: When the Weiner campaign says Huma “is just like Hillary,” do they mean in ways other than imitating Clinton’s haltingly didactic lilt when publicly defending her husband’s spicy sexts? And yes, it’s true, Hillary was the first lady, but at the height of the Lewinsky scandal she was neither a senator nor the secretary of state.

Moreover, since when does the position held by the spouse of a pervert define one reaction as being superior to another? Hillary sets the scorned-woman tone and then punishes a supposed protégé for imitating an attitude that has repeatedly delivered Hillary political rewards?

The consensus among Hillary defenders is that the Weiners are making thinly-veiled allusions to the Clintons. For instance, at the press conference where Abedin dutifully declared that “Our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and its downs,” a prominent Democrat asked, “Who didn’t think Huma was referring to the Clintons when she said [like many others]?” Now that’s just plain unfair. For the Weiners it may be “ups and downs,” but for the Clintons, it’s different — it’s “ins and outs.”

Clinton’s aides claim that Abedin supporting a husband who continued acting out after he resigned from Congress in 2011 has “the Clintons stunned.” Hillary, wife of sex addict Bill, being “stunned” over Weiner being unable to discontinue his sexual shenanigans is like Nicole Kidman being “stunned” that ex-husband and notorious control freak Tom Cruise stifled Katie Holmes.

Are the Clintons, who refuse to drop out of anything and continue to drag home medals for sitting on the sidelines, attempting to further desensitize America to their own dysfunction by demanding Weiner drop out of the race for behaving just like them?

Yep! And after being mortified and humiliated by her husband, power-hungry Huma is now being cast aside by power-hungry Hillary, whose needs Abedin faithfully attended to while Tony was home pitching ideas for erotic encounters to Sydney Leathers.

Let’s face it — Hillary Clinton is not going to allow her political ambitions to be mucked up by a sex scandal that pales in comparison to the one she survived with Bill. And so, as she forges ahead in her relentless quest for the White House, the unstoppable Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton will continue to do what she does best: dodge scandals and fling friends aside.

Huma Thrusts the Big Weiner onto the Big Apple

alg-huma-abedin-arms-crossed-jpg-300x223Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Watching Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, demean herself yet again by defending that slimeball husband of hers was sad, but also enlightening.

What became crystal clear when Huma spoke out in defense of Weiner was that this is a power-hungry woman. She is willing to debase her own reputation to cover for a pathetic man who repeatedly posts lewd crotch shots of himself online for twisted female versions of himself to fantasize over.

Moreover, what this ongoing public exhibition of carnal impropriety has also revealed is that, in addition to thinking very little of herself and her 20-month-old son Jordan Zain, Huma Abedin is a woman who has zero respect for the people of the city of New York.

In much the same way that her guru Hillary Clinton allowed Bill, after being caught with his cigar lit, to continue to inflict himself on America, in her quest to be a political player, Huma continues to push for her sex-obsessed husband to impose his lying self on the generally clueless citizenry of New York City.

Maybe in the future, Huma and Hillary and the other scorned women on the left should vent their anger at cheating husbands they continue to cover for with some scissors in their husband’s tie closet, not by making the rest of America suffer alongside them.

Huma’s public defense of the indefensible was, at best, pitiable.

Nabbed a second time, mayoral hopeful/former congressman/part time writer of erotica and occasional pornographer Anthony Weiner dragged a bedraggled Huma to the mic at a press conference to help him minimize another round of explicit online exchanges and to excuse the close-up photos he posted on the web featuring the Weiner family jewels.

The mayoral hopeful’s remarks came after screenshots of lengthy sexually-charged conversations and lascivious photographs appeared on gossip site http://centralcoastsurfschool.com.au/?fv=Naproxen-Voltaren-Together-Online&c5c=e8 The Dirty. The site recently revealed online banter between Weiner and a female “progressive activist from Indiana.”

One day soon, liberal women may learn that in the me-first world they inhabit, feminists have no compunction whatsoever about cheating with the husband of a sister who is otherwise down with the progressive struggle against the right.

