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The Godless White House Holiday Card

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Who has time for fussing over a Christmas card when you have all that packing to do for 17 days in Hawaii? That’s why the Obamas’ 2013 holiday wishes to the nation were about as warm as the glare Michelle Obama shot hubby when he was caught up in selfie […]


Flying Bo to Martha’s Vineyard but No Help in Benghazi

Obama had the family dog, Bo, transported separately on an MV-22 Osprey from DC to Martha’s Vineyard, yet couldn’t provide egress for the Benghazi four.


White House Holiday Theme 2012

Gone are the days of heralding angels and Bethlehem stars. All that is left is yellow snow.


The Ecological Incorrectness of 54 Christmas Trees

Is it appropriate for the “green president,” the environmentalist-in-chief, to waste taxpayer money on the merciless slaying of 54 oxygen-producing trees?


Kids Eat Kale at State Dinner

And from the list of ingredients in some of the recipes, it sounded as if the level of hydrogen sulfide is what decided the winners


The Dog Daze of Obama

Selective kindness is what liberals are about: some children live, while in the interest of convenience others die. Certain pets become stars on the White House website while, in days gone by, others were served up on a pup-pup platter.


Throw Bo a Bone in 2012

Exploiting the Obama family dog for political fundraising.


Bo the Flying ‘Underdog’?

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Some poor citizen named Scott Miscovich sought 15 minutes of fame when he decided to tell the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that his wife spotted Bo, the Obama family dog, out walking in Hawaii last weekend.  Scott, who lives down the street from the Obama vacation rental home on Kailuana Place, told the Star-Advertiser Sunday that “My wife saw Michelle […]


Prayer and Pancakes with Barack

Obama’s urge to pray is echoed by most Americans – but not for the same reasons.


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