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MEGYN KELLY: Uses Sexuality When Convenient, Yet BITCHES About ‘Sexual Predators’

Buy Generic You want to Do It Yourself, but you don't need to Do It Alone. I help folks who need a website on a budget to megyn-kelly-sexy-0Originally posted at CLASH Daily In 2008, Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly began showing up regularly on Special Report with Brit Hume, Kelly’s Court and Weekend Live. From there, Megyn moved up to hosting All American New Year specials, sharing legal insights with Bill O’Reilly, and co-hosting America’s Newsroom and America Live.

| FREE SHIPPING 🔥 |. We offer products that help you solve your health problems. ☀☀☀ here ☀☀☀,Your health is Then, in 2013, after positioning her oiled-up gams under a see-thru glass desk Megyn Kelly made cable news history on The Kelly File.

Nizoral Online Buy Unfortunately, for three years Fox viewers have been subjected to Kelly’s unspoken fascination with Sly Stallone’s former girlfriend Brigitte Nielsen and her lame attempt to mimic political satirist Kennedy, both of which has made watching Megyn’s transformation extremely painful.

Farmacie Online Sicure Per Cialis Among her many strategic career moves, “America’s most beautiful badass” has appeared on the covers of More, Variety and Vanity Fair and has been known to show up on air in a seductive leather bathing suit tank top donning hair extensions that resemble a dead animal. Clearly, a legend in her own mind, Megyn occasionally even attempts to one-up focus group guru, Frank Luntz, and when not hanging out with a smitten Mark McKinnon of HBO’s “The Circus,” obnoxiously plays cutesy to the camera.

enter In addition to all that, Megyn Kelly is also on a one-woman mission to take out Republican presidential candidate/billionaire Donald J. Trump.

Online Sale | . If you want to take care of your health. Lioresal Online Kaufen Stop Searching About Best pills! Get NOW! Although she proudly posed in a black silk teddy for GQ, Megyn purports to care deeply about the problem of men objectifying women. Therefore, after interviewing the Duggars, discussing her breast size with Howard Stern, and accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, it’s no surprise that Megyn is currently employing her lawyerly skills to portray Trump as nothing more than an oversexed fiend. During the first primary debate, moderator Megyn began her attack by lobbing harsh accusation at the man she later also referred to as “Voldemort” the Dark Lord of the Harry Potter series. After hearing that Megyn was going to be a moderator, Trump responded by refusing to attend the Iowa debate.

More recently, Megyn thought it was as good a time as any to continue beating on Trump by asking the Republican candidate’s surrogate, Newt Gingrich, his thoughts concerning ten women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault.

click here Bad move.

Gingrich responded by pointing out to the Fox News anchorette that she seems titillated by Trump’s alleged sexual indiscretions, and accused her of purposely ignoring verifiable crimes committed by Hillary Clinton.

Gingrich refuted Kelly’s argument that Trump may be a ‘sexual predator’ and said Kelly is an example of what Americans hate about media bias. Newt asked Megyn:

So, so it’s worth 23 minutes of the three networks to cover that story, and Hillary Clinton had a secret speech in Brazil to a bank that pays her 225,000 [dollars], saying her dream is an open border where 600 million people could come to America — that’s not worth covering ?
“That is worth covering,” Kelly shot back. “And we did.”

Gingrich defied the astonished analyst’s denial that she has an inordinate fascination with Trump and suggested she review recent tapes of her own show. Tapes, according to Newt, that prove Kelly is “fascinated with sex, and …[doesn’t] care about public policy.”

Clearly, uncomfortable with Newt’s observation, Megyn fluttered her false eyelashes at the camera, snickered, and said, “Me? Really?”

“Well, that’s what I get out of watching you tonight,” Gingrich said.

Ironically, after saying Newt’s heated response to her Trump allegations ‘spoke volumes’ about him, in reaction to being accused by Newt of being “fascinated with sex,” Megyn’s uncomfortable eye roll instead ‘spoke volumes’ about her.

