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Death Panels: The ObamaCare Real-Life Nightmare

death1Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It started out as an ‘I have a dream’ come true in 2008, but it’s nearly 2014 and that dream has transformed into a nightmare.

Five years after openly weeping in response to America rejecting its racist past, people are weeping again, but not for sentimental reasons.

In 2010, despite a complete lack of Republican support and contrary to the will of the American people, the Affordable Healthcare Act was signed into law. Liberals were so elated at the potential for the progressive dream of socialized healthcare coming to pass, that as a symbol of triumph, then-Speaker of the House Queen Nancy Pelosi strutted around Capitol Hill with a huge gavel in her hand.

The Affordable Health and Patient Care Act, which was sold as long-overdue bureaucratic benevolence toward those without health insurance, is currently absorbing the healthcare future of one-third of the US population.

Such a monumental takeover translates into control of 1/6th of the US economy and, if truth be told, limits healthcare choices, intrudes upon freedom and privacy, and forcibly pilfers the blood, sweat and tears of hardworking Americans.

At that time, America didn’t know that Pelosi’s gavel would become an oppressive sledgehammer used to bludgeon the living daylights out of the perfectly acceptable American healthcare system.

Initially, in an attempt to issue a warning that liberal insistence on altering the health insurance of 270 million already-insured Americans as an excuse to insure 40 million uninsured Americans was a bad omen, vocal conservatives spoke out. Realists like Sarah Palin were scoffed at as alarmists and publicly ridiculed for insisting that costs would inevitably take precedence over patient need.

What started out as 40 million uninsured has grown to 45 million uninsured Americans, five million of whom were the first victims of the Obamacare lie. Next in line it’s predicted that 100 million already affordably and adequately insured Americans will lose their employer-provided healthcare and be forced, along with the first five million, into an Obamacare exchange scam whose suffocating grip restricts quality, access, and doctor choice.

It doesn’t end there though. Regulations, mandates, and government intrusion are forcing physicians to retire early rather than have government so thoroughly impact their patient care.

It gets worse. Obamacare marketplace policies also will limit access to the nation’s most prominent hospitals, including two world-renowned cancer centers, Sloan-Kettering in Manhattan and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, as well as top research and teaching hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California.

As industry experts confirm that insurers are being forced to limit patients’ choices by pushing them away from hospitals that provide treatments that are considered too expensive, those who warned about impending “death panels” are being vindicated.

Health and Human Services hid behind the excuse that ‘health insurance companies are notorious for canceling policies’ when five million Americans were left without insurance. HHS is again passing the buck by saying, “Decisions about which private health insurance plans cover which doctors is a decision currently made by insurers and providers and will continue that way.”

How typical. Obamacare imposes “new costs,” and then, when access and quality are limited by insurance companies because of those higher costs – that famous gavel cudgels insurance companies.

Health policy expert Tim Jost explained that in order to cut costs, it’s necessary to limit the sickest patients’ access to certain high-end facilities that offer “the most cutting edge medical care.”

In other words, thanks to Obamacare, insurance costs have sky rocketed. As a result, it’s necessary to compensate by placing the focus on cost control rather than necessity. That means hospitals that cater to “life threatening illnesses” will no longer be able to provide high-cost “innovative care” to those who require specialized attention and will choose not to participate in Obamacare.

As it now stands, the people who decided American consumers were incapable of selecting their own individual health insurance plan and so cancelled those plans and then provided them with choices made by someone else, will be the same people who will choose the extent of care every American gets based on the bottom line.

Barack Obama is right. Healthcare is about to become more affordable because, more often than not, out-of-pocket costs for many will be the onetime fee for funeral expenses.

Too harsh? Not really, because persons with pre-existing conditions won’t be denied healthcare outright. They’ll just be denied access to lifesaving treatment at top-notch research and cancer hospitals.

That’s why denying a sick person the right to access the best specialist or hospital is really not much different than a “death panel.”

Either way, like it or not, the healthcare apocalypse is due to arrive on January 1st.

In the weeks remaining the hope is that Americans will come to realize that after being grossly manipulated by Barack Obama’s ‘if you like your …you can keep your’ falsehood, all our lives hang tentatively in the balance.

