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Obama Sleeps While Americans Die

While Christopher Stevens was being tortured, raped, and killed, the president, who had plans to go to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next day, went to bed.


Kabul or Just Plain Bull?

Emerging from between two armored vehicles, Obama approached the podium and spoke aggressively about how he and his Administration have successfully curtailed the “Taliban’s momentum.”


‘Just for Men’ like Osama and Obama

When it comes to hair dye, the first lady appears to be sworn to secrecy. On numerous occasions, Michelle Obama has obfuscated on her husband’s behalf.


Heartbreak Amongst Heroes

America can always count on Joe Biden to say the wrong thing.


Two Sides of a Vanity Coin

Concern for personal appearance and public perception takes up residence in a certain type of person


Modine Inspires Prague – American Thinker Blog – April 8, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog Barack Obama should establish a position called Miracle Czar and recruit world peace maharini/Hollywood actor Matthew Modine for the job.   In Modine’s opinion America should take the time to sit with Osama bin Laden and lovingly ask the sensitive questions necessary to get the terrorist to soften up and […]


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