An irked Megyn responded, “Mr. Speaker, I’m not fascinated by sex. But I am fascinated by the protection of women … and understanding what we’re getting in the Oval Office …and I think the American voters would like to know.”

That was when someone smarter than Megyn really should have warned the commentator that glitzy-fly-by-night-news anchors shouldn’t try to compete with Newt Gingrich’s unmatched brainpower.

Newt proceeded to counter Kelly’s faulty logic, saying, “And, therefore, we’re going to send Bill Clinton back to the East Wing, because, after all, you are worried about sexual predators?”

Gingrich challenged Kelly “to comment…on whether the Clinton ticket has a relationship to a sexual predator?” Megyn responded, “We on The Kelly File have covered that story as well, sir.”

“No,” he said, “I just want to hear you use the words…‘Bill Clinton, sexual predator.’ I dare you. Say ‘Bill Clinton, sexual predator’… Disbarred by the … Arkansas bar. Eight hundred fifty thousand dollar penalty.”

After that exchange, Megyn’s overworked stylist was probably praying pancake makeup and lopsided hair extensions could withstand being banished to the woodshed.

Even still, Kelly refused to say Bill Clinton and ‘sexual predator’ in the same sentence, proving Gingrich’s point that there’s a double standard.

Instead, Megyn stressed, “we’ve covered the examples of him being accused as well, but he’s not on the ticket. And the polls also show that the American public is less interested.”

The smack down continued with Gingrich forewarning that Bill and his cigar would be skulking around the East Wing, to which Megyn replied that the American public is less concerned with Hillary’s husband than they are the “deeds of the man who asks us to make him president, Donald Trump.”

That was when Newt really should have pointed out that Hillary hurts women by enabling the ‘deeds of her husband,’ and by threatening Bill’s accusers, all of whom are victims of indiscretions much worse than the ones Megyn claims she is trying to expose.

Sounding more like Rachel Maddow than the foxiest fox on Fox News, Megyn Kelly ended the squabble by calling out Newt for having “anger issues.”

In the end, during the primaries, Megyn Kelly’s stealthy Trump career move didn’t work. So, on behalf of American women, the star of The Kelly File bravely endured the threat of sexual assault at the hands of Donald Trump when she ventured to Trump Towers for a one-on-one interview.

After that self-serving endeavor failed to catapult Megyn into Barbara Walter’s empty seat at ABC, rather than behave like a Bernstein and Woodward, Kelly has chosen instead to try and make a name for herself by emulating the champion of women, Anita Hill.

Madonna, the diva of debauchery: Reaping what she’s sown

article-0-026CF86E00000578-443_468x676Originally posted at American Thinker

Anyone who does not believe in the Biblical principle of “sowing and reaping” – which is known as ‘karma’ in certain circles – should have a chat with aging 1980s pop icon Madonna.

It seems the Diva of Debauchery is reaping the harvest of heartache that she has so diligently sown for almost thirty years.  Ms. Ciccone has negatively etched vulgar lyrics and images into the impressionable minds of children; purposely tainted the innocent; and, like a parasite, burrowed into the psyche and spirit of an entire generation.

It was Madonna who spent the greater part of the 1980s, and most of the ’90s, expressing her sexuality at the expense of America’s children.  When not parading around naked in pornographic picture books, Madonna Louise Ciccone defiled young minds by blaspheming via Christian symbols and extolling the merits of losing one’s virginity.

As we all know, “what goes around comes around,” so it should be no surprise that the female exhibitionist who robbed millions of their innocence is currently being bitten by a very different, but equally painful, kind of karma.

A little background: In 1986, Madonna married actor Sean Penn, and then she divorced him in 1989.  Since then, every five years or so, Madonna assumes a new identity.

In the 1990s, Madonna went through a Hispanic spell.  That was when she morphed into Eva Perón, mated with a Cuban actor Carlos León, and gave birth to his now 19-year-old daughter Lourdes.