American Sex Lives: Inquiring Obama Wants to Know

Sex-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It’s official!  Liberals are obsessed with sex.

Up until now the left was mostly concerned with providing the accoutrements needed to enhance the sex lives of everyone from ages 11 to 111.  Thanks to liberals’ tireless efforts, condoms, birth control, and abortion have become official rights compliments of the American taxpayer.

Even President Obama argues that kindergarten kids losing the finger paints and concentrating more on the proper application of condoms “is the right thing to do.”

With liberals in charge, forget reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic. The new criteria for a high school diplomas hinges on children knowing that the school nurse would be more than willing to protect their privacy by shuttling them to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic without notifying Mom and Dad.

Yet, with the full implementation of Obamacare on the horizon, for the sexually active the “right to privacy” no longer applies.  If and when Americans do secure an appointment with a doctor and finally drag themselves into that doctor’s office, when they first arrive they will be handed a feedback form that includes personal questions about sex.

If Granny goes to a podiatrist for an ingrown toenail, she’ll be asked about whether she’s sexually active, whether she’s had more than one sex partner, and whether her frisky bedmates are same- or opposite-sex partners.

Before dislodging a hunk of earwax, and prior to digging around with the ear curette in Uncle Bob’s ear, the ENT will have to first ask him delicate questions about frequency, duration and number of times.

When asked about being pushed to present uncomfortable, non-cardiology related questions to his heart patients, New York doctor Adam Budzikowski shared that he thinks “This is nasty business.”

Earth to Dr. Budzikowski: This the Obama era – the nastier the better.

The New York cardiologist is of the opinion that the probing questions are “insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.” Exactly!  That’s why the government feels it’s imperative to ask them.

To make sure that reluctant healthcare professionals gather the required information, doctors, hospitals and healthcare businesses that refuse to comply with federal electronic health records requirements will be financially penalized by being denied access to incentive payments, which are due to kick in starting in 2015.

As for Dr. Budzikowski, well, he’d better not try any funny stuff, because recalcitrant physicians will also face stiff financial penalties from Medicare and Medicaid.

In other words, similar to what they did to the IRS, Obama’s “reforms” will turn doctors into government agents who will be coerced financially to ask embarrassing “social history” questions concerning former drug use and sexual history.  Then, after they have the dirt on patients, doctors will be requested to give private information to the government, violating the Hippocratic Oath.

Americans who want to formally keep personal information out of their electronic record can do so, but according to the HHS, it will cost money which, thanks to Obamacare, Americans no longer have.  That means the government has both doctors and their patients in a bureaucratic half nelson, so to speak.

Dr. Richard Amerling, a nephrologist and associate professor at Albert Einstein Medical College, explains that a person’s medical record is “a story created by you and your doctor solely for your treatment and benefit.”

Not any more, Richard! The new Obamacare requirements are turning a person’s medical record “into an interrogation,” and the data from that cross-examination will henceforth no longer be confidential.  Let’s remember, government agencies often send checks to dead people, and have been known to do things like dump 100,000 social security numbers on the Internet for the entire world to see.

So in addition to violating our Constitutional Rights, the Obama administration’s signature legislation is drooling in anticipatory glee over the prospect of violating our medical privacy, too, especially when it comes to their preoccupation with Americans’ sex lives.

It’s sort of a hybrid version of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” that instead should be called “We’ll Ask and You Had Better Tell.”

With that in mind, remember this:

Got allergies?  First answer this:  How many times a week, day, or hour do you have sex, and in what room and with whom, and what do you wear or not wear?

Got an odd-looking mole?  It will stay that way until you answer the following question: Are you gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or “he-to-she-back-to-he/she-to-he-back-to-she?”

Got post-nasal drip? Answer this or keep on clearing your throat: When did you start having sex?  Do you wear glasses?  And at what age did your pimples finally clear up?

But fret not! There is a way to get around this, and it’s by doing what liberals are so adept at doing:  refuse to answer the question and just skip over any inquiry you’d rather not respond to.

