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Barack Bamboozles Berlin

Yeah, but is he a jelly donut?


Inspector Barack Clouseau Reassures the Germans

So does that mean that once Obamacare kicks in, when Americans least expect it, in the name of saving lives, mandatory, non-consensual colonoscopies will also be administered?


Obama Defiles Reagan Stagecraft

The difference between Reagan and Obama is that instead of doing what the Gipper did, which was to impart a measure of his own patriotic optimism to the country, Obama openly exposes his resentment.


Barack Obama ‘Making History’ Again

Originally posted at American Thinker America has had 43 presidents, but only a handful of them are considered truly great.  First, of course, is the humble general and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, George Washington, and certainly right behind him is Abraham Lincoln, who saved the Union and whose actions led to the abolition of slavery. Then […]


Obama’s Success in a Failed Country

Conservative Ronald Reagan promoted optimistic prospects for the future, and it appears as if liberal ideologue Barack Obama looks for every opportunity to suppress them.


Obama’s Ocular Redwood

Whenever Barack Obama strides up that long red rug and approaches the presidential podium to deliver a statement to the nation, two sentences after he opens his mouth, idioms having to with planks and splinters; glass houses and stones; and pots calling kettles black immediately come to mind. Another example of “One donkey calls the […]


Tripping the Light Fantastic with Lady Gaga and Obama

The similarities between the pop diva and the president are as uncanny as their differences.


Obama is Kicking the Dog – American Thinker – May 20, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Barack Obama has taken up the fine art of “kicking the dog,” which is a narcissistic practice where a person in authority passes blame along to the lowest level, where, for lack of a fall guy, the dog ends up getting kicked. Obama claims that the buck stops with him, yet […]


Obama, the UN-Reagan

Listening to Barack Obama address the UN General Assembly one would think until January 22, 2009 America was a nation void of values that failed to be an example to the world.  Obama asked the General Assembly to disregard what rouge dictators, despotic leaders and countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia view as the […]


Dis-Charm or Dis-Arm the Sandbox Bully

I long for the 1980’s when a rugged, rough and tough cowboy was in charge. Now we live in a new age of appeasement where an angry, disdainful, flippant, egotistical President is extending the hand of peace to world dictators, blaming America for being everything he is, which is  “…derisive, dismissive and arrogant.” I remember […]


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