In the meantime, while shamelessly defending his behavior, Weiner said:

“Some of these things happened before my resignation, some happened after.”

Some happened after? Well that’s for sure. It appears the cybersex partner, now identified as having the online handle Sydney Leathers, closed down her Formspring account in May of 2013.

Yet, Huma Abedin, got into politics because of her admiration for “political heroes and inspiration” Hillary and Slick Willy Clinton. In fact, Slick officiated over her marriage to Weiner, which explains a lot: Huma stood beside that lying sack of iPhones husband of hers smiling inappropriately as she channeled a brunette Hillary Rodham Clinton circa 1990-something.

Mrs. Weiner said:

“What I want to say is I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and as I have said from the beginning, we are moving forward.”

Abedin added that cyber cowboy Weiner had made some “horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from Congress, and after.”  Ya’ think?

“I made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage,” Huma said. “That was a decision I made for me, for our son,” Jordan Zain – who Anthony here also calls a “sparkling wonder,” – and “for our family.”  That’s all well and good for her, but why does Huma insist that the Big Apple also stay ‘married’ to the Big Weiner?

Recently, Harper’s Bazaar published excerpts of an article Abedin wrote for the magazine.  Discussing her public involvement in her husband’s bid for the mayorship, a clueless Huma said:

“So why am I doing this? Because Anthony has always been a smart, caring, and dedicated person, and while he’s the same public servant who wants what’s best for the people he represents, he is now something else-a better man.”

Well that was then, this is now.

In light of that fact, maybe the ignominious Huma should ditch Hillary’s advice and rethink the “smart, caring, and dedicated person” part of that description.  After all, how smart can the guy be if he repeatedly posts crotch shots online and chats with opportunistic women while hiding behind a handle like “Carlos Danger?”

As for the “caring and dedicated” part, Weiner is “caring and dedicated” to himself maybe, but not where it matters most, which is to his wife and baby son.

Does Huma really believe “he’s the same public servant who wants what’s best for the people he represents [and] he is now…a better man?”

Because if Mrs. Weiner actually believes that, then either her political ambition is so strong it overrides her personal dignity, or the woman working side-by-side with the ‘smartest woman in the world’ should not claim similar intelligence for herself.

Is there a Big Weiner-Spitzer in the Big Apple’s Future?

Business-leaders-arent-laughing-about-Weiner-and-Spitzer-300x225Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Everybody, don your commemorative black socks and get ready to wave to the Weiner float as it passes by in the parade of political weirdness, because “tabloid twins” Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are number one in the polls in their respective races.

Who’s responsible for catapulting “Client Number 9” and Huma’s horndog husband to into the lead?

Why, it’s African-American voters. A new Quinnipiac University poll says that support among African-American voters is pushing both men, who clearly on occasion have been over the top – to the top – of the polls.

Oh no!  If the liberal African-American community’s newest media sensation and spokesperson for liberal intelligentsia, Rachel Jeantel, has anything to say about it, in order to be ‘new school’ all the newly minted campaign buttons may have to be changed to read “Vote 4 Weina’ and Spitza’!”

Nevertheless, black socks and pussycats aside, Harlem resident Preston Price said, “I give everybody a second chance. A person can learn from their mistakes, everybody deserves a second chance.”

Harlem residents are generally forgiving like that. Remember when America’s first black president, Bill Clinton? After cheating on Hillary, disgracing the office of the president, lying to the American people, and perjuring himself under oath Bill was welcomed by Harlem with much fanfare to set up his Clinton Foundation office at 55 West 125th Street, where he showed up exactly twice?

About Weiner and Spitzer’s tawdry past, another Harlem resident, Grisel Estrada, added “I know it was a dark time in their past, but I feel they came out and apologized for the things that happened. They should have a second chance at running for office.”

Sorry Griesl, no disrespect intended, but the darkest part of the disgusting Spitzer affair were those dang black socks “Client Number 9”  refused to take off when visiting Ashley Dupre. And based on one of Weiner’s more revealing pictures popping up on the Internet, the “came out” part has nothing to do with apologies.