Playing the liberal “I do not recall” game will buy Americans some time, at least until the impending Obamacare law-mandated home visits commence.  Then, under the watchful eye of government officials, Americans will be visited in the comfort of their own homes and probed face-to-face to accurately fill in all the remaining blanks.

Trader Joe’s: ‘Half-Baked Obamacare Hardtack’

trader-joes-store-300x225Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Although Trader Joe’s is a tad hippy-dippy, I like shopping there because they have fair prices and unique specialty items.

Where I live, Trader Joe’s clientele seem overly concerned with making sure they have cloth bags, and by and large, other than those sporting nose rings and those blanketed in tattoos, many of the shoppers remind me of 1970’s hippies in need of a good cut-and-color.

One other reason I enjoy shopping at TJ’s is for research purposes. I make it a habit to seek out and strike up conversations with opinionated 20-somethings who like to engage in small talk while ringing up groceries.

If truth be told, I’m so adept at wading into political waters that I’ve been known to turn a conversation about a jar of Trader Joe’s Corn and Chile Tomato-Less Salsa into a Barack Obama question-and-answer session. That’s why, thanks to Trader Joe’s, over the years I’ve had many a conversation with otherwise unemployed college-grad Obama fans who’ve spoken openly about the positive qualities of Marxism, socialized healthcare, and windmill-powered energy.

What’s odd is that, despite shilling for Obamacare and decrying the injustices of greedy corporate America, a couple of Trader Giotto workers I’ve chatted with shared that they work packing groceries for a private company for 20 hours a week because they are well compensated, get two weeks’ paid vacation, a 401K plan, and until recently, low-cost health insurance.

In fact, one time, while bagging my Organic Brown Rice Fusilli, a talkative cashier shared with me that after losing her job on Wall Street she came to work for Trader Joe’s and has never been happier.

That’s why you can imagine my shock when, after telling every unemployed person I know to “Go to work at Trader Joe’s,” I found out that thanks to the heavy burden of Obamacare, the specialty grocery store has now been forced to no longer offer healthcare coverage to its part-time employees.

That’s right, by way of a confidential letter from Trader Joe’s CEO Dan Bane, employees who work less than 30 hours per week found out that starting on the first of the year they’ll need to avail themselves of those Affordable Care Act exchanges spoken so highly of by the guy scanning my Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds way back before the presidential election.

One anonymous employee, soon to be consigned to a healthcare exchange, described the medical coverage that was provided by Trader Joe’s as “one of the best parts about the job.”

Prior to being relegated to an ACA exchange along with millions of illegals and hordes of under and unemployed Americans, this particular woman paid $35 per paycheck, or $70 per month, for a plan that covered 80 percent of her medical costs, with a $500 deductible and vision and prescription drug coverage.

Now that same woman is freaking out, lamenting, “There are several folks I work with who are there for the insurance as much as anything, mostly folks with young families.”  The shell-shocked employee confessed, “I can say that when I opened and read the letter… my reaction was pure panic, followed quickly by anger.”

My question to Ms. TJ’s is this: Why the panic and anger? Isn’t this what America voted for? Isn’t this what ‘Hope and Change’ is really all about? Or is ‘fundamental transformation’ just for people shopping at Trader Joe’s as opposed to working at Trader Joe’s?

Scrambling to figure out what she’ll do come January 1st when TJ’s gives part-time workers a $500 check and points the reluctant toward a healthcare exchange, the terrified worker had this to say:

I still have so much anxiety over this, worrying will I have coverage, will it be equivalent, and how do I factor this into my budget?”  She continued: “I’m a full-time student living alone. Everything in my budget is extremely tight. This is something that’s throwing a wrench into everything.

In 2012, Barack Obama received 55% of the female vote, 60% of the 18-29 year old vote, and 63% of the under-30 vote, which indicates that this particular female, a college-age student working part time, probably did cast her vote for the president.  Depending on the state, the female “I have a crush on Obama” vote reached 68%.

So, if this particular young Trader Joe’s worker did vote for Obama, what exactly did she think she was voting for – free contraceptives that she’s now too anxiety-ridden to use?

Here’s a suggestion: Maybe to preserve part-time healthcare benefits, Trader Joe’s could save money by discontinuing the handing out of free Colombia Supremo samples at the demo booth.

