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Barack Obama and the Roosting of America’s Chickens

Originally posted The Blacksphere Currently, many Americans are coming to the conclusion that despite the hoopla, Barack Obama is a failed president. However, the truth is, that as far as personal achievement stories go, and judging by Obama’s unstated goal of demoting America, he’s a smashing success. According to author and British journalist Con Coughlin, […]


Ut Oh! Where’s President Knucklehead Smiff’s Scripted Remarks?

President Knucklehead Obama said, “My remarks are not sitting here. I’m uhhh….people….oh goodness….uhhhh…folks are sweating back there right now.”


Two Sides of a Vanity Coin

Concern for personal appearance and public perception takes up residence in a certain type of person


Barack’s ‘Idiot Board’

If the shoe fits…


QE II Conga Line

All 40 songs downloaded onto the Queen’s IPod given by Barack and Michelle Obama are integrated into a story that details their meeting and afternoon activities during the G-20 visit.


Erin GO’Bama

In Style Magazine sent a crew right over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday morning to do a story on the new level of panache that has permeated the White House. Apparently, in an effort to reenact the same atmosphere as the South Side of Chicago’s green river, the North Side of the White House lawn’s […]


Teleprompter Thespian

Washington DC was abuzz with interest after the White House press core reported people outfitted in Shakespearean garb going in and out of the Oval Office. There was a flutter of activity when someone yelled, “Thou mangled boil-brained harpy!” right before Nancy Pelosi appeared in a nearby corridor scurrying on her way to the Capitol […]


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