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Dumpster baby in Texas saved by hero maintenance man

Originally posted at Live Action News Texas maintenance worker Carlos Michel heard faint whimpering sounds coming from a dumpster at a nearby apartment complex. Michel said that what he thought he heard were the muffled cries of a kitten or perhaps a dying animal. As he neared the dumpster, the man was sure that whoever or […]


Pro-life signs torn down ahead of speech by Secular Pro-Life President Kelsey Hazzard

Originally posted at LiveActionNews Along with pro-choice sentiments usually comes vitriol from those who harp on the legality of abortion and sometimes do it by denying pro-lifers things like First Amendment rights.  This is especially true on college campuses. Recently, at the University of Georgia, pro-choice miscreants did just that. Vandals attempted to block a […]


Liberals are Pro-Life on Obamacare

Originally posted at The Blacksphere At least when it comes to Obamacare, even the staunchest pro-choice liberals are suddenly pro-life. Emanuel Cleaver, former mayor of Kansas City and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus in the 112th Congress, took to MSNBC in defense of America not aborting Obamacare. Mr. Cleaver even rationalized keeping the unmitigated […]


Beyoncé’s pro-‘life is but a dream’

In Life is but a Dream, Beyoncé continues the pro-life theme when she shares her sadness over the loss of her first baby in the early stages of pregnancy. The young mother said that when she first heard the baby’s heartbeat, she immediately picked out a name and “envisioned what [the] child would look like.”


A Murder Worth Committing?

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Ms. Mary managed to do what pro-choice people have simply refused to do, and that is to admit that abortion is killing.


Questioning Michele Bachmann’s Foster Parent Claims

In order to understand liberalism, all one needs to do is take note of what the left applauds versus what they atta


Indiana Leans Towards Life

A pro-life measure already passed in the Indiana House, clears a senate committee by a 6-2 vote.


Stupak’s 30 pieces of silver – American Thinker Blog – March 24, 2010

What does it profit a man to betray his principle for a pittance?


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