But because that’s not likely to happen, Trader Joe’s employees working less than 30 hours per week will soon find themselves part of the healthcare system that those I conversed with spoke of so highly of just last year. That’s why after the fact, it will be interesting to engage in conversation with one particular male 20-hour-a-week cashier who frequently touted Barack Obama as the key to equity and fairness in an inequitable, unfair world.

As that Generation Y guy with half his head shaved, earlobe expanders, and the oriental tattoo on his neck double bags my next batch of Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Cats Cookies (for People), I’ll be sure to ask him how it feels to be forced to join the ranks of those he swore would be ecstatic about Obamacare.

Glitterati Getting Ready to Roll Out Obamacare

Slide11-300x88Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Anyone with half a brain realizes that Barack Obama’s policies can’t stand on their own merit.

That’s why, in order to convince Americans to accept what they deplore, our immature star-struck president must once again recruit the glitterati to arm-twist the easily-convinced American public into agreeing with him.

Now, fully aware that 49% of the American public rejects his spiffed-up, Cuban-style, healthcare reform, the president is signing on a posse of airheads to tell America what they should think.  The problem is that not a one of Hollywood’s celebrity class will need Obamacare because all of them, much like the president, can afford to pay for their own health care with the gazillions of dollars they make doing mindless things like acting, singing, and chasing around balls.

Television sitcoms have already agreed to ramp up the propaganda by writing Obamacare into scripts.  Not only that, but even now, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is on the propaganda circuit and announced that she’s hoping to convince the NFL and NBA to help promote Obamacare.

Yeah, but come on people, isn’t it pathetic that Barack Obama feels better about himself when washed-up, menopausal sleazeballs like Madonna validate his liberal agenda?  What’s even more annoying is that he expects everyone else to abandon their discernment and agree with what they intrinsically disagree with, just because Sarah Jessica Parker and Spike Lee say they should.

So with celebrity coercion in mind, the White House is preparing for the Obamacare rollout by enlisting people who probably couldn’t put together a coherent sentence if it wasn’t printed on a script, set to music, or scrolling by on a Teleprompter.

Clinton White House veteran and president of Global Philanthropy Group, Trevor Neilson, is currently in push-Obamacare talks with the White House.  Neilson’s GPG website says, “Bono once said, ‘the world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.’ We agree.”

That’s why Mr. Neilson and his clients are “looking at ways to be involved” in helping Barack Obama hammer that final nail into the coffin of America’s once-superior health care system.

The question is: Why hammer the world into shape by forcing the unwilling to do what they wholeheartedly reject?

Regardless of the answer, Neilson represents geniuses like ‘border security brain-storming expert’/Obama 2012 campaign co-chair Eva Longoria and crooner John Legend.  Mr. Neilson believes that the “White House is very wise to identify partners to help market the Affordable Care Act,” and who better than a Desperate Housewife who makes chunky guacamole?

According to the eager Mr. Neilson, “Just like any good product, when people are aware of the many benefits it provides, there will be increased demand.”  The problem is that the product isn’t good and a majority of people is already aware of Obamacare’s non-benefits, and while there is increased demand, it’s an increased demand to repeal it.

So regardless of how many Hollywood liberals Obama enlists to convince us that Obamacare is a wonderful thing, unless Scarlett Johansson, out of heartfelt belief in the quality of the Obamacare product, willingly relinquishes her Cadillac policy and signs on to an Affordable Care Act health exchange, it would be best if she and her liberal friends continue playing make-believe with something besides our lives.

Financially Capable Barack Obama Schools America

USMC-090303-M-8605-004-300x199Originally posted at Clash Daily

More evidence of liberal insanity: Since he took office in 2009, Barack Obama simply refuses to stop spending, disregards the nation’s credit limit, and in just four years, has raised the national debt by $6,140,111,383,879.54, bringing it to a staggering total of $16,766,988,432,792.62

Now, after piling on a debt of $53,377 per household, the person who accrued that debt has proclaimed tax month to be “National Financial Capability Month.” No offense to the president, but the only capability he has exhibited in the last four years is the capability to financially obliterate the nation’s entire economy. Obama giving financial advice is kind of like Obama giving basketball tips – regardless of what he thinks; it’s just not a part of his skill set.

