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  • Yvette

    Thank you Jeannie, this was spot on and very well put together and I found myself more and more agreeing with you on all……hmmmmm…….Funny how much they resemble, that is MJ and what BHO is doing to us and our money!!! This is an outrage and I for one am dang tired of it already!!! Its only going to get worse as time goes on….The madness is great and the ignorance is as great…..Thank you for sharing your writing with me I so look forward to them, even though I’ve been very busy these past few months!!! Hopefully, this is a time that I’m going to get to spent more time reading your blog~~~ :0) Keep up the GOOD work <3<3<3

  • Scrilla


    The overuse of obnoxious metaphor and analogy to draw a comparison between two completely unrelated people is juvenile, and in extremely bad taste considering the timing.

    I can’t really tell you what is true or false in your article, because truthfulness does not really apply to an article based entirely on fantasy and metaphor. However, you are wrong on Michael Jackson being bankrupt at the time of his death. A simple google search will make that more than apparent.

    Basically what you have done here is an attempt at character assassination of Obama through comparison of a well-known public figure (especially since he just died as in the media spotlight) who has next to nothing to do with politics or governmental policy. The value of such a comparison is nil. You would better make your point by refraining from the tasteless analogies and using some facts to support your claim(s). Otherwise, you’re going to find it very hard to be taken seriously. Unless, of course, you are ‘preaching to the choir’, which I suspect is all you’re aiming at anyway.

  • jeannieology

    Scrilla…this article has little to do with MJackson and everything to do with the degeneration of our nation. In much the same way he deteriorated as a talented, beautiful musician and entertainer…so too is our nation deteriorating under these policies…which is why I asked you to address the error of my statements…which you could not…I am not character assassinating Obama…I’m pointing out his policies — Unbeknownst to you I am being taken seriously by the choir … and for those who refuse to enter the church — my “obnoxious metaphor and immature analogy” is also respected — Your comments and debate are always welcome here.

  • Scrilla

    Why not just point out his policies, show how they are detrimental or go against public opinion? Back it up with fact, not metaphor and hyperbole. I think underneath the (in my opinion) poor analogy you used you do have some valid points to make, but writing in the fashion you have clouds your message.

    All that aside, thanks for the welcome for comments and debate.

  • Stinky McHaterface

    Don’t think fat white “conservatives” are good with facts, don’t think she knows his policies, more interested in just childishly making fun of stuff that’s over her head because the fox news told her to. Oh… and what… is with… all the… ellipses… in your… super duperly crafted… sentences? Like I said: Retarded. Doesn’t require an “open mind” to see that!

    Hey you know what, retard? I think you hit the nail on the head! I think Barack Obama IS Michael Jackson! It’s so obvious: Both of them are black, both of them are popular, Michael Jackson is a figure of controversy, and you don’t like Obama! Hey, I think you’re onto something there! Oh my god, you know who ELSE Obama might be? Hitler! I think Obama is actually Hitler in disguise! Let’s look at the facts: They both have ethnic names, they both have short haircuts, they both drive cars, and I would bet that they both wash their clothes using WATER! Have you thought about that? The possibility that Hitler actually went into hiding in South America, layed low for the last 60 years, then came back as a thin, tall black man in America and won the presidency? You should get on the phone and start calling all your little friends and stage a protest somewhere, because this new fact would prove that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. and you can run him out of office! Then, since the left wing is just SO so embarrassed that they elected a 120-year-old Adolph Hitler to office, they will just go put Bill O’Reilly into office for you as a nice “I’m Sorry” present! Then you can finally stop abortion, put prayer in school, evict all the Mexicans, make bazookas legal for everyone, invade the entire world, cut taxes down to 0%, and the economy will be soaring! We’ll have won all the wars and be the leader of the world! All those damned Mexicans will be back in, well, wherever Mexicans come from (England?), and Jesus will come back to Earth and give everyone a lollipop!

  • Polite comments encouraged. T Ciprofloxacin 500mg Online