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And the Oscar goes to… Michelle Obama

There is a nasty word for how the Obamas act when it comes to wanting to be seen with the 1% Hollywood crowd, but I’ll skip sharing the term other than to say it’s the title of a song by Nine Inch Nails.


Holiday Shopping with Santa Barry

Originally posted at American Thinker blog It’s beginning to look a lot like…Campaign Season…everywhere you go. As a matter of fact, wasn’t it during the 2008 campaign that Michelle Obama, who has since allegedly spent $10 million on vacations, attempted to relate to the little people by proudly declaring, “I’m more of a Target shopper?” With […]


With Barack’s Polls Lagging, Michelle Obama Smiles (And Dresses Down) for The Cameras

Originally posted at BIG Government One would think that clever people would know how to finesse a shady sleight of hand whenever a political blunder demands a dishonest image be projected for the American public. Yet, time and again Democrats considered exceptional by other Democrats appear to be more gifted in looking foolish than exhibiting […]


A Dog’s Warning to America

A dog who saved this lives of 50 men in Afghanistan couldn’t escape the clutches of a government run facility that mistakenly euthanized the hero canine.


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