It’s the liberal way to perceive yourself as diametrically opposed to what and who you actually are. Therefore, Barack Obama being a financially incapable liberal is precisely the reason why the man who has yet to submit a budget proposal for 2014 feels he’s qualified to teach young people “how to budget responsibly.”

What’s next, Bill and Hillary Clinton running a Marital Cohesiveness and Fidelity Seminar? How about first daughters Sasha and Malia, who took not one but two spring break vacations, sharing with the younger set how to spend a week at the Atlantis in the Bahamas and River Run in Sun Valley, Idaho on a limited budget? Sorry, but if Barack Obama is financially capable, then outgoing MSNBC host Ed Schultz is qualified to host a new “Eradicate Bias in the Media” show.

Then again, this is the president who is expert at exempting himself from what he insists others do. That is why a person who clearly has no understanding of sound financial principles can say with a straight face: “I call upon all Americans to observe this month with programs and activities to improve their understanding of financial principles and practices.”

Wait! When Obama says “all Americans” does “all” include himself and the $10 million dollar vacationer he’s married to, or does “all” just mean everybody except Mr. and Mrs. Obama?

Either way, the president must truly believe that he’s an authority on stretching a dollar, because in his “National Financial Capability Month” proclamation, he said that his “[a]dministration is dedicated to helping people make sound decisions in the marketplace.” That marketplace, by the way, is the same marketplace that he’s currently in the process of destroying. It could be that President Obama thinks that the soundest way to save money in the marketplace is to exchange the marketplace for something altogether different.

Well, at least Obama is voluntarily giving the middle class pointers on how to subsist with less money, especially after the 2% payroll tax increase the president promised the middle class they would not get was folded into the fiscal cliff deal in the form of increased social security withholding.

As for budgeting, the president’s record speaks for itself. In 2009 the self-perceived financially capable Obama’s budget goal was to cut the $1.2 trillion deficit in half. Three years later, the president “averaged a record $1.3 trillion deficit over the first term.” Mr. Obama promised a $600 billion cut in deficit spending and ended up with a $1.3 trillion shortfall. That, my friends, shouts financial incapability.

Remember the “stimulus?” Who else do you know could add $812 billion to the deficit in an effort to stimulate the job market, promise that those dollars would help unemployment drop below 6%, only to see it rise all the way up to 9% at one point? Then, when frustrated workers who’ve been unemployed for four years give up looking for work and the rate misleadingly drops to 7.7%, Obama calls it an improvement.

About budgetary concerns down the road, Barack Obama told the public that the 10-year cost of the Affordable Care Act would be $900 billion; the actual cost will be $2.7 trillion. In the president’s defense, when budgeting, a $1.7 trillion miscalculation here or there should not cause a person to lose credibility in the area of budgetary expertise.

When Barack Obama took office in 2009, he predicted that by the end of his first term the GDP would be 4.6%. Through the third quarter of 2012 the GDP was 1.7%; the second-quarter percent change guesstimate is 1.3%, which reflects a “downward revision” of 0.4%. Now that right there is a level of financial savvy that is nothing short of astounding.

For “National Financial Capability Month,” Barack Obama declared, “My Administration continues to encourage responsibility at all levels of our financial system by cracking down on deceptive practices and ensuring that consumers are informed of their rights.” Talk about a total lack of self-awareness. All this “cracking down” is coming from the irresponsible Obama administration, with its deceptive practices and continual infringement on everybody else’s rights.

Barack Obama has burdened our young people with an unfathomable debt he refuses to fix and now he’s offering them help for the mess he’s gotten them into? Obama said, “Together, we can prepare young people to tackle financial challenges – from learning how to budget responsibly to saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account.”

President Obama will never admit it, but “National Financial Capability Month” is really just about tax month and training Americans to make do with a whole lot less than they’re used to.

Better advice would be for young people to forget about “saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account.” Instead, what young people need to do is realistically prepare themselves for a lifetime of hardship as they shoulder the financial burden that the financially incapable Barack Obama has heaped upon their shoulders.

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