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And the Oscar goes to… Michelle Obama

390-michelle-obama-oscars-photoshopped-farsnews-300x184There is a nasty word for how the Obamas act when it comes to wanting to be seen with the 1% Hollywood crowd, but I’ll skip sharing the term other than to say it’s the title of a song by Nine Inch Nails.

Nevertheless, fresh off of demeaning the Office of the President by doing “The Happy Snapper” with Jimmy Fallon in drag, the first lady managed to find a way to claw her way onto the stage at the Academy Awards.  Because, hey, what would a Hollywood event be without at least one of the Obamas being the center of attention?

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America’s Indifference to Pervasive Decay

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

After a visiting 21-year-old Canadian student named Elisa Lam was sadly discovered in one of the metal water towers on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, one guest, Sabina Baugh, a tourist from Britain, described the taste of the water as variously “horrible… funny, disgusting,” and “strange,” which means Sabina had been drinking it.

It took Elisa’s body drying out at the mortuary for Baugh to finally admit “When you turned the tap on, the water was coming black first for two seconds and then it was going back to normal.” Sabina and husband Michael chalked up the tar-colored, nasty-tasting H2O to being “just the way it was here.”

Weak water pressure and a flood in one room are what finally elicited complaints from a resident, leading a maintenance man to climb up on the roof, where he discovered the body of a woman missing for three weeks putrefying in one of the four water tanks.

The Director of Environmental Health for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Angelo Bellomo, was called in and reported that the “recent cold weather might have limited bacteria production in the tank.” That must have been a relief! In lieu of a morgue refrigerator, according to the public health department’s implication,  a drop in California temperatures cryogenically prevented bacterial reproduction in the water, thereby making it safe for human consumption.

According to Angelo, between 10 and 14 samples all supposedly came back “negative for fecal coliforms, and total coliforms,” which makes one wonder why the Cecil ‘Hotel California’ has put a do-not-drink order in place while they flush the whole water system.

Nonetheless, reassured that the rooftop water tank that housed a decomposing dead body did not contain harmful bacteria, hotel patrons can relax in knowing they can soon go back to gargling, washing hotel linens, and freshening up just as they did prior to the shocking discovery.

LAPD Sergeant Rudy Lopez said that although foul play or an accident has not been ruled out, the cause of Lam’s death is still uncertain. An accident? What, was Elisa headed toward Six Flags Magic Mountain and made a wrong turn on the roof?

Situated in close proximity to “Skid Row,” the Cecil Hotel already has a history that’s right up there in the hotel horrors competition. Serial killer Richard Ramierez, aka the “Night Stalker,” stayed at the Cecil, as did notorious Austrian serial prostitute killer Johann ‘Jack’ Unterweger. There were also many murders and suicides committed there.

Now besides jumping deaths, cockroaches, and cigarette burns on the bed sheets, the Cecil can proudly add having guests unknowingly drink and bathe in a broth of decomposing flesh to their list of attractions. But the story here is not so much a mysterious death as it is the ghoulish reality that the hotel guests and residents, regardless of what public health officials are saying, were drinking water infused with tissue and bodily fluids from a rotting corpse.

What’s even weirder than that is that for two weeks Elisa Lam floated in a 4 ft. x 8 ft. tank that supplied a “600 room boutique hotel” with water, and only one patron bothered to mention that what they were drinking tasted funny. Then, after the grisly discovery was made, rather than move out, many of the hotel occupants chose to stay.

The sorry truth here is that what happened in Los Angeles at the Cecil seems indicative of a larger problem endemic to America as a whole.

Unfortunately, although shocking to hear, it’s not so hard to believe that there were Americans living in this hotel and soaking in bathtubs filled with liquefied remains of a dead cadaver and not noticing. It’s also not hard to believe that it took not getting the foul water from the faucet fast enough for someone to complain, simply because they weren’t able to instantly get more of what they shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place.

This is America! Nuclear tanks are leaking in Washington State, drug-resistant TB is spreading amongst the poor in LA, mysterious bright lights are streaking across the night sky in diverse locations, and a multi-generational lunatic in North Korea is testing a nuclear bomb delivery system aimed at this country with nothing being done in response. In the meantime, as the country slowly rots from within, Americans are busily checking their iPhones for emails, reading Buzzfeed, preparing to fill up their gas tanks with $5-a-gallon gasoline, and drinking corpse-water in the Cecil Hotel as if nothing is going on.

And while what’s taking place in America has nothing to do with dead women floating in water tanks, in a way the situation is similar, because most Americans can discern that something is very wrong but go about their business as if everything is fine. In fact, when the nation was presented with an opportunity to fish the metaphorical corpse out of the tank and drain the water in November, Barack Obama was reelected.