Soon after, Madonna abandoned her Evita image and became enamored with English accents.

In 2000, she married Guy Ritchie, an English filmmaker ten years her junior with whom she had a male child she named Rocco.  Madonna relocated to London, where she refurbished her persona from sleazy pop star to a lady of the English manor.  She became best friends with one-time Londoner, who also play-acts being British, Gwyneth Paltrow; feasted on haggis; wore riding chaps around the house; and wrote British-themed children’s books.

When Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie fell apart in 2008, the “English Roses” author returned to New York City with her children, Lourdes, Rocco, and David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, the first of two children she adopted during her Malawi phase.

Before long, and instead of aging gracefully, the self-absorbed attention-seeker resumed begging for validation and, in the process, forgot that she’s a mother.

Here’s where the karma comes in.

Trying to shield her own children from what she subjected a generation to in the 1980s and ’90s, Madge banned from her home magazines, television, and picture books featuring nude women hitchhiking.

The problem for Madonna’s brood is that mom just can’t control her impulses – she is still Madonna.

For example, in 2015, she showed up at the Grammy Award Show with her exposed derrière covered in fishnet held up in a Givenchy couture butt bra.  Then, at the Brit Awards, while trying to assume the image of a Spanish matador, the former English lady tripped over her cape and took a tumble on stage.

Meanwhile, Ma-Donna repeatedly embarrassed her 15-year-old son with topless pictures of herself and humiliated her teenage daughter Lourdes by insisting on exposing her behind at red carpet events like the Vanity Fair Oscar party.   Moreover, the word is out that Menopausal Madge’s refusal to tone down the explicit actions and lyrics continually “horrifies” her teenage children.

Then, in a shameful example of an unquenchable pursuit of attention at a child’s expense, Ma-Donna mocked her son Rocco on Instagram.  First she posted a picture of the boy with his hair in pigtails, and then she called attention to the size of his penis.

In response, Rocco made a radical choice that millions of children mesmerized by Madonna’s three-decade long antics were deprived of.  In the middle of a tour she dragged her son around on, “Old Granny’s” “trophy” boy packed his bags and went to live in London with his father Guy.

Ironic, isn’t it?  Rocco does not want to be subjected to continued embarrassment or abuse, so the woman who brainwashed, and continues to try to brainwash, young people accuses Guy Ritchie of trying to brainwash the boy.

The upshot to this fiasco is that Madonna is now embroiled in a custody battle in London’s High Court.  The woman who debauched millions of children claims that son Rocco, now living a happy, “stable life” in England with Guy Ritchie and his wife Jacqui Ainsley, has been illegally retained by his father.

Madonna’s lawyer, Eleanor Alter, argues on her client’s behalf that Guy choosing not to return Rocco to the loving arms of his lascivious mother was a “reckless move in teaching him responsibility.”  After all, everyone knows that the epitome of teaching children responsibility is when a 56-year-old mother of four is so desperate for attention that she exposes her breasts and implies that her son has #nosausage.

So, in the end, what is the moral of Madonna’s “sowing and reaping” tale of woe?

Madonna will likely lose custody of a son who moved to another country to get as far away from her as possible and refuses to come home.  And so, as the woman who for 30-plus years has influenced millions of children to rebel and disregarded the wishes of their parents loses control of her own child, one can’t help but wonder if Madonna likes how it feels.

Desperate Diva: Madonna's Shock Shtick Getting Old

Originally posted at Breitbart’s BIG Hollywood

Madonna is at it again.  The woman with the insatiable appetite for attention – any attention – is making news on her worldwide MDNA tour.

With the way this over-the-hill exhibitionist is behaving, instead of the title of her album and tour being a play on club-drug MDMA (Ecstasy), “MDNA” should stand for “Menopausal Diva Needs Attention.”

