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An Obamageddon Snow Job – American Thinker – February 10, 2010

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A snow job is defined as in “intensive effort at persuasion or deception.” Thus, it stands to reason that Barack Obama remained undaunted during the biggest blizzard to hit Washington, D.C. since 1922. The historic snowstorm brought down the nation’s capital, culminating a year-long “snow job” administered by “historic” President Barack Obama.

Ironically, Washington, D.C. was the hardest hit, burying a Presidential Executive Mansion under a frosty layer of precipitation so overwhelming the White House has officially been lost in a virtual white-out.

Yet a few feet of snow did not curtail “Wild Man of the SnowsBarack Obama, who ditched the “souped-up Cadillac limousine fondly known as ‘the Beast’ … for a vehicle capable of plowing through 20-plus inches of snow.” On a “Nanook of the North” mission and “not walking away from any challenge” — and enduring two presidential caravan vehicles crashing into each other — a determined Obama inched forward through the storm.

In a prophetic moment filled with economic snow-job symbolism, “[o]n a narrow road between the Treasury Department and the White House, a tree branch, weighed down by the snow, snapped and fell onto a vehicle carrying members of the media.” Luckily, no one was hurt as the motorcade endured what CNN called a “snow-fu.”

Why was a resolute Barack risking life and limb to inch through snowdrifts at fifteen miles per hour? Because the president had an engagement to address the DNC winter meeting and a rare opportunity to contribute a couple of additional inches to the mounting Washington, D.C. flurry. Cool and dry amongst “snow and ice caked” officials, Chicago native, political Metoh-Kangmi Barack Obama joked, “You guys aren’t used to this.”

On an unprecedented snowy day, Barack had appropriately scheduled a rhetorical snowstorm for the Democrats. Water vapor emanating from Obama’s mouth coupled with the frigid winter air transformed every word the president uttered into a “man-caused” snow job.

Keenly aware that Scott Brown had plowed through a Democratic supermajority, Barack planned to exhort a wavering party toward “optimism in the face of Republican strong challenge to their Congressional dominance.” In other words, Obama was there to reinforce an ongoing snow job. The president might as well have encouraged the DNC to follow the bouncing snowflake while singing, “Oh the weather outside is frightful … and since we’ve no place to go, Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

The snow fell and whipped around the Capital Hilton as Obama made an intensive effort to persuade and deceive by saying, “Everything we’ve done over the past year has been not only to right our economy, to break the back of this recession, but also to restore some of the security middle-class families had felt slipping away for over a decade now.”

Deceptive political snowdrifts lined the walls of the conference center as master snow-jobber Obama attempted to persuade liberal listeners that really, “[n]one of us wanted to throw a lifeline to the banks … it had to happen in order to prevent millions more from losing their jobs, millions of business and homes foreclosed; the real outrage is that we had to do it in the first place in order to fend off the collapse of the financial systems.”

If only Obama’s ice-laden voice could have been drowned out by beeping salt trucks. Instead, snowman extraordinaire Barack Obama forged ahead through 36 inches of man-made snow, saying, “Then we passed almost $300-billion in tax relief, tax cuts for small businesses, tax cuts for 95% of working Americans. We put Americans to work building the infrastructure of tomorrow, doing the work America needs done.” As Obama talked, snow-job-induced buildup required plow and sander assistance.

In lieu of name tags, Vertex® Ergonomic Snow Shovels should have been distributed to meeting participants because SMI® Super Wizzard Snow Gun Barack Obama then went on to claim, “We’ve kept our promises. We’ve kept our commitments. We have moved forward on behalf of a more prosperous and more secure future for the American people.”

David Plouffe may as well have been warming up the Chevy Suburban four-wheel-drive SUV for the ride back to the White House, while Brrrrack assured Democrats that he did not “intend to spend all [his] time taking polls to figure out whether we’re going to seize the future or not. While the presidential motorcade polluted the air outside the hotel, Obama told a rapt audience that “the nation that leads the clean energy revolution will lead the 21st-century global economy.”