More so with each passing day, much like the pipes in the Cecil Hotel, the nation is in dire need of a good flushing out. Yet there is no one willing to take the bold step needed to politically cleanse Washington DC of all the rotten politicians who’ve been floating too long in positions of power. Therefore, for lack of anything else, Americans are being force-fed the special Kool-Aid that Barack Obama continues to mix into the vile water he’s responsible for creating. What’s shocking is that there are still some who hungrily slurp it down like it’s the nectar of the gods.

So while the story about the guests at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles bathing and drinking water from a rooftop tank with a decomposing body floating in it has to be, bar none, the most disgusting, disturbing, tragic story of the year, the decomposition of America is far worse.

Beyoncé’s pro-‘life is but a dream’


Originally posted at Live Action News

Superstar songstress Beyoncé Knowles, aka Mrs. Shawn Carter, probably doesn’t realize it, but her new documentary, Life is but a Dream, is doing a serious disservice to Barack Obama’s pro-choice agenda. During the 2012 campaign, pop star/Obama BFF Beyoncé hosted a $40K-a-plate campaign fundraiser for the president at Jay-Z’s exclusive 40/40 Club. She and stage mother Tina Knowles even designed a t-shirt to raise money for Runway to Win.

Then, barely a month after she proudly lip-synchedher way through The Star-Spangled Banner at the president’s inauguration, Beyoncé debuted in a self-directed, self-produced 90-minute “look at me, I’m Queen B” HBO documentary about herselfThe two things the HBO Beyoncé-mentary confirmed were that Beyoncé thinks very highly of herself and that although she identifies with the likes of Barack Obama, when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, she doesn’t toe the liberal pro-choice line.

In fairness, it is possible that Beyoncé isn’t aware of how her lamenting a miscarriage and admission that hearing a baby’s heartbeat in the womb is “the most beautiful music [she] ever heard in [her] life” could negatively affect Barack’s anti-Born Alive Act ideology. After all, Beyoncé did dance up a storm in a Michelle-inspired “Move Your Body” video and then went on to sign a $50-million deal with PepsiCo, apparently without a thought as to how becoming the face of Pepsi could undermine Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move”-away-from-sugar initiative.

America knows where Barack Obama stands on the issue of abortion. However, it is confusing when a superstar like Beyoncé says things about pregnancy like “It is the most powerful creation for you to be able to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift, nothing more empowering” – and then endorses a president who believes that saying when life begins is “above [his] pay grade.”

After the 2012 birth of Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s daughter Blue Ivy, in an interview with U.K.’s Star Magazine, Beyoncé said, “You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you…from the time I knew I was pregnant we have been parents.” Sentiments like those indicate that Beyoncé didn’t read the Planned Parenthood talking points memo prior to the interview.

And it gets better. According to Beyoncé – one of Barack Obama’s biggest celebrity supporters – if you’re pregnant, you’re carrying “a child” and are being granted “an opportunity to bring a life into the world.”

In Life is but a Dream, Beyoncé continues the pro-life theme when she shares her sadness over the loss of her first baby in the early stages of pregnancy. The young mother said that when she first heard the baby’s heartbeat, she immediately picked out a name and “envisioned what [the] child would look like.”

In a prior interview, the megastar had already discussed that devastating loss. Beyoncé said that upon learning that there was no longer a heartbeat, she went to the studio and penned and then sang a song she called “the saddest [she had] ever written.” The words to the unnamed track are those of a bereaved mother telling a baby that would never to be born, “I’m longing for your heartbeat, heartbeat.”

By being such a staunch supporter of Barack Obama, and then sharing  maternal feelings toward an unborn child with a name and a face,  Beyoncé certainly does nothing to reinforce the “blob of cells” argument that liberals depend upon when justifying abortion.

Beyoncé also expressed the strong belief that a miscarriage teaches a woman things about pregnancy – “Especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring a life into the world.”

Two years after her miscarriage, Beyoncé was blessed when she conceived Blue Ivy. In the documentary, the 17-time Grammy-winner rubbed and cradled her swollen belly on camera and showed clips of her announcing her pregnancy on the MTV Music Awards show in 2011. It was there that Beyoncé looked into the camera and said that the “baby wants to introduce herself.”

With all the heartbeat talk and the black-and-white sonogram popping up on the TV screen, one would think Planned Parenthood would request that the documentary be removed from prime time for supporting “informed consent” and promoting what the abortion-backers refers to as an “invasive procedure.”

