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Empujelo! Push # 1 for Timoteo Kaine (Tim Kaine) in Spanish.

ThemOriginally posted at Clash Daily

If Americans think “Push #1 for English” is infuriating, or listening to El Bloombito, aka Miguel Bloomberg, follow up all his press conference remarks with “Let me summarize our announcement today for our Spanish speaking New Yorkers” after which el se rompe en (he breaks into) poorly-spoken Spanish, now a US Senator from Virginia has felt moved to ratchet up the drama by delivering a pro-amnesty speech in – you guessed it – Español.

That’s right. Senator Timoteo Kaine (Tim Kaine) , a Democrat from Virginia, felt he could drive home the necessity to pass the immigration bill by reminding the chamber that there are millions of Spanish-speaking people living in the US who simply refuse to assimilate or learn the language and are trying desperately to make English a Second Language for Americans who speak English as a First Language.

Senator Kaine, who defines himself as a “gringo,” opened his trilling, er, I mean thrilling remarks by saying, “El senado ha comenzado un debate histórico sobre una reforma migratoria comprensiva.” This means “The Senate has started an historic debate about comprehensive immigration reform.”

After spouting off in Español for the remainder of his speech, former Governor/current Senator Kaine promised that an English translation would be placed into the Congressional Record for the peons who refuse to accommodate all the illegals who live and work in America by learning to speak Spanish.

Mr. Kaine is bi-lingual because before he became pro-choice and endorsed Barack Obama, while he was still in law school and pro-life, he traveled with the Jesuits to Honduras on a Catholic missionary outreach. Wonder whether Mr. Kaine’s liberalism and support of our socialist/Marxist president is rooted in Jesuit Liberation Theology?

Nonetheless, it was in Honduras where Señor Kaine learned to speak the native language of the Honduran people. Which begs the question: If Timoteo learned Spanish in Honduras, why doesn’t he encourage Hondurans to learn to speak English in America?

Either way, the goal of the Spanish Senate Speech stunt was for a guy born in Minnesota, raised in Kansas City, and now Senator of Virginia to illustrate how accepting he is of being invaded by illegals from Spanish-speaking countries and to prove the “growing power of Spanish-language” trespassers in the U.S.

Moreover, to speak another language on the floor of the Senate “requires unanimous consent” of other senators, which Mr. Kaine sought and was granted. Whether Timoteo bribed the senators with tamales for lunch is unclear.

Whether tamales were involved or not, it’s easy to imagine all the liberal senators being totally trilled, I mean thrilled with Kaine’s Español Show. And then there’s the always politically-correct Republican arm of the Senate that includes: Susana Collins of Maine, Juan McCain of Arizona, Liza Murkowski of Alaska, Decano Heller of Nevada, Marcos Kirk of Illinois, and Lindsey Graham of Carolina del Sur, who probably jumped to their feet and applauded wildly for comments none of them understood.

Kaine said he hopes other Spanish-speaking senators plan to argue in support of immigration this way. Kaine said, “I’m going to cross my fingers that some of the other senators with language fluency might pop up and do the same thing.”

Great idea! In the end, as amnesty that’s being served up as immigration reform is forced down the throats of the American people, the possibilities to drive home the Spanish theme are limitless.

In fact, a nice touch would be for Timoteo to request Mayor El Bloombito don a sombrero and be flown in as a Spanish-speaking guest speaker to address before the United States Senate the dificultador language challenges of illegal immigrants presently squatting illegally in New York City.

Life Lessons from Chávez’s Cancer

Originally posted at American Thinker

On many levels, thanks to Venezuelan president Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, Americans are in the midst of a teachable moment.  If President of the United States Barack Obama pays attention, maybe he can learn a thing or two from the experiences of a man whose politics mirrors his own.

Just last summer, Hugo Chávez revealed that “Cuban doctors had removed a cancerous tumor from his abdominal region.”  The socialist, totalitarian tyrant has had three operations in less than one year and recently spent time receiving treatment in Cuba, a country other than the one whose health care system imprisons the 29 million people he leads.

Unlike their leader, if Venezuelans get sick, they don’t have the luxury of choosing the quality and quantity of treatment.  Statistics show that only 4% of the Venezuelan population is aged 65 or older — for the 4%, that’s indicative of good genes, not good medicine.  At 57 years old, apparently Mr. Chávez is part of the unfortunate 96% because as it stands, it appears unlikely that he’ll see his 58th birthday.