In the meantime, Anthony the Weiner wants to assume the title of esteemed Hizzweiner and Sir Elliot of Spitzer, who obviously has troubles comptrolling himself, wants to comptrol the whole city.

Among all voters, Weiner is three hotdogs ahead of his lesbian/anti-wiener opponent, Christine Quinn.  But among black voters, who typically reject the gay lifestyle but apparently accept adultery and perverse exhibitionism, Weiner is at 31 percent while Quinn is at 16 percent.

In the comptroller’s race, Spitzer leads Scott Stringer by 15 points overall, but among blacks, the black-sock-wearing, prostitute-purchasing, hopeful owns a commanding lead of 61-26.

What’s also interesting about the poll is that by huge margins, voters of both genders and voters of all ethnic and economic strata are of the consensus that financial impropriety is much worse for an elected official than sexual misconduct, except if they’re a Republican – then any hint of sexual hanky-panky is absolutely unforgivable.

In other words, if politicians make Effet Du Viagra Pour Homme suspicious bank transfers to fund illicit rendezvous at the Emperors Club VIP with high-priced call girls and blow $80,000 on hookers, that’s not considered financial impropriety.

As for Weiner, black voters must feel that sexting a picture of his bare chest, his engorged namesake, and his pussycat while his pregnant wife Huma was tending to Hillary Clinton isn’t something to hold against the man.

And so at this juncture in the race, at least for blacks living and voting in New York City, a Big Weiner-Spitzer win is rife with exciting possibilities for the Big Apple.


click here UPDATE:  Quinn takes lead in mayoral race.

Weiner’s Flag Pole Marches in the Gay Pride Parade

> on June 30, 2013 in New York City.Originally posted in The Blacksphere

In the Big Apple, the two Democratic hopefuls in the mayoral race are a lesbian and a Weiner, and both showed up for the Gay Pride Parade on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

In attendance was Edie Windsor, the 83-year-old lesbian plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that took down the Defense of Marriage Act.  Edie rode in a convertible presumably representing geriatric lesbians, and was one of three Grand Marshalls of the event.

But the highlight of the parade was when Anthony Weiner showed up waving his rainbow flag, walking instead of riding in a Weiner-mobile.  When Anthony W. approached the end of the parade route, the crowd went absolutely wild for wiener.

Both his hands were occupied on this occasion, as Weiner carried a megaphone and a massive rainbow flag. As he marched toward the site of the Stonewall riots, the crowd reached out for the engaging Weiner, who excited the exuberant crowd in his usual wiener-ish way.

The mayoral hopeful made sure to brush past the spectators on Christopher Street, where thrilled admirers chanted: “Weiner, Weiner!”

After Weiner passed by with a Weiner sign that stretched the length of the street, one excited LGBT reveler said, “We love Weiner and you can quote me on that!”

And well they should. It was reported that Mr. Weiner was carrying the largest flag on the largest flagpole at the parade.  For at least half the crowd, having the largest flag certainly should earn a guy some wiener love!

Not only that, but Weiner swung his impressively-sized flag back and forth through the falling raindrops, adding still more color to the already colorful festivities.

Then, making the most of every opportunity for some innocuous innuendo, Weiner asked the gay paraders, “You guys know that’s my name right? We’re not just saying that.”

Professional politician, full time tweeter, and anatomical photographer/flirt, Anthony Weiner is hoping to win the Democratic nomination from City Council Speaker and appropriately masculine-looking Christine Quinn. Christine is a woman with aspirations to be NYC’s first female and first openly gay mayor if she wins the election this fall.

While there’s no arguing that Mr. Weiner’s flag was huge, Christine Quinn’s following was also huge.  However, Mr. Weiner and his group of devoted followers were reported to be “more lively” than Ms. Quinn’s.

So there you have it – the New York City 2013 Gay Pride Parade featured two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, both of whom are anxious to be called Hizzoner.

One candidate is a less-than-lively lesbian with a huge following of supporters.

The other candidate is a Weiner toting a huge rainbow flag he proudly swung back and forth in the rain, using a megaphone to remind LGBT parade-goers, even the Christine Quinn-supporting anti-wiener types, to Vote for Weiner!

