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Angelina Jolie Tackles War Rape

Jolie_171431356_620x350-300x169Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Fresh off of advocating for elective mastectomy, movie star/director/almost-wife of Brad Pitt, the biological father of three of her six children, Angelia Jolie is stepping forward to join the fight to demand a halt to sexual violence in war zones.

Until being bedded by the anti-war rape spokesperson, Brad Pitt was the husband of Jennifer Aniston.  Now, while his lover serves as special envoy for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and makes comments about rape and war at events like special screenings at the U.N. University in Tokyo, Brad is the babysitter.

That aside, what would be interesting to hear from Ms. Jolie is how one goes about preventing rape in war zones.  Does one counsel the pillagers, or explain to them that rape is mean-spirited, or would threatening to perform surgery similar to what Jolie had, only much further down, do the trick?

Is Angelina Jolie’s ultimate goal to demand war without violence? How about kinder, gentler wars?  Or is it the hope that nice-looking Hollywood adulterers have the clout to convince wartime rapists to just stop it?

As part of a campaign launched with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Jolie said that she’s hoping her first film as writer and director, In the Land of Blood and Honey, a fictional tale of a romance between a Bosnian Serb man and a Bosnian Muslim woman set during the 1990’s Balkans war, will motivate audiences to think about rape in war.

It’s a pity that Dutch journalist Dina Zakaria, prior to being raped by men who dub themselves revolutionists in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, didn’t get to speak with Angelina.  There’s a good chance that the actress could have given Dina pointers on how to get the assailants to think more humanely before they gang-raped her.

Moreover, whether it was Jolie’s indignant authoritative presence or the screening of her movie, either one might have also prevented a group of men from ripping off CBS reporter Lara Logan’s clothes and “raping her with their hands” when she was also sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square.

Referring to the UN urging sanctions against those who commit rape during armed conflict, Jolie said, “This is just a beginning. Our aim must be to shatter impunity, so that rape can no longer be used as a weapon of war anywhere in the world as it was in Bosnia, and as it is today from Congo to Syria.”

Earth to Angelina Jolie:  Rape is part of war!  It’s a symptom of the unredeemed sin nature and cannot be legislated out of existence.  In the Bible God speaks to the prophet Zechariah and warns him: “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity [.]”

The truth is that Angelina Jolie couldn’t even stop herself from sleeping with someone else’s husband, so how’s she going to figure out how to stop men from using rape as a “weapon of war?”

One thing’s for sure – if she manages to do that, maybe then she can turn her attention toward convincing mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner to stop shooting iPhone pics of his penis and posting them on the Internet.

Angelina, who, bless her heart, means well, said:

When I started down the road, making this film, I thought only of telling a story and doing my best to try to give a voice to survivors. But today I am here not only as a director, but as a campaigner, and a part of a global effort that is growing every day.

Someone should inform Ms. Jolie that if a global effort could stop rape in a war zone, then a similar effort could also end war entirely and the subject at hand would no longer need to be discussed.

Moreover, there is one small incongruity that Angie should comment on, which is that there’s a good chance that when Jennifer Aniston’s husband Brad Pitt “started down the road, making [the] film” Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jen was probably similarly enlightened after the fact, but in her case it was to the dangers of a leading lady seducing a married man.

Jolie, who’s been known to willingly comfort a man or two herself with sex, chose not to comment on the fact that Japan’s militaristic government, before and during World War II, forced women into prostitution and called it “comfort sex.”

Next, after a voluntary mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and her war on war rape, Jolie plans to have her ovaries removed in a bilateral oophorectomy.

It will be interesting to see how long after that surgery it will take for Ms. Jolie to make the connection that a similar operation for men could hold a simple solution not only for the Weiners of the world and nomadic husbands like Brad Pitt, but also solve the age-old problem of war rape once and for all.

Madonna Feels the Same Intrusion She Foisted on Parents for Years

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

When it comes to Lourdes, Rocco, David, and Mercy, their mother Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone has quite a different view on what they should be exposed to, which is ironic considering what the decadent diva of debauchery eagerly imposed on a generation of naïve children.

Pop icon Madonna made a name for herself by exploiting her sexuality, celebrating the loss of cherished virginity, hitchhiking in the nude, and singing songs with explicit, blasphemous lyrics. She did so caring little about how impressionable children would be tainted by her morally corrupt influence.