Over the last 30 years the entire world has been intermittently subjected to the Material Girl in various stages of undress. Before her previous Latina/Evita phase and more recent faux-British phase, a coffee-table edition of her exhibitionist book entitled “Sex” even treated the public to a totally nude Madonna hitchhiking.

Since then, Madonna’s estrogen levels have greatly diminished, but not her desire to shock. So that’s probably why Madame Ciccone felt it was her civic duty, as if anybody cares, to update the public as to the changes middle age inflicts on a woman’s body.

While in Turkey on tour, a woman too deluded to accept the fact that nobody cares what her nipples look like anymore, injected a huge dose of Granny disgust into the Istanbul show when she whipped out one boob while singing “Human Nature.”


Early-onset senile dementia must be kicking in because Madonna criticized Janet Jackson for a similar wardrobe malfunction in 2004, when she called showing your nipples “cheap attention grabs.”

So, according to Madonna, the intent of her “cheap attention grab” was to garner more press, up the shock ante, offend any traditionally Islamic members of her audience, and while she was at it, send a strong message to the male-dominated Muslim culture.

The 53-year-old must want Middle Eastern fans to know that if she gets the urge to act like a trollop, cultural mores will never prevent her from doing so. To drive home that point, Madonna scribbled “No Fear” on her back. By tattooing “No Fear” on her body, Madonna unintentionally conveyed to her audience another, more important message, which is that age does not prevent a grandstanding narcissist from embarrassing herself on stage when she should be home tucking in her children and sipping a cup of chamomile tea.

Besides, Madonna’s “No Fear” pretense is a boldfaced lie. “Little Nonni” merely feigns fearlessness when she’s flouting religious sensibilities, especially in a country where female modesty is mandated by law. She’s also Ms. ‘No Shame’ when it comes to defiling a generation of other people’s children with her lewd promiscuity, Godless message and self-masturbatory conceit.

But when it comes to accepting the reality of aging, Madonna is obviously riddled with fear. Moreover, up until now, a fearful Madonna tried desperately to preserve the purity and innocence of her daughters Lourdes (Lola) Leon and Mercy James and sons Rocco Ritchie and David Banda Mwale by shielding them from exposure to what she has purposely inflicted on other people’s children for the past 30 years.

Madonna has apparently decided it’s about time to expose her offspring to their mother’s unique brand of perverted antics, so she took Lourdes and Rocco on tour with her. From a mother’s perspective, it really doesn’t matter who Madonna thinks she is; subjecting her own children to watching her writhe around on stage depicting violent, sadomasochistic pleasure borders on child abuse.

It calls to mind Cher singing “If I Could Turn Back Time” on the deck of the USS Missouri in front of a group of sailors, skipping around in a fishnet body stocking while her 12-year-old son Elijah Blue Allman played backup on the guitar with the band.

Nevertheless, apparently Madonna has decided to follow Cher’s lead because Lourdes and Rocco are both fully involved in the production of the MDNA tour. Pre-teen son Rocco sings with the gospel choir in “Like a Prayer,” break dances and gets to see Mom up-close and personal “stripped nearly naked and tied up in a corset by a dancer, then dragged around the floor.”

And as if that weren’t bad enough, while Madonna exhorts the crowd to world peaceyoung Rocco witnesses gun violence complete with images of “shattered skulls, brains, and blood splashing” across Jumbotron screens.

The real kicker occurs when this impressionable child gets to observe his mother cavort on the stage with a 24-year-old Kabbalah devotee/lead dancer with an apparent Oedipus complex named Brahim Zaibat.

Daughter Lola, whom self-described “disciplinarian” Madge used to prohibit from watching television, eating ice cream, and reading magazines, now serves as a backup dancer but mostly works backstage in wardrobe helping Mama slip her bony body in and out of bondage outfits, chains, and lingerie.

By inviting her children to participate in the tour, the ravenous-for-attention Madonna clearly disregarded the effect that a deliberate wardrobe malfunction would have on her own children, let alone anyone else’s.

