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Mrs. Obama Addresses ‘Fatty Ass-ids’ and ‘WAT-AHH’

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Fresh off the slopes of Aspen and obviously unaware that her husband had just recently dissed students seeking a degree in art history and spoken in a drought-stricken area of the country, Michelle Obama headed east to New York City to attend an exhibition at Manhattan’s New Museum, which […]


EBT Cards with No Debt Ceiling

Originally posted at American Thinker blog President Obama claims to need the debt ceiling raised in order to pay America’s bills. Meanwhile, as Democrats and Republicans quibble, during a routine backup test the EBT system for food stamps crashed,causing a “glitch” in several states where, for a window of time, EBT cards had no limits.   So, in other words, food stamp recipients got […]


Michelle Obama, Hyponatremia, Adult Diapers, and Other Hydration-Related Issues

Originally posted at American Thinker For America’s aging population, even the mention of water makes a large number of Baby Boomers sprint toward the nearest restroom.  Now to compound the problem, we have first lady Michelle Obama hawking increased water consumption. Despite the bottled water industry raking in $11.1 billion dollars in 2011 alone and the fact that Americans are already drinking roughly 30 gallons of […]


Mrs. Obama Asks the Question: ‘Is That a Sweet Potato in Your Pocket?’

Michelle Obama is now advocating for the hungry school kids across America to get on the walking bus.


Michelle Obama’s Three-Quarters of a Cup of Frustration

Michelle Obama, First Lady and Food Nazi, has so restricted school lunch programs that many kids would rather go hungry than eat their Lima beans!


GetEQUAL Ellen Saves America from Michelle Obama

n response to Sturtz’s rancorous protest, Mrs. Obama vigorously protested right back by forcing Ms. Sturtz to either shut up or be responsible for the ramifications of the first lady leaving a gathering attended by large numbers of adoring lesbians. Let’s just say, it could have gotten very ugly.


Mama Obama’s Cupcake Swap Initiative

Regardless of the answer to that question, “Let’s Move!” Michelle is still of the belief that if images of fruit replace sweets in school textbooks, children will be subliminally programmed to rush home and gorge themselves on fresh produce.


‘Let’s Move!’ to the Zoo

With the way things are progressing, French fries may soon find themselves on exhibition in museums – in the fried-food antiquity wing.


‘Fried Fat Cakes’ Michelle Establishes ‘No Fry Zones’

Mrs. Obama should give credit to her husband, because future weight loss will likely have more to do with being unable to buy groceries, being forced to walk because gasoline is too expensive, and experiencing high levels of fat-busting stress. – See more at:


Beyoncé’s pro-‘life is but a dream’

In Life is but a Dream, Beyoncé continues the pro-life theme when she shares her sadness over the loss of her first baby in the early stages of pregnancy. The young mother said that when she first heard the baby’s heartbeat, she immediately picked out a name and “envisioned what [the] child would look like.”


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