Pulling It Off for Weiner

970949_10151496605212336_1276412894_n-300x179Originally posted at The Blacksphere

The http://beereading.com/?order=Does-Doxycycline-Get-Rid-Of-Cystic-Acne&696=9a New York Times “inadvertently” posted an “article on the women involved in Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal — and then deleted it.”

In other words, the http://jeannie-ology.com/?fvn=Taking-Zyrtec-With-Promethazine-Dose&e4e=48 New York Times pulled Weiner’s … never mind.

In June of 2011, Lil’ Anthony Weiner claimed he had been hacked and was subsequently forced to resign from Congress when it was revealed that for three years he had been tweeting pictures of his underwear-clad crotch and other more sexually explicit photos in online exchanges with a bevy of women.

With Weiner in a quest for mayoral-ship, gassing up his Weiner mobile and venturing forth on the streets of the Big Apple, Michael Barbaro of the New York Times  must have thought it might be in the public’s best interest to find out that “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers.”

Lisa Weiss is a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, one of six women over three years (that we know of) involved in Weiner’s 2011 weiner-tweeting scandal.  Lisa claims she’s still taunted by customers who say things to her like “Talk dirty to me…We know you like it.”

In September 2012, Ms. Weiss posted an apology on Weiner’s Facebook page that said “Please let me apologize again for any pain I caused your [sic] or the beautiful Huma. It was unintentional … I still think you are our liberal hero and we need you back in politics!!”

Apparently, although he’s not sending pictures of his erection to Lisa anymore, Mr. Weiner did respect Ms. Weiss enough to take her political advice.

As a result, Mr. Barbaro wanted to alert the voting public in New York that although Lil’ Weiner considers his lewd behavior a thing of the past, there are women whose lives are still being impacted by his tasteless behavior.

In the meantime, while Huma dreams of life in Gracie Mansion, Barbaro wrote: “For those on the other end of Anthony D. Weiner’s sexually explicit conversations, the episode damaged careers, disrupted educations.”

Barbaro’s story was posted on the web and then suddenly the article was scrubbed from the Nizoral Sampon Online Times website.  Review Of Lexapro New York Times director of communications Danielle Rhoades Ha explained the article’s sudden disappearance this way: “This story was published inadvertently, before it was ready. As a general rule, we do not discuss stories in advance.”  Ahem, yeah right.

Margaret Sullivan, http://seatower.com/?wide=Levitra-Online-Australia&a4c=09 Times public editor, who called a http://newcultures.org/?pill=Cephalexin-Online-Australia&2c4=11 New York Times Magazine story entitled “Huma and Anthony: The Private Life of a Former Power Couple” a “sweet stop on Mr. Weiner’s redemption tour,” wrote that “from what I’ve been able to piece together, there was a miscommunication among Times editors.”

Yeah, sort of like Weiner’s miscommunication when he tweeted the following message over the Internet to a willing female participant:  “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?” – to which the woman responded, “Yea! can u send a pic?”  Weiner shot back: “jeez, im rushing. let me take a quick pic.”

Now, two years later and despite his photographic improprieties, Weiner has left his pussy cat and Weinergate humiliation behind him to compete in a multi-candidate Democratic mayoral candidate field in which, in liberal New York City, he is in second place.

In their ongoing effort to prop up the Weiner, the New York Times has once again proved their affection for the aspiring mayor by pulling it off for Weiner.

Prostitution and Drug Ring in State Department! Where’s Bill?

images Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It has been revealed that the U.S. State Department may have concealed accusations of illegal behavior that include alleged sexual assaults and a possible covert drug ring.

The disclosed documents also reveal that members of Clinton’s security detail “engaged prostitutes while on official trips.”

The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), an internal regulatory agency, implicated the State Department in a series of international wrongdoings.

Everyone knows that Hillary has been known to bang back a few cold cervezas.