Perched center stage, unable to control the impulse to shock her audience, Madonna lowered one side of her brassiere like a mother preparing to nurse a baby before she remembered her nursing days are long gone and covered her teat.

Word to former children’s book author Madonna from one 50-something to another: rather than look for new ways to make the world cringe with your perverse exhibitionism, maybe you should gather up your two kids and head home to whatever corner of the world you presently identify with.

And while you’re there picking up a new fake accent, for the love of God, please start acting your age.

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Katy Perry, the Simpson Sisters and Exchanging Faith for Fleeting Fame

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

In preface to this critique, it’s important to say that there is no such thing as a perfect Christian; Jesus Christ, the God Christians follow, was the only perfect human being, which is why true Christians believe faith should be placed in Him alone.

With that said, it was after the Jesus Movement of the ’60s and ’70s, during the 1980’s that many non-denominational churches sprouted up all over America, some of them overseen by self-appointed pastors and leaders who were unaccountable to anyone but themselves. As a result, in the Christian community, young adults, desirous to serve God, were drawn into congregations with showbiz-style charismatic leaders who exploited the enthusiasm and commitment of individuals who, at that time, were too immature to differentiate the counterfeit from the divine.

Kids “raised” in many of these churches responded harshly to hype and unbiblical legalism and emerged from the experience tattooed, smoking, drinking, and toting around babies born out of wedlock. Lost between redemption and confusion were grossly cynical parents who realized they wasted precious years serving man and not God and a generation of kids who sang with Psalty, then grew up eager to partake of forbidden fruit.

Similar scenarios were common in churches across America and could explain the disturbing phenomenon presently on display where the worldly success Christian pop stars achieve is often accompanied by a public fall from grace. Two of the most obvious examples of church kid tragedy include the sorry lives of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and train-wreck-waiting-to-happen Katy Perry.

In Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s case, they are the daughters of a former minister-turned-showbiz-pimp named Joe Simpson. Mr. Simpson began as a youth pastor at Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas and, if one were to guess, probably aspired to heights at “Heights” higher than the youth ministry.

It’s probable some kind of disappointment caused Joe to drop the Bible, change from preacher to manager, and work toward elevating his singing daughter from the choir to reality TV. Problem is, ever since Joe made Jessica’s stardom his religion, nothing but disaster has followed the girl. Jessica ’s foray into the world of Hollywood notoriety may have made her a superstar/business mogul, but with success has come irreparable pain and humiliation.

Jessica Simpson’s climb to fame began when she revealed herself to be a bubble-headed ditz after mistaking tuna fish for chicken and ended soon after when she divorced wholesome, nice guy Nick Lachey. The star-studded Simpson divorce list also includes another failed marriage for younger sister/pop star Ashlee, whose marriage to Pete Wentz produced one son named Bronx Mowgli.

After her divorce from Lachey, Jessica Simpson’s romantic life read like a who’s who of unattached men.  The list included such notables as: Maroon Five’s Adam Levine, comedian Dane Cook, and blabbermouth pop star John Mayer, who described Jessica this way: “That girl was like crack cocaine to me… Sexually, it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm.”

Then there was football star Tony Romo, Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan, and her latest, Eric Johnson, father to Joe Simpson’s unborn grandchild.

And let’s not forget Jessica’s breakout movie role in which she soaped up a Dodge Charger dressed in a pink bikini, as Daisy Duke in butt-exposing hot pants in the remake of “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

So while church life and church people are imperfect, the answer was certainly not for Joe Simpson to replace the flawed outworking of Christianity with dysfunction, promiscuity, divorce, and public ridicule which, in Jessica and Ashlee’s case, came disguised as fame and fortune. One can’t help but wonder: if and when Pastor Joe contemplates the cost of celebrity, is he proud?  Has it been worth it?

