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Originally posted at American Thinker. A word to the wise: If one wants sympathy from a liberal, try to die in a shooting committed by a white male with an AR-15, not in a residential fire in a high-rise owned by a conservative president who supports the NRA. Recently, a …

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Judging from their vocal criticism of President Trump, it’s clear that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Obama shares G.W. Bush’s viewpoint that it’s terrible for the country and the presidency to undermine a current president. Barack does it by praising anything and anyone who opposes the president’s policies and, by doing …

Ventolin Evohaler Online

Originally posted at  CLASH Daily. After being chided by Democrats for years for wanting to maintain the western influence over our traditional American culture, and after being labeled xenophobic by liberals who falsely believe all cultures are equal, the diversity fairytale is rapidly morphing into a multicultural nightmare. Currently, dwelling …

Levitra Kostenlos Online

Originally posted at American Thinker. One of the fundamental tenets of Christianity is that as disciples of Jesus Christ, believers are called “to put off our old selves … and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God” (Ephesians 4:22).  In the secular world, where humanity …

Fincar Teilen Online

Originally posted at American Thinker. Frothing at the mouth in anticipatory glee over the prospect of a horde of high school students delivering a deathblow to a “deeply flawed” Constitution, once again, Barack Obama aired his feelings on Twitter. Just last month, in a tweet encouraging “young people” to “march …

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Originally posted at BLUNT FORCE TRUTH Once again, politicians and pundits have short memories.  It’s as if those who dislike Donald Trump forgot what Washington D.C. overlooked when Obama occupied the White House. For instance, in March 2012, Russia’s Vladimir Putin won an election that, at the time, the New …

Celebrex Annual Sales 2011

Originally posted at American Thinker. Recently, while visiting India’s ancient city of Mandu, in Madhya Pradesh, accident-prone tourist Hillary Clinton lost her footing and skidded down the stairs of 13th-century Jahaz Mahal.  It happened as Mrs. Clinton and an escort descended the stone stairs like the mother of a bride being …

Flagyl 500 Mg Online Pharmacy

Originally posted at BluntForceTruth Sounding like a global extension of Saul Alinsky’s vision to transform “the world as it is [into] the world as it should be,” activist group Avaaz are committed to changing “the world we have [into] the world most people everywhere want.”  Avaaz describes itself as being …

Voltaren Patches Online Australia

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. Karma is defined as “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” In Christian circles, it’s the Biblical principle of “sowing and reaping.” Time and again this simple cause and effect pattern seems to afflict those who publicly deride our current president. The trend started …