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Life Lessons from Chávez’s Cancer

On many levels, thanks to Venezuelan president Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, Americans are in the midst of a teachable moment. If Barack Obama pays attention, maybe he can learn a thing or two.


‘Hermaneutics’ Cain-Style

Can an honest, straight-talking non-politician can cut through the flowery rhetoric and be taken seriously?


Single Square Now, Single Payer Later

Even so, there is a larger issue which all Americans had best take heed of that has nothing to do with toilet paper and everything to do with the government’s inability to manage even a single stall in a public bathroom.


Loose Bolts and a Boeing 737

After disembarking from the Boeing 737, if I were Michelle Obama I would have dropped to my knees, kissed the ground and thanked God an FAA mistake didn’t end my life, a story’s end many baby boomers may be unable to share in regards to Health and Human Services workers determining how and where millions of them land.


Why Carter dissed Kennedy

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Jimmy Carter is so mad he’s spitting peanut shells. In an effort to buoy a dismal legacy, Carter resurrected the “Lion of the Senate” from a saintly sarcophagus to blame the dead senator for delaying comprehensive health coverage for three decades. In a “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl […]


Healthcare Camaraderie Centers – American Thinker – July 3, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Obamacare has actually found a way to inject the friend factor into health care reform.  In fact, community organizer Barack Obama may ultimately be responsible for advancing neighborhood camaraderie through government altruism.  It seems that as an added benefit of “free” medical care, crowded emergency rooms have the potential […]


Partisan Blood Sport – American Thinker – April 2, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker While running for president, one central campaign promise Barack Obama focused on was the eradication of the type of political vitriol rampant within two-party systems. Candidate Obama vowed to singlehandedly rid the nation of the spirit of discord. When newly elected, the president’s victory speech elevated the rhetoric above partisanship […]


Stupak’s Last Stand – American Thinker Blog – March 19, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog When Jesus retreated to the Garden of Gethsemane He went there alone to pray for strength to endure the trial that lay before Him.  Gethsemane literally means “oil press” where fruit is crushed and the valuable endures. Such is the situation that Bart Stupak (D-Mich) finds himself in as […]


Go Ahead, Barry Make our Day – American Thinker Blog – March 18, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog Obama has warned Democrats who vote “No” for health care reform that he will not campaign for them in the upcoming election. The President “refuse[s] to make fund-raising visits during November elections to any district whose representative has not backed the bill…Mr. Obama’s threat came as the year-long debate over […]


Stupak and his dozen getting ‘both arms twisted’ – American Thinker Blog – March 13, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog Robert Costa of National Review Online interviewed pro-life Bart Stupak by phone while the Democrat sat in an airport awaiting a flight to Michigan.  Apparently the “Stupak dozen” has dwindled. “At this point, there is no doubt that they’ve been able to peel off one or two of my […]


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