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Abandoned newborn found in New York church nativity scene

longform-24627-1448425100-3Originally posted at LiveAction News

Rather than kill him in the womb, or toss him out a window into courtyard after he was born, a Queens, New York, mother wrapped her newborn in towels purchased from a 99-cent store and laid him in a Christmas Nativity manger on the lawn of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church.

It was church custodian José Moran who first heard the whimpering coming from the manger where he found the child who now bears the nickname “Baby Jesus.”  His umbilical cord was still attached.

Moran told the New York Daily News that an hour after the nativity scene was erected, right after he returned from lunch, he was cleaning the church when he heard the infant cry.

José told reporters:

I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I followed the cries. I walked to the little nativity home we had installed inside the church… I couldn’t believe my eyes. The baby was wrapped in towels. He still had his umbilical cord. He was next to the Virgin (Mary).

Since the infant was found, police surveillance video has uncovered footage of a woman entering the church with what appears to be a baby who walked out with nothing in her arms. Officers also found tape in a local dollar store showing a woman with an infant inside her jacket purchasing towels.

While authorities attempt to locate the woman on the tape, the healthy baby boy is now in the care of Administration of Children’s Services.

In New York State, as long as the infant is handed over to an appropriate person, the law permits unwanted newborns to be anonymously abandoned at places called “safe havens.”  Women can surrender babies up to 30 days old at local churches, police stations, firehouses and hospitals.

Unfortunately, this mother could face criminal charges for leaving her baby in a manger without notifying anyone that he was there.

Calling the baby in the manger a “Christmas miracle,” one of the priests at the church, Father Christopher Ryan Heanue, said that the baby’s mother “must have been in a difficult place in her life.”

Heanue added, “God works in mysterious ways. ”

He certainly does! Perhaps we can be thankful this Thanksgiving that a woman in New York City, where 40 percent of pregnancies end in abortion, loved and cared enough for “Baby Jesús” to swaddle him in towels and selflessly place him in a crèche at a Richmond Hill church.

When the ‘right to choose’ crosses the line into infanticide

newborn-infant-babyOriginally posted at Live Action News

A few weeks ago, women proud of destroying their unborn children started a #ShoutYourAbortion campaign on Twitter.  The goal of the hashtag movement was to emphasize that exterminating one’s own flesh and blood need not be something a woman laments over or regrets.

Add that mother’s-choice-trumps–sanctity-of-life message to Planned Parenthood playing down the sale of born-alive baby organs and it’s easy to understand why, in the ultimate act of buyer’s remorse, mothers are tossing their children out of windows like common trash.

Take for instance, 21-year-old Rashida Chowdhury.

Ms. Chowdhury chose not to mitigate her guilt by signing a release form for Planned Parenthood to harvest her infant son Rizwan’s organs for sale. Instead, 20 days after his birth, at four o’clock in the morning, Rashida tossed Rizwan – dressed in a white and blue onesie – out of the fourth-floor bathroom window of her Richmond Hill apartment complex.

Clearly disturbed, Ms. Chowdhury believed that an evil spirit possessed the babe after he was recently hospitalized with a viral infection. So, to banish the demon and to ‘stop the pain,’ Chowdhury flung her son into a trash-strewn courtyard. An autopsy revealed that as a result of landing on the cement, Rizwan Ahmad died of blunt impact of the head and torso.  Rizwan’s tiny skull was fractured and he also had lacerations of brain, liver and spleen.

Had Rizwan been aborted, he would have suffered similar lacerations and fractures. The only difference for Chowdhury is that, unlike the #ShoutYourAbortion group’s offspring or born-alive children whose hearts were stopped by clinicians eager to harvest their brains, this tiny boy lived outside the womb for three weeks.

For exercising choice after the expiration date, Rashida, who pled not guilty, was charged with second-degree murder and intentional murder of a victim less than 11-years-old.

The following month, former child services worker Jennifer Berry, 33, of Yonkers, also deferred her right to choose until after her daughter was outside the womb.

Jennifer changed her mind after giving birth in her boyfriend’s shower.  With the baby’s umbilical cord still attached, the mother tossed her still-breathing daughter – together with the placenta – out of a seventh-floor window into the yard of her boyfriend’s Bronx apartment house.

Minutes after she threw the baby out the window, the child’s father, Giovanni Johnson, who didn’t know Jennifer was pregnant, found her bleeding in the shower.  When he asked her if she was pregnant, she told him she’d had an abortion four months earlier. Maybe what Berry meant to say was “four seconds earlier.” Maybe she thought the murder she committed just seconds before Johnson found her in the shower was just a ‘later-than-late-term’ abortion.

Since then, investigators have been looking into the death of another one of Jennifer Berry’s children – a boy that allegedly died of SIDS in 2008 at just two and a half weeks old.

Notwithstanding, Berry told authorities that the 8-pound healthy baby girl she threw out the window was stillborn. But the autopsy report shows that, just like baby Rizwan, this baby girl was alive before she hit the pavement, and multiple blunt force injuries are what induced this tiny girl’s post-birth demise.

