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Andrew Cuomo Insults New York Conservatives

Andrew Cuomo

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

My family emigrated from Italy to the United States at the turn of the century and settled in Brooklyn, NY. 

Mom and Dad met, married, and after five of six children were born, moved to Long Island where one more sister was born.  The whole immediate family was born, raised and contributed mightily to the economy of New York State.

Now after 50 + years of living, working, raising children and paying exorbitant taxes, my siblings and I find out from the governor that, none of us, including most of our spouses, and pretty much all of our children, are welcome in the state where we were born and raised.

Why?  Because according to Andrew, the son of former Governor Mario Cuomo, a man the late radio talk show host Bob Grant called a  “sfaccimme,” Christian, conservative, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and Second Amendment adherents “have no place in the state of New York.”

During a recent radio interview, Andrew, who clearly has not taken inventory of the Democrat Party lately, expressed the opinion that thanks to conservatives the Republican Party is divided.

Mr. Cuomo said it this way:

Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves. Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.

In other words, Andrew would rather people Barack Obama defined as “bitter clingers” pick another state, pack up and relocate.

Then, after realizing that his expressing his true feelings cause a backlash, Andrew backtracked claiming words that were very clear to understand were “distorted.”

In an attempt to ice over the steaming pile of hateful rhetoric that spewed forth from his progressive orifice, Mr. Governor followed up his remarks with an open letter to the New York Post where he feebly attempted to explain himself.

The letter said that when he said “extreme conservatives… have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are,” what he really meant was that “an extreme right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state (either moderate Republican or moderate Democratic).”

Sorry to say, but that excuse, Mr. Governor, is absolute hooey!

“In the same response [during the radio interview], the governor went on to say ‘it is fine’ to be anti-gun control, and anti-choice — as he respects both positions.”

Based on his attempt at explaining his faux pas, Cuomo must be learning well from live-in lover “Semi-Homemade” Sandra Lee.  By mixing 70 percent pre-packaged products and 30 percent fresh items, Sarah made a career for herself passing off boxed food as home cooking.

In like manner, Cuomo is now trying to pass off his statement as something it is not by mixing together 30% untruth and 70% outright lies.

Yeah sure, the son of the “sfaccimme” claims to “respect both positions.”

But if not for the loss of tax monies, Andrew Cuomo would probably prefer if extreme right New Yorkers took their guns, babies, and heterosexual marriages and went to live somewhere else.

Harry Belafonte Suggests that Barack Obama Jail Political Detractors

harry-belafonteOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

The “King of Calypso,” Hugo Chávez enthusiast, and “Banana Boat” crooner, octogenarian Harry Belafonte is so thrilled with the reelection of Barack Obama that he’s taken to cable “news” network MSNBC to share his views on how President Obama should deal with political nemeses.

In addition to singing, acting and songwriting, throughout his career Harry “Viva la revolucion” Belafonte has also promoted himself as a civil rights advocate and humanitarian.  In addition to issuing indictments like: “Our foreign policy has made a wreck of this planet,” Mr. Belafonte also heartily endorses the ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution.

Once, when addressing the Venezuelan people, Harry Belafonte told his audience that George W. Bush was the “greatest terrorist” in the world. Another time, sounding more like he was describing the current president, Mr. Belafonte made the following statement about the former president: “I think [G.W.] Bush has a very selfish, arrogant point of view. I think he is interested in power, I think he believes his truth is the only truth, and that he will do what he wants to do despite the people.”

Leaving aside Belafonte’s hatred for Bush and his fondness for dictator-style governing, it’s still kind of alarming to hear that ole’ Harry suggested President Obama incarcerate American citizens who speak out against him.

The topic came up when Belafonte appeared as a guest on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation.  Belafonte was on a panel with global human rights/social justice activist Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Senator Robert Kennedy and former wife of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. During the interview, Harry, who passionately and stridently exercised his first amendment rights throughout the eight years former President G.W. Bush was in office, shared some stunning Hugo Chávez-style advice for Barack Obama.

Sharpton began the conversation by asking Belafonte:

Ah… ah…you’ve fought for decades for some of the ‘quote’ entitlements that the…ah… right wing wants to try and balance this budget… ah… balance the deficit off of.  As you look at this Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security…You’ve been an activist leader from Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, to Dr. King through Mandela to Obama.  How do you view this and what is the challenge for those that are on the field today?

Belafonte replied, “What I think has most attracted me to this whole process is watching the political maturity of the American people.” Clearly, Harry Belafonte defines reelecting a president who is in the process of establishing a socialist-style government as “political maturity.”

Nevertheless, Harry continued to elaborate:

Because there was a great question during the first election as to whether or not Barack would even be elected.  And after the turn out so emphatically put him in the presidency it was interesting to watch the second turn[out] when everybody really didn’t quite know what the game would be.

