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Obama’s Vanishing Lead with Women Voters

Romney’s big comeback with women.


Binder Bimbos or Benghazi?

Barack Obama’s once optimal prospects for reelection have been downgraded to “not optimal.”


The Obama-Crowley Transcript Charade

Many people are asking the question:  Did something seem rotten in Hempstead? In preparation for the second debate, moderator par excellence Candy Crowley was the one who picked the debate questions, including the hot-button query on the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, Libya. That Libya question was presented to Barack Obama by Kerry Ladka in the […]


‘Eye Candy’ Lies, and Candy Swears to It

After all the fuss, Candy Crowley’s behavior at the second presidential debate did nothing to advance the feminist cause.


A million muppets to participate in ‘Puppet Power’ march

Liberal zombies marching for Muppets, which is proving to be just an organized group of dummies marching for dummies.


‘Deadly Earnest’ Joe Campaigns for Mitt

Gotta’ Love Him Joe may spend some time starring in an upcoming Romney/Ryan campaign ad.


Liberals’ Illegitimate War on Women

It’s stunning that the left actually embraces the idea that taking a stand for life instantly translates into hostility toward, or contention with, the female gender.


Feminists Looking for Handouts Now Define ‘Working’

Liberals have no problem taking money from hardworking people and handing it over to those who won’t work. Unless of course you’re a self-made millionaire and the person you’re supporting happens to be the mother of your children; then the left feels justified in mocking women who choose to be stay-at-home moms. In another stunning […]


Smaller Government’s Newest Politician: Barack Obama

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Seems Barack Obama has slipped on his Mitt Romney mask.   The President hosted a White House smaller-government event complete with a bubble graph slide show and CEOs.  One difference: Obama is proposing lessening the grip of government on jobs and the economy by asking Congress to transfer more power to him. […]


‘Hermaneutics’ Cain-Style

Can an honest, straight-talking non-politician can cut through the flowery rhetoric and be taken seriously?


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