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Just Wondering: Did America Let Barack Obama Suck Her Toes?

Originally posted at The Clash Daily A lot of people believed Barack Obama when he predicted that his presidency would slow the rise of the oceans and begin to heal the planet. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Are some Americans really that gullible? After campaigning in “57 states,” thanks to those same gullible people, Obama managed […]


Bipartisan Budget Backstabs the US Military

Obama demonstrated his resentment toward the US Military by preventing WWII veterans from visiting their memorial during the government shutdown. And now…


Was the Fake Zulu Deaf Interpreter Mimicking Obama?

Originally posted at The Blacksphere It couldn’t be more appropriate! America’s fake president’s speech was accompanied by a politically correct albeit fake deaf interpreter. Braam Jordaan, a deaf board member of the World Deaf Federation, has leveled the accusation against the Nelson Mandela memorial interpreter of making up signs as he went along. Mr. Jordaan […]


Barack Obama Pays Homage to Mandela

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Based on the abysmal public opinion polls Barack Obama has been subjected to in recent days, it must have been quite thrilling for him to speak before 94,000 people in FNB Stadium at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg, South Africa. Reminiscent of INVESCO Field, the event came complete […]


Michelle Obama: The Funeral Frowning Wench

Originally posted at The Clash Daily Michelle Obama is the scowling funeral attendee and Barack, whether he laughs or cries, just can’t please the woman. For some reason the first lady either takes memorials so seriously that she glowers continuously throughout the service, or spending that much time sitting next to Barack Obama makes her […]


Death Panels: The ObamaCare Real-Life Nightmare

Originally posted at The Blacksphere It started out as an ‘I have a dream’ come true in 2008, but it’s nearly 2014 and that dream has transformed into a nightmare. Five years after openly weeping in response to America rejecting its racist past, people are weeping again, but not for sentimental reasons. In 2010, despite […]


Obamacare Metes Out Restitution

Originally posted at American Thinker blog It’s becoming clearer by the day that Barack Obama’s pursuit of social justice will leave bodies in its wake.  Even if a 17-year-old girl with a rare neurological brain disease loses her health insurance, the president remains unwavering in his stated commitment to redistribute America’s wealth – even though […]


A Holiday Obama Family Reunion

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Sometimes in life, when you least expect it, things just come together perfectly. Take for example the irony of first lady Michelle Obama previewing the 2013 White House holiday décor on the same day the president recalled that he did indeed meet his father’s brother/long-lost uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama. This year’s […]


The Obamas are Staying Indefinitely!

Barbara Walter’s solicited a confession: Sasha’s academic aspirations are the excuse the Obamas are using to loiter around Washington DC after 2016!


Yesirree! ‘We the People’ are Pushing Back

Originally posted at Clash Daily Remember when Barack Obama came on the scene promising to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”? What was evident from the beginning was that the man doing the promising, although able to deliver flowery, inspirational speeches, did not have the necessary credentials that rational people usually demand from a […]


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