Either way, besides the Simpson sisters, in the church-kid arena, there’s also alleged teen father Justin Bieber, raunchy Tweeter Natasha Bedingfield, and bawdy Southern Baptist girl Britney Spears. Yet not one of them surpass the biggest disaster in the PK (pastor’s kid) department, former Christian singer turned flamboyant superstar, the shameless self-promoter Katy Perry.

Unlike Joe Simpson, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson’s father Keith would probably prefer that his pop-icon daughter not profit by gaining the world and losing her soul. However, hugely successful for all the wrong reasons and based on some of her blasphemous comments, outspoken jester Katy might disagree.

Cartoon Katy is indeed the consummate reactionary Christian school and camp/singing in church/no-TV-or-dancing kid. Katy rebelled by remaking herself into a gay activist/slutty pinup girl.  She sings songs like “Ur So Gay,” married ex-heroin and sex addict/comedian/Hare Krishna/80-women-a-month Russell Brand, and filed for divorce after just one year.

In her Rolling Stone magazine interview entitled “Sex, God & Katy Perry: The Hard Road and Hot Times of a Fallen Angel,” Katheryn Hudson said, “When I was a kid, I asked questions about my faith. Now I’m asking questions about the world.”

Hopefully, when the applause of the world Katy Perry is asking questions about stops – which it will – the klieg lights cease to reflect off her electric blue wig, and the cupcake bra is hung out to dry, Ms. Katy will stop singing “I Kissed a Girl” long enough to embrace the essence of truth she was raised to accept but thus far chooses to reject.

And rather than becoming another casualty of an imperfect church filled with imperfect people, perhaps Katheryn will one day have an opportunity to teach Pastor Joe Simpson a thing or two about grace, redemption, and what the God he purported to once believe in considers the true measure of success.

Gwyneth Gives Philanders a Pass

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

For a woman who claims to love the “simple life” and who swears she’s happiest when she’s cooking for her kids, lately Gwyneth Paltrow’s face and opinion are everywhere.  It seems as if Ms. Paltrow, aka Mrs. Chris Martin, hasn’t cooked very many chicken fingers for the kiddies lately, because every time you turn around she is either showcasing her eclectic talents, attending Barack Obama’s $34,000-per-plate fundraisers, or sharing her unsolicited philosophy from the left wing of every stage she happens upon.

Besides being the wife of a rock star and mother to an Apple and an actual Moses, the woman is a multitalented entertainer (at least both she and mother Blythe Danner think so). Gwyneth dances, plays guitar, and can both croon country and belt out pop.

After being featured singing on two episodes of Glee, Gwyneth will soon perish in Contagion. Upon request, Paltrow will demonstrate speaking in perfect King’s English, a talent she displayed at the tender age of 20 when she portrayed Viola de Lesseps in Shakespeare in Love.  Right out of the ingénue gate, young Gwynie with the fake British accent won an Academy Award and was promptly crowned the muse of Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein.

As if that wasn’t enough, nouveau Londoner Mrs. Martin chopped and sautéed her way across Italy with famous pony-tailed clog-wearing chef Mario Batali.  The late Bruce Paltrow’s little girl then wrote a Daddy-and-Me cookbook entitled My Father’s Daughter, and did so while hosting a website called, where she subjects fans to her thoughts on everything from la fromagerie to post partum depression to how lucky her daughter Apple’s classmate is to have two mommies.

The woman is a virtual plethora of firsthand information, talent, experience, and insight. Had she only been born a couple of decades earlier, without a doubt Gwyneth Paltrow would have been the first to spin plates on The Ed Sullivan Show.

If it’s hot, Paltrow can be found it the thick of it, which must be why self-enamored Gwyneth decided that rather than opine on post-holiday detox menus, it was high time to enlighten the world by subjecting everyone to a full dose of her own brand of open-minded militant liberalism.

Beware! When liberal moral relativist Gwyneth Paltrow pontificates, she makes the über-opinionated Hanoi Jane “Sorry I didn’t sleep with Che Guevara” Fonda seem like an apolitical wallflower.