The documentary even included intimate footage of Beyoncé preparing to give birth and husband and rapper Jay-Z awaiting the baby’s arrival. After the precious Blue Ivy Carter was born, Beyoncé said that “I felt like God was giving me a chance to assist in a miracle.” He certainly was!

The Loony Liberal Whole Foods Organic Chicken Conspiracy

Racist-Obama-sign-300x377The loony left have been successful in their quest to make some Americans so hyper-sensitive, that if the image of a black person is anywhere within 500 feet of an actual chicken, a sign with a chicken on it, or worse yet, a sign advertising a sale on organic chicken, get ready for the offended to protest by turning over a stand stacked high with organic watermelons.

That is exactly what almost happened at an Upper West Side Whole Foods supermarket when Woody Henderson (no, not Harrelson) happened upon a sign advertising a one-day special for organic chicken at $1.99 lb.

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The Michelle Obama ‘Let’s Move’ Third Anniversary Tour

mrs0-300x157Far be it from me to cast aspersions on anyone’s girth, but I find it ridiculous to credit the first lady for “reversing the childhood obesity trend,” when it’s clear that in the four years she’s been in the White House, let’s just say Michelle’s posterior has trended outward.

After thanking God for flared skirts, the White House released a second-term portrait of Michelle photographed from the waist up, bangs and all, doing her best impersonation of one of Barack Obama’s most devoted activist starlets, Kerry Washington.  On the same day, the Office of the First Lady also issued a press release claiming that Michelle “fried fat cakes/ancho-chili short ribs” Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative is responsible for reversing a 30-year trend of childhood obesity in the same time it took Jesus Christ to fulfill His earthly ministry – three short years.

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It’s Time to Tow the SS ObamAmerica into Port

628x471-300x199Then, some 150 miles off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, there was a fire in the engine room and that’s when everything went south.  With no power to the engines and severely compromised water and plumbing systems, the Triumph drifted for five days as the fun-filled cruise to “Funville” turned into a sewage-filled trip to “Sewerville.”

With no running water, no toilet facilities, and a scarcity of edible provisions, the stench of human waste and rotting food sickened many of the passengers. After five days, the upper deck of the ocean liner looked more like ‘Occupy Triumph’ than a sunny Carnival cruise.  To escape the urine- and feces-soaked rooms and hallways, passengers left the ‘poop deck,’ built tents on the upper deck, and relieved themselves in red “poo-poo bags” which crew members dutifully collected.


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The Obama Bankruptcy Curse Strikes Again!

3237164755_e34da6809eOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

If an establishment is endowed with enough history to be able to hang a plaque on the wall that says “George Washington Slept Here,” that business usually grows.  With Barack Obama, it’s the exact opposite.  That’s why when Obama visits or supports a business, the plaque should read “Because of Barack Obama the business you didn’t build will soon be out of business.”

If Obama backs a solar energy company it is almost certain that a shutdown is in the offing.  To date, approximately 34 Obama-backed green energy companies have gone bankrupt, the most well-known being Solyndra. With the help of a highly Obama-touted half-billion dollar federal loan guarantee, Solyndra expanded their solar panel operations and created 158 jobs.  Then, 15 months later the company filed Chapter 11 and laid off 1,100 employees.

The Obama curse is not limited to green energy companies.  In 2009 the President visited Cardinal Fasteners in Bedford Heights, Ohio, and by 2011 the bolt-maker was in Chapter 11 and was forced to suspend operations.

From the looks of things, in 2009 Barack really spread the bankrupting joy around. To promote his economic stimulus plan the president toured Allentown Metal Works, a 100-year-old Pennsylvania metal fabrication company that specialized in making heavy-duty steel components for bridges and power plants as well as for the cement and mining industries.  The Lehigh Valley manufacturer didn’t get a 15-month or two-year reprieve; by 2010 the plant’s gate was padlocked.

And yet again in 2009, as part of his business-busting/pro-stimulus bill marathon Barack bulldozed his way into the heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois. After the President’s visit Caterpillar notified an additional 2,454 workers that they were “losing their jobs as the company continues to try to bring production in line with plummeting demand…The bulk of the job cuts – nearly 1,600 in all – [were] in Illinois at the company’s plants in East Peoria.”

Most would likely agree that it’s one thing when manufacturers of solar panels, steel components, and bulldozers get the deathblow, but when the Obama whammy starts hitting eateries, no one is safe.  And I mean no one.

