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I am a Christian woman, wife, mother of two and grandmother of three.

I  love God and my country and consider it an honor and duty to exercise my First Amendment rights.  Liars, cheats and hypocrites and anyone who purposely hurts the innocent unborn beware!

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    • It’s “you’re a communist” and you’re mistaken – she’s a conservative! :) … Jeannie … correct anonymous. ;) Bevy … Love you dear! :)

  1. Asked to friend you on FB. Hope you accept. Love your articles on American Thinker. Tried to get on this blog but am having problems being accepted.

  2. Just read your comments on the President’s Selma speech. It’s the first, and last time, I’ll read anything you have to say. It must be painful to live a life so driven by anger and hate. I’m hard pressed to figure out why you define yourself as a Christian.

  3. I disagree with Stephen. It is important to speak the truth, no matter how unpleasant, and no matter how much the left ridicules, marginalizes and bullies us. Way to go, Jeannie!

  4. Unfortunately, freedom isn’t free, and now too many Americans respond to the Pavlovian ding, believing what the media tells them without thought. Anyone who actually tells the truth must be marginalized by the liberal mob (like those telling them they are a miserable person or a communist).

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