If only Jennifer – who like Rashida also pleaded not guilty – had visited Planned Parenthood a few weeks earlier, the baby’s death wouldn’t have been a homicide. Such an ample supply of fetal tissue would likely have inspired the abortion providers to accommodate her desire to terminate her pregnancy in a less dramatic way and Berry wouldn’t have been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

In the third such incident in New York since August, Fordham Heights section of the Bronx, 27-year-old mother of four/former day care worker Tenisha N. Fearon threw six-month-old Junilah Lawrence out of a sixth-floor window.

According to neighbor Lizette Rodriguez, prior to flinging the baby to her death, while standing naked in the window, a psychotic Tenisha #ShoutedHerDelayedAbortion to the gathering crowd, yelling, “Hallelujah, Praise God! I’m going to throw her. We’re all gonna die!” Despite people begging her, “Don’t throw the baby, don’t throw the baby,” after dangling her daughter out the window, Fearon let the child fall six stories to her death. On the pavement where she died, Junilah left behind one tiny shoe and a Mickey Mouse headband.

After being charged with murder and held without bail, a judge ordered Tenisha to undergo a psychiatric exam.

baby thrown awayPlanned Parenthood and #ShoutYourAbortion aside, two medical ethicists formerly associated with Oxford, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, have already argued in a Journal of Medical Ethics article that newborn babies outside the womb are just as “morally irrelevant” as those inside the womb and disposing of them after they are born is no different from terminating them prior to birth.

Minerva and Giubilini believe that “what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn)” should be permissible in all cases, whether or not the newborn is disabled. We can safely assume, however, that no one has yet ordered Minerva and Giubilini to undergo psychiatric exams.

Consequently, arguments for depriving the newborn of personhood are successfully blurring the line between pre- and post-birth abortion. That’s why in some circles, infanticide, or the disposal of “potential persons,” is now silently accepted by a slowly desensitizing culture as nothing more than a badly-timed belated abortion that women should still have the right to choose.

As a result, women with shrinking consciences, and especially the mentally unbalanced, are flushing babies down toilets, leaving their newborns in restroom garbage cans and at the curb in trash bags, and tossing their tiny infants out of windows.

The Liberal Nurturing of Gun Violence

obamawithgunOriginally posted at American Thinker

Of late it seems as though liberals on the whole are incapable of understanding how one thing can affect another.  In this case, it’s the holy grail of abortion’s effect on gun violence.

Whether they recognize it or not, liberal ideology has contributed toward America devolving into a macabre death culture, where rooted in the corporate psyche is the idea that expediency trumps the sanctity of God-given life.  The abortion/gun violence dichotomy arises when pro-choice advocates like Barack Obama seek to limit some weapons made of steel but heartily support an industry that also uses steel to destroy innocent life.

In other words, America is again embroiled in a crisis the left has spent decades nurturing but is now seeking to remedy.

Liberals are adamant about funding the slaughter of 4,000 human beings a day.  Meanwhile, those who seek to advance abortion simultaneously insist that guns, which are inanimate objects, are responsible for killing people whom, if they were still in the womb, the left would be more than happy to exterminate.

Clearly this particular cause-and-effect principle emanates from a lopsided philosophy that discriminates with regard to deadly weapons.  If deadly force is administered via a firearm, liberals are irate.  However, if the weapon is a cannula, forceps, or a dilator, liberals are ecstatic.

Meanwhile, society as a whole has been successfully desensitized to casually accept unnatural death.  Secular humanism views euthanasia as benevolent; barely notices when global jihadis behead, burn, and drown Christians; and for the most part looks the other way as the unborn are slaughtered.

Post-birth abortion is now dismissed with a shrug; the sale of baby organs is justified as benefiting the common good; and right-to-death activists like the late Brittany Maynard, who offed herself with a handful of pills, are viewed as somehow heroic.

Sadly, that line of reasoning is likely the driving force behind the sort of violence that causes a shooter like Chris Harper-Mercer to believe that, for whatever reason, he has the right to stroll onto a college campus and blow ten people away.

Moreover, what liberals fail or refuse to recognize is that actively excising God from the public consciousness, systematically equating murder with women’s health, and spending almost half a century pressing for the right to kill eradicate any credibility they may have had concerning the issue of saving lives.

A blurred line between acceptable and unacceptable murder has developed, yet the ones most responsible for the distortion refuse to acknowledge personal culpability.  Instead, the same people directly responsible for cultivating the chaos have appointed themselves the engineers of legislation that does nothing to resolve the moral abyss.

Take for example Barack Obama.  Mr. Obama approves of sanitized violence in an abortion clinic but decries gun violence when the blood is shed on a college campus.

In the president’s mixed-up world of acceptable death categories, biohazard bags are tolerable, but body bags are not; tenaculums are fine as government-funded implements of death, but Thompson submachine guns should be banned.

