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LGBT Pride ‘Children as Props Day’ at the White House

That’s right – while the nation is embroiled in scandals that threaten every American’s liberty and while the drums of war thump away in Syria, flanked by Joe Biden and surrounded by a room full of gay lesbians, gay gays, gay bisexuals and really gay transgenders, Barack Obama took an afternoon to fête alternative lifestyles on the taxpayers’ dime.


In the Wreckage of Moore, Oklahoma, Scoundrels and Fools Exposed

Funny, that was a message Ambassador Christopher Stevens never got in Benghazi the night he was left alone to be tortured and killed after begging for help that never came.


The Obama-Crowley Transcript Charade

Many people are asking the question:  Did something seem rotten in Hempstead? In preparation for the second debate, moderator par excellence Candy Crowley was the one who picked the debate questions, including the hot-button query on the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, Libya. That Libya question was presented to Barack Obama by Kerry Ladka in the […]


‘Eye Candy’ Lies, and Candy Swears to It

After all the fuss, Candy Crowley’s behavior at the second presidential debate did nothing to advance the feminist cause.


Obama’s Campaign Bus Parks on Top of Hillary

it appears that Hillary and Bill have decided that it would be politically expedient to “pull together” with a pusillanimous Democratic president running for re-election.


Community Organizing, Cairo Style

Any community organizer worth his salt would have to admit that the community-organizing stratagem Barack Obama so closely identifies with is what is now crudely on display in the Arab world.


Hillary Clinton, Defender of Infidelity and the Killers of Infidels

Much like her complicated and confounding pseudo-marriage, Clinton said that her question about Libya “reflects just how complicated, and at times, how confounding the world can be.”


Selective Humanitarianism

It seems that when it comes to justifying genocide – the only difference is whether Qaddafi or Obama and his crony czars are doing the rationalization.


Hillary Clinton ‘fed up’

“It’s amateur hour” at the administration’s foreign policy shop


Barack the Bully Buster

In other words, Barack Obama is more concerned with pigtail-pulling at recess than he is with a “BBC news team [being] detained by Libyan security forces, beaten and subjected to mock execution.”


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