Like all mortal flesh, Hugo Chávez is desperate to survive…so much so that rather than receive treatment in Venezuela — a country that, thanks to him, provides shoddy “free” health care to its citizens — the socialist leader is availing himself of Fidel Castro’s high-quality medical services, where, for lack of ambulances, people are sometimes transported to the hospital in wheelbarrows.

Venezuela’s “youthful state government has criticized Chávez for choosing to be treated abroad, saying it sends a bad message to ordinary Venezuelans if he does not trust local doctors.”  But why should he?  Does anyone recall Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams circumventing the Canadian health care system and coming to the U.S. for open-heart surgery?

It was just last year, after being treated in Cuba, when Hugo Chávez expressed that the goal of Venezuelan government to provide a free and comprehensive health care system to ensure the “lives” and “happiness” of the Venezuelan people.  He reminded his country’s citizens that “this is what the socialist motherland is about.”

Failing to find a remedy for his cancer in Cuba, rather than receiving treatment at home, Chávez now heads toward Brazil, which is a hint that in the “socialist motherland … [the] free and comprehensive healthcare system” must be pretty darn scary.

Thus, the share-the-wealth crowd should pay heed.  All those here in America who think they’ll be getting something of value for nothing may one day find it costly after all.  Just like in Venezuela, it will be too late to change things if one day Barack Obama chooses to go elsewhere for medical care rather than chance his survival on the shoddy medical system he’s imposed on everyone else.

Chávez’s opponent in the upcoming October election, right-wing rival 39-year-old Henrique Capriles Radonski, in a recent interview expressed the opinion the ailing leader, also known as Esteban de Jesús, believes he cannot lose the election, because “[Chávez] believes he is God.”

Riddled with cancer, Esteban de Jesús is finding out that he’s not God and appears to slowly be grasping the reality that “[a]ll men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall.”  And despite the best that Cuban medicine has to offer, Hugo Chávez’s grass is apparently withering.

Even still, Henrique Capriles refrains from expressing his opinion about the president’s health.  However, what he does take issue with is Chávez’s belief that “Jesus must have been a fellow leftist radical,” a view similar to that of President Barack Obama.  Something America’s self-proclaimed Christian president, baptized by Reverend Jeremiah Wright should also take to heart is Caprile’s assertion that “Christ was neither socialist nor capitalist.”  And, contrary to Democrat opinion, He does not hail from Chicago.

Nonetheless, Chávez may not fully realize it just yet, but the inescapable principle of sowing and reaping is a harsh one.  Arinda Cuellar, 65, a Capriles supporter, said of Mr. Chávez that “this man has me suffocated…we have nothing. There has to be a change.”

The reality is that over the years, Hugo Chávez has made all kinds of promises he failed to deliver on to the destitute people of Venezuela.  Now, after having “faith that his cancer would not return after his first two operations last year — which removed a baseball sized tumor from his pelvis,” it’s his own expectations that are not being realized.

Appearing at a church service in his hometown of Barinas, Venezuela, humbled by the frailty of his own mortal frame, Chávez, whom some call the “mastermind of mimesis,” seemed as confused as ever.

The Venezuelan despot “cried and his voice broke as he eulogized Jesus, revolutionary fighter Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and South American South American independence hero Simon Bolivar.”  Chávez’s skewed mixture was as odd as Barack Obama choosing one day to cite the trio of Jesus, Black Panther founder Huey Newton, and General GeorgeWashington of the Continental Army.

Standing underneath an image of the crucifix — because, unlike Barack Obama, ironically Chávez chooses to display religious icons when speaking — the Venezuelan president compared his sickness and suffering with the suffering of Christ, and prayed out loud, “Give me your crown, Jesus. Give me your cross, your thorns so that I may bleed. But give me life, because I have more to do for this country and these people. Do not take me yet.”

Publicly begging God for a level of mercy, he failed to extend to the violent, impoverished nation he leads, Hugo Chávez professed that “[t]oday, I have more faith than yesterday. Life has been a hurricane … but a couple of years ago my life began to become not my own anymore.”

Whoa, now that’s a switch!  Control freak El Commandante now finds himself at the mercy of a force he cannot command, with an outcome that will surely be determined by a power greater than his own.

Chávez’s ongoing battle with illness shows that dictators forcefully promote socialized health care until it’s their own lives hanging in the balance, at which point, rather than take a pain pill, they seek medical help elsewhere.  But mainly, watching Dictator Hugo Chávez struggle with his mortality reminds us that even tyrants eventually find out what it feels like to be forced to surrender control of their lives.