Pro-death politicians preaching to us about the horrors of gun violence is sort of like listening to a woman with a forehead full of Botox and filler-enhanced lips pontificate about the virtues of aging gracefully.  In fact, when it comes to the issue of gun control, President Obama has mutated into America’s very own Maggie DeBlock.

Maggie is the portly Belgian minister of social affairs and health, who weighs in at close to 300 pounds.  Miss Maggie is to Godiva Chocolate what Obama is to the abortion industry.  The difference between the two public figures is that DeBlock preaches healthy living with chocolate-stained fingers while Obama, with bloodstained hands, denounces murder – but not all murder.

This brand of hypocrisy undoubtedly aids those who feel justified in disposing of other human beings based on a regrettable personal choice or some other distorted reasoning.

Therefore, whether Obama realizes it or not, the blame for mass shootings should be placed not on the Second Amendment or on those who believe that abortion outside the womb is an acceptable choice, but at the feet of those like himself, who condemn ambushing a roomful of people with a gun but openly approve of ambushing a baby in the womb.

It’s secular progressives who have spent 40-plus years dumbing down the public’s definition of murder.  Therefore, what right do abortion advocates have to get indignant when a deranged person with a gun executes a roomful of people?  Especially since, across town, a taxpayer-funded nutcase in colorful scrubs is concurrently using a liberal-approved weapon to ensure that his or her victim is just as dead as the sheet-covered corpses lined up on the gymnasium floor?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Redefines ‘Vulgar’

25480226b7ed02b2735b21d58c05458cOriginally posted at American Thinker

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the quintessential left-wing shill. When it comes to shamelessly mouthing liberal talking points, the woman will defend just about anything.

Of late the DNC mouthpiece and supporter of the unrestricted slaughter of 4,000 babies a day has jumped aboard the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, because as long as the black life is outside of the womb and not on the streets of Chicago, Debbie does believe that “black lives matter.”

In addition to embracing that tortured logic, Wasserman Schultz also celebrates the ongoing dissolution of the First Amendment.

Appearing on behalf of the PC Police, Debbie climbed atop the Des Moines Register‘s Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, and before declaring “anchor babies” a vulgar term, Wasserman Schultz boasted that she all but shimmied up the flagpole and tore down the Confederate flag herself.

Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake, anyone?

Standing tall upon the soapbox, the throaty purveyor of pluralism with the overprocessed perm started out with some praise for young misinformed activists: “I’m proud of the young people who have been pushing the Black Lives Matter movement. We brought the Confederate flag down. We made sure that symbols of hate are unacceptable in America.”

A proud member of the cabal who see no problem with selling the freshly-harvested organs of murdered babies but find terms like “anchor baby” offensive, Debbie shared with the small throng that because GOP presidential candidates don’t support illegal amnesty, the immigration policy being “spewed” by the GOP is “hateful.”

In other words, for leftists who defend Planned Parenthood’s right to carve up defenseless newborns and sell their organs for profit, murder is women’s healthcare and upholding immigration law is hateful.

Moving on from discussing the GOP’s “hateful… spewing,” the DNC diva more specifically attacked Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s reference to some who illegally infiltrate the southern border of the United States as “rapists.”

The Donald has explained numerous times that when he made the “rapists” comment he was referring to the glut of illegal felons released by ICE who are now raping and pillaging their way across the U.S.  However, abandoning context as usual, Debbie told the crowd that Trump calling those who rape our border “rapists” is “appalling” and “unacceptable.”

Trump defaming rapists or not, the truth is that illegally entering personal space without consent, be it into the body of an unwilling individual or the borders of a sovereign nation, for all intents and purposes can be defined as “rape.”

Still, when referring to the now-deemed politically-incorrect phrase “anchor babies,” Debbie had this to say:

And then I can’t even use the vulgar term that he has used and Jeb Bush has doubled down on and many of the Republican candidates have called children of immigrants who are not the vulgar word they’ve used, but citizens.

So, according to DWS, it’s “appalling” to identify and point out that in addition to actual illegal-alien rapist felons, there are also border rapists who infiltrate America illegally. That’s why maybe someone should have raised their hand and asked the lovely and vivacious Wasserman Schultz why the feminist adage “No means no!” applies to date rape, but not to border rape?

Could it be that Debbie justifies having a hardworking border rapist looking for a better life doing her gardening because although he’s raping the border the illegal doesn’t charge too much to mow her lawn? Moreover, whatever happened to Democrats’ righteous indignation over Bush’s Labor Secretary nominee Linda Chavez hiring an illegal alien from Guatemala in the early 1990s, a revelation that cost Chavez the nomination?

As for the vulgarity accusation, according to hyperpartisan Debbie that’s now been redefined by the PC Police as those who point out that border rapists anchor themselves to the U.S. via birthing babies.

Seems the same way the “right to privacy” in the 14th Amendment has been twisted to justify murdering the unborn, the words “born or naturalized in the United States… are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside” have also been perverted to grant the children of illegal aliens instant delivery-room citizenship.

