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Bill de Blasio Institutes Equity Plowing

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Nothing is more rewarding than seeing liberals suffer as a result of poor political choices. That’s what is going on in New York City right now, and it’s a micro example of what has already started taking place on a national level with the implementation of ObamaCare. This time […]


Mayor ‘Simon Says’ Bloomberg says: ‘Climb the stairs!’

Michael Bloomberg is touting a new initiative that will “encourage” office workers to huff and puff their way up the stairs instead of riding the elevators.


‘Big Apple’ dispensing abortifacients like candy

At the time the school initially informed parents of their intent to hand out birth control pills and miscarriage-inducing drugs, purportedly there was minimal parental disapproval. As a result, unless parents signed an opt-out form, NYC high school nurses were free to dispense goodies to their daughters from a large inventory of different types of birth control.


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