During the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, she even went clubbing and tore up the dance floor doing a rowdy rhumba. Come to think of it, the former first lady also got a little wild and woolly in Pretoria, South Africa, bumping and grinding with a large woman dressed in what appears to be South African garb.

But come on people, drugs and prostitutes? Really? The only way that would be possible is if Huma Mahmood Abedin, Hillary’s right hand woman, took her Lil’ Tweeting Weiner along on some of those trips.

Either way, as hard as all this is to believe about a pillar of integrity like Hillary Clinton, the DSS did cite eight instances of misconduct that included assertions that a “State Department security official in Beirut ‘engaged in sexual assaults’ with foreign nationals hired as embassy guards.”

There was also a charge that members of Ms. Rodham Clinton’s security detail “engaged prostitutes while on official trips in foreign countries.” The report called the problem “endemic.”

DSS agents reported that they were told to back off of investigations of high-ranking State Department members.

For example, investigators claimed they were told to stop – no pun intended – “probing the case of a U.S. ambassador who was suspected of patronizing prostitutes in a public park.” It’s no secret that ‘probing’ is a favorite pastime of Bill Clinton, and public parks, as in Fort Marcy Park, hold a special place in Hillary’s heart. So in some ways the report does make sense.

Apparently, after one ambassador, who shall remain nameless, had his illicit behavior made public, sort of like Bill Clinton, the offender was permitted to return to his post. After all, why should his having “routinely ditched…his protective security detail” in order to “solicit sexual favors from prostitutes” impact an individual’s reputation or ability to continue in his or her position as a public servant?

In fairness to the former Secretary of State, there are two possible scenarios that could explain these situations away. The first is that none of this is true. Rather, the same “vast right wing conspiracy” that vindictively attempted to destroy her husband may still be harassing Hillary Clinton.

The second one is that hubby Bill “I Did Not Have Sexual Relations and I Did Not Inhale” Clinton went incognito and did double duty shielding his beloved bride from potential harm.

Therefore, Bill Clinton heading off dangerous drug dealers and prostitutes could ultimately be what exonerates Hillary Clinton’s State Department from all wrongdoing.

Graduates Promised Contraceptive ‘Peace of Mind’

health-sec-kathleen-sebelius-100110Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

 Liberals are obsessed with sex. That obsession includes other people’s sex lives and outfitting them with all the accoutrements to ensure that sexual activity is worry-free. In the mind of a liberal, college = sex; if you’re a 14-year-old, that = sex; and even elementary school = the need to learn about sex. In the military there’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ sex; in the Oval Office there used to be cigar aficionado sex; and let’s face it, politics always = sex.  Not to mention the potential for illicit mayoral sex with Anthony Weiner emerging in NYC as a contender.

Now, thanks to Obamacare, which everyone already knows is all about sex, liberals are fulfilling their patriotic duty by facilitating opportunities for Americans of all ages to indulge in carefree sex.

Imagine! You’re graduating from high school or college and the President of the United States’ Health and Human Services Secretary sends congratulations your way via a HealthCare Blog post, wherein she assures you that you’ll be outfitted free of charge for an activity humans have somehow managed to master without the help of either a high school or college diploma.  Go figure.

Those are exactly the sort of salutations that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued when she extended kudos to the class of 2013 in a HealthCare Blog post entitled “Class of 2013: Graduate with Peace of Mind.”  Question: Since when did mindless sex have anything to do with your mind?

Either way, whether it does or it doesn’t, sex-obsessed Sebelius has promised grads “protections and benefits” that afford amorous alumni “greater control” after they remove their mortarboards.  Those “protections and benefits,” in addition to abortion on demand, include free birth control.

In the mind of a liberal like Kathleen Sebelius, having “less to worry about” doesn’t mean securing a job (because that ain’t happening) – it means having something fun to do between trips to the mailbox to pick up unemployment checks.Sebelius’s graduation 2013 post read, “Bottom line: Because of the Affordable Care Act, you’ll be able to begin this next chapter of your life with the peace of mind and security health insurance provides.” Clearly, that means despite a bleak job market and the country going bankrupt, thanks to the taxpayer-funded Affordable Care Act debauchery is still doable.

