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Barack Obama and the ‘Supergirls’

Photo credit NBC News

enter Photo credit NBC News

Cialis Drug Store Price Originally posted at American Thinker

Buy Ponstel Barack Obama couldn’t make it to Bibi Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress, but he did squeeze in an appearance at the fifth annual White House science fair, which he said is the “most fun event of the year.”

source url Obama, who believes in the voodoo science of climate change, personally visited “57 states … not including Hawaii and Alaska,” and still hasn’t conquered the Obamacare website, took the science fair opportunity to tout science, technology, and math.

source site Sounding more like he was advancing the concept of “sharing the wealth” than congratulating a group of aspiring scientists, Obama told science fair participants, “It’s not enough for our country just to be proud of you. We’ve also got to support you.”

http://wsicycling.com/?sopa=Tetracycline-Canadaian-Pharmacy&a3e=54 The exhibitions included things like ball-throwing robots, technology to tackle cyber-bullying, an Alzheimer’s monitor for Gramps, an Ethiopian water filtration system, a “pollution-into-power battery,” hiccup-curing lollipops, and a quadrilingual kid team’s sustainable city of the future.

http://otterpaintball.com/?led=Accutane-Isotretinoin-Gel-Buy&8a0=aa But the posse that took the science fair by storm was a team of six-year-old girls sporting shiny red Superman capes.

http://redapplewellness.net/?pharm=Ayurslim-Capsules-Reviews&822=48 The “Supergirls” Junior FIRST Lego League Team from Daisy Girl Scouts’ troop 411 came to the White House toting a battery-powered page-turning device constructed out of Legos, fabricated to assist readers who are paralyzed or arthritic.

Generic Viagra In Us While perusing the exhibits, the president stopped and chatted with the five munchkins. After all, if these kids could come up with a novel version of a handicapped page-turner, just think of what they could do for a Teleprompter-addicted president with an annoying tendency to mimic a bobble-head.

As he strolled past the Supergirl exhibit, the president leaned over to speak to the pint-sized kindergarteners about their invention. Obama asked Emily, Alicia, Karissa, Addy, and Emery how they came up with their idea, to which the chirpy girls responded that they had settled on their exhibit after they “brainstormed.”

First of all, Obama chatting and then giving a group hug to a bunch of kids – the abortions of whom he wouldn’t have had a problem with six years earlier – is sort like Paul Bunyan being a guest of honor at an Arbor Day event. Still, the giggly group had a few questions for the guy who would have applauded their pre-born demise.

Right after the child-loving/pro-abortion president told them he was “thrilled to have them,” the girls asked him, “Have you ever had a brainstorming session yourself?”

Reminiscing about his failed border security brainstorming sessions with Desperate Latina Housewife Eva Longoria, in a rare moment of frank honesty, Obama said, “I have had a couple of brainstorming sessions, but I didn’t come up with anything this good. You guys are already better brainstormers than I am.”

Honestly, five little Supergirls getting the haughty Barack Obama to admit that he “didn’t come up with anything this good” is a much more impressive accomplishment than cooking up a Lego science project, don’t you think?

Next, the little scientists asked him, “What did you come up with?” To which the man who told every business owner in America “You didn’t get there on your own … you didn’t build that” actually said, with a straight face, “You know, I came up with things like, you know…health care.”

Then, awkwardly shrugging his shoulders, Obama unconvincingly mumbled, “It turned out okay, but it…started out with some prototypes.”

Sorry, Mr. President, but the Obamacare mockup is a disaster crying out to be returned to the drawing board.

Either way, there it is! As if Obama’s failed policy could hold a candle to a Lego page-turner for the handicapped, White House science fair wannabe Barack Obama attempted to one-up five little girls by bragging that he invented Obamacare.

HE STRIKES AGAIN: Barack ‘Ohbee-Guynee’ Obama

UnknownOriginally posted at Clash Daily

Announcing Eric Holder’s departure from his position as attorney general, President Barack Obama of “corpse-man” fame mentioned the AG’s wife, his “good friend” Dr. Sharon Malone. Dr. Malone, who is partial owner of an abortion clinic along with an indicted abortionist in Georgia, according to Barack, the “smartest guy in the room”, is also an “ohbee-guynee”.

As everyone knows, when he’s not gracing the “57 States” of America with his genius and geographical knowledge, the ohbee-guynee mispronunciator directs his all-encompassing expertise toward restructuring America’s healthcare system. So who better than Barack Obama would know how to articulate the actual abbreviated name of a type of doctor who attends to lady parts and defies Planned Parenthood by delivering the babies who – no thanks to Obama – successfully make it out of the womb alive?

Genital-themed mispronunciation is habitual coming from this man. One time the president actually called the Choctaw Nation the – ahem – “cock-taw-nation.”

What happens when Obama accompanies his wife on her annual “ohbee-guynee” exam? Does he confuse the words on the anatomical chart with the doctor’s name and call the attending physician Dr. O’Vary?