The Consequences of the Clinton Curse

Originally posted at BIG Government

There are many peculiar aspects of the Anthony Weiner uproar. Take for instance Anthony’s hairless pectoral picture with the family photos in the background; Weiner holding up a “Me” sign in front of himself in another picture where a framed picture of an adorable Lhasa Apso can be seen off to one side; and, of course, the crotch shot heard round the world that could eventually land Anthony a cameo on a Fruit of the Loom® commercial where he could dress up as the fruit of his choice.

But by far the strangest aspect of this whole controversy is Slick Willy Clinton’s personal contribution to the fiasco, launching this lurid set of circumstances into new realms of irony.

Requesting that Bill Clinton participate in a marriage ceremony or provide guidance about how to handle a sex scandal is on par with asking Ted Bundy to be a grief counselor for parents of murdered women.  Yet, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, purportedly both intelligent individuals, apparently lack good judgment when seeking role models to pattern themselves after as examples of matrimonial bliss.

The saga started when the Clintons, neither of whom had much discernment when it came to choosing a mate for themselves, “encouraged the match between the Muslim beauty who grew up in Saudi Arabia and the Jewish Democrat from New York City.”  Hopeless romantic Bill claims that for Weiner it was “love at first sight,” a match made in paradise because the couple represented what Weiner wanted “the future of the world to be.”

That world is like the one matchmakers Bill and Hillary inhabit – populated with longsuffering wives who, for political purposes, endure marital betrayal. Not to mention the latent potential in Anthony’s treatment of Huma to affect unstable Muslim/Israeli tensions.

If Weiner is really serious about saving his marriage he should spend some time reflecting. Maybe the congressman should hearken back to July of last year when Bill and Hillary hosted a “sumptuous” pre-wedding poolside buffet at their Washington home in honor of the New York Congressman and his soon-to-be bride, Hillary’s right-hand woman and Bill’s choice for a “second daughter,” Huma Abedin.

As if Clinton romance mediation and the subsequent engagement party weren’t enough, the future Mr. and Mrs. Weiner asked Bill to snap on a clerical collar and preside over their “forsaking all others” nuptials.

Unless presidents are granted special dispensation to marry people, Bill Clinton playing pastor could mean that Huma’s marriage to the guy who asks strange women if they want to see pictures of his “bulge,” officiated by a man who likes to drop his drawers in front of female state employees, may be null and void.

That would be a stroke of luck, because less than one year after the wedding, Weiner was forced to admit that while Huma was straightening the crease in Hillary’s tangerine-colored pantsuit, he was busy texting 220 dirty messages and planning a rendezvous with a female blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.

The only difference between Anthony David and William Jefferson’s situation is that although Huma has sought Hillary’s counsel, she has yet to blame the slimy affair on another “vast right wing conspiracy.”

Thus far the Weiner drama has Clinton involvement in matchmaking, a Clinton-hosted betrothal bash, Bill having to resist the urge to lean in after saying “kiss the bride,” and a scorned Huma asking Hillary Clinton for pointers on how to “stand by your man” versus pounding the sleaze ball into oblivion with the offending iPhone.

Now we find out Weiner, a man who couldn’t harness his impulsive urges, also fails to recognize the insidious nature of the Clinton curse.  Seems the disgraced congressman, after being caught with his pants down, felt compelled to phone up Bill “to apologize” for his vulgar antics. “It wasn’t immediately clear what was said on the call,” but sources claim the “Clintons – who are deeply loyal to Abedin – are distressed by the ‘sexting’ scandal that Weiner immersed his wife in.”

Weiner apologizing to Clinton for being an adulterous cad is as preposterous as Barack Obama apologizing to Saul Alinsky for commencing his career in Chicago as a community organizer.

Isn’t it kind of odd to apologize for the same behavior practiced by the person from whom one seeks forgiveness? Maybe what the New York congressman meant to do was express regret for failing to follow Clinton’s fine example of manipulating words to such a degree that perverted extramarital “sexting” is magically accepted as innocuous banter.

Whatever the conversation, it seems the unscrupulous Clintons are “distressed by the ‘sexting’ scandal” because Weiner embarrassed his wife publicly.  Somewhat like when America was ‘distressed’ by the married cigar aficionado/President of the United States lying about frolicking in the Oval Office with a White House intern?

In the familiar words of renowned author Mark Twain the Clinton/Weiner scenario proves: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” This is a sordid tale of a ruined relationship influenced by the chief cultivator of the Clinton curse. It is a tragic love story where a randy ex-president feigns disappointment over Congressman Anthony Weiner’s marital infidelity and pretends to be offended by the same type of immoral spectacle he himself foisted on America and then did everything he could to dismiss.


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