That Constitutional distortion has served both illegals and left-wing politicians hoping to legitimize the specious argument that once they give birth inside the gates of the city, predatory trespassers can claim legal residency, which causes border busters to behave like gatecrashers with stolen backstage passes at a rock concert scarfing up goodies at an endless buffet table.

Either way, it’s hard to believe that all this astounding wisdom comes from a woman who, based on her comments both past and present, is amongst those who believe that the babies of illegal aliens have no legal right to life, but do have a legal right to citizenship.

As for the rest of  Debbie Wasser-name Schultz’s twisted world, black lives matter — but only if they’re outside of the womb; and the Confederate flag is vulgar and much more offensive than a Planned Parenthood employee snipping open the face of a living human baby and removing its brain.


Born at 23 weeks, this micropreemie is sharing the truth about abortion

photo_1_a69b7de0fda817371d2338773b64d379.today-inline-large2x-672x372Originally posted at LiveAction News

The story of former “micropreemie” Trevor Frolek couldn’t come at a more awkward time for Planned Parenthood. Currently, the largest abortion provider in the country is scrambling to defend killing babies up to 20 weeks gestation and beyond, and selling their body parts for profit.

America has witnessed a Planned Parenthood abortionist explaining during an investigation conducted by the Center for Medical Progress that intact “specimens” can be provided to biotech companies from babies who refuse to die during an abortion.

Then, as people argue that tiny fetuses cannot survive, along comes a “little miracle” named Trevor.

Contrary to the insistence of the pro-abortion lobby, studies show that depending on medical care, at 22 weeks — the age that Planned Parenthood is killing viable babies— preemies can survive with care.

So Trevor Frolek came into the world at 23 weeks. At the time of his birth, he weighed in at 1 pound, 6 ounces, and like many of the babies born alive in “botched” abortions would do if given the chance, Trevor fought to stay alive. And stay alive he did.

Trevor survived, and after spending the first year of his life in Fargo, North Dakota’s Essentia Health neonatal intensive care unit, weighing a healthy 20 pounds, he went home with his mother, Becky, and dad, Bo.

Trevor’s mother Becky is grateful, and recognizes that “It’s just a complete miracle. The doctors and nurses have worked so hard to get him to this point. It’s beyond amazing.”

Essentia NICU’s clinical supervisor, Vicki Holtan, says of Trevor, “You look at him and it’s like, ‘You are a little miracle. You are supposed to be here.’”

The sad truth is that just like Trevor, every baby Planned Parenthood aborts, carves up, and markets for money is also a “little miracle” and was also “supposed to be here.”


After he was born, as the medical team ferried Trevor to the NICU, his father, Bo, said: “Save the baby if you can… do whatever you can.’”

When Trevor’s mother saw her son for the first time, what she took in with her eyes is what those opposed to pre-abortion sonograms hope to avoid – a mother beholding the miracle of creation.

Hesitant at first to look because she was unsure of what she would see, Becky must have believed the customary “clump of cells” lie, because she was stunned. “It was scary,” she said, “but he was more human-like than I expected. All his fingers, all his toes, everything was there, just so tiny. His skin was so transparent and fragile.”


Trevor’s foot and Dad Bo’s wedding ring at birth.

Becky said, the question as to whether her baby would live, “(It would be) minute by minute, hour by hour for quite a while,” but Trevor did survive.

Trevor Frolek started out life the weight of a mango, yet this little boy’s story of life comes at a moment in time when Americans, horrified by Planned Parenthood revelations, need to see an actual baby who survived at 23 weeks.

Pro-life billboard removed in NYC, but Empire State Building lights up for Cecil

image posted at LiveAction News

Two pro-life groups were vilified in 2011 for attempting to raise awareness about the plight of endangered black babies, 10 million of whom have been murdered since 1973. Today,   “Projecting Change on the Empire State Building,” featuring a famous dead lion, is commended for raising awareness about the predicament of endangered animals.

Even coming from the pro-choice community, this sort of ‘Save a Lion, Kill a Baby’ disconnect is downright stunning.

A Soho billboard with the face of a human child representing a saved human life is taken down, but an eight-minute video looping images of imperiled animals covering 33 floors of the southern face of the Empire State Building is allowed to stay up without protest?

Let’s jump back four years. In 2011, in honor of Black History month, two pro-life groups, Life Always and ThatsAbortion.com, contracted to have a billboard hung in New York City, where more African American babies are aborted than born.

The billboard at 6th Avenue and Watts Street in Soho depicted a little African-American girl in a pink cotton dress with a white bow in her hair and an apprehensive expression on her face. The message on the billboard read, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

alg-billboard-abortion-jpgAt the time, Life Always board member Pastor Stephen Broden said that “During Black History Month, we celebrate our history, but our future is in jeopardy as a genocidal plot is carried out through abortion.” The Life Always statement was correct: “There is a battle being waged in the United States that has taken more lives than any foreign war or act of terrorism. The enemy is abortion.”