Regrettably, Teleprompters do not provide diction assistance. That’s why, when he was in Tanzania in 2013, Obama mangled French President Francois Hollande‘s name. Obama chose to say Hollande in what he obviously thought was the exotic French way, “oo-lawn”, which is similar to how one pronounces “oolong”, as in oolong tea – instead of the more respectful, reality-based French way, “oh-lond”.

But Francois shouldn’t feel bad, because Barry couldn’t even get his “great friend” New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s name right. Even though Gillibrand is pronounced with a soft g, as in JILL-i-brand, her good buddy Obama said the name of the woman Harry Reid referred to as the “hottest member” of the Senate with a hard “g”. as in fish gills.

Being an Obama, the president is probably big on the letter “O.” It’s either that or when he was in the State of Washington after the mudslide his stomach was growling because he mispronounced the town of Oso as “Osso,” as in Osso Buco, a fabulous Italian dish that features slow-cooked veal shanks.

Although he is seen as a tireless champion for the poor, at Michigan State University the always-relatable Obama mispronounced ramen noodles, calling them “rah-men”. On the other hand it’s pretty safe to assume that Barack Obama wouldn’t need coaching on how to pronounce Wagyu (Wag-you), as in $100-per-pound Wagyu beef.

Either way, as America now totters on the precipice of a potential pandemic, Obama, who claims to really be in touch with the situation, actually mispronounced the name of the deadly Ebola virus, calling it “Ebolee,” which rhymes with “baloney”.

But mock thee not, because according to Nancy Pelosi, Obama is renowned for his unmatched brilliance and is considered by her, a woman whose upper lip regularly gets caught on her caps, to be “completely eloquent”.

Hence, the only explanation for all these verbal distortions must be that Barack Obama is ahead of the linguistic curve. Who knows, he could very well be the only one in the world who, instead of our dreadfully ordinary “Pack-i-stan”, pronounces Pah-kee-stahn correctly.

Just Wondering: Did America Let Barack Obama Suck Her Toes?

yuckOriginally posted at The Clash Daily

A lot of people believed Barack Obama when he predicted that his presidency would slow the rise of the oceans and begin to heal the planet. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Are some Americans really that gullible?

After campaigning in “57 states,” thanks to those same gullible people, Obama managed to make it all the way to the White House.

Here we are six years later, and since America still hasn’t seen his college transcripts, next Obama may claim that before he went to law school he was a podiatry student.  After which he’ll recommend something absurd like leveling the playing field via toe-sucking, and source voilà, those that still take him at his word will be convinced that fairness is furthered through toe-sucking.

Anyone who thinks a scenario like this is impossible, think again – it’s possible.

A similar thing happened in Lincolnton, North Carolina at a local middle-class Walmart. A black man clad in a sweater and tan pants pretended to be a podiatry student and pulled a “Barack Obama” on a 35-year-old woman minding her own business while shopping for a pair of cheap plastic shoes.

According to police, the toe enthusiast started a friendly chat with the victim and managed to “talk [her] into trying on several pair of shoes in the shoe department. At one point the suspect took the victim’s foot, put it into his mouth and sucked her toes.”

What would have happened if the man doing the sucking masqueraded as a proctologist, a gynecologist, or perhaps a breast surgeon? Would the compliant woman have found herself in a far worse situation than having to yank her moist toes out of the maw of a guy pretending to be a foot professional?

Either way, isn’t that similar to what Mr. Obama has done to America?

Barry Soetoro snuck up on us when we least expected it and struck up a friendly conversation, pretended to care about all of America’s concerns, and got a lot of easily-swayed people to believe he was something he was not.

Both the toe stalker and the president came out of nowhere, conversed with strangers, and somehow managed to sweet-talk the unsuspecting into buying and trying on for size what they proposed would look good on their prey. Then they came in for the kill.

Granted, unlike the North Carolina podiatry quack the president isn’t a “toe-sucker” per se, but based on the way he was able to dupe such a large portion of the country, if toe-sucking was part of his platform, those who voted him in would probably have thought that was a brilliant idea.

Just like the lady in Walmart, America finally noticed that Obama has been promoting himself as a political genius. Although innocent – as far as we know – of having a foot fetish, there’s no denying that America is trapped in the aisle of life with a president who continues to put his large foot in his own mouth, and has also been very successful at sucking the living daylights out of everyone else.

In this case, Barack Obama convinced America he’s a healthcare expert rather than a podiatry student. He presented an array of ideas that sounded too good to be true, but instead of questioning him, many believed him and tried on what he suggested we buy. We may not have let him grab our foot and put our toes in his mouth, but we certainly did bend all the way over and smile as he proceeded to perform a painful prostate exam on our economy, social culture, job market, and health care system.

So, the next time a story comes out about a pervert conning an unsuspecting shopper into letting him slurp on her brightly colored digits, remember that toes do not fall into mouths; the victim was present when the toe-sucker placed them there. For however long it took to get from the floor to his lips, the shoe shopper cooperated.

Then remember that that’s precisely the reason Barack Obama is in the White House. A deceitful fraud didn’t just fall from the sky and land at the desk in the Oval Office – he was put there by a disturbingly large portion of the same type of Americans who would let a fake podiatry student suck their toes.


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