Without referring directly to the looming fiscal cliff and oblivious to the fact that Obama voters had no clue what Obama was really talking about, Harry came to the conclusion that the American people “[i]n their maturity declared themselves fully: ‘We want what Barack Obama is talking about.  We want the country to go in that direction’.”

Then, the celebrated humanitarian shared the inhumane sentiment that Obama’s political rivals are a “[l]ingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama.”

In the past, Belafonte has accused the Obama-loving American media of falsely portraying Chávez as a “dictator.” At the time, the singer/activist also shared the opinion that in Venezuela there is “democracy and [the] citizens are ‘optimistic about their future.'” What Belafonte failed to mention was that Hugo Chávez regularly imprisons political dissidents, calling them “common criminals.”

Hence, to deal with the threat of political dissension here in America, it’s not surprising that Harry Belafonte would suggest that the “only thing left for Barab…Barack Obama to do is to work like a third world dictator and just throw all these guys in jail [Sharpton/Kennedy nervously giggle] for violating the American desire.”

Harry Belafonte, who has always enjoyed the freedom to voice his oppressed/oppressor point of view, obviously never considered two-term president G. W. Bush a man whose reelection reflected a mandate, let alone an expression of “American desire.” Yet, suddenly, with the reappointment of Barack Obama, the singer feels emboldened to openly call for nonconformists with differing opinions to be imprisoned?

Even still, rather than expressing astonishment, Americans should thank Mr. Harry Belafonte for not only giving us that snappy Caribbean “Day-O” banana song, but more importantly for lending his voice to express the true heart and soul of the progressive left.


Rangel’s Birthday Bash – American Thinker – August 13, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

In Democrat circles an ethics charge is small potatoes.  Heck, Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and is still a hero.  So, what’s a little tax evasion when compared to impeachment?

As they say in New York, “Ethics, schmethics as long as you’re healthy,” and El senador” Charlie Rangel, who at 80 sports a full head of hair, is certainly healthy. Accused of 13 House ethics charges, Rangel, Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means committee, vowed to fight and run again.

In the meantime, octogenarian Charlie was feted at a birthday party/fundraiser in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel.  It was there that New York political luminaries “heap[ed] praise on the longtime Harlem legislator.”

The theme for the night was highlighted by Governor David Patterson, who lauded the frequent Dominican Republic vacationer for self-sacrificial “dedication to public service.”

In attendance were Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and the 9-11-mosque-friendly Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

In absentia was the esteemed Bill Clinton, as was Aretha Franklin.  The irreplaceable Queen of Soul was replaced by Dionne “I’ll Say a Little Prayer for You” Warwick. Dionne led the crowd in “Happy Birthday” as Rangel’s cake was wheeled out. No one knows for sure whether a nail file was baked inside the sugary concoction for Charlie to use, if need be.

As Warwick performed her smash hit “That’s What Friends Are For,” she sang “In good times, in bad times,” while gazing into Charlie’s eyes despite being distracted by those eyebrows.

Cuomo and Schumer praised Rangel for “devotion to the poor.”  Andrew Cuomo maintained it was Charlie who “carried the banner for people long forgotten.”  Rangel has the wherewithal to remember “forgotten people,” but when it comes to reporting extra income, struggles with eighth-decade dementia.

The forgetful Rangel, encircled by faithful supporters, defined the occasion as “an experience I’ll never, ever forget.” A fellow standing outside the Plaza also had an unforgettable experience after calling Rangel a “crook.” The normally classy former Mayor Dinkins, upon hearing the negative comment from the Rangel critic, flipped the guy the bird.

Democrats who declined the invitation showed support for Charlie by giving him something green to shake out of a birthday card. Take for instance “Carolyn Maloney — whose district borders Rangel’s — didn’t attend, but … wrote a $2,500 check.”

Other than the Honorable finger-in-the-wind Mayor Dinkins, many partygoers dodged questions about Rangel’s ethics woes.  The always “charitable” Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith of Queens, when asked whether he would be damaged by appearing with Rangel, said “My career’s soaring high!”

Charlie’s birthday celebration came a day after a defiant Rangel challenged House colleagues to expel him. In an incoherent speech that sounded like someone had been laying on a chaise lounge in the sun too long, Charlie the Chairman said “If I can’t get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot in getting rid of me through expulsion.”

At the get-together, Charlie was said to be “whooping it up,” laughing uncontrollably and saying things like, “This damn sure ain’t no funeral, is it?”

As the festivities concluded, an emotional Rangel told the audience, especially Dionne Warwick, “Please remember me in your prayers. It helps.”

Rangel “left the stage dancing” after thanking the revelers, saying “I can’t tell you how moving this has been.”

With 800 tickets sold, Rangel’s birthday stockpile included a colossal satchel of cash.  Ethics charges aside, it’s anyone’s guess, if money goes missing, whether forgetful Charlie Rangel will recall where it is.

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