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This Christmas in ObamAmerica All are Punished

Obama has successfully changed America to a land of class warfare with so-called victims willing to kill to get their due. Merry Christmas and be on guard.


The Godless White House Holiday Card

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Who has time for fussing over a Christmas card when you have all that packing to do for 17 days in Hawaii? That’s why the Obamas’ 2013 holiday wishes to the nation were about as warm as the glare Michelle Obama shot hubby when he was caught up in selfie […]


A Holiday Obama Family Reunion

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Sometimes in life, when you least expect it, things just come together perfectly. Take for example the irony of first lady Michelle Obama previewing the 2013 White House holiday décor on the same day the president recalled that he did indeed meet his father’s brother/long-lost uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama. This year’s […]


Merry Health Care for the Holidays Christmas

This Christmas, Organizing for Action, is advising Americans to gather round the hearth with family and friends to talk about ObamaCare.


White House Holiday Theme 2012

Gone are the days of heralding angels and Bethlehem stars. All that is left is yellow snow.


Charlie Brown and the ‘Little Rock Nine’

It has become taboo in Little Rock to let schoolchildren see “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at Christmastime.


Barack Obama’s Always ‘Helpful’ Never ‘Hurtful’ Lies

Originally posted at American Thinker For those Americans who were still unsure whether Barack Obama really does lack authenticity, the President has finally come clean and confirmed that he does indeed have a tendency to lie. Prior to Christmas, courtesy of Barbara Walters and the ABC News program 20/20, President Obama presented the nation with an […]


Impatient Michelle’s $63,000 Flight

Get me to the luau on time.


The new, improved, politically correct White House Easter Egg Roll – American Thinker Blog – March 10, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Left wing educators in this country will not be satisfied until every trace of Judeo Christian heritage is scrubbed from our culture and replaced with politically correct substitutions that placate the minority and marginalize the majority. Take for instance Christian and Jewish children being forced to feel like outsiders during […]


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