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Obama, the Sultan of Sob Stories

Originally posted at American Thinker In order to advance his agenda, Barack Obama has become the sultan of sob stories.  For every unpopular policy he endeavors to impose, the president has busloads of individuals to fit every occasion. Take for instance the president’s enthusiastic desire to curtail Second Amendment rights.  To address that issue, he […]


Seizing Hairdryers and Emancipating Aliens

The truth is, the illegal immigration issue is not so cut and dried, because although it was easy to walk 2,000 guns across the border, it would be impossible to walk 2,000 immigrants back across the border in the same direction from whence came “Fast and Furious” gun walkers.


The Segregated SOTU Sympathy Skybox

Where were the pro-life Americans who, much like Menchu de Luna Lopez, work every day to save the lives of babies, regardless of the weather?


Sell a Kidney – Save an Illegal’s Life

When we talk of people pushing their way to the front of the line, we’re not usually referring to the donor line.


How About an American DREAM Act?

In the three and a half years since Barack Obama took office the American Dream has turned into an American nightmare.


Barack Obama’s Productive 24 Hours

Obama’s pre-Father’s Day agenda was packed with 24 hours of money grubbing and voting-bloc pandering.  Barack and Michelle returned from the “Sex and the City” cash grab in NYC just past midnight on Friday morning.  By midday, he was having a leisurely lunch with the four winners of the campaign contest ‘Dinner with Barack IV’ […]


Mr. ‘Cool’ Loses His Cool

That guy in the Rose Garden handing down “It’s the right thing to do, period” was certainly a far cry from the suave, self-effacing guest of honor handing out hugs and air kisses at actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s house.


The Let-Illegals-Drive-without-a-License Bill

Leave it to a liberal to come up with a law to assist lawbreakers in their efforts to break the law.


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