Snow flurries turned into an avalanche when Obama said, “We’ve excluded lobbyists from policy making jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions.” Blustery gale winds blew when Obama mentioned reining in special interests, tough ethics, and transparency rules.

Based on Obama’s statements, Americans should keep shovels handy. The forecast predicts the snow job will continue into 2012. Obama pledged to oppose the weather patterns swirling outside the hallowed halls of power. Touching upon health care reform, a president perpetually shod in political snowshoes vowed to move “forward against prevailing winds.”

Retreating from the podium, Obama acknowledged personal responsibility to lead as going up “against a blizzard” of opposition. Humorously coining the weather phenomenon “Snowmageddon,” Obama disappeared into the blinding snow.

Yet while brushing blizzard-of-2010 snow from his shoulders, Obama remains oblivious.  The president is unaware of the outward manifestation of the political blizzard he generates every time opens his mouth, complete with tracks in the snow even the Yeti would be proud of leading straight to the Oval Office.

Barack Obama and Corpse Man – American Thinker February 9, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

Coming from a woman who speaks fluent Brooklynese and pronounces the word “coffee,” “cawfee” – I try to avoid pointing out enunciation oddities in others.  Sounding a lot like a congested Fran Drescher, early on as a Granddawta I learned from Grandma Emma how to  “berl erl” before frying eggplant. Largely forgiving of “tawking” mispronunciations, my wide berth excludes only “birfdays,”  “youse” and “nuffin.”

Growing up in Brooklyn, George W. Bush’s creative elocution of the word nu-cu-lar, never fazed me.  I, as well as most normal Americans, knew what Bush meant and in spite of stumbling and oftentimes mumbling G.W. has proven more adept at expressing core beliefs than dazzling articulator and high-wire word performer Barack Obama.

George Bush always seemed uninterested in Madison Avenue impressions emphasizing instead message over public persona. I chuckled when Bush said, “I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.” Bush never defended obvious linguistic deficits or shortcomings when giving a speech and ignored a mocking press who defined the ex-president’s affliction as proof of Bush’s idiocy.

Truth is reading from a script does not indicate brilliance. John Fund speaking about Bush was of the insightful opinion that, “the inarticulate can often be shrewd and the fluent can often be fatuous.”  Take actor Brad Pitt for instance, when reading from a script Pitt can convince viewers he is Jesse James.  However, off script starting with deserting Jennifer Aniston for promiscuous Angelina Jolie, Pitt proves time and again the boy’s filaments don’t light up the Brad bulb to its fullest potential.

If Bush chooses to drink “Shakesbeers” instead of Budweiser, so be it.  Bush viewing his personal library as “epileptic” puts the former president in a better position to explain “eclectic” health care issues, in a clearer more succinct way, than Obama has thus far. Barack, the president who never stops conveying complicated health care reform concepts, admitted after all those thousands upon thousands of words,  “Somehow I’m not breaking through.”

When Bush said, “I am the decider, and I decide what is best,” every one knew what he meant. After 52 addresses or statements on health reform a befuddled Obama remains unfamiliar with the contents embedded within a bill he incessantly promotes.  In a fleeting moment of modesty, Obama admitted even he doesn’t understand what the heck he is talking about—which is quite a mouthful coming from Dr. Barry House.

Most Americans know Bush never put on airs. George Bush’s enemies would be hard pressed to disagree that the ex-president is anything but sincere, authentic and genuine. Obama differs greatly from Bush.  The President exudes an imperious hauteur, priding himself on purported superior intelligence and above all unprecedented communicative fluency.  Waving to the audience from a high wire word perch, Obama emanates self-confidence and cool control and, unlike Bush, is given a pass by the media when losing rhetorical balance on the public stage.

