The President’s Prophetic Podium

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Positioned between two perfectly aligned Teleprompters, the Presidential seal inexplicably hit the floor with the same velocity as the collapse of America’s financial future  since the man behind the lectern took office.

The reason for the flying logo remains a mystery and cannot be blamed on Obama swatting away flies from his face as there were no observable insects perusing the banquet hall.

The President’s response to the mishap: “Whoops… Was that my, uh–?”

The audience nervously giggled as Barry joked about the accident in much the same way he often makes light of the dire situation the nation finds itself in thanks to his abysmal leadership style.

The President then said: “Oh, goodness. That’s all right. All of you know who I am.”

Apparently, as far as Obama  is concerned even a Presidential seal plummeting to the floor is all about Obama.

Then, true to form, Barack  did what he does best–blamed someone else for the mishap, saying: “But I’m sure there’s somebody back there that’s really nervous right now.  Don’t ya think? They’re sweating bullets back there right now.”

Based on the predictive nature of the message  sent by a Presidential seal voluntarily disassociating itself from a sitting President, Obama should be sweating bullets not some 20 year-old handler.


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