Why?  Because, according to Kathleen Sebelius, Obamacare “provides protections and benefits that give [Americans] greater control of [their] health care.” These include “requiring most insurance plans to cover proven preventive services–like birth control and certain cancer screenings–without you paying a penny.”

In her  post, Sebelius didn’t mention responsibility, success, or the future; instead the graduates of 2013 were told how Obamacare guarantees ex-students who are unemployed or without health insurance the security of remaining on their parents’ health plan until they’re 26.  Yippee!

That’s because the liberal mindset is such that mooching off Mom and Dad is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.  It’s similar to the entitlement approach socialist types like to foster for the collective.  Therefore, if you graduate high school at 18 and choose to forego college, Sebelius is saying that as a reward you get to copulate with wild abandon for eight years compliments of the US government.

The liberal lexicon defines immaturity, focus on frivolity, and sexual promiscuity as “flexibility to make choices about your future without worrying about where you’re going to get health insurance.”  That’s why the left’s idea of “flexibility” really has more to do with positions used in activities that require free birth control than it does with worries about having or not having healthcare coverage.

So according to Kathleen Sebelius’s blog post, although employment prospects look grim, 2013 graduates need not burden themselves with spending one penny of their unemployment benefits on contraceptives.  Instead, sex-obsessed liberals, by way of Obamacare, will provide an array of contraceptive methods, sterilization, and emergency contraceptives, which will alleviate the stress of having to spend hours hanging around in abortion clinics.

In other words, if you’re younger than 26, Obamacare will give your sex life a boost by providing free birth control and, most importantly, eradicate the need to fret over incidentals like disposing of an unwanted pregnancy, finding a job, and venturing forth into the world as a full-fledged adult.

In closing, Sebelius reminded graduates that starting in 2014, health insurers cannot deny coverage “based on a pre-existing condition, like cancer, asthma, or acne, or mak[e] you pay more just because you are a woman.”

What she didn’t mention was whether repeated-abortion-damaged reproductive organs, genital herpes, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, or Chlamydia would be considered a “pre-existing condition.”  Therefore, if sexually transmitted diseases are not game changers, then Kathleen Sebelius was definitely referring to more than graduation when she ended her 2013 post with “Congratulations on your achievement!”

A Party of Political Peacocks

Originally posted at American Thinker

Testosterone-driven men don’t usually think of themselves as peacocks, but riding around in sooped-up cars, sporting pumped-up pectorals, donning flashy clothes and looking for opportunities to display cash-stuffed money clips in public are some of the many ways male humans fan out their showy feathers to catch the attention of female peahens.

In nature, peahen gals are attracted to the most ornate male peacock – or the guy toting the most bling. Year after year during breeding season, to draw a mate peacocks return to the same location. The peafowls congregate close together and treat foraging peahens to a buffet featuring a spectacular courtship dance.

After the show, the grey and brown peacock hiding beneath the most glorious feathered fan usually garners extra attention from the ladies. The male peafowl with the greatest number of eyespots on his feathers gets to swagger away accompanied by a harem.

“The collective name for a group of peacocks is a party,” and in politics former President Bill Clinton and Congressman Anthony Weiner turn out to be two of the best examples of a ‘party’ of peacocks. Both men have proven notorious for coming up with creative techniques to capture female attention. Neither Clinton nor Weiner flutter their tail feathers, produce rustling sounds or flaunt quivering fans, but in lieu of spectacular plumage, both have exploited positions of power in an effort to seduce women.

To attract females, “The degree of tail ornamentation that a peacock displays is its primary means of sexual communication.” For the human male, especially in politics, power and prestige can provide all the ‘tail ornamentation’ men like Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner need.

In the hope that their political status would attract females who normally would give neither one so much as a gander, philandering birds-of-a-feather Bill and Anthony have both utilized the plumage of their positions to compensate for deficits in character, fidelity, and honesty.

Wasn’t it on the wings of power that the country’s most notorious adulterer honked his way from the Arkansas governor’s mansion straight into the White House? All along the route, Bill Clinton managed to issue continual mating calls while enveloped in a showy garment of political peacock feathers.

