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The President’s Water-Guzzling Golf and Other Grifter Activities

Originally posted at The Clash Daily After discussing the urgency of drought conditions in California, in a move that could be likened to hosting a televised banquet where Obama and his friends frolic in giant vats of caviar after promoting food rationing to famished people, the president went golfing on a desert golf course. For […]


America’s Throwaway Children

What’s stunning is that this truth has not deterred the disingenuous from campaigning for the right to kill the unborn on Monday and then publicly quoting Scripture, weeping, and lighting memorial candles for murdered children on Friday.


Obama’s Ocular Redwood

Whenever Barack Obama strides up that long red rug and approaches the presidential podium to deliver a statement to the nation, two sentences after he opens his mouth, idioms having to with planks and splinters; glass houses and stones; and pots calling kettles black immediately come to mind. Another example of “One donkey calls the […]


‘Better Homes’ and a Shake Shack Burger

Originally posted at BIG Journalism Americans are notorious for pointing out hypocrisy, especially when a religious preacher falls into sin.  Who can forget televangelist Jimmy Swaggart being caught frequenting prostitutes after crying, sermonizing and calling fire down from heaven to consume the adulterous.   After Swaggart confessed his infidelity, secular America gloated with satisfaction over a […]


The Obamas: Chilidogs and Couture

A problem arises when the first couple exercises a lifestyle that their policy edicts try to deny everyone else.


State of the Union Smoking Seminar

Watching Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address was like attending an anti-smoking seminar led by a spokesperson that takes intermittent smoke breaks. Obama chided, corrected and set out moral commands—none of which the President adheres to himself. If followed in logical succession, the contradictions embodied in the State of Union were nothing less […]


Barry the Fred Astaire of Public Speaking

Barack Obama is a complex character and hard to describe in words.  For me the chasm between what the President says, and contradictory things he does, can only be explained visually. When Obama takes to the podium smoothness, precision and succinct accuracy extraordinaire are on full display.  By far, Barack Obama is the Fred Astaire […]


Michelle Obama: Snakeskin and Skin in the Game – American Thinker, January 18, 2010

Originally Posted at American Thinker Based on one full year’s worth of observation, it is obvious that Michelle Obama’s pronouncements, advice, injunctions, and edicts include a personal exemption for the occupants of the White House Executive Residence. Michelle’s attempts at verbally imparting wisdom, if matched against the backdrop of action, expose the First Lady’s hypocrisy. […]


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