Falling off the trapeze in shiny purple circus tights no only causes injury but can make a person look foolish, which is what Obama did last week when calling Navy corpsmen–corpse-men.  Like Sacha Pavlata on a high wire, Obama, master of “ostentatiously exoticPock-i-stahn pronunciation, peppered multiple mispronunciations of “corpsmen” with Creole words like “Etazini.” President Obama was so busy showboating French based Haitian Creole he called Navy Corpsman Brossard, both Christian and Christopher in the same sentence.

Maybe it’s me, but juxtaposing familiarity with Creole while appearing clueless about how to pronounce corpsmen [kôr’mən], made Obama look more idiotic than Bush ever could because Bush lacks the unbridled hubris Obama exhibits continually.

George Bush, the affable ex-president, remains endearing and humble—lacking any trace of self-affected pretentiousness. Too bad for Barack whose pompous pronunciation standards have brought attention to the Commander-in-Chief’s inability to pronounce words that truly matter like those identifying United States military personnel. Unlike G.W. Bush, Barack Obama the Flying Wallenda of public speaking may be able to dazzle with foreign phrases, but after wowing the crowd at the National Prayer Breakfast the star of the show fell off the linguistic trapeze.

So as world citizen, Barack Obama continues to astonish only himself by pronouncing Pack-is-tann–Pock-i-stahn, a gerl from Brooklyn remains unimpressed.  Why?  Because, while Obamer “wawks-the-wawk,” he stumbles badly when it comes to “tawking-the-tawk.”  Obama’s Creole “corpse-men” gaffe reveals a lot about the Creole-in-Chief’s priorities.  The President’s spoken oversight far overshadows the most bizarre mispronunciation issues uttered by native “New Yawkers,” or any outrageous verbal blunder spoken by the genuinely “misunderestimated,” George W. Bush.

Barack’s Blue Blanket – American Thinker – January 28, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

Based on personal experience, conflicted self-promoter Linus Van Pelt lamented, “In this world, there is no heavier burden than a great potential!” Peanuts comic strip character, Linus expressed this confident sentiment, while tightly clutching a blue security blanket, or what in some circles is called, a “Wubby.”

A security blanket is any familiar object whose presence provides comfort or security to its owner.” The concept of a “security blanket” was originally derived from blanket toting Linus in Charles Schultz’s comic strip Peanuts.  As a result, the term “security blanket” is now used by psychologists to define a “child’s (or anyone’s) excessive attachment to a particular object.”

President Barack Obama is a lot like Linus Van Pelt.  The President is a perplexing contradiction in terms. Obama, like Linus is said to be exceedingly intelligent and full of potential.  A Linus-type philosopher/theologian Obama preaches the gospel of social hope and change.  Linus quoted Scripture, while Obama tends to reference statements similar to those spoken by the theorist, Karl Marx.

Yet while verbally exuding confidence both Obama and Linus are a paradox.  The duo both flaunt self-perceived intellect, while diametrically exhibiting a predilection to insecurity.  Linus rarely appears without a blanket tossed over one shoulder and Barack refuses to leave Pennsylvania Avenue without the teleprompter packed in the presidential U-Haul©.

Maybe the President is cautious because he is aware ardent “supporters have had ample notice that a scripted Obama is far more effective than the spontaneous one?” Linus toted a scruffy blue blanket to summer camp, while Obama took no chances when setting up teleprompters “in the middle of a rodeo ring.” Linus was a thumb sucker and as of late Obama finds himself in “a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.” To insure that he didn’t put his foot in his mouth, Barack strangely depended on the security of a dual set of teleprompters while addressing a sixth grade class full of tweens.

Neither Linus, nor Barry, appear phased by the public’s impression of how dependence on innate objects outwardly reveals inherent uncertainty.  Both appear more focused on the personal sense of security than concerned about the possibility of public ridicule.