Throughout his political career Clinton sought every opportunity to gather unto himself a gaggle of women.  From naïve Paula Jones, who was confronted in a hotel room by a governor without pants to Kathleen Willey, a woman who Clinton likely felt should feel honored to be ambushed by a president and subjected to a “hug, kiss” and unappreciated groping.  Pea “foul” Clinton apparently was under the impression that the trappings of power were an impressive enough show of feathers that Willey would agree to submit right there on the couch in the president’s private study.

What Clinton found out was that peahens sometimes choose to mate, while others walk away, thus prompting the male to start the dance all over again. Undeterred for years, the ever-prancing, smooth-strutting Clinton performed his courting dance in the same locale. The then-president unfurled a feathered plume called the Oval Office, which finally succeeded in attracting an immature peahen named Monica Lewinsky who, once inside the infamous cigar bar, managed to make history by willingly participating in telephone sex, nine furtive trysts, and a salacious scandal of massive proportions.

Thirteen years after William Jefferson provided Monica with a stack of dry cleaning bills, in order to attract his own bevy of females underling Anthony Weiner decided to follow ‘party’ suit and did a ton of peacock strutting himself, and did it while occupying a seat in Congress representing the good people of Brooklyn and Queens New York.

Luckily for Weiner, female “peahens build nests on the ground, lay three to five eggs and raise their peachicks without help from the peacock.” In fact, while Weiner’s pregnant wife Huma busily prepared the nest to receive offspring, morally bankrupt breeder Anthony was stocking his harem with porn stars, nursing students, black jack dealers, 21-year-olds, and even allegedly grooming a 17-year-old peachick for possible future use.

Congress became Anthony Weiner’s attention-getting ticket.  Weiner made a few “high-pitched squawking sounds” and fanned a few look-at-me-ladies displays on the House floor with a follow-up exhibit in the basement gym at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC.  The New York congressman was so consumed with the mating dance he disrespected a federal building and snapped nearly nude photos of himself using the Congressional gym as a backdrop.

Sans an array of upright barbules, Congressman Weiner posed in front of a mirror doing what a peacock does, stepping side to side, forward and backward in a half-naked mating dance, ‘sexting’ pictures taken on what could turn out to be a government-issued Blackberry.

Bird enthusiasts know from their observations that a proud peacock is able to “hold his fan of display feathers up for a very long time.” In a few of Weiner’s self-portraits the congressman was also seen proudly holding his own ‘display’ for ‘a very long time,’ as well as Tweeting juvenile photos of himself over the Internet in a backwards baseball cap.

Although androgen-drenched men have a tendency to fan various types of feathers to attract female attention, adulterous men of power like Bill Clinton are notorious for finessing influence to benefit themselves sexually.  However, the vision of Anthony Weiner primping in front of a congressional gym mirror with a towel cinched around his waist while grabbing himself takes peacock strutting and plume parading, even in Washington DC, to a whole new level.

Truth is, after all the bravado America now knows that even the fanciest of feathers fall short of expectations, because plumage is superficial and only impressive from one angle. In the end, at a very great price, the faux feathers donned by the Clinton/Weiner peacock ‘party’ managed to deliver both men just two things: short-lived pleasure and permanent disgrace.

Weiner the Womanizer

Originally posted at Daily Caller

Anthony Weiner (D-NY), one of the most arrogant, self-impressed individuals ever to occupy an office on Capitol Hill, was caught with his pants down in the truest sense of the word.  When Representative Weiner stepped behind the podium to address his Twitter picture controversy, he looked like he was going to explode from humiliation.  Seeing a person so demoralized caused my kinder, gentler self to actually have a millisecond of pity for the New York congressman.

It was uncomfortable to watch a sniveling, visibly disgraced Weiner admit that he lied about sending lewd pictures of himself to young women.  However, my strange sensation of sympathy quickly dissipated, because the whole sordid skivvy-Twitter incident confirmed what I’ve suspected for a while: Anthony Weiner oozes with contempt toward women, and that contempt manifests itself in many different ways.

