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Who’s the Big Fat Idiot?


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

In 1996 future Minnesota Senator Al Franken (aka Stuart Smalley) wrote a book entitled “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and other Observations.”

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said that conservative talk show host Limbaugh reminded him more of the “guy from Deliverance.”

Liberals feel contempt for Rush Limbaugh, which is why they mock him and corporately celebrate his personal struggles every chance they get. Yet, for the joke that the left portrays Maha-Rushi to be, when they need a scapegoat, it’s Limbaugh that influential politicians accuse of affecting their lives and agendas for the worse.

Prior to the 2012 election, after the fiasco that was his first term, Barack Obama blamed the Republicans for all his failures. Obama said that if Republicans weren’t worried about what the “big fat idiot” everyone laughs at would say on the radio, Republicans would have gladly helped advance his impeccable “Hope and Change” policy agenda.

Recently the guy behind the Golden EIB Microphone was blamed again for undermining the man trying desperately but failing miserably to be an effective leader, and for causing the Republican base to constrain otherwise cooperative politicians from supporting his current political agenda.

Not only that, but according to Obama, Rush singlehandedly had the influence to transform the president’s sterling image into a cartoonish “caricature.”

And then there was the woman whose claim to fame is standing in pink sneakers for 11 hours on behalf of late-term abortion.

In order to win over low-information observers, Texas state senator Wendy Davis couldn’t resist employing the liberal tactic of promoting herself in a way that has nothing to do with the truth. Then, when she got nabbed for embellishing her single-mother-trailer-park story for political purposes, rather than fessing up she blamed…you guessed it – Rush Limbaugh.

In a desperate effort to rectify Davis’s use of the “typical dirty tricks we’re all tired of,” which included lying in her bio, an email was sent to supporters with the subject line “They’re getting desperate.” In it, Karin Johanson, Davis’s “desperate” campaign manager, accused “Abortion Barbie’s” detractors of trying to bring the Texas state senator down by “try[ing] anything, including the typical dirty tricks we’re all tired of.”

After the self-aggrandizing Davis proved she couldn’t salvage her damaged reputation, Johanson ended the email by referencing an old standby when she said, “I guess Rush Limbaugh just couldn’t help himself.”

Rush Limbaugh? What does Rush Limbaugh have to do with Wendy Davis using Barack Obama’s fake background ploy and trying to pass herself off as something she isn’t?

So it has to be one or the other. Either the man they call the “Big Fat Idiot” is big and fat in the power department and can sway the fortunes of the President of the United States and a woman supposedly on the brink of what  Obama called “something special happening” …

Or it’s not Rush Limbaugh who’s the “Big Fat Idiot.”

Abortion Barbie to Run for Governor of Texas

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

State Senator Wendy Davis, aka “Abortion Barbie,” is planning to run in the first open-seat governor’s race in Texas since 1990.

Ft. Worth legislator Davis rose to notoriety in June by way of an 11-hour filibuster against the proposed abortion clinic regulations in Senate Bill 5.

Ms. Davis objected to the following items: banning abortion after 20 weeks or 5 months of pregnancy; protecting fetuses from pain; mandating that in case of an emergency, abortion doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital; that clinics meet surgical healthcare facility standards; and that women taking the abortion pill would receive oversight.

But Davis’s marathon effort was for naught, because the restrictions were passed into law in a special session called by outgoing Republican Governor Rick Perry.

Loss or not, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and her advisers have begun notifying powerful Democrats of her intentions to run for governor in 2014. Apparently, her conviction is that disposing of viable children in painful ways and endangering the lives of women has garnered her support with Texas voters.

And if that’s true, maybe Wendy should retain the theme of her filibuster. Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis should fashion her campaign to echo her staunch pro-abortion sentiments.

Davis for Governor 2014 paraphernalia should seek to proudly remind Texas that Wendy is the grand dame of dilation and extraction.

For example, Abortion Barbie t-shirts can be maroon in honor of the Texas state color (or blood). If you don’t want to share your old Barbie dolls with a baby girl, you shouldn’t have to!

Campaign hats can be adorned with stirrups for decoration, and ice chips in red plastic cups and apple or orange juice can be served at campaign events.

To keep the gubernatorial abortion flame alive, maybe Wendy will agree to wear an open-back hospital gown whenever she’s making a public appearance and hand out Barbie dolls that come with RU-486 pills as an accessory.

Spokesman Hector Nieto said that although she’s yet to announce her intentions, Davis has the right to choose whether she wants to run for governor or not, and has made up her mind about 2014.

While Texas waits with bated breath, the senator has plans to unveil her decision next week. What would be really fitting is if she chose to make her announcement in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Speaking on behalf of Wendy Davis, Señor Nieto said,

“Senator Davis has decided what she will do and she looks forward to making that announcement with her grass-roots supporters on October 3.”

That is unless Wendy is busy on October 3rd sharing the merits of Kermit Gosnell-style late- and post-term abortion with potential voters she’d probably rather see in the polling booth and not the delivery room on Election Day.

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