Obama Raffle: Dinner with Mr. Lonely

Originally posted at BIG Government During Bibi Netanyahu’s 2010 visit to the White House, in the middle of a tense settlement concession conversation an irritated Obama left Mr. Netanyahu sitting in a room to rush upstairs for din-din with Shelley and the girls. Abruptly walking out of the room, the …

Census Bureau Boondoggle – American Thinker. – May 25, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker. Blog Government is promoting itself as capable of overseeing the health care of 300 million American citizens.  Yet, when following up on 68% of unreturned census forms, from America’s 105 million households, the incompetent federal bureaucracy sent out sex offenders to ring doorbells. That’s right, …

“Narco” “Acorn” Its All the Same in Some States

When Hillary was quoted as calling Afghanistan a “Narco” state I think there was a misinterpretation and she really meant to say that Illinois was an “Acorn” state. Copyrighted:  No part of this Website of any of its contents can be reproduced without permission.

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