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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Paving over History

University of Chicago plans on building a parking lot for Obama library by paving over Reagan’s boyhood home.


Barack Obama the Human Flytrap

Think about it – in 2008 the “very attractive” Obama lured both flies and foragers with words that oozed with the sweet nectar of government-provided entitlements, which is similar to how an actual flytrap operates.


The ‘Rights’ of Illegal Immigrants versus the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

According to that sort of logic, even if Hispanic-looking, non-English-speaking persons were seen loading “Fast and Furious” assault weapons provided by Eric Holder himself into a van owned by gun smugglers, or carrying a severed head in a bowling bag, it would still be blatant discrimination to ask them to produce proper credentials.


A Murder Worth Committing?

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Ms. Mary managed to do what pro-choice people have simply refused to do, and that is to admit that abortion is killing.


Obama and Der Führer

For Adolf Hitler, his young targets were Jewish children below the age of 12. For “Above My Pay grade” Barack Obama, it’s pre-born, partially born, and born-alive babies of any race, creed, or color.


The Children’s Hour

Originally posted at American Thinker Thus far, the criticism surrounding the president’s shameless exploitation of schoolchildren at the recent White House 23-Executive-”Actions” performance has focused largely on how wrong it was to use little kids as political props. Even more reprehensible though is staged propaganda falsely promoted as unsolicited ‘Letters to the President’ written from the hearts […]


Michelle Obama Substitutes Eye Rolling for Politics

You stay classy, Mrs. Obama.


Obama Defiles Reagan Stagecraft

The difference between Reagan and Obama is that instead of doing what the Gipper did, which was to impart a measure of his own patriotic optimism to the country, Obama openly exposes his resentment.


Expunging Truth from the 57th Inauguration

It’s easy for a preacher to get kicked out of Barack Obama’s inauguration. All he has to do is proclaim the Word of God.


Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood, and pictures of one million dead

Even still, Planned Parenthood continues to insist that abortion does not make up the bulk of their industry because, according to them, killing a paltry one million babies per three-year interval is modest at best. Maybe the problem is that the abortion giant is so busy dispatching the unborn that they can’t take the time to figure out what 1,000,000 really means.


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