Similar to the self-doubting comic strip character, Obama promotes the overconfident attitude of Linus in a snow fort. When reading from a display device Obama may as well publicly quote Linus and say “I am king of all survey! This is an impregnable fortress! No one can take it! I could defend this position from a hundred attackers!” Yet while white knuckling a blankey in the form of a teleprompter Obama seems oblivious to the fact that America is observing inconsistent behavior.

Like a drug addict, Linus Van Pelt exhibited a powerful emotional attachment to a security blanket.  In fact whenever Linus was separated from his fuzzy friend the Peanuts character “went into withdrawal.” According to the Politico, “After the teleprompter malfunctioned a few times… Obama delivered some less-than-soaring speeches, reports surfaced that he was training to wean himself off of the device.” “No such luck” because when “shorn of his teleprompter” what manifests is quite a different Obama.

Those who’ve heard the Orator-in-chief speak without the benefit of a security blanket claim Obama’s “delivery halting and unsure.” Unlike the typical Obama discourse where the “words flow with unparalleled fluidity,” without an inanimate refuge, Obama stumbles “over his phrasing repeatedly.”

In Peanuts Linus’ voiceless blue blanket developed a unique personality just as the POTUS’s teleprompter has been affectionately coined the TOTUS.  In response to being teased, Linus used the blue blanket as a whip, intimidating children who mocked the owner of the blanket’s loving attachment to a friend. In like manner, Barry maintains control over the nation by utilizing a high-tech security blanket beating back critics with  words scrolling across a digital screen.

Lucy Van Pelt, another famous Peanuts character and Linus’ older sister, tried repeatedly to wean her younger brother from his addiction to “blue.”  Lucy took action by throwing Linus’ appendage in the trash burner.  A proactive Lucy even fashioned a kite out of the blanket, buried the binky and cut it into squares for a flannel graph storyboard.  After the recent incident at Graham Road Elementary School, like Lucy, one must wonder whether the President can find the courage to emerge from behind the podium and renounce inordinate attachment to the ever-present teleprompter.

On occasion, Lucy Van Pelt even deemed it necessary to tie Linus’ blanket over her brother’s mouth to stop the boy from making inappropriate comments. Thus, Linus was gagged by a security blanket.  Based on the obvious Linus/Obama similarities, could it be that Barack’s teleprompter holds the key to getting Obama to curtail the endless rhetoric? If Lucy muzzled Linus with the blanket, maybe public mortification can force Barack Van Pelt to lose the worn-out wubby.

To date it isn’t looking hopeful, Obama continues to cling to his electronic security blanket more firmly than those the President indicted for clinging to guns and religion. Thus far, Barry seems unaware that a United States president setting up a teleprompter in a sixth-grade classroom is as pathetic as appearing at a lectern sucking a plastic nipple.

One day an enlightened Linus informed his blanket, “People are beginning to say nasty things about me.  I’m sorry, blanket…I’m going to have to leave you here by the side of the road.” Maybe President Obama, like Linus Van Pelt, will eventually experience a similar epiphany and recognize how hiding behind the teleprompter does nothing more than expose Obama’s justified insecurity.

Failing to Connect the Plots – American Thinker January 11, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

The classic childhood puzzle connecting the dots entails starting at number one tracing and counting through in sequential order to the last number.  A crayon and an ability to trace a line slowly reveals a distinguishable image from what were once disjointed elements scattered across a page.  Small children practice connecting dots as toddlers. Yet, in order to clarify a larger national security picture, starting with the purported smartest President ever to hold high office, the Obama administration appears to lack the skill to master a basic system of numeration.

A Pentagon top intelligence report recently sent to the White House stated Major Nidal Malik Hasan was able to shoot down thirteen people at Ft. Hood due to “prior failure to connect the dots.” Leading up to the rampage, e-mails being monitored by a wiretap that Hasan exchanged with Muslim imam Anwar al-Awlaki were never seen by the terrorism task force determining whether the Army major posed a threat to American safety.