Planned Parenthood, the national, government-funded organization now being exposed for selling aborted baby body parts, has a clinic just a half-mile from where the controversial billboard was posted. In the year prior to the billboard’s debut, three nearby Planned Parenthood clinics reportedly aborted 17,000 babies.

The risk of losing that kind of brisk business in the African-American community may be why, together with pro-choice reverend Al Sharpton, Planned Parenthood asserted that the billboard was a racist attack against a woman’s right to choose.

Maybe Al Sharpton and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards could explain how attempting to save black lives translates into racism? Or how #BlackLivesMatter when they are snuffed out at such an alarming pace by the abortion industry?

While we wait for that explanation, we need to remember that the accusation of racism is a dependable ally. That must be why Rachel Noerdlinger, spokesperson for Sharpton, claimed that the billboard, which was eventually taken down, “[exhibited] classic racial profiling.”

It was during the brouhaha that Planned Parenthood – who we now know hacks up more black babies than white babies, especially in NYC, and sells their little baby body parts to the highest bidder – said that Life Always was “using a divisive message around race to restrict access to medical care.”

What everyone isn’t aware of just yet is that Planned Parenthood is to medical care what death panels will be to Obamacare.

During the controversy, public advocate/current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio called the ad “grossly offensive” and called for its removal. Based on that sort of public outcry, the decision to remove the billboard was eventually made by Louisiana-based Lamar Outdoor Advertising, the company hired to hang the signage.

After the billboard was removed, Noerdlinger said “the Rev. Sharpton salute[d] the company.”

So let’s sum up: A pro-life group spends its own money and hires an advertising agency to assist them in exercising their First Amendment right to free speech. Then, calling it offensive, an oxymoronic pro-choice reverend and an abortion organization with cleaner lab coats and better post-abortion snacks being the only things that differentiate them from baby-killer/butcher Kermit Gosnell, manage to get the billboard taken down.

Maybe instead of suggesting black women are easily manipulated, it’s about time black women were made aware that in 2012, although blacks comprised 17% of the population of Manhattan, black unborn children suffered 42.4% of the total abortions.

What went on in 2011 is relevant in 2015. The same city in which a company was bullied into removing a billboard of a black child (issuing a warning, which happens to be a fact, about abortion) thought it fitting to project the photo of the slain Cecil the Zimbabwean lion onto the Empire State Building.

The project’s creator, Louie Psihoyos, founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society, said he wanted to do the Empire State Building display to “start a conversation.”

Starting a conversation about the disproportionately high numbers of black babies aborted in the Big Apple is exactly what pro-life groups were attempting to do in 2011.

Mr. Psihoyos, who also directed the Oscar-winning 2009 documentary “The Cove,” a film that exposed Japan’s gruesome dolphin-hunting industry, reminisced that in 2011, the same year that the pro-life billboard was banned, the top portion of the Empire State building was lit up red to symbolically depict the blood of the marine life slaughtered in “The Cove.”

So, with the approval of pro-abortion deniers of free speech, around the time the Empire State building was mourning the blood of dolphins, the blood of African-American babies, some of whom might have been saved by a banned billboard, was being spilled in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Soho.

Psihoyos was granted the right to converse; the pro-lifers were told to shut up.

Cash-4-Cadavers: What’s So Shocking about Selling Baby Parts?

2100f9d5f60818095f8a73dcdfa89305fdeeb1d1b84d0aa8545bba74a6ec6be3_largeOriginally posted at American Thinker

When it comes to ghoulish zeal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter has nothing on Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola, except for maybe a few fava beans to accompany his talk of consuming a man’s liver. Whether or not the red wine Dr. Nucatola swigged with her salad was a nice Chianti remains unknown.  A morsel of information that should give pause to Obamacare fans is the realization that the esteemed doctor is also the senior director of medical services at Barack Obama’s favorite taxpayer-funded women’s health clinic/death factory, Planned Parenthood.

Recently, Dr. Nucatola caused quite a stir after being caught on an undercover video nonchalantly stuffing her gullet with crunchy croutons and swilling red wine while discussing crushed bones and baby body parts with two people she mistakenly thought were representatives from a biologics company.

Quite frankly, while talk of forceps-positioning, ultrasound guidance, and preservation of pancreas tissue isn’t exactly appetizing and can be disturbing to mere laypersons, for those of us who expect nothing less from baby murderers, the most surprising thing about the whole Nucatola body-parts disclosure is the fact that some people seem shocked. In a secular society where right and wrong are based on personal beliefs, who’s to say that selling fetal tissue is wrong or immoral?

Therefore, all things considered — including moral relativism — the most surprising part of the Cash-4-Cadavers controversy is that ordinary people who are generally unfazed by 4,000 babies a day being brutally slaughtered are suddenly horrorstruck that babies, after being dismembered with America’s approval, have had their hearts and livers sold for a price.