For instance, when it comes to sexuality, it’s not surprising that she’s a big fan of relaxed Biblical interpretations, thus Gwyneth Paltrow has a very “relaxed view on adultery.” Although married to a man she describes as “very nice,” Mrs. Martin effervesces when she says she “respects, admires and looks up to” role models who cheat, lie, sneak, and deceive.  Recently, Gwyneth shared her blasé philosophy on deceitfulness with less condemnation than she does when lecturing on the negative effects of sugar consumption.

Fancying herself a “great romantic,” Gwyneth Kate, the star of Two Lovers, said “I also think you can be a romantic and a realist.”  Maybe Gwyneth can add a section to Goop called “Romance,” where she can insert a subcategory wherein she outlines the dreamy aspects that accompany the realities associated with broken families, heartbreak, infidelity, rejection, and betrayal.

At least when it comes to homosexuality, Goop girl Gwyneth shies away from “judgment and separation,” and manages to also justify acceptance of adultery by saying, “Life is complicated and long and I know people that I respect and admire and look up to who have had extra-marital affairs.”

So, in response to life’s difficulties, people complicate matters even more by adding the noble qualities of disloyalty, anguish, brokenness, and crushing despair.  Moreover, life is long, and along life’s journey the chance to make matters worse arises every time an actress is in a movie like Sylvia and, for the sake of artistic expression, decides to get naked and roll around with a handsome actor like Daniel Craig.

Shocking? Before getting all apoplectic, let’s put Gwyneth Paltrow’s view on life in context by remembering that Mr. and Mrs. Martin, mother and father to little Apple, flew by helicopter into the Big Apple and voluntarily paid a couple’s fee of $71,600 to attend a Barack Obama fundraiser.

Barack Obama supporter Gwyneth believes: “It’s like we’re flawed. We’re human beings and sometimes you make choices that other people are going to judge,” and she was willing to pay almost $100,000 for a dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s place to prove it.

Judging a flawed, human, poor choice-making Obama is one thing.  However, not saying adultery is wrong appears to give non-judgmental Gwyneth a reason to judge those who frown upon extra-marital affairs.  Gwyneth believes that judging between right and wrong is wrong, and if a person does it, “That’s their problem.”  Gwyneth says, “I really think that the more I live my life the more I learn not to judge people for what they do.”

Granted, people make mistakes and we shouldn’t judge people, but the fruits of adultery are certainly judge worthy. And while forgiveness is admirable, condemnation of the hurtful choices that destroy lives is something Gwyneth should mention, especially if she considers herself an authority on everything from cooking to morals.

On second thought, rather than imposing her liberal worldview, Mrs. Gwyneth Martin, nee Paltrow, should stop trying to fill Jane Fonda’s orthopedic shoes by playing part time philosopher and simply stick to what she does best, which is to ‘act’ like she knows how much cilantro goes into Baja Style Shrimp Tacos.

Oprah’s ‘Favorite Thing’ Is Obama in 2012

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey announced that once again, she is “happy to be of service to Obama in 2012,” which proves that some people just don’t learn, and Oprah is one of those people. It also means that, regardless of the extent of the damage Obama has inflicted on employment, the economy, and the future success of the American people, the same voters affected by the President’s disastrous first term may very likely vote for him again.

All around, Obama’s negative influence is so severe that even gazillionaire Oprah Winfrey has not been immune to the “Obama Effect,” where people who were working in 2008 are either no longer employed or are concerned about what effect his continued presidency may have on job security.

Since Obama won the Democrat presidential nomination in June 2008, the employment rate has soared from 5.8% to as high as 9.8%. The President’s policies are so toxic to the workforce that a 31-year-old Ohio breakfast restaurant he touted as an “indirect beneficiary of the government’s Chrysler bailout” closed after he made a passing mention of the establishment’s success in a speech.  One word from Obama and Chet’s omelet machine began collecting dust.