Was Nidal’s attendance at a radical Wahhabi mosque in 2001 and regular correspondence with an extremist Yemeni cleric also considered benign? Government failure to connect dots from e-mail one to e-mail eighteen resulted in thirteen dead bodies and thirty-eight wounded victims strewn on the floor of a military base.

Major Hasan offered a foreboding opinion in a 2007 lecture warning Muslim conscientious objectors in the American military present a danger of morphing into suicide bombers.   Did Nidal Hasan’s enlightening insights register a big fat zero on the Obama dot-o-meter, as well as the Army Major openly proposing infidels (non-Muslims) should be beheaded? Obviously, a “psychotic” Nidal Hasan referencing beheadings and suicide bombings waxes insignificant for an administration whose goal to socialize the American health care system eclipses terrorists mingling within the ranks of the American military.

Or could it be that liberal political correctness obscures larger, more sinister pictures that connecting dots uncovers? National Public Radio reported, “some of Hasan’s supervisors were worried they might be discriminating against Hasan because of his seemingly extremist Islamic beliefs.”

On Christmas Day, mirroring the circumstances surrounding the Ft. Hood incident one-month prior, U.S. intelligence agencies’ again failed, “to pull together fragments of data needed to foil the failed bomb plot on the Detroit-bound airliner.” Thus, government’s continued “failure to pull together fragments,” or in layman’s terms, connect the dots — resulted in an Airbus A330-323E being nearly blow into fiery oblivion with hundreds of innocent people aboard.

President Obama meekly conceded to the problem by acquiescing to the fact that, “our government failed to connect the dots in a way that would have prevented a known terrorist from boarding a plan for America.”  Ya think?  Isn’t this the same squadron of government officials a bated breath President wants to place in charge of connecting America’s respiratory tubing?

Obama openly confessed that in the case of the boxer shorts bomber, “the intelligence community did not aggressively follow up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence related to a possible attack against the homeland.” What type of “streams” Mr. President? Intelligence streams such as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab being reported to a U.S. Embassy a few weeks prior to the incident by a deeply troubled father concerned his son’s extremist behavior was a result of being religiously “radicalized“?

America must remember that connecting dots is a multifarious science–especially when those in charge are distracted with avoiding offensive actions being directed toward Muslim men, on watch lists, purchasing one-way tickets to board planes, devoid of luggage. Not on red flag or blip the dot monitor of the brightest assemblage to hit Washington DC in the history of the republic.

After being arrested and before being read Miranda rights 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, told FBI agents “he was trained for his Christmas Day mission in Yemen by top leaders of al-Qaeda who provided him with the explosive materials.” Abdulmutallab described “spending a month at an al-Qaeda compound north of Yemen’s capital Sanaa and said he was denied permission to leave the site until he completed his training alongside a Saudi al-Qaeda bomb maker.”

The word “intelligence” seems somehow out of place in close proximity to this group, because unnoticed in the stream of U.S. intelligence were things like firsthand knowledge that Umar Farouk spent time on the Arabian Peninsula, home to Yemeni cleric and Ft. Hood muse, Anwar al-Awlaki.

Obama admits “it appears that this incident was not the fault of a single individual or organization, but rather a systemic failure across organizations and agencies,” which is an astounding concession coming from a man whose administration is overstaffed with a cadre of know-it-alls claiming to have answers to worldwide anguish.  Yet, those in power either individually, or as a group have proved totally inept at joining facts and data together in a logical cohesive manner. Connect these dots, Alice: the group that failed to diagnose two obvious Stage V tumors named Nidal and Umar wants to oversee the diagnostic health of 300 million Americans.

The fact that a plane full of people nearly met a fatal end over Detroit Metro at the hands of an apprentice terrorist with explosives sewn into his drawers does not bode well for a team of bumbling toddlers who appear to be unable to solve a simple pre-school connect the dot puzzle. The reality is the Obama administration can’t connect the dots, but finally Americans are starting to.

Cartoon by brilliant cartoonist Toby Dials

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