Isn’t being appalled by an abortion mill selling baby parts for profit sort of like being terrified when realizing Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wears human skin as a facemask, or being shaken up by the story of Ilse Koch, the notorious “Beast of Buchenwald,” making lampshades out of tattooed skin?

What’s clear is that those upset by the recent Planned Parenthood revelations are much more comfortable when the remains of aborted humans are quietly packed into red biohazard bags and shipped off to the crematorium for sanitary out-of-sight, out-of-mind disposal.

What has upset the public so much is Dr. Nucatola’s dispassionate visual of what is actually scraped into those biohazard bags.  So for those who are technically on the side of reproductive rights, the thought of selling bits and pieces of what’s customarily thrown away just seems wrong.

If truth were to be told, based on Dr. Nucatola’s description, Planned Parenthood is just a spiffier version of the notorious Kermit Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  Women’s Medical is where unintentionally born-alive babies, rather than being left to die a slow, agonizing death, were put out of their misery by having their spinal cords snipped with dirty scissors.

Granted, Planned Parenthood has sexier slogans, more famous advocates, nicer scrubs, more sterile stirrups, and better post-abortion snacks.  Not only that, but before being sentenced to life in prison, Kermit stored his victims in the freezer or tried to stuff their broken bodies down the toilet.  Rather than take the creepy Jeffrey Dahmer/Kermit Gosnell route, glamorous Barack Obama pals Cecile Richardson and her unapologetic bunch, under the pretense of benevolent tissue donation for medical research, choose instead to sell babies aborted at 20 weeks gestation.

For pragmatists who expect nothing more or less from baby killers, Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts isn’t shocking at all; it’s merely a murder-for-money capitalistic venture that is neither regulated nor demonized by Barack ‘You didn’t build that’ Obama.

Moreover, Barack Obama supporting a business that sells human flesh is also not a big shocker.

Lest we forget, this is a president more upset by CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett asking him how he could celebrate his nuke deal when four Americans are still rotting in an Iranian jail than he is by an innocent American being shot in the back by a five-times deported illegal alien or an organization he supports making Josef Mengele look like Mehmet Oz.

In fact, this may be news to the likes of right-to-choose activists like Barack Obama, Lena Dunham, Scarlett Johansson, and the star-studded “I had an abortion” mob, but Planned Parenthood harvesting and peddling the tissue of dead babies is no different than ISIS trying to sell Western journalist James Foley’s headless body for a million dollars, Uganda sacrificing children at the behest of witchdoctors, or China allocating the organs of death-row prisoners.

Yet, notwithstanding those and many other similarities, there are still die-hard pro-choice advocates who, in response to Dr. Nucatola’s revelations, seem more offended by the manner in which the truth was revealed than they are disgusted by the actual truth that was revealed.  Nonetheless, in the wake of the baby-parts-for-profit disclosure, America should expect to see these deluded individuals double down on defining child sacrifice and tissue and organ trafficking as necessary to ensure women health.

But for the moment, there continues to be widespread public shock over Dr. Nucatola’s remarks.

In response one can’t help but wonder: What exactly do most Americans think goes on in an abortion clinic when two living entities enter the facility and only one emerges? Do Americans view selling dismembered dead babies as worse than dissecting them while they’re still alive? And why, after abortion has been acceptable to America for 40+ years, are so many people disturbed by what happens to the legal victims of terminated pregnancies after they’re killed?

Meanwhile, as outraged as Americans are in reaction to the horror that’s been laid bare, the blood of 60 million baby lambs being silently slaughtered for convenience stains the hands of a nation whose sin is the same as those who watched the smoke rising from the chimneys at Auschwitz while professing not to know what was going on inside.

The unintentional abortion metaphor in Game Of Thrones


Originally posted at American Thinker

Fans of Game of Thrones were appalled when, in episode nine of season 5, “The Dance of Dragons,” Stannis Baratheon, head of House Baratheon of Ironstone, and his wife Selyse exercised the right to choose and did to their daughter Shireen what 4,000 women in America do every day.

In pursuit of personal destiny they sacrificed their child.

Prior to agreeing to allow his daughter to be set on fire by Melisandre, a controlling witch who serves a Prince of Darkness masquerading as the Lord of Light.  Red Priestess Melisandre promises Stannis that if royal blood is shed, the Lord of Light will ensure that the power he seeks to seize the Iron Throne will finally be his.

Eager to have the snow storm that keeps his army from storming Winterfell clear, and knowing full well that a sacrifice was needed to accomplish that goal, before her death, Stannis tells Shireen, “If a man knows who he is and remains true to himself, the choice is no choice at all. He must fulfill his destiny and become who he is meant to be no matter how much he may hate it.”

And isn’t that exactly the lie that those who choose abortion believe?

Pro-abortion advocates are convinced that filicide permits a person to be true to themselves, and that making the choice to dispose of one’s offspring, no matter how hateful that act may be, somehow guarantees that future destinies will be fulfilled.