Take for instance Kirsten Powers, the Fox News analyst who once dated Anthony Weiner.  Powers called Weiner “very sweet, very funny,” and “very charming.” After three months, Kirsten found out the hard way that Anthony is none of the above. Powers said she was “shocked when [Weiner] broke it off. I think he’s the only guy who ever dumped me!” said Powers.  “I think he probably dumped many girls. I don’t think it was that big of a deal.”

Weiner has prided himself on being a smarmy, imperious, liberal know-it-all that speaks to political adversaries, especially the female ones, in a debasing manner that borders on verbal harassment.

In interviews and press conferences, the pushy, smirking Weiner has rudely tried to set the rules, even calling reporters “jackasses.” The congressman’s body language implies that whomever he’s debating is beneath his exalted self.

For years, Weiner has played Democrat pit bull on Fox News, sparring with America Live host Megyn Kelly. Whenever Ms. Kelly disagrees with Weiner’s rabid liberalism, the congressman attempts to steer the conversation by pummeling the Fox anchor with an assault of interruptions and insulting comments. In one contentious interview, as soon as Megyn gained the upper hand Weiner responded by demeaning her professional skills, telling her, “This is the way interviews work, you ask the questions and then I get to answer.”

On more than one occasion, Weiner has also subjected congressional colleague Michele Bachmann (R-MN) to similar disrespect when debating the debt ceiling, spending, and tax cuts. Seething with condescension, Weiner once attempted to set Bachmann up by mockingly asking her trick questions to try to trap her and make her look foolish.

Now, after years of Anthony Weiner accusing everyone of lying, it is revealed that the self-righteous Democrat congressman broke his marriage vows to wife Huma Abedin, the longtime personal assistant of another woman also humiliated by a sex scandal.

During Weiner’s apologetic press conference, the public found out his indiscretion was probably not a surprise to his wife.  The New York Representative confessed to the press that in an outpouring of soul-mate honesty he had discussed his lack of Twitter decorum with his wife-to-be prior to their wedding. Then after the honeymoon, while Huma was tailing Mrs. Clinton, contemptuous Weiner was tailing attractive young women on Twitter and Facebook.

In fact, when the Weiners married last year, former President Clinton, the king of all womanizers, officiated at the ceremony. Although Bill Clinton doling out wedding blessings is like David Hasselhoff being a guest speaker at an AA meeting, during the Muslim/Jewish ceremony the ex-president did share some prophetic wisdom gleaned from personal experience: “Marrying a politician can be tough because it’s easy to distrust them, whatever their religion.” Amen to that.

Huma should have heeded Bill’s insightful counsel because while she was busy assisting Hillary, Internet security specialist Anthony Weiner was home, snapping suggestive pictures of himself and sending them to 198 women, some of whom may turn out to be teenagers.  Weiner disrespected women who were total strangers by having phone sex with these female “friends” and burning up the social network in an attempt to cultivate self-gratifying cyber- sexual relationships with people he’s never even met in person.

After being busted by Andrew Breitbart, the only journalist brave enough to do the work the left wing media refuses to do, Weiner immediately exhibited additional contempt – this time for the truth, Huma, his constituents, and the public. The disgraced congressman lied not once, but repeatedly, until he was cornered with proof of his salacious escapades – photos, phone records, and a multitude of women stepping forward to tell the story that the congressman, supposedly out of humiliation, refused to admit.

Yet, after all of that, it was at the podium that Weiner’s condescending aggression made itself crystal clear:  After the congressman, in a Jim McGreevy moment, admitted his weakness and that what he did was immoral and hurtful towards his wife, he shifted into his standard conceited operating mode and announced he had no plans to step down – a revelation more shocking than the shot of Weiner in tight boxer briefs.

And so, the most disturbing aspect of this lurid story is not the congressman’s bawdy behavior online, but his insolence toward the American people, toward Congress, and toward the state of New York. Despite his admission of guilt, Weiner’s thorough contempt for women has not vanished; it’s been expanded to include the rest of America.


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