Then, when Madonna became a mother herself, she banned television and magazines in her home. To shield her kids from the pornographic obscenity she promoted in the book Sex, and in an effort to preserve their purity, Madonna penned wholesome children’s books like Mr. Peabody’s Apples and The Adventures of Abdi.

Over the years, Madonna has transformed herself over and over again, first into a sadomasochistic sex slave, channeled Evita Perón to the point of naming her daughter Lourdes, married Guy Ritchie, adopted a British accent, and moved to the English countryside. She’s taken the Hebrew Kabala name Esther and joined the Angelina Jolie/Sandra Bullock/Mariska Hargitay adopt-a-black-baby club. Now, she’s settled into middle-aged doting mother mode.

Like any parent, with family safety and well-being the priority, Madonna was “alarmed and distressed” when earlier this year, a Polish national named Grzegorz Matlok broke into the star’s London townhouse.Thankfully, Matlok was arrested after he was “allegedly discovered in the singer’s home, nine months after breaking into the country house she shared with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.”

Recently, at England’s Southwark Crown Court, Madonna, a woman who has spent her entire career leaving parents around the world concerned for their daughters’ developing morality, read a victim impact statement, saying that the scary stalker incident was “extremely unsettling.” Madonna shared with the court that “I do not know the defendant, have never had any relationship with the defendant. I have never had any contact with the defendant, either by phone or by email, or any other way. I have never given him permission to enter the premises or any of my other premises.”

How ironic. For 30 years, by way of her music, videos, coffee table pornography, and obscene displays such as French-kissing Britney Spears at the Grammy awards, Madonna – without permission, “either by phone or email, or any other way” – felt comfortable entering uninvited into the hearts and minds of millions of gullible adolescents.

Understandably, the ex- Mrs. Ritchie felt “alarmed and distressed by the actions of the defendant.” Expressing vulnerability, Madonna said that “It’s extremely unsettling to know that despite the extensive security I have he [was] able to break in to two residential properties owned by me.”

Tell us about it, Madonna. That anxious feeling is quite familiar to parents unable to protect their preteen daughters who could be heard singing “Papa Don’t Preach” or devout parents whose children lost respect for the Catholic Church thanks to the blasphemy portrayed in “Like a Prayer.”

Madonna told the court that she felt “alarmed and distressed by the [perpetrator’s] actions” and was worried about the “safety of [her] children, all of [whom are] under 18.”

Well, talk about Madonna getting in touch with what it feels like for a parent struggling not to “Let Down [Their] Guard” only to have the emotional, physical and developmental integrity of their children exploited by a stranger with an unending drive to attain fame and fortune.

If placed on trial like Matlok, who “admitted burgling Madonna’s office in London … but denied two charges of burglary relating to her house,” Madonna would likely admit that her vulgar actions did have a harmful influence on young psyches, but would deny any accusation that she purposely robbed children of their innocence.

By attempting to shield her young family from violation, Madonna’s protectiveness proves she was well aware of the damage she thoughtlessly caused for almost three decades. Yet, to date, the music legend has never offered an apology to either parents or the children who, thanks to her, were “Burning Up” long before their time.

Thankfully, Matlok will no longer be a threat and was “locked up indefinitely under the Mental Health Act after doctors found he posed a ‘serious risk’ to Madonna.” Thus, the pop star can rest easy knowing that a person who entered uninvited into her home and threatened the safety of her children can no longer menace her or her family, a luxury parents all over the world were never afforded when it came to protecting their children from a dangerous intruder named Madonna.

Bebé Glotón and the Gender Benders

Originally posted at American Thinker

Bebé Glotón, the doll that teaches non-lactating seven-year-olds how to nurse, is back in the news.  Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow, who finds the doll age-inappropriate, was attacked on air by “Mommy Blogger” and “Parenting Expert” Jessica Gottlieb who all but accused the good doctor of being some kind of depraved pedophile.