The truth is that the character Stannis Baratheon is a weak, sorry excuse for a human being whose quest for power is greater than his love for his less-than-perfect daughter. And Shireen’s sickly mother Selyse is no different. Selyse, who stores the bodies of her three stillborn sons in crystal containers, is so enamored with the Red Priestess’ fire god that she agrees to hand over her only living child to be burnt at the stake.

While both stunning and shocking, the visceral reaction to the scene where the Red Priestess sets Shireen on fire provides a graphic fictional depiction of a very modern-day practice.

Game of Throne’s writer/executive producer/director Dan Weiss apparently doesn’t see it that way. Weiss feels that Melisandre’s irrational influence on Stannis “gives … a window into the heads of people who believe irrational things on faith.”

While that may be true in fantasy literature, Melisandre’s irrational influence on Stannis provides another “window into the heads of people” who have been and continue to be willing to practice their humanistic religion by sacrificing their children on an altar called abortion.

And so, thanks to HBO, viewers received a hardcore dose of reality and a peek into the illogical pro-choice mind that believes killing your child is justified if it grants you the joy of an imagined destiny.

Just prior to being handed over for sacrifice, while reading “The Dance of Dragons,” Shireen has a tender, heartfelt moment with her father. It’s during that interaction that Stannis tells the little girl whose face is stricken on one side with stony greyscale, “You do not belong across the world with the bloody Stone Men. You are the Princess Shireen, of House Baratheon… and you are my daughter.”


Viewed by most as unclean, Shireen is so touched by her father’s kind and loving words that she repeats who she is and tells him that as his daughter she wants to help him regain the seat of power. Little did the princess know that the offer would entail the shedding of King’s blood – hers.

Soon after, the viewers see the tiny girl clutching the wooden stag given her by her beloved friend Davos being led in the falling snow toward a sacrificial pyre by Melisandre, who carries with her a flaming torch.

Shireen realizes that the fire is for her and begins to panic.

stannisBoth Stannis and Selyse stand expressionless, and watch as their only living child is led to her death. From the depths of her soul, little Shireen begins to call out for the two people she believes will help her – her mother and father.

Melisandre prays out loud to the Lord of Light and speaks of cleansing by fire as a kicking and squirming Shireen is dragged by soldiers to the woodpile. As the child is tied to the post, the sorceress coldly reassures the hysterical princess that “It will all be over soon.”

Torch in hand, Melisandre lights the fire and as the flames lick about the girl’s feet, the terrified victim pleads for help from the two people who should never have been killing her.

Then, unexpectedly, power-hungry Selyse, who originally thought sacrificing the child she emotionally abandoned was a good idea – had a sudden change of heart. Pulling on Stannis’s arm, she asks her husband to stop the execution. But a stalwart Stannis, mesmerized by magic, mumbles on about “King’s blood” and remains unmoved.

In a feeble attempt to save the girl, motherly instincts kick in and Selyse heads toward the pyre, but is thwarted by Baratheon soldiers. Powerless to stop what is happening, Selyse drops to her knees and watches as the fire consumes her daughter.

Because of the Red Priestess’ demonic inspiration and her parents’ personal ambition, the princess’s screams quickly turn into shrieks of agony and then abruptly stop as the flickering flames ravage her frail frame.

The image of Shireen crying out in vain for her mother and father to save her was powerful imagery indeed.
But even more haunting was the look on the faces of Stannis and Selyse, whose subsequent tears indicate that, although usually emotionless, they realized too late that attaining what they believe is their God-given calling may not have been worth the loss of their daughter.

And so, ironically, by burning Shireen alive, the producers of Game of Thrones’ “The Dance of Dragons,” made what was thought to be a statement about the irrational nature of religious faith. But instead, an unintended metaphor left astute viewers with a challenging message about aborting children for personal gain.

The effect of Obama’s ‘kicking feet’ remark

indexOriginally posted at Live Action News

To rationalize scalding, scalpeling or suctioning an unborn baby to death, since the passage of Roe v. Wade,abortion advocates have made it their mission to downgrade developing babies into clumps of cells.

That is, until now!

Apparently Barack Obama  must have forgotten that he does not believe that the children he’s repeatedly justified leaving to die if born alive in botched abortions, in reality, are actual babies.

In a speech highlighting the plight of working families, Obama admitted what everyone knows, but some refuse to confess: in-utero babies are very much alive and have “feet that kick” to prove it.

At a White House Champions for Change event, the president had this to say about the injustices some women face on the job:

“Too many women face unnecessary difficulties on the job, like the difficulty of being paid less than a man for doing the same work. That’s a difficulty.”

Then, Obama, who once referred to a baby as a “punishment,” talked about women “being reprimanded or fired for taking too many bathroom breaks when [they’re] pregnant.”  The president said,  “Clearly that’s a man making that decision because they don’t have five pounds of kicks pressing down on their bladder.”