Last year while on the road campaigning in Ohio, while passing through Akron, Obama stopped for breakfast.  The president ate two eggs over easy, bacon and wheat toast, hugged the owner Josephine “Anne” Harris, took a couple of courtesy photos, and left. Two hours later, the 70-year-old owner of Ann’s Place succumbed to natural causes and went home to be with the Lord.

In June of 2010, while down by the Gulf of Mexico eating snow cones and inspecting tar balls after the BP spill, Obama graced Camardelle’s Seafood with his esteemed presence.

At the time, Barack was on a mission to save the Gulf restaurant industry by proving the seafood was safe to eat.  He proved it by scarfing down enough shrimp and crawfish at Camardelle’s to choke a Louisiana catfish.  After he made his point, the following month the Grand Isle restaurant was forced to put up a “Closed” sign.

Then there was the New Chef’s Restaurant in Toledo, Ohio. Obama cited the 70-year-old establishment as an “indirect beneficiary of the government’s Chrysler bailout.” Obama, who has always been a stickler for pronouncing names correctly (like ‘Navy Corpse-man Christian [sic] Brossard’), praised workers at a nearby Chrysler Wrangler plant, saying, “And this plant indirectly supports hundreds of other jobs right here in Toledo. After all, without you, who’d eat at Chet’s or Inky’s or Rudy’s?”

A week after being mentioned in that speech, Chet’s…sorry, Chef’s Restaurant, after feeding the local community for almost three-quarters of a century, boarded up the windows, locked the front door, and walked away.

Now we come to find out that the owners of Washington DC’s Ray’s Hell Burger, Nice and Greasy Steak and Cheesy, and Ray’s Hell Burger Too are also closing up shop after failing to pay the rent.

Ray’s Hell Burger is home to the Soul Burger Number One, the Fat Joe, and the BIG Poppa.

Ray’s is where number one soul man, ultimate Big Poppa Barack Obama and his zany sidekick Phat Joe Biden used to dine together on occasion.  When Barry was looking for a very special place to take Russian dignitary President Dmitry Medvedev, Ray’s Hell Burger was the place to go.

Obama ate juicy burgers at Ray’s and now the celebrated landmark has been served an eviction notice for being $39,000 in arrears for rent and damages.  Tragedies like this illustrate that while “George Washington slept here” is a sure-fire way to make money, “Barack Obama dripped grease and mustard on this wooden top table” just isn’t enough history to keep the doors open or the rent paid.

Nonetheless, either way, businesses all across America continue to prove the President’s controversial campaign contention that “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.”

But if that’s true, then it must also be true that if, through no fault of your own, you no longer have a successful business that you didn’t build, “you didn’t get there on your own…somebody along the line gave you some help.” And that somebody would be Barack Obama.

Another High-Priced President’s Day

Slide1It’s become pretty predictable.  With no concern for the cost to taxpayers, if it’s Christmas, the Obama family make their way toward Hawaii for an extended vacation – sometimes even on separate flights.

In June, July or early August, or maybe all three, Mrs. Obama indulges in annual vacations and pre-vacations, visiting places like Marbella, Spain or “fried fat cakes” South Africa.  If it’s not an election year, despite the occasional presence of fecal coliform bacteria in Tisbury Pond, the Obamas traditionally spend the end of August in Martha’s Vineyard, splashing around in the  (ahem) saltwater lagoon.

Then there’s a few trips to Chicago, long weekends in Maine, or BBQ in Asheville, North Carolina, and for Michelle there’s even an occasional New York City food and theater tour.

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The Segregated SOTU Sympathy Skybox

pendleton-obama-2The most infuriating thing about the ‘Fat Tuesday’ State of the Union address was not the fact that bespectacled Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who is under investigation for having sex with underage prostitutes, was milling around in the crowd as if nothing is going on, or having to tolerate seeing elected officials act like hormonal teenagers grabbing at the President like he was Justin Bieber working a velvet rope line.

It wasn’t the president’s predictable left-wing drivel, or seeing a comatose Ruth Bader Ginsburg being propped up on either side by John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy.

The most unnerving part of the event took place in the SOTU Sympathy Sky Box. As first lady Michelle got a standing ovation for God knows what, it was apparent that the gallery was packed with a diverse group of people there only because their stories supported the president’s anti-gun, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-woman, green ribbon-wearing, big-spending agenda.

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Barack Obama’s Breakfast Spanking

r-300x165Originally posted at The Blacksphere

For those on the left there’s nothing worse than a black man refusing to play the victim, insisting that his success was achieved through individual freedom and personal responsibility. That’s why the President probably came real close to losing a waffle while listening to Ben share how, against all odds and without government assistance, he overcame poverty, racism, and a violent temper to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon.



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