When Alisyn Camerota of Fox News asked Ablow what he thought about Bebé Glotón (Glutton Baby) teaching the under-10 set the ins and outs of let down, lanolin nursing bras, and suckling sounds, Dr. Ablow replied:

It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s destructive. Little girls aren’t even aware how their secondary sexual characteristics will develop, let alone imitating how they’ll be used after childbirth. This is another way of turning little girls into adults. It blurs the boundary between children and adults in society. It contributes to the sexualization of children and it makes them targets of assailants, frankly, because it blurs that boundary. It’s a terrible, terrible idea.

Jessica Gottlieb, BA in Kinesiology and MA in Education, wasn’t going to stand by and let a sexist like Dr. Keith Ablow, Doctor of Medicine with a degree from John Hopkins Medical School, a psychiatry residency at Tufts-New England Medical Center, Newsweek writer, and medical director of two mental health centers, insinuate that sex organs are sex organs.

Oh no!  Ms. Gottlieb corrected Ablow, immediately saying, “I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.”  Jessica Gottlieb (supposed left-coast registered Republican who voted for Obama) told Ablow, “I’m not sure that if you see a little girl as her breasts being sexual that that doesn’t reflect more on you than on what breasts are.”

Really?  Mommy Blogger Jessica pulled the usual liberal stunt of undermining the sane one with wild accusations.  Or is it that Jessica is so busy blogging that she isn’t aware that mammary glands are part of the female reproductive anatomy and Dr. Ablow was merely saying that little girls don’t need to be focusing on a process that starts with sex and ends with nursing?

Mommy Jess succeeded in putting Dr. Keith on the defensive by forcing him to explain that just because he doesn’t believe a breastfeeding doll is appropriate for children doesn’t mean he has a predisposition toward seeing kindergarteners as sex objects.

Nonetheless, if one listened closely, there was an even more disturbing comment made during the debate that needs to be prefaced with a little background having to do with a new trend whose goal is to foist gender confusion upon children at a time in their lives when tender psyches are developing.

Presently, in conjunction with redefining marriage, there is a movement picking up steam across liberal America where the goal is to blur the lines between the sexes and do away with evil gender stereotypes.  For some liberals, the new blue is now pink for boys and the consensus is that “gender cages,” where boys play with trucks and girls play with Barbie dolls, is a place where children who would otherwise be gender-neutral have been held captive too long.

Interestingly, the current gender discussion seems to be more focused on getting males to wear more feminine colors than on emphasizing that little Sally should emulate tomboy Shiloh Pitt, who Angelina Jolie insists dresses up “Montenegro style.”  Right now the goal isn’t convincing little girls to toss out the Little Mermaid costume and dress like Chaz Bono for Halloween, but rather to get little boys named Boo to don a red wig like Daphne from Scooby Doo.

One compliant gender-bender is a six-year-old from Missouri, pageant contestant Zander Miller, who was featured in TLC’s Toddlers in Tiaras and on Good Morning America.  Proud mom Tracy says little Zander loves to join the girls in applying mascara and hairspray, and does so with the same enthusiasm as tow-headed Beckett in the J. Crew ad, whose toes are adorned with fuchsia pink nail polish applied by fun-loving/open-minded Mom Jenna.

Yet, despite her gender-neutral attitude, Jenna doesn’t compare with Toronto trendsetters Kathy Witterick and husband David Stocker who raise their children Storm, Jazz, and Kio “genderless.”

Recently, it was learned both Jazz and Kio are male, a revelation having nothing to do with clothing choice.

Jazz wears pink dresses and has three braids; purplish-pink-loving Kio prefers his blond curls long enough for people to mistake him for a girl.  Dad says that “[i]f you really want to get to know someone, you don’t ask what’s between their legs.”  Unless, of course, you’re trying to find someone to copulate with in order to produce a gaggle of genderless children — then what’s hiding under the pink tutu becomes a major issue.

Then of course there is Dyson Kilodavis, more aptly known as “Princess Boy.”  Little Dyson loves to dress up in Disney princess clothes.  Cheryl, Dyson’s mom and author of My Princess Boy, realized that her discomfort with her son’s predilection for pretending to be Cinderella was her problem, not his.  Mrs. Kilodavis said that “[a]fter taking a second to do some self-searching” she realized she was a victim of “years of preconceived” spiritual and cultural “notions from [her] childhood.”  So, to deal with those predetermined ideas, Cheryl, who says Dyson has a “unique eye for all things beautiful,” bought her son all the frilly clothes he could stuff into his Disney Princess Dress-up Trunk.

