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  • Have yu not heard that honey collects more flies than vinegar??? and you definately have plenty of vinegar…. If White Society would learn to observe others customs, we would not be classified as such rude bores the world over… Obama is a class act,,, not a cowboy like Bush… The cowboy way of Might makes Right is not the way to secure safety for our country, as it only angers those who already have a card file of indignities perpetrated against them by the Mighty Aggressors and Colonistists. Did you not understand how our aggression only served to UNITE Muslim world AGAINST us. If Obama can diffuse that by observing another countries customs while seeking to raise the standards of Peace and Equaility, then perhaps you raging hawks will learn something about the effects of diplomacy on the world stage…

  • sebastianelliot

    Jeannie- Bowing to foreign Heads of State is a not a sign of subservience. It is a sign of respect, because foreign Heads of State represent the people of their nations. Whether or not King Abdullah was democratically elected, whether or not his method of rule is in line with American democratic ideology, that man represents a sovereign nation, and Barrack Obama, in bowing, is offering his peaceful respect of that position.

    wayward herring- Your facts are wrong. The Founding Fathers sought freedom for the colonies from the oppressive Acts of the British Parliament. They had no problem being subjects of His Majesty King George III. So no, we did not win our independence from a King. We won our independence from the King’s Government in Parliament.

  • jeannieology

    In the same puny way he showed respect for the Queen of England? Or maybe he just doesn’t feel that women deserve the same measure of waist bending, toe-touching, adoring, homage paying respect as King Abdullah…but then again she did get an IPod with some show tunes so I guess that balances the whole thing out!

    I’m not as opposed to the bow as I am to the hypocrisy…Should Hitler have gotten a bow? How about Idi Amin? How about Pol Pot? On Barry’s world wide tour to extend the hand of world peace should he have bowed to these three too to show respect to rulers of sovereign nations?

    Maybe Barry should try taking a stand for what is right and instead of bending over to show respect…he should stand straight up and show some backbone!

  • Elizabeth

    Brilliant piece! Barry the Appeaser’s actions on the world stage are illustrative; the profligate hypocrisy is exorbitant. I’m surprised Michelle Antoinette tolerates the obsequious gesture to a notorious misogynist!
    And now Gibbs is lying, again, and the minions are buying it? Where’s the transparency? Where’s the outrage?
    On another note – great article at American Thinker today, “Barry and the Pirates.”
    Thanks so much. I eagerly await your next post!

    For Marcine – when I’m in a jam, I’d prefer my rescuer to be a cowboy, not a community organizer.

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  • Great article, Jeannie! Notwithstanding the White House disclaimers that “it was not a bow” it is clear that his knee was bent, he was bent over at the waist, but, more importantly, his head was bowed with his face parallel to the ground, a sign of subservience. The Saudi King accepted it as such! It is despicable that a U.S. President would bow to any foreign head of state — these things are just not done! But, to bow to the one who exports Wahabbism to the U.S. in the form of funding 80% of the U.S.-built mosques and Imams with this Wahabbist cult is sinister.

  • Polite comments encouraged. Buy Cialis Online