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Gay and Lesbian Segregated Old Age Home and Cemetery

Originally posted at American Thinker blog The LGTB community is incessantly demanding that they not be discriminated against based on their sexual preference and/or identity, and then, European LGTB types go and designate an old-age home for gays and lesbians due to open in 2015, and burial grounds expressly for lesbians only.  For gramps and […]


Clash Daily Recap: Michelle Obama’s ‘Excellent Chinese Adventure’

Originally posted at The Clash Daily The first lady, Grandma Marian, a 70-person entourage, and two hormonal teenagers who’d rather have spent their spring break anywhere else but participating in Great Wall photo ops with Mom, spent approximately $3 million just to fly to Beijing China for a non-political visit with a distinctly political undercurrent. […]


Our Future President? ‘Acts of Love’ and Other Illegal Activities

Originally posted at The Clash Daily Bank robbers, kidnappers, and rapists rejoice! There’s a new definition for criminal behavior, and it’s called an “act of love”.  Ergo, robbing a bank is an “act of love” for someone else’s money.  Kidnapping a child? Don’t fret; it’s just an “act of love” for someone else’s child.  As […]


Abortion ‘the defining challenge of our time’

There’s an old saying that parents used to recite to whiny kids that went something like this: “I don’t care if the Pope said you could do it, you’re not doing it.” Those words are what came to mind seeing Obama and Pope Francis warmly smiling at each other, surrounded by grinning Vatican representatives. Based […]


Can Obama Coax Putin With a Basket of Seeds?

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Still in Rome, after discussing with the Pope “the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection” in America, and after yessing to death the man he claims to admire, Obama moved on to the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. The president stressed to Mr. Pelley that Russia, […]


Cuba, Anyone? A Bright Future for American Doctors

Originally posted at The Clash Daily If ever there was a warning of what horrors lie ahead for our healthcare system, Cuba’s decision to give raises to their medical personnel is a sobering look into a future where America’s private physicians are downgraded to government employees. In a vacation spot frequented by the likes of […]


Just Wondering: Did America Let Barack Obama Suck Her Toes?

Originally posted at The Clash Daily A lot of people believed Barack Obama when he predicted that his presidency would slow the rise of the oceans and begin to heal the planet. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Are some Americans really that gullible? After campaigning in “57 states,” thanks to those same gullible people, Obama managed […]


Michelle’s Hard-Knock Life Story Comes to China

Originally posted at American Thinker Recycling her tried-and-true American dream story, Michelle Obama gave Chinese schoolchildren the same stump speech she delivers everywhere she goes, from Ireland to Chicago.  The FLOTUS has used her hard-knock life tale to justify more vacations for herself than her husband has golf balls.  The problem is that the story […]


Michelle Obama: China’s First Amendment Rights Advocate

Originally posted at American Thinker Michelle Obama’s reporter-free excursion to the Far East is turning out to be quite revealing!  First of all, for the $8,400 per night being spent in the Beijing Westin presidential suite, Mrs. Obama could have bunked in less expensive digs and chosen to make a charitable contribution to a few […]


‘People-to-People’ Berating of Beijing Hotel Staff

Originally posted at American Thinker Forlorn without the group of women he leaves whenever he gets a chance to go golfing, Barack Obama is so distraught the womenfolk are in China he immediately soothed himself by hosting a screening of Cesar Chavez: An American Hero. Meanwhile, Mrs. Obama, her mama, daughters, an entourage of 70 […]


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