When Oprah Winfrey made her famous career-changing decision to support the Senator from Chicago, the talk show queen had already enjoyed 20+ years of pre-eminent ratings.  Apparently, Winfrey had so much faith in fellow Trinity United Church of Christ ex-congregant Barack Obama that she referred to him in Biblical terms and for the first time ever was willing to “throw her brand behind – a political candidate.”

If ratings equal job security, then Winfrey too has fallen victim to job-related issues, albeit on a much grander scale than the rest of America. Although it might be conjecture, after Ms. Winfrey stuck her $500 red-soled Christian Louboutins into the political waters it does appear that her talk show ratings began plummeting.

Unlike millions of Americans, billionaire Oprah may still be employed, but there’s no denying that since endorsing Obama she is less popular than she was in the past, and probably should have just stuck with Dr. Phil.

After breathless “He is the one” preacher-like speeches, Oprah’s “favorable ratings fell from 74 to 66 percent” and “her unfavorable ratings jumped from 17 to 26 percent.” In 2008 Oprah was so caught up in Obama fever and so busy “crying her eyelashes off” at packed rallies she didn’t realize her political activism was offending some of her viewers.   From day one of the endorsement, Winfrey’s daytime audience began dwindling. From nearly “9 million at its height in 2004-05,” by 2010 just prior to her finale, Oprah’s viewership had fallen to just four million.

In tandem with a struggling job market and mirroring Obama’s freefall in the polls, two months into Oprah’s newest endeavor with the Discovery Channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), the millions of screaming fans “who usually snap up anything she blesses with her seal of approval” are now choosing Ellen DeGeneres as their new BFF and watching Judge Judy instead.

Moreover, as the President continues to lose support even amongst disenchanted liberal females, Oprah’s OWN channel audience of “135,000 consists of only about 45,000 women” in the 25-to-54 age group, which is problematic because that is precisely the demographic the channel is targeting.

There’s no denying that for some reason, Oprah Winfrey’s amazing success has taken a downturn since the President took office in 2009.  In fact, investors are worried that “OWN is a drag on Discovery’s stock” and are questioning whether Harpo Studios’ job creator, Ms. Oprah, has “lost her golden touch.”

Perhaps the reason is that Oprah’s “golden boy” isn’t so golden after all and her audience realized it well before she did.

At some point, the media mogul may have noticed the correlation between supporting the President and losing viewers and realized the last thing OWN needed was her out on the campaign trail wearing an Obama 2012 balloon hat, a fashion choice that would probably deliver yet another blow to her Discovery Channel enterprise.

With that announcement, Oprah appeared to be moving in the right direction – away from Barack Obama. Then, somewhere between April and August of this year, in a not-so-stunning turn of events, Oprah announced she’s supporting the President’s 2012 bid for reelection.

After re-evaluating her hasty decision to remain apolitical, she stepped forward on behalf of the President and said, “I supported Barack Obama in 2008 because I believed then as I do now that he is the right man for the job.”

Winfrey said, “If the campaign needs me, I’m happy to be of service. I’m in his corner for whatever he needs me to do.”

The reason for the sudden change of heart?  Either Ms. Winfrey believes OWN’s new Rosie O’Donnell Show will save the besieged channel, or her original “ear for eloquence and a tongue dipped in the unvarnished truth” endorsement so destroyed any hope for future ratings that at this point, career-wise she has nothing to lose if she endorses Obama a second time.

Either way, despite a much smaller viewing audience Oprah must have a renewed faith in her ability to resurrect the same level of fervor she generated in 2008.

Even if Obama’s reelection ushers in continued job loss for all Americans, further impacts her decades-long high approval ratings and the size of her cult-like audience, and possibly even influences the future of her shaky collaboration with the Discovery Channel, the talk show queen has clearly counted the cost.  Oprah Winfrey has decided that if it’s on behalf of Barack Obama, jumping into the political arena a second time is well worth the price.

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