In the name of women’s choice, Obama approves of aborting that same “five pounds of kicks,” and has been clamoring for six years to have taxpayers fund those killings.

Unfortunately, the president’s ‘five pounds of kicking feet’ slip of the tongue may require that Americans be reprogrammed into believing that ‘kicking feet’ does not necessarily make a developing fetus human.

In the meantime, what Obama’s flippant remark has successfully provided is proof that all along, even the most ardent abortion advocate has been well aware that  “choice” is a code word for killing a human with kicking feet.

MICHELLE O COUNSELS: Use Your ‘Voice’ (As Long as It Agrees with Obama)

angry michelle_thumb[12]Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Michelle “Mixed Message” Obama traveled to Cambodia to encourage young girls to speak up. While there, the U.S. first lady told a Cambodian audience that educating girls allows them “to participate in the political life of their country and hold their leaders accountable,” an idea that should float nicely in a country run by a dictator.

Meanwhile, here in America, with the approval, funding, and hearty endorsement by the Obama administration, by way of feticide, every day 3,000-4,000 babies are denied the right to ever use their voices, half of them girls. So in essence Michelle’s message about girls using their voice only applies if Cambodian mothers choose not to use their voice to say “I’m here to have an abortion.”

While we’re on the subject of abortion, participating in political life, and holding leaders accountable, Mrs. Obama’s husband Barack has been delving into a similar realm, politically speaking. Seems that despite Michelle encouraging “voice usage”, her husband apparently believes that Israeli voters speaking out at the polls is something they shouldn’t be permitted to do.

Melding the quashing of voices and abortive tactics the same way he uses the tax dollars of pro-lifers to pay for abortion procedures they disagree with, it has been revealed that Barack Obama moved U.S. taxpayer monies through non-profit organizations to interfere in the Israel election.

Evidently Obama was exercising his right to choose who should be Prime Minister of Israel and sent a team of government-funded abortionists to Israel to abort Bibi Netanyahu. The only thing missing from this scenario was a bereted band of New Black Panthers stationed outside Israeli polling stations beating back Likud voters with billysticks.

Unfortunately, despite Barack’s best efforts, Bibi was “Born Alive”, so to speak.

Now the only hope Barack Obama has to fulfill his dream of political abortion is to find another way to undermine Bibi’s survival. From the looks of things, the president is counting on Iran to bring to fruition what appears to be his original intent to terminate the Jewish state.

Here’s the problem with all of this: How can Michelle Obama travel to a country ruled by an authoritarian strongman leader, large numbers of school dropouts, and endemic poverty to speak against the very conditions Barack Obama is intentionally cultivating here in America? Worse yet, in Cambodia she encouraged schoolgirls to do what her husband absolutely forbids here at home, which is to allow citizens “participation in political life” by holding him accountable.

Moreover, how can a representative of a government that is restricting First Amendment rights more and more every day be taken seriously when she encourages girls to “use” their voices?

After all, under the Obama regime those who express views that disagree with the president’s are retaliated against by government entities such as the IRS. Fox News and Tea Party activists are publicly mocked and derided for expressing an adversarial opinion, and conservative commentators vilified endlessly by the husband of the woman inspiring others to speak up.

Not only that, but when Bibi came to the United States to verbally express the dangers he believes will ensue if Obama assists Tehran in acquiring a nuclear bomb, Obama did what Michelle suggested schoolgirls in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap do to those who discourage voicing one’s opinion – he ignored Bibi.

Nevertheless, in an effort to undermine an entire sovereign nation from expressing their preference at the polls, if Obama does what he usually does it’s highly likely he’ll attempt to quell the voice of the Israeli people because a democratic election delivered a result opposite to what Barack Obama had hoped.

The truth is that much to Barack Obama’s chagrin, like a woman who visits an abortion clinic late-term only to give birth to a living baby destined to be aborted, Bibi survived.

Now, without an available laundry room to toss the prime minister into in hopes he’ll fade away without oxygen, warmth, and hydration, not to burden the original intent of getting rid of Bibi, Barack Obama must find an alternate route to rid the world, once and for all, of Bibi Netanyahu’s voice.

And so the Obama hypocrisy continues.

We have Mrs. Obama circumnavigating the globe promoting education, political activism, the benefit of holding politicians accountable, as well as free expression for girls. Meanwhile here at home, both girls and boys are being deprived of a voice because, with Michelle’s hearty approval, they’re being denied the right to life. Not to mention Michelle’s husband sic’ing the federal government on any political adversary that demands he become accountable to the nation.

Couple those double standards with President Obama opposing both nationally and internationally the right of individuals and nations to exercise their voice if what is voiced differs from his planetary vision for a progressive Islamic panacea.

Compounding that glaring dichotomy is Obama orchestrating a Chicago-style effort to abort the Israeli Prime Minister by sending a taxpayer-funded goon squad to pulverize the fearless leader whose voice advocates dealing with Iran in ways contrary to what Barack Obama demands.

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