Getting back to Dr. Keith Ablow telling Ms. Jessica “Mommy Blogger” Gottlieb that “I assure you I’m not a pedophile at all,” she replied with a statement that would do Princess Boy, pageant boy, and the Toronto parents of those asexual children proud.  In the midst of correcting a mental health expert, Gottleib expressed her own biased perspective that “[l]ittle girls and little boys watch their mothers feed babies and then they pretend to feed babies.”  Little boys want to pretend to breastfeed?

It sounds as if over at parenting expert Jessica’s Los Angeles house, in conjunction with fostering a genderless society where breasts are no longer sex organs, the Mommy Blogger would have no problem if nine-year-old son Alexander took a break from Yo Baby Kick Flipper and spent the afternoon nursing his very own edition of gluttonous little Bebé Gottlieb.

So there you have it: the gender reprogrammers have a new tool.  In the hands of a parent or parents more determined to abolish gender, a doll now becomes an implement in the war on sex roles.

Pitt Pulls the Switch on BP

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Brad Pitt is indignant about injustice.  So much so that the Hollywood icon/prolific accommodator of Angelina Jolie’s obsessive-compulsive reproduction disorder has stepped forward to speak on behalf of exacting justice against those who’ve wronged Mother Earth.

The Hollywood actor said he would “consider the death penalty for those to blame for the ruptured well that gushed millions of gallons of oil into the ocean.” When asked about the “people responsible for the crisis, the ‘Inglourious Basterds’ star said: ‘I was never for the death penalty before – I am willing to look at it again.'”

Bastian of moral authority Brad Pitt, who left his wife to cavort with a notorious seductress, isn’t recommending the death penalty for mass murderers, rapists or child molesters, and certainly not adulterers, but rather for BP executives for accidental oilrig explosions in the Gulf of Mexico.

If anyone possesses the right to express moral indignation, Brad Pitt sure does. Brad Pitt decided to “Make It Right” in New Orleans after doing his wife of five years wrong by abandoning her for a sultry mistress. “Mr. Pitt, 46, spearheaded the ‘Make it Right’ project to build 150 affordable and sustainable homes in one of the areas of New Orleans that was worst hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.”

Mr. Pitt’s provocative “fry the inglourious basterds” remarks were revealed as his life partner and mother to three biological and three adopted children, Angelina Jolie, was making a “goodwill visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia.”  What better way to remediate a sullied reputation than to portray yourself as a benevolent ambassador, environmental green advocate or a spokesperson indicting and sentencing corporate oil magnates to the gallows.

Angelina traveled to Bosnia to speak to “government officials about possible education programs to help resettle refugees still homeless, following the country’s civil war.”  Pitt should have gone with Angie to propose a Bosnian “Make it Right” project.  The trip could have been called “Infidelity Enterprises,” where shameless adulterers build homes for homeless Bosnians.

According to Ivy-cap-wearing Pitt, the answer to ensure accidents like the Deepwater Horizon oilrig explosion never scourge the earth again is to make an example of BP executives by administering lethal injections. Pitt is obviously of the mind that exacting the death penalty on a criminal of Tony Hayward’sstature ensures similar tragedies are prevented from reoccurring.

Nothing deters oilrigs from exploding more effectively than exercising the death penalty on a few key oil executives.

Film director Spike Lee recently completed a film entitled, “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise.” In the documentary Brad “emerges a hero” for his humanitarian house building efforts. The film was supposed to end “on a positive note with the New Orleans American Football team winning the Super Bowl.”  However, the ending was changed to incorporate the premeditated BP oilrig explosion.

Mr. Spike “Do the Right Thing” Lee decided oil-soaked pelicans and oil threading through the Gulf was too important to leave out of the exposé so the director changed the ending to include British Petroleum’s deadly crimes.

With any luck, a man with Brad Pitt’s Congressional clout could potentially convince the federal government to try and execute BP executives.  Heck, the actor was able to convince America he was Jesse James. Then Spike can edit the film and splice into the ending that righteous defender-of-Mother-Earth, Brad Pitt, throwing the switch on the guilty so that “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,” can conclude on an upbeat note as originally planned.

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