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An Obamageddon Snow Job – American Thinker – February 10, 2010

Originally Posted at American Thinker A snow job is defined as in “intensive effort at persuasion or deception.” Thus, it stands to reason that Barack Obama remained undaunted during the biggest blizzard to hit Washington, D.C. since 1922. The historic snowstorm brought down the nation’s capital, culminating a year-long “snow job” administered by “historic” President […]


Barack Obama and Corpse Man – American Thinker February 9, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Coming from a woman who speaks fluent Brooklynese and pronounces the word “coffee,” “cawfee” – I try to avoid pointing out enunciation oddities in others.  Sounding a lot like a congested Fran Drescher, early on as a Granddawta I learned from Grandma Emma how to  “berl erl” before frying eggplant. […]


Barack’s Blue Blanket – American Thinker – January 28, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Based on personal experience, conflicted self-promoter Linus Van Pelt lamented, “In this world, there is no heavier burden than a great potential!” Peanuts comic strip character, Linus expressed this confident sentiment, while tightly clutching a blue security blanket, or what in some circles is called, a “Wubby.” “A security blanket […]


Failing to Connect the Plots – American Thinker January 11, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker The classic childhood puzzle connecting the dots entails starting at number one tracing and counting through in sequential order to the last number.  A crayon and an ability to trace a line slowly reveals a distinguishable image from what were once disjointed elements scattered across a page.  Small children practice […]


American Thinker Blog: October 30, 2009 – Halloween Health Scare

Halloween Health Scare


American Thinker October 26, 2009: “We want you to eat it. Just eat it!”

“We want you to eat it.  Just eat it!”


American Thinker October 13, 2009: Honored, Humbled but Unsure?

Honored, Humbled but Unsure?


American Thinker: September 30, 2009 Obama’s Olympic Hallucination

Obama’s Olympic Hallucination


American Thinker: Barack’s “Teachable Moment” – July 28, 2009

Barack’s “Teachable Moment”


American Thinker Article: The Executive Exclusion of Empathy July 24